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Genealogical Publications of Contributors to soc.genealogy.medieval/GEN-MEDIEVAL

This is a list of published articles and books on genealogical subjects by current contributors to the newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval, which is gated to GEN-MEDIEVAL on Rootsweb. Not all of these articles are medieval in their focus.

This list is not an authorised list, merely my small contribution to the group.

In this context, current contributors mean people who have posted to soc.genealogy.medieval in the past 12 months or so under an identifiable tag. Published means published in a genealogical journal or book by a recognized Society or publisher, in other words not work of a non-genealogical nature or works only published on the web.

If you are a contributor to soc.genealogy.medieval and you are not on this list, please send me the details of your published works and Iíll create an entry for you. If you want to send me a citation of a journal not in English please also provide a translation of the citation.

Louise Staley

Updated 11 October 2002