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The James CRAWFORD family of Houlton

Submitted by Michelle Thomas, Bangor, Maine


(Sources: Annals of the Town of Warren Maine, Houlton Vital Records, 1850 Census Houlton, 1870 Census Houlton, Genealogical Research by Sandra Naylor, Oral Family History).

Father – James CRAWFORD

Married: 31 Dec 1833, Houlton, Maine by Squire Cook who lived 4 miles ( and across the border) from the JAMESON farm in Richmond Corner New Brunswick.

(There is circumstantial evidence that James CRAWFORD is the same James mentioned in Annals of the Town of Warren, Maine by Cyrus Eaton. The James CRAWFORD mentioned in the Annals removed from Warren to New Brunswick, then to Arkansas. This would fit into James meeting Jane JAMESON, who’s family had a farm in New Brunswick before coming to Houlton, lack of appearance on any other census records in Houlton after the children were born. Also the James in Warren had a brother and cousins named Spofford CRAWFORD, the same name given to James and Jane’s last child. Due to the originality of this name, it seems a likely clue to connect the two families.)

Mother – Jane JAMESON

Born: 1812, in Kircudbright, Scotland

(The daughter of Nathaniel JAMESON and Mary CLARK

Jane appears on the 1850 census record for Houlton, with her children, living with her father. By 1880 she and her children are living with her brother George. This would support the theory that James removed to Arkansas, leaving Jane and the children in the care of her family.)

Children of James and Jane CRAWFORD

  1. Mary Jane CRAWFORD
  2. Born 1834, Richmond Corner, New Brunswick; married 16 May 1854 in Houlton, to Willard DRAKE; died 29 Jul 1862 in Houlton.

  3. Sarah Frances CRAWFORD
  4. Born 1836, Richmond Corner, New Brunswick

    (It is likely that Sarah never married. She is listed on the 1880 Census for Houlton, at age 44, single living with her uncle)

  5. Margaret R. CRAWFORD
  6. Born 1838, Richmond Corner, New Brunswick; married 4 Jul 1861, in Houlton, Ellis DRAKE.

  7. George N. CRAWFORD
  8. Born 1840, Richmond Corner, New Brunswick; died 12 May 1896, Houlton.

  9. Spofford L. CRAWFORD

Born 1851, Houlton, Maine; married 20 Jul 1872, in Houlton to Mary Ellen REED; died 24 Apr 1899 in Houlton




Submitted by Michelle Thomas, Bangor, Maine; email

(Sources: Houlton Vital Records, Personal Family History of Doris LEE granddaughter of Spofford CRAWFORD)

Father – Spofford L. CRAWFORD

Born 1851 in Houlton; married 20 Jul 1872 in Houlton; died 24 Apr 1899 in Houtlon

Son of James CRAWFORD and Jane JAMESON

Mother- Mary Ellen REED

Born 3 Apr 1852 in Houlton; died 24 Jan 1933 in Houlton.

Daughter of Gardner J. REED and Eleanor SPRAGUE

Children of Spofford and Mary Ellen CRAWFORD

  1. Frank M. CRAWFORD
  2. Born 14 Oct 1873, Houlton; married Harriet RUGAN, 30 Oct 1919 in Houlton; died 1945 Houlton.

  3. Harry CRAWFORD
  4. Born 5 Dec 1875, Houlton; married 1st Clara ARMSTRONG, 2nd Ada M. ?; died 16 Jun 1930 Houlton.

  5. Herbert Leigh CRAWFORD
  6. Born 3 Oct 1882, Houlton; married Anna Gertrude RUGAN, 1909 in Woodstock New Brunswick; died 11 Jul 1952 in Bangor, Maine.

  7. Ellen Louise CRAWFORD
  8. Born 8 Jan 1888 in Houlton; died 7 Oct 1968 in Houlton

    (Ellen never married is described as a very tall woman by her niece Doris Lee)

  9. John CRAWFORD

Born Feb 1890 in Houlton; married Cora N. ?; died 1962 in Houlton.




Submitted by Michelle Thomas of Bangor, Maine email

(Sources: Personal Family History of Doris Lee, daughter of Herbert CRAWFORD)


Father – Herbert Leigh CRAWFORD

Born 3 Oct 1882 in Houlton

Married 1909 in Woodstock, New Brunswick

Died 11 Jul 1952, Houlton.

Son of Spofford L. CRAWFORD and Mary Ellen REED

Mother –Anna Gertrude RUGAN

Born 28 Jan 1888 in Houlton

Died 26 Feb 1966, in Bangor, Maine.

Daughter of Micheal RUGAN and Mary COFFEY

Children of Herbert and Anna CRAWFORD

  1. Doris Gertrude CRAWFORD
  2. Born 19 May 1910, Houlton; married Franklin Jared LEE 15 Oct 1930 in Houlton.

  3. Spofford Leroy CRAWFORD
  4. Born 19 Aug 1912, Houlton; married 1st Louise CORY 16 Oct 1931 in Houlton (divorced), married 2nd Lucille PATCHELL; died May 1997 in Somerville Massachuetts.

  5. Leland Elmo CRAWFORD
  6. Born 28 Jul 1914, Houlton; married Beulla CARR, Beulla died Aug 2001 in Florida; died 26 Feb 1967 in Portland, Maine.

  7. Mary Annunciata CRAWFORD
  8. Born 25 Mar 1920 Houlton; married James GARDNER; died Jul 1984 in Oregon.

  9. Baby Girl CRAWFORD
  10. Born and died 31 May 1922, Houlton

  11. Christina CRAWFORD
  12. Born and died 22 Apr 1923, Houlton

  13. Lois Winnefred CRAWFORD
  14. Born 1 Sep 1925 in Houlton; married Fredrick DRISCOLL 28 July 1948, in Houlton.

  15. Sylvia Christina CRAWFORD

Born 17 Dec 1927, Houlton; married Leigh CUMMINGS 15 Sep 1947 in Houlton.