Marilyn's VIRUS Page

Viruses are part of being on the Internet.  PLEASE get yourself an Anti-Virus software program and update it DAILY!!!!!!  The following three companies are the leaders in Anti-Virus Software.
  1. KASPERSKY LABS - from Russia, but one of THE best!
  2. McAfee
  3. Norton/Symantec

Sign up for Virus Update notices from one of the following sites.

  1. About.Com
  2. McAfee  Get an e-mail everytime there's something new!
  3. Microsoft Check for Security Updates & Patches to your software!
  4. Norton/Symantec  Newsletter to stay updated!

Finally, there are numerous E-Mail HOAXES/WORMS.  A Hoax is designed to CLOG up Internet lines.  You should keep yourself abreast of the current hoaxes that have been found.  DO NOT FORWARD ANY warnings that you received, EVEN if they are from your "friends".  By forwarding one of these, YOU are contributing to the HOAX!

  1. Symantec's HOAX Site
  2. McAfee's HOAX Site
  3. Urban Legends HOAX Site
Attachments, a/k/a WORMS, that come to you as part of an email from a friend, can also HURT your system.  I've had mouse problems for the past 6 months..... once I got my "frog in a blender" .exe program off my hard drive, the mouse problems ceased!  One of the most notorious WORMS is the HAPPY99.EXE attachment that I received.  When you click on it you see a small fireworks show!  It can really trash your hard drive.  Please check out the following sites and read about the current HOAXES/Rumors that can affect YOUR computer and CLOG up the Internet!

If you want to HELP STOP these CLOGGING E-mails,  HoaxKill  will help you do it!  It's worked for me!

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