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Rennie & Davis Family of Lewiston, Maine
Rennie family photo
Left: Joliann Proctor Rennie
Right: Lila Murphy Rennie
Left: Thomas Henry Rennie
Center: William Henry Rennie
Right: Nellie Merindy Davis Rennie
Baby: Nellie Rennie

Seated on left: Juliann Proctor, daughter of George Proctor and Dorcas Sawyer Born 9 Mar 1826 in Lisbon, ME Married first Thomas Ludford Rennie 7 Oct 1851 in Boston, MA Married 2nd Horace Dwelley Sept 1877 in Lewiston, ME Died 7 May 1906 in Graniteville, SC


Standing on left: Thomas Henry Rennie, son of Juliann Proctor and Thomas Ludford Rennie, Born 30 Sept 1857 in Victory Mills, NY Married Nellie Merindy Davis 18 June 1879 in Auburn, ME Died 22 May 1949 in Miami, FL


Baby being held is my mother. She is being held by her father William Henry Rennie Nellie Rennie, daughter of William Henry Rennie and Lila Murphy Born 26 Nov 1902 in Graniteville, SC Married John Inman Bell, Sr. 24 Apr 1924 in Atlanta, GA Died 7 Sept 1984 in Atlanta, GA


Standing in middle: William Henry Rennie, son of Thomas Henry Rennie and Nellie Merindy Davis: born 7 Mar 1881 in Lewiston, ME Married Lila Murphy 18 Dec 1901 in Graniteville, SC Died 26 Sept 1906 in Warrenville, SC


Standing on right: Nellie Merindy Davis, daughter of Charles Tarbox Davis and Sarah L. Strout, born 12 Oct 1858 in Auburn, ME Married Thomas Henry Rennie Died 1952 in Miami, FL


Seated on right: Lila Murphy, daughter of John D. Murphy, Jr. and Mary Jones Nagel Born 8 Aug 1880 in Charleston, SC Married William Henry Rennie Died 18 Jan 1960 in Atlanta, GA


John Bell 485 Tavern Circle Atlanta, GA 30350‑4456 January 19, 2001

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