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Center Hill Cemetery
Weld, Maine

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Notes about this transcription:

This is not a MOCA transcription. The Maine Old Cemetery Association transcribed this cemetery in the 1970s. For comparative purposes, copies of the MOCA transcription can be obtained for purchase from MOCA directly, or via microfilm at selected libraries across the country. And, copy should exist at the Weld Historical Society.

This transcription is the effort of Shalmir Chatfield, Martha Cote, Flossie Dere, and myself, working during September 2001 and October 2003. The cemetery is in beautiful condition and sits atop picturesque Center Hill, adjacent to the Mount Blue State Park property.

Notes about the file layout:

The file is laid out in a tabbed format. The first tab contains a graphic of the physical layout of the cemetery and is color coded by section. The sections are as follows: Far Left (FL), Center Left (CL), Center Center (CC), Center Right (CR) and Far Right (FR). These sections were walked front to back.

On the Order by Appearance tab is an all name list of the stones found in their color coded section, walking front to back, in order of appearance. 

For those looking for particular surnames, the Surname tab contains all burials regardless of section, ordered by surname.

Photo links exist for some stones on the Order by Appearance tab. If you have a photo of a stone from Center Hill and would like me to include it, please send me a note and a photo .GIF, .JPG or .BMP to  - Allyson Watson

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