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Descendants of Timothy Smallidge

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Generation No. 1

1. Timothy1 Smallidge was born Abt. 1740. He married Jamima Black January 15, 1767 in Pownalborough,both of Jeremysquam I., daughter of Josiah Black and Esther Bane.

Children of Timothy Smallidge and Jamima Black are:
2 i. Josiah2 Smallidge, born November 1767 in Naskeag, Me.. He married Patience Rodick October 12, 1789.
3 ii. Betsy Smallidge, born January 19, 1770 in Mount Desert Maine; died January 11, 1848 in Eden,Me. She married James Campbell.
4 iii. Jamima Smallidge, born January 16, 1771 in Mount Desert Maine. She married (1) Unknown Goold. She married (2) Andrew Tucker ,Jr. October 12, 1812 in Mount Desert Maine.
5 iv. Tabitha Smallidge, born April 01, 1773 in Mount Desert Maine.
6 v. Joanna Smallidge, born August 06, 1775 in Mount Desert Maine.
7 vi. Jane Smallidge, born April 26, 1777 in Mount Desert Maine. She married Peter Dolliver ,Jr July 24, 1819.
8 vii. Esther Smallidge, born April 23, 1781 in Mount Desert Maine. She married John Davis.
9 viii. Timothy Smallidge, born October 02, 1785 in Mount Desert Maine. He married Hannah Savage May 01, 1811.
10 ix. John Smallidge, born February 26, 1789 in Mount Desert Maine.