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1st Generation of the RUGAN FAMILY

(Sources: St. Mary’s Cemetery, Houlton, Maine; this family is probably not complete)

Father – Patrick RUGAN

Born abt 1807, Ireland

Died 4 Mar 1859, Houlton, Maine

Mother – Ann

Born abt 1815, Ireland

Died 27 Feb 1871, Houlton, Maine

Children of Patrick and Ann RUGAN

  1. Michael RUGAN (b 1832, Ireland d 1924 Houlton, Maine)
  2. Patrick RUGAN (b abt 1844, d 27 Jul 1849, Houlton)
  3. Edward RUGAN (b 26 Jun 1848, Houlton, d 7 Jul 1848, Houlton)
  4. Elizabeth Ann RUGAN (b abt 1851, Houlton, d 26 Jun 1854, Houlton)


2nd Generation of the RUGAN Family

The Family of Michael RUGAN

Of the "B" Road, Hammond Plantation

(Sources: Personal History of Michael’s granddaughter, Doris CRAWFORD LEE, St. Mary’s Church Records; Houlton, St. Gertrude’s Church Records; Woodstock, N.B., and Census Records)

Father – Michael RUGAN

Born: Oct 1832, County Cork, Ireland

Marr: 26 Aug 1867, Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick

Died: 22 Jun 1924, Hammond Plantation, Maine

Son of Patrick and Ann (DUGAN) RUGAN

(The family tells the story of Michael coming to America as a very young child, some even say being born on the ship. At the time of his death, Michael, was the holder of The Boston Post Cane, he was the oldest citizen of Houlton.)

Mother – Mary COFFEY

Born: 25 Jun 1845, Watson Settlement, New Brunswick

Died: 3 May 1924, Houlton, Maine

Dau. Of John and Mary (COUGHLAN) COFFEY

Children of Michael and Mary RUGAN

  1. Mary Ann RUGAN –aka Minnie
  2. Born: 1868, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Marr: Neal SCHOOLS, date unknown

    Died: 20 Nov 1900, Houlton, Maine

    (Mary Ann died of Valvular Disease of the Heart at age 32)

  3. George Albert RUGAN – aka Bert
  4. Born: 1872, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Never Married

    Death Date Unknown


  5. Francis Jeremiah RUGAN – aka Frank or J. Frank
  6. Born: 6 Apr 1873, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Marr: Jean PAUL, date unknown

    Died: 1959, Houlton, Maine

  7. Hannah J. RUGAN
  8. Born: 11 Apr 1874, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Marr: Thomas J. SCHOOLS, 22 Jun 1904, New Limerick, Maine

    Died: 1949, Houlton, Maine

  9. Sarah E. RUGAN – aka Sadie
  10. Born; 1876, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Marr: Clarence CARPENTER 4 Nov 1896, Houlton, Maine

    Died: 1934, Houlton, Maine

  11. Katherine RUGAN – aka Kate
  12. Born 3 Mar 1878, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Marr: Harry LASKEY, eloped sometime around 1894

    Died: 6 May 1898, Morencia, Arizona

    (Kate married Harry without her parents permission. Harry then decided to try his hand at silver mining in Arizona. They asked Kate’s brother, Frank, to join them, but he refused. They removed to Morencia, Arizona. Kate became pregnant but died in childbirth, as did the baby. Harry returned her body to Houlton and erected a very large tombstone for her. Final resting place of the baby is unknown. Harry then remarried and removed to South America.)

  13. Joseph RUGAN
  14. Born: 25, Oct 1879, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Died in infancy

  15. Josephine RUGAN
  16. Born: 22 Aug 1882, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Marr: William Robert CRAWFORD, 30 Jan 1922, Houlton, Maine

    Died: 30 Oct 1952, Houlton, Maine

  17. Grace RUGAN
  18. Born: 16 Dec 1883, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Died in infancy

    (Grace was baptized 26, Feb 1884 at St. Mary’s Church, Houlton, Maine)

  19. Harriet RUGGAN – aka Pet
  20. Born: 14 Dec 1884, Hammond Plantation, Maine

    Marr: Frank M. CRAWFORD, 30 Oct 1919, Houlton, Maine

    Died: 1963, Houlton, Maine

  21. Anna Gertrude RUGAN – aka Daisy

Born: 28 Jan 1888, Hammond Plantation, Maine

Marr: Herbert Leigh CRAWFORD, 1909, Woodstock, New Brunswick

Died: 26 Feb 1966, Bangor, Maine



3rd Generation of the RUGAN Family

(Sources: Personal History of Doris CRAWFORD LEE, Personal History of Mary MCIVER, Houtlon Vital Records)

Family of Neal SCHOOLS and Mary Ann RUGAN

    1. Stillborn unnamed son; born 6 Mar 1900, Houlton, Maine.

Family of Frank J. RUGAN and Jean PAUL

    1. Gladys RUGAN (never married lived with Jeanie in Brewer, Maine)
    2. Jeanie RUGAN (never married lived with Gladys in Brewer, Maine)
    3. Marjorie RUGAN WILLIAMS
    4. Dorothy RUGAN RUDMAN
    5. John M. RUGAN (died at age 1 year)

Family of Thomas J. SCHOOLS (b 1885, Calais, Maine, son of Thomas SCHOOLS & Margaret MCVAY) and Hannah RUGAN

    2. Geraldine SCHOOLS MCCONNELL
    3. Bernard SCHOOLS
    4. Josephine SCHOOLS
    5. Anna SCHOOLS
    6. Lawrence SCHOOLS

Family of Clarence CARPENTER and Sarah RUGAN

    1. William Joseph CARPENTER
    2. John Clarence CARPENTER
    3. Francis Henry CARPENTER
    4. Alfred Lee CARPENTER
    5. Arthur Bernard CARPENTER
    6. Mary Josephine CARPENTER MCIVER
    7. Clara CARPENTER
    8. Phyllis Marie CARPENTER LEEN
    9. Thomas Jefferson CARPENTER

Family of Frank M. CRAWFORD and Harriet RUGAN


Family of Herbert Leigh CRAWFORD and Anna RUGAN

    1. Doris Gertrude CRAWFORD LEE (b 19 May 1910, Houtlon, m 15 Oct 1930, Houlton; Franklin Jared LEE)
    2. Spofford Leroy CRAWFORD (b 19 Aug 1912, Houlton, d May 1997, Somerville Massachusetts, m 1st 16 Oct 1931, Houlton; Louise CORY-divorced, m 2nd Lucille PATCHELL)
    3. Leland Elmo CRAWFORD (b 28 Jul 1914, Houlton, d 26 Feb 1967, Portland Maine, m Beulla CARR)
    4. Mary Annunnciata CRAWFORD (b 25 Mar 1920, Houlton, d Jul 1984, Oregon, m James GARDNER)
    5. Baby Girl CRAWFORD (b & d 31 May 1922, Houlton)
    6. Christina CRAWFORD (b & d 22 Apr 1923, Houlton)
    7. Lois Winnefred CRAWFORD (b 1 Sep 1925, Houlton, m 28 Jul 1948, Houlton, Fredrick DRISCOLL)
    8. Sylvia Christina CRAWFORD (b 17 Dec 1927, Houlton, m 15 Sept 1947 Houtlon, Leigh CUMMINGS)


Possession line of the Rugan Homestead on the "B" Road in Hammond Plantation

  1. Michael RUGAN
  2. Frank RUGAN (Michael’s son)
  3. Clarence & Sarah CARPENTER (Michael’s daughter & son-in-law)
  4. Arthur CARPENTER (Clarence & Sarah’s son)
  5. Bob MCIVER (Clarence & Sarah’s son-in-law)
  6. Donald MCAFEE (as of 1988)