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Welcome to Peru, Oxford County, Maine

The Hazelton General Store in East Peru Village about 1910. The building in no longer a store in 2008.                                  

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Peru lies on the south side of the Androscoggin River in the eastern section of Oxford County. On the north, separated by the river, are the towns of Dixfield and Mexico; on the east is Canton; on the south is Hartford and Sumner and on the west is Milton Plantation and Rumford.

In the southern part of town lies Worthley Pond, 3 miles in length by 1/2 mile in width. Just west of Worthley Pond there were 2 small ponds, which were the source of the East Branch of 20 Mile River which divided the towns of Hartford and Sumner. Today there is only one, and is called Mud Pond. It is said that the beavers damed up the river and made one pond out the two.

Peru has only one main highway, Rt. 108, which follows the river west from Rumford to Canton. Along this route we have 3 communities, West Peru Village, Peru Center and East Peru. South of East Peru, we have Worthley Pond; south of Peru Center, the Valley Area; and south of West Peru Village, we have Dickvale Village, the Ridge Road and the High Street area.

Area in Acres: Land = 29,504, Water = 365, Swamp Land = 243, Total Acres = 29,869

Part of Peru was set off to Rumford on 2/8/1825
Part of Canton annexed to Peru on 4/2/1859
Part of Franklin Plantation annexed to Peru on 2/21/1888
Part of Peru set off to Rumford on 2/21/1895
Part of Canton annexed to Peru on 4/12/1895

See 1858 Map of Peru.

History of Peru

Merrill Knight is accorded the honor of being the first to make a permanent home within what is now known as Peru Center. He came from Falmouth (now Portland) in the fall of 1793, when the leaves were off the trees, so as to better view his newly acquired 4,880 acres, which he co-owned with a Mr. Daniel Lunt, also of Falmouth. He must have liked what he saw, for the following spring, he and two of his sons returned and proceeded to make a clearing in the wilderness for his new home.     See Original Purchase Page.

The earliest records of Peru that can be found, began with the organization of the township as Plantation #1, also known a Partridgetown, on March 23rd 1812. Which at the time, had a grand population of 92 hearty souls, of whom, 20 voted at the first town meeting.     See Peru History Page.
On February 5th 1821, it was incorporated into the Town of Peru, had 71 family households, one of which was a colored family, with a total population of 341 inhabitants.     See List of Families Page.
During July of 1850, the US Census was taken in Peru.     Population was 1,109, with 183 households, consisting of 585 white males and 524 white females.     There are 27 pages.     See 1850 US Census Page.
Peru furnished 115 of her sons as soldiers during the Civil War,
30 of whom were either killed in action or died while in the service
of their county.     See Civil War Page.

Peru has a Elementary School at West Peru village, but doesn't have a High School, so most students go either to M.S.A.D. #43, Mt. Valley High School in Rumford, or to M.S.A.D. #21, Dixfield High School in Dixfield.     See School Page.

Here's something to thinks about, if Peru hadn't sold the western section of the town, than known as Burgess Hill, to Rumford in 1895 for $2,000.00, the greater part of the Mead Paper Mill today, would be in Peru and not in Rumford.

Cemeteries In Town Today

Early Peru Families
The following are the surnames of the settlers as of 1821.


Surname Index
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Peru Town Government - General Information
81 Peru Center Road
P.O. Box 429, Peru, ME 04290
Population as of 1990 US Census ..... 1,564
Hours of Operation
  • MONDAY            8am - 5pm       6pm - 7:30pm

  • TUESDAY            8am - 5pm

  • WEDNESDAY           Closed

  • THURSDAY         8am - 5pm

  • FRIDAY                8am - 5pm

Town Clerk, Treasurer and Tax Collector:
Vera L. Parent   2009
Deputy Town Clerk & Treasurer:
Deborah L. Dolloff
Road Commissioner:
David E. Gammon   2008
  • Fire Chief & Fire Warden:
        William E. Hussey   2008
  • Animal Control Officer:   Daniel P. Carrier Jr.
  • Code Enforcement Officer:
        John M. Plumley
  • Plumbing Inspector:
        Wayne L. Putnam
Board of Selectman:
  1. William C. Hines II    2008 Chairman
  2. Andre J. St. Pierre    2008
  3. Norman J. DeRoche    2007
  4. Rodney Jamison    2009
  5. Burchard Scott    2009
SAD #21 Superintendent
Dr. Tom Ward
Peru School Principal:
Brenda Gammon

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