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Hebert Family

The Heberts of the St. John Valley descend from the Heberts of Acadia. This is my Hebert family chart.

In France the parents were named:
Jacques HEBERT - Marie JUNEAU
They lived at la Haye-Descartes, parish of Belesne, Touraine, France
Two sons emigrated to Acadia:

Etienne HEBERT (1625-1670) - Marie GAUDET
Etienne emigrated with his older brother Antoine circa 1640
married 1650 Port Royal, Acadia

Jean HEBERT(1658-?) - Jeanne DOIRON
married 1692 Pisiguid, Acadia
Settled at Pisiguid, Acadia, present day Windsor, Nova Scotia

Charles HEBERT(1693-1761) - Catherine SAULNIER (dau. of ?)
married 1734 Cobequid, Acadia.
Fled from Acadia (prior to the famous Deportation) to La Riviere du Moulin a Scie, Isle St. Jean (PEI) 1752. Left after famine hit the Island, went on to Quebec circa 1756 with other displaced Acadian refugees. Died here, Sept. 26 1761.

Simon HEBERT(1737-1786) - (Marie) Anne QUESSY (or CASSEY)(1740-?)
Marie Anne was the dau. of Michel Quessy and Catherine Poirier. She was a displaced Acadian as well.
Married 13 May 1761 at St. Michel de Bellechasse, Que.
(Marie Anne Quessy was Simon's second wife)
Moved to Nipissiguit (Bathurst N.B.) in 1773.
Later moved to Ste. Anne des Pays Bas near present day Fredericton, N.B. with other displaced Acadians. Simon died here. ( This group of Acadians would be largely displaced again, this time by Loyalists, in 1785. They then founded a new, permanent home in the Upper St. John Valley.)

Simon HEBERT(1764-1843) - Marie Josephe DAIGLE (1769-1840)
Marie was the dau. of Joseph Daigle (leader of Madawaskan pioneers) and Marguerite Guilbeau)
married 1 July 1788 Ecoupahog, N.B. (near Ste.Anne des Pays Bas)
Early Madawaskan pioneer, owned several properties, mills, he was literate and was a captain in the local militia. He had two sons: Simon (see below) and Joseph. I am not aware of other offspring.

Simon "Simonet" HEBERT(1789-1868) - Thecle MARTIN (1791-1856)
Thecle was dau. of Francois Martin and Euphrosine Guerette.
First generation of Heberts born in Madawaska region.
Simonet was the first settler of Edmundston, N.B. (Petit-Sault)
Owner of hotel, large land owner, speculator.
Married 28 Feb. 1810 St. Basile, N.B.
They had a large family: Simon (see below), Regis, Joseph, Laurent, Vital (first Acadian elected to N.B. legislature), Belonie and Honore. Simon is buried in the old cemetary in St. Basile along with his father.

Simon HEBERT(1810- ?) - Christine THERIAULT (1814-1842)
married 23 Oct. 1832 St. Basile, N.B.
I would like to know the names of her parents.
He had five children with Christine, was widowed at age 32 and later married Marie Louise Belanger in 1843 (not my line) with whom he had ten children. I do not have any info on their children's names except that of my great great grandfather, who is:

Maxime HEBERT (1836-1921) - Josephine PERRON (1836-1913)
Maxime born in St. David Maine. Josephine born Edmundston N.B.
Josephine was the dau. of Augustin Perron and Angilane Drapeau.
married 14 Oct. 1863 St. Basile, N.B.
They ran a rooming house in Augusta and later Portland, Me. Children: William, Joseph (see below), Edith, Sophie, and Annie.

Joseph E. HEBERT (1869-1942) - Lea St. PIERRE (1874-1947)
Joseph born St. Francis, Me.
Lea was the dau. of Frederic St. Pierre and Lea Nadeau.
Joseph was a logger. Lived at Enfield and West Enfield, Me. (near Bangor). Disabled by logging accident and later worked at the Hebert Sisters Hotel in Portland, Me.

These are my great grandparents.

More information can be obtained on the St. John Valley Heberts by contacting the Madawaska Historical Society (write to them at Library Building, Main St., Madawaska, Maine, 04756). The Heberts had a family reunion in 1982 and published a reunion/genealogy booklet (about $2 if available). Also available is "The History of Madawaska" by Thomas Albert (translated into English) which is a wonderful source of Hebert and St. John Valley history. I hope that the above information is accurate - any comment or corrections may be sent to me at my email address below.

Susan Recnik