Androscoggin County, Maine Cemetery Records

Androscoggin County, Maine:
Cemetery Records

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  1. Addition Cemetery, Leeds,
  2. Alden (Columbus) Cemetery,
  3. Atkinson Cemetery, Minot,
  4. Auburn Plains Cemetery, Auburn,
  5. Beals (Luther) Cemetery, Turner,
  6. Bishop Hill Cemetery, Leeds,
  7. Bonney Cemetery, Turner,
  8. Boothby (Adney) Cemetery,
  9. Boothby Cemetery, Livermore,
  10. Bradbury Cemetery, Durham,
  11. Brettuns Cemetery,
  12. Brettuns Private Cemetery,
  13. Briggs Cemetery, Auburn,
  14. Briggs Cemetery, Auburn,
  15. Brookvale Cemetery, Auburn,
  16. Brown (Samuel), Minot,
  17. Canton Cemetery,
  18. Carver (Everett) Cemetery, Leeds,
  19. Cedar Grove Cemetery, Durham,
  20. Cheney Cemetery,
  21. Colby Cemetery, Sabattus,
  22. Conant (Lot) Cemetery, Turner,
  23. Cousins Cemetery, Mechanic Falls,
  24. Crooker Cemetery, Minot,
  25. Currier Cemetery, Minot,
  26. Davis Cemetery, Auburn,
  27. Davis Cemetery, Auburn,
  28. Davis Cemetery, Lewiston,
  29. Dead River-Knapp Cemetery, Leeds,
  30. Dennin (George) Cemetery, Mechanic Falls,
  31. Dillingham Cemetery, Auburn,
  32. Dillingham Cemetery, Auburn,
  33. East Leeds (or ) Plains Cemetery, Leeds,
  34. Emergreen Cemetery, Auburn,
  35. Emerson Cemetery, Auburn,
  36. Everett (William) Cemetery, Mechanic Falls,
  37. Evergreen Cemetery, Auburn,
  38. Fairfield Cemetery, Durham,
  39. Fairview Cemetery, Leeds,
  40. Fern St. Cemetery, Turner,
  41. Fish Cemetery, Leeds,
  42. Fisher Cemetery,
  43. Fisher Cemetery, Sabattus,
  44. Fletcher Rd Cemetery, Auburn,
  45. Foss Cemetery, Leeds,
  46. Francis Cemetery, Leeds,
  47. French Cemetery, Turner
  48. Friends Cemetery, Durham,
  49. Fuller Cemetery,
  50. Gibbs Cemetery,
  51. Goding Cemetery,
  52. Hall Cemetery, Lisbon,
  53. Harmony Grove Cemetery, Durham,
  54. Hathaway Cemetery, Livermore
  55. Hawkes-Jordan Cemetery, Minot,
  56. Highland Cemetery, Durham,
  57. Hillman's Cemetery,
  58. Hillside Cemetery, Lisbon,
  59. Hodges Cemetery, Minot,
  60. Hotel Rd. Cemetery, Auburn,
  61. Houghton (Richard) Cemetery, Mechanic Falls,
  62. Island Cemetery, Leeds,
  63. Keene's Corner Cemetery, Leeds,
  64. Knight-SNow Cemetery, Durham,
  65. Leavitt Cemetery,
  66. Leeds Center Cemetery, Leeds,
  67. Leighton Cemetery, Auburn,
  68. Line Cemetery, Leeds,
  69. Littlefield Cemetery, Durham,
  70. Little Wilson Cemetery, Turner
  71. Livermore Falls Cemetery, Livermore Falls,
  72. Loney Cemetery,
  73. Mayberry Cemetery, Mechanic Falls,
  74. Morris Cemetery, Leeds,
  75. Mountain View Cemetery, Auburn,
  76. Murray-McKinley Cemetery, Auburn,
  77. North Auburn Cemetery, , Auburn,
  78. North Jay Cemetery,
  79. North Livermore Cemetery,
  80. Oak Hill Cemetery, Auburn,
  81. Old Cemetery, Mechanic Falls,
  82. Old North Meeting House Cemetery, Durham,
  83. Old Town Cemetery, Cemetery, Durham,
  84. Parker-Bowie Cemetery, Durham,
  85. Parker-Merrill Cemetery, Durham,
  86. Patten Cemetery, Lisbon Falls,
  87. Penley Corner Cemetery, Auburn,
  88. Perley Cemetery, Livermore, MOCA,
  89. Perley Cemetery,
  90. Pettingill-Bradbury Cemetery, Auburn,
  91. Pitts Cemetery, Livermore,
  92. Pleasent View Cemetery, Durham,
  93. Plummer's Corner Cemetery, Auburn,
  94. Poland Cemeteries (15 in all), Poland, 1935 to 1945, see New England Historic Register July & Oct 1935; Apr, July & Oct 1944; & Jan & Apr 1945
  95. Pond Road Cemetery, Wales
  96. Pool Hill Cemetery, Minot,
  97. Potters Cemetery, Lisbon Falls,
  98. Quaker Ridge Cemetery, Leeds,
  99. Ricker Cemetery, Poland,
  100. River Grove Cemetery, Leeds,
  101. Riverhill Cemetery, Turner,
  102. Roberts Cemetery, Durham,
  103. Roberts (Benjamin) Cemetery, Durham,
  104. Sawyer Cemetery, Durham,
  105. Shag Pond, Turner
  106. Shiloh Cemetery, Durham,
  107. Skye Cemetery, 9
  108. Smullen Cemetery, Lisbon Falls,
  109. Southwest Turner Cemetery, Turner,
  110. Stetson Cemetery, Durham,
  111. Stevens Cemetery, Greene,
  112. Stinchfield Cemetery
    Old Indain Cemetery, Leeds,
  113. Strout Cemetery, Durham,
  114. Sylvester Cemetery, Durham,
  115. Tabor Farm Cemetery, Auburn,
  116. Tabor Farm Cemetery, Auburn,
  117. Timberlake Cemetery,
  118. Turner Bridge Cemetery,
  119. Twin Bridge Cemetery, Livermore
  120. Union Cemetery, Leeds,
  121. Verrill Cemetery, Poland,
  122. Vining Cemetery, Cemetery, Durham,
  123. Wagg Cemetery, Auburn,
  124. Waterhouse, Cemetery, Durham,
  125. Waters Hill Cemetery,
  126. West Auburn Cemetery, Auburn,
  127. West Leeds Cemetery, Leeds,
  128. Wood Cemetery, Turner,
  129. Woodman Cemetery, Mechanic Falls,
  130. Woodman Hill Cemetery, Minot,
  131. Wyman Cemetery, Livermore,
  132. Wyman Cemetery,

Cemetery Records at the Lewiston Public Library

Father Leo Begin compiled the following cemetery records in 1954 and they were updated in 1995-1996 by Gerry Belanger & Gloria Rafferty

For Information on getting the following Cemetery Records on diskette, please e-mail Ronald R. DeBlois:

  • Broadview Cemetery, 379 East Ave., Lewiston
  • Clough Cemetery, Lewiston, Latitude: 440345N Longitude: 0700854W
  • Garcelon Cemetery, Elevation: 219, Lewiston, Latitude: 440206N, Longitude: 0701031W
  • Greenwood Cemetery, Greene, Latitude: 441051N, Longitude: 0700955W
  • Herrick Cemetery Latitude: 440804N, Longitude: 0701147W
  • Peare Cemetery, (Lane Rd) Greene, Latitude: 440854N, Longitude: 0700850W
  • Rose Cemetery, North River Road in Greene, Latitude: 441405N, Longitude: 0701104W
  • Sylvester Cemetery, Greene, Latitude: 441433N, Longitude: 0701059W
  • Bryent's Cemetery, on the Davis Farm Crowley Road in Sabattus
  • Goddard Cemetery, Lewiston
  • Lisbon Center Cemetery, Rt. 196 in Lisbon Center
  • Mower Cemetery, Hooper Pond Rd in Greene
  • Randall Road Cemetery, Lewiston
  • Wright Cemetery, No Name Road Rd in Lewiston
  • Riverside Cemetery, Sumner St., Lewiston, Latitude: 440637N, Longitude: 0701254W
  • Davis Cemetery, (Sabattus St.), Lewiston, Latitude: 440602N, Longitude: 0701226W
  • Davis Cemetery, (Littlefield Road) Lisbon, Latitude: 440347N, Longitude: 0700702W
  • Valley Cemetery, Greene, Latitude: 441054N, Longitude: 0700959W

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