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Special Maine 1837 Census: Aroostook County

This page lists the records for the 1837 census for areas in what is now Aroostook county.

This is a Special Maine State Census or enumeration of the inhabitants on the 1st Mar 1837 taken pursuant to an Act of the Legislature of Maine passed 8 Mar 1837.
The law directed:

  1. All inhabitants would be counted excepting,
    • foreigners not naturalized, who have not had their residence in any city, town or plantation in the State of Maine, four years previous to enumeration (which would be 1833)
    • and also excepting Indians not taxed.

(N.B. The incorporated towns & cities where done on the local level. We have located the 1837 Special Census for Bangor, Portland, Dennysville and Roxbury, Maine. The townships of Maine were enumerated by the State of Maine.)
(Designations in parentheses are those used in the census)

Census Districts:

  1. Ashland (T11 R5 WELS)
  2. Benedicta (T2 R5 WELS Catholic Township)
  3. Bridgewater (Bridgewater Academy Grant)
  4. Caribou
  5. Glenwood (2 R3 WELS)
  6. Haynesville (Dole Township Tp. 9?)
  7. Littleton (Part of Williams College Grant)
  8. Ludlow (Belfast Academy Grant)
  9. Mapleton (T12 R3 WELS)
  10. Masardis (T10 R5 WELS)
  11. Oakfield (T5 R3 WELS)
  12. Orient (Orient Gore)
  13. Reed (Tl R3 WELS)
  14. Sherman (T3 R5 WELS)
  15. Silver Ridge Township (T2 R5 WELS Catholic Township)
  16. Smyrna (T6 R3 WELS)
  17. Townships:
  18. Washburn (T13 R3 WELS)
  19. Weston (Monroe Gore)

For all towns in Maine's 1837 census (not only those in Aroostook county), see the Androscoggin County GenWeb page on Maine's Special 1837 Census.