Freeman, Maine

Take the West Freeman Rd. out of Strong Village
and go .75 miles beyond the Tory Hill Rd.
to brook. Cross brook and find cemetery
on the left on a hill.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied by George & Janet Thompson

  John  11-20-1818 - 04-27-1897
  Lois  his wife  06-28-1817 - 03-07-1900
  Julia E.  their dau.  10-05-1847 - 01-27-1849
  Orren  12-02-1845 - 07-03-1921    (flag)
  Civil War 1st Reg. 2nd Me. Battery Lt. Art.
  Elmira Carville  his wife  01-01-1849 - 08-19-1935
  Freddie E.  their son  d. 05-18-1874  age 2y 8m 19d
  Fannie N.  their dau.  d. 05-22-1891  age 16y 10m

  Jonathan, Esq.  d. 12-26-1854  age 67y 2m 4d
  Dorcas  his wife  d. 07-11-1870  age 75y 9m 25d
  Clarissa A.  their dau.  d. 07-23-1849  age 20y
  Jonathan  their son  d. 02-09-1860  age 27y

  Elmira  see Brackley lot

  Capt. Barnabas  d. 10-22-1840  age 71y
  Jane  his wife  d. 10-31-1865  age 86y 4m 13d

  Benjamin  d. 09-09-1847  agge 83y     (flag)
  War of 1812
  Polly  his wife  d. 05-06-1848  age 83y
  Samuel  d. 08-28-1875  age 70y 5m
  Mary Ann T.  his 1st wife  d. 02-16-1841  age 52y
  Eunice G.  his 2nd wife  d. 07-21-1850  age 33y
  Dorcas A.  his 3rd wife  d. 07-28-1901  age 75y 5m
  Martha A.  dau of S. & E. Dodge
  d. 08-12-1859  age 17y

  John N.  d. 05-02-1853  age 74y
  Susanna  his wife  d. 04-04-1841  age 72y
  Capt. John  d. 04-18-1879  age 70y
  Louisa  his wife  d. 01-26-1844  age 31y
  Selemana A.S.  their dau.  d. 04-10-1856  age 21y
  Looman H.  their son  d. 08-09-1862    (flag)
  Fell in the battle of Cedar Mountain.
  Orlando H.  their son  d. 04-01-1878
  Azor  1812 - 1891
  Mary  his wife  1810 - 1896
  Infant dau.  1840
  Roscoe A.  1852 - 1904
  Clara M.  his wife  1858 - 1936

  Sears  d. 03-11-1834  age 66y
  Anna  his wife  d. 02-23-1849  age 80y
  Sears, Jr.  d. 06-29-1858  age 60y 11m
  Sarah  his wife  d. 12-01-1877  age 74y 8m
  Dennis E.  d. 11-23-1898  age 66y 11m
  Lewis W.  d. 04-25-1898  age 61y 5m 11d

  Sons of William & Charlotte Patterson:
  John W.  d. 09-25-1848  age 20y
  Warran H.  d. 11-22-1857  age 24y 8m 9d

  Freedom  d. 05-12-1898  age 80y 4m 12d
  Sarah  his wife  d. 07-10-1889  age 68y 6m
  Their children:
  Melvin G.  d. 01-07-1862  age 14y 8m
  Llewellyn  d. 05-27-1862  age 6y 8m
  Vilda  d. 09-14-1860  age 10m 16d

  Eliza  d. 07-23-1843  age 66y  wife of Zadoc Trask  
  Letitia A.  1856 - 1900  wife of O.P. Walker

  Arletta D.  d. 02-19-1869  age 30y  wife of 
  Wm. W. Welch

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