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Check the Surname Registry to see if your surnames have been posted.
Check the Androscoggin County Queries page to see if you "connect" with any other researchers.
Check the Androscoggin County Lookups page to see if a resource is available that may help you in your research.
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How can you contribute to the GenWeb project?

Post your surnames to the county Surname Registries.
Send a query on your ancestors in Androscoggin County.
If you have ANY resource materials on Androscoggin County, and are willing to do occasional lookups, volunteer for our Lookup page.
Contribute any text files (no GEDCOMS) to us at no charge.
If you have interest in genealogy and the internet, volunteer to host a county page. Contact Tina Vickery, MEGenWeb coordinator, or get more information on the Maine State page.

Questions? Contact us if you would like to participate!.

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Other Sites for Maine Researchers

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LDS Resources in Maine - http://hipp.etsu.edu/ftpdir/genealogy/LDStext/me-0820b.txt

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Membership is from June 1st to May 31st the following year

Annual Dues= $15 
Family Membership= $25
Life Membership=$150

Checks should be mailed to:

The Androscoggin Historical Society, Inc.
ATTN: Bruce Hall Membership Secretary

New Androscoggin County Historical & Genealogical mailing list:

OK, good news: our mailing list is ready to roll. Briefly (very),
you may subscribe to our list in mail mode by sending a message
to MEANDROS-L-request@rootsweb.com that contains the word


and nothing else. If they prefer digest mode, they should send the

command instead to MEANDROS-D-request@rootsweb.com.

Please visit Androscoggin County Town Pages

Our object in this labor is to make a usable past, 
to make the cloak of history wearable 
so our daughters may fling it over their shoulders 
and go off on tracks of their own." 
-- Jane Marcus

The Maine GenWeb Project

The USA GenWeb Project is a national volunteer effort to provide a WWW page for genealogical data for every county in the United States. Begun in March 1996 in Kentucky, the project is growing daily, and has already provided many genealogists with clues to finding their ancestors. Volunteers coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the individual county web pages. This Androscoggin County page is part of the Maine GenWeb Project, which is part of the USA GenWeb Project. Our names are Kevin King & David Colby Young and we are currently hosting Androscoggin County. If you would like to contribute your information to this page, please let us know. If you are interested in adopting a county, please contact  Tina Vickery , MeGenWeb coordinator.

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