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Apprehended Raid upon Calais and Eastport

At the close of the year, the cities of Calais and Eastport, on the eastern frontier, were thrown into a feverish state of excitement, it having been ascertained that certain lawless persons, having their headquarters in St. John (New Brunswick, Canada, ed.), threatened an invasion of those places and other towns on the border. From well authenticated information the plan of operations was to capture the steamer New England, rob the banks in Calais and Eastport, and commit other lawless depredations. This information on being communicated to Hon. Joseph Granger, Mayor of the former city, every preparation was made to give the invaders a warm reception. Company I, State Guards, First Division, numbering about sixty men, most of whom had seen nine months' service, under the command of Captain B. M. Flint, were immediately ordered out by Mayor Granger, and posted at important positions. Two rifled 6-pounders were placed in position to command the several entrances to the city from New Brunswick. The same night a guard of armed men was stationed in the Frontier Bank, Eastport. An armed force also patrolled the streets.

The promptness and vigilance of the authorities and citizens of Calais and Eastport in meeting this emergency thwarted the whole plan of the invaders, and their lawless invasion was abandoned. Since then, a patrol guard has been maintained in the former city, detailed for this duty from Company I, by permission of the State authorities, it being considered necessary to be on the alert against a renewal of any hostile intentions.

Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine for the year ending December 31, 1863, Pp. 43-44.