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Family of Charles Franklin LEE

(Sources: Family History from Doris CRAWFORD LEE and Maine Marriages 1892-1966)

Submitted by Michelle Thomas, Bangor, Maine, great granddaughter of Charles LEE


Charles Franklin LEE

Born: 25 Dec 1883 Milltown, Washington Co., Maine

Married: 8 Oct 1906, Portage Lake, Maine

Died: 12 Feb 1949, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine

Buried: Mt. Pleasant Catholic Cem., Ohio St., Bangor, Maine

Son of Franklin LEE and Abigail Sarah GREENLAW

(Charles left Calais at the age of 17 and traveled alone up to the Portage Lake region to work in lumbering camps. He saved enough money to purchase a partnership in a general store, which became known as COFFIN & LEE in Portage Lake. The LEE family can be traced through Calais, into St. George New Brunswick and then back in Pembroke, Maine as far back as Daniel LEE born in 1757 in Worcester England. He immigrated to Pembroke and was a spy for the British during the Revolutionary War.)


Wife - Geneva Mary YOUNG (aka Jennie)

Born: 1 Feb 1886, Presque Isle, Maine

Die: Nov 1967, New Bedford, New Hampshire

Buried: Mt. Pleasant Catholic Cem. Ohio St., Bangor, Maine

Daughter of Thomas YOUNG and Julia MARTIN

(Jennieís surname, YOUNG, was changed by her grandfather Jean Baptiste DIONNE, whoís children were all born with the surname of YOUNG)

Children of Charles and Geneva LEE

1. Lawrence Linden LEE

Born: 17 Apr 1907, Portage Lake, Maine

Married: 10 Aug 1935, Phyllis S. HASKELL, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine

Died: 10 May 1967, Manchester, Hillsboro, New Hampshire

2. Alfred LEE

Born: 22 May 1909, Portage Lake, Maine

Deceased, Los Angeles, California

3. Franklin Jared LEE

Born: 17 Aug 1910, Portage Lake, Maine

Married: 15 Oct 1930, Doris CRAWFORD, Houlton, Maine

Died: 27 Dec 1975, Bangor, Maine

Buried: Mt. Pleasant Cem., Ohio St. Bangor, Maine

(Franklinís middle name is actually Gerard. A french name given to him by his french mother. However, he never liked it and always used Jared in his adult life.)

4. Clarence LEE

Born: 7 Jul 1912, Portage Lake, Maine

Married: 10 Oct 1931, Jillian Kathleen NEVERS, Houlton, Maine

Died: 1995, Kennebunkport, Maine

5. Raymond LEE

Born: 19 Feb 1918, Portage Lake, Maine

Married: 30 Jul 1936, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine

Died: 1964, Kingsport, Tennessee