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1815, UNPAID DIRECT TAX of Leeds,

Kennebec County, District of Maine

The record below is courtesy of
Supplement to the American Advocate, 31 May 1817,

Retyped by David Colby Young, © 2001

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Direct Tax for the year 1815, laid in conformity to the act of Congress, passed the 9th of January, 1815, upon the following described property, is now remaining unpaid, and unless the said tax with ten per cent in addition thereto, shall be paid to the subscriber on or before the Twenty Sixth day of June, the said property, or so much thereof as shall be necessary to satisfy the said tax, and 20 per cent, in addition thereto, will be sold at public sale, at the house of Capt. MOSES PALMER, in the town of HALLOWELL, in the County of Kennebec, the sale to commence at ten 0'clock A.M. on said 26th day of June, viz:-----.

NOTE - Reference is to be had to the lists of the Assessors for more particular description of the property, and for the correction of any errors which may appear in the following, viz -

1815 Census of Leeds Maine
Name of Land Owner Description of the Property Tax
BURNHAM, Abner, 45 acres and buildings; bounded South by Nathan RANDALL 1 96
BROWN, John 35 acres land bounded east by Amos MURRY 0 55
DAY, Ruth 50 acres land and building , bounded south by Jonathan SANBORN 1 ?3
DAY, William 100 acres land and buildings, bounded south by Joshua ELDER, also 90 acres joining 4 16
DURRELL, Nathaniel 30 acres, house and barn, bounded south by WIlliam CARVER 1 10
FOSTER, Stephen 60 acres, south half lot #144 0 44
HOYT, Samuel 50 acres land, one house one barn bounded east by Moses BOYNTON 2 97
KNAPP, Elijah 55 acres, bounded north by William GOTT 1 10
MOULTON, William 100 acres and building, bounded south by Isaac PRATT 2 42
MASON, Ebenezer Jr. 50 acres, bounded south by James M'NEAL, one house one barn 0 88
M'NEAL, James 50 acres, bounded south by Obediad PETTINGILL 1 87
PACHER, Zachariah50 acres, house and barn, bounded west by Dead River 3 19
ROE, John100 acres, lot #172 0 99
SAMPSON, Michael50 acres house and barn bounded east by Jabez DAGGETT 1 98
STUBBS, Samuel 25 acres and buildings, bounded by Oliver OTIS 0 55
STINCHFIELD, Zebulon 15 acres, small house, bounded south by J and J FISH 0 88
TORRY, James
TORRY, Jesse
60 acres, bounded south by Bachelder STUTSON 1 54

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