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Early Settlers of Weld

Text introduction:

These historical sketches were original published in the "Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder" between 1882 and 1896. The quarterly volumes were eventually consolidated and published as a whole, Edited by S. M. Watson. Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1973. 9 v. in 3. Reprint of a periodical published quarterly, 1884-95; monthly, 1898, in Portland; and suspended during 1890-92, 1894, 1896-97

The author of these Weld sketches is "E.J. Foster" and his excerpts appeared in Volume I, numbers; 1 & 2 , and Volume II, numbers; 1, 2, 3, & 4.  The period he describes is that of 1782 to 1819. However, he makes many references to Weld residents present at the time of his recording this history (1885 - 1895). I have included the names of these individuals as well in the all name index. This index includes over 300 people and can be accessed from this page, or via a link at the end of the text. I have built initial hyperlinks from the index to the text but all of the secondary and tertiary links for each person are not yet finished. 

 I do not know as yet who E.J. Foster was, but I assume he is related closely to the Jere Foster of the text. He was certainly a resident of Weld. For this genealogical purpose, I have merely consolidated the material. There are misspellings and punctuation errors in the text, but I have left them untouched.   -A.J. Watson


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