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Riley Plantation  


Gravestone Inscriptions, Riley plantation, Maine

Boston Transcript, September 2, 1937        B.P.W.

"Note 2669, The following gravestone records are copied from "The Sunday River Cemetery" in Newry, Maine.  B.P.W." (BPW was Mrs. Benson (Martha A. Fifield) Perley Wilkins, a distant cousin of mine. Her book, SUNDAY RIVER SKETCHES, was published in 1977.  This information is from Randy Bennett of the Bethel Historical Society.) Boston Transcript, November 4, 1937

Riley Plantation, also known as Ketchum, in Oxford County, Maine, no longer has any permanent residents within its borders, consequently it is now classified as "Wild Land T.A. No. 1

On the old Alonzo Fifield farm there remains a little graveyard containing these graves of former inhabitants, which are marked, and as many whose names have been forgotten.

Christopher C. E. son of Maria & Reuben I. Sargeant, died Dec. 3, 1850, ae 20 y, 8m, 13d

Mary, wife of Hezekiah Pingree, died June 30, 1875, ae. 83y 5m

George W. Leavitt, died Sept. 24, 1849, ae. 24y 3m.

Alexander Leavitt, died Nov. 9, 1853, ae.  18y. sons of Jonathan & Mary Leavitt

Infant daughter of George F. & Mabel I. Wilson, died May 1, 1882

Thomas K. Bennett, son of David F. & Sarah Bennett, died Sept. 11, 1845, aged 1y 3m 10d.

O. Israel B. Fifield, died 1863, aged 76

Comfort, wife of O. Israel Fifield, died March 31, 1855, ae. 66y 6m 14d

Israel Fifield, son of O. Israel B. & Comfort Fifield, drowned July 11, 1842, aged 15y 10m

Julian, daughter of O. Israel B. & Comfort Fifield, died Feb 15, 1840, aged 7yrs 1month

Polly, daughter of O. Israel B. & Comfort Fifield, died March 13, 1838, aged 30y 3m

Others known to be buried there:

Jonathan Leavitt and his wife Mary, who were early settlers.

Leonard Leavitt, their son, a famous bear hunter.

A ten year old Thurlow girl, daughter of Richard and Patience Thurlow, thought to be named Etta.