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Given by Doris (CRAWFORD) LEE

Recorded May 2001, Doris is age 91

unknown what page number, 412 is circled in the upper right-hand corner.

At the time of the 1920 Census was taken, January 2, 1920, Doris was 9 years old. The following is what she remembers about each person that appears on the same page as her family. She states that she is the only surviving individual on the entire page.

Census Taker - Leonard BARRY - "He owned a stove shop, but I canít remember where"

Beatrice MOIR (pronounced Moore) - " She was the sister-in-law to Edward MOIR and he must be on the other page."

Benjamin GREEN - "This was the Jewish family that came to Houlton from Russia. He had a store on Maine St. where JC Penneys used to be. On the right hand side of the square if you are heading out of town toward North St. We didnít socialize much with them. Their children (Alfred, Nehemiah and Thelma) went to public schools and we went to the Catholic school. They worked hard and had a nice house."

James DEASY - "He and his wife Elizabeth owned the house we lived in. He died while we were living there, but I canít remember the year. I remember taking the rent money to Mrs. DEASY every month. Imagine my mother giving the rent money to a little girl! Children were different then. We were given more responsibilities."

Joseph DEASY - "He was their son. He went to college but returned and bought some land out on the North Road and built a very nice house. He was a potato farmer. I think he married rather late in life too."

Fred HALL - "He owned an automobile business. He had a very big showroom on Kendall St. where he sold cars. I canít remember what make of car though. He and his wife Georgie had a beautiful house."

Samuel WEBBER - "He was the Deputy Sheriff at the jail, but it doesnít say that on this census. It says he was a bookkeeper. Maybe he had two jobs."

Dwight WEBBER - "He was the son of Samuel and Alice WEBBER. He was one of the neighborhood boys we chummed with."

Robert & Bertha PERRY - "They were much older than my parents. I donít think we socialized with them much. I donít remember much about them."

Frank MONAHAN - "He was a very nice old man. He was always very friendly to all of the children."

Cassie MORRISON - "She was the live-in housekeeper for the MONAHANS."

Nellie MORRISON - "She was Cassieís sister and lived with the MONAHANS too. She worked downtown somewhere."

Frank CARPENTER - "He was a Scaler. That was a man that would measure how many cords of wood that a logger cut, or how many potatoes someone had harvested. He would also measure wood lots, kind of like a surveyor."

John BARKER - "He was a fireman, although the census doesnít say that."

Robert & Sarah STEVENSON - "Now this is most interesting. I remember them having a daughter named Madeline. She was my age. We graduated from high school together. She went to college and then had her own business. She sold stationery and little trinkets out of her car. She never married. But she is not listed on this census. And from the ages of Mr. and Mrs. STEVENSON, Madeline may have been their granddaughter. But I never knew about that then."

Emma BRADEN & her daughter Etta - "I donít remember anything about them."

Gordon HALEY - "Now his wife is not listed, so she must have died. They had a very nice house. He owned a music store on Main St., up by the park; where Brooks Pharmacy was most recently. We bought our piano from them. It says here his mother Clemetine and his sister Bernice are living with him. I remember them all working in the music store together. Also listed is Louise MAGEE, she lived with them and was a bookkeeper at the store. Now that wouldnít happen today would it? Having your employee living with you! Oh donít times change!"

George AUBER family


Isabelle HALL family - "They lived in a double tenement. With the AUBERS downstairs and the HALLS living upstairs.

Lee H. CRAWFORD - "Well now thatís my family. Although my father never spelled his name that way! He always spelled it Leigh. And the H. stand for Herbert, which is really his first name, and Leigh is his middle name. He was a tracksman for the railroad. He did that all of his life. My father wasnít a well to do man, but he loved his family very much. He and my mother, Anna, never owned a home or a car in their entire lives. Also, on this census, my father says his father was born in Scotland and thatís not right. His father was born in Houlton. But we were always told that our people came from Scotland somewhere."

Mary CLOCKDALE - "We always knew her as Mame, I guess Mary must have been her given name. She and her 3 daughters lived upstairs from our apartment. It says on this census that she was widowed. But no one ever talked about her husband and I was under the impression that he had abandoned her and the girls. Her sister Helen COGAN lived with them. She worked in the telephone office that was on Court St. That building is gone now and there is a new building there. Helen worked and Mame stayed home to care for the girls."