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Brown Mills

A postcard of The Brown Mills
Photo courtesy of Berta Fitzgerald

Blethen House with stables

The Blethen House showing some of the stables, undated.

Merrick Square

Merrick Square, Dover
Photo courtesy of Berta Fitzgerald

Party at Sebec Lake in 1897

Photo of a party at Sebec Lake in 1897.
Standing is Kilby P. Sargent and seated next to him is Frank Kittredge, others are unidentified.

July 4 celebation in Union Square, 1874

The July 4th celebration in Union Square, 1874.
It looks as if the photo was taken from the top of the Observer Building.

Dr. E. A. Merrill house

The Dr. E. A. Merrill house on Winter Street, ca. 1930.  The house is now the location of the
Steinke & Caruso dental practice.

Baptist Church

The Baptist Church, ca. 1938.

Methodist Episcopal Church

The Methodist Episcopal Church, ca. 1930s

Crystal Lake Ice Company

The Crystal Lake Ice Company.
The men are unidentified.

A colored postcard of the Public School Building on Pleasant Street in Dover.  This view is ca. 1900.  The school was built in 1882 and torn down in 1976.

Color postcard of the old Dover dam near Brown's Mill.

This is one of a series of photos taken inside the American Woolen Mill in the 1920's. 
No idea who the ladies are so if someone knows, please share that info with us.

An illustration of the old court house in Dover.  It was built in 1844 and enlarged in 1885/6.
Photo courtesy of Berta Fitzgerald

Picture postcard river view of Foxcroft ca. 1910.

The Thompson Free Library, ca. 1940.
The library was built with a donation from
Dr. E. A. Thompson in 1897.

This is a photograph that was made into a postcard showing class exercises at Foxcroft Academy in 1909.

A photo of the Post Office taken early 1940's showing the state of art postal delivery trucks.

This is the Foxcroft Falls, no exact date when this was taken but most likely it is the early 1900's - probably 1907.

Here's a view of Main Street around 1959.
Photo by Paul Knaut.

A photo showing a herd of sheep making their way down Main Street.  They were probably on their way to Herring's Meat Market, but that's pure conjecture. 

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