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Located on Day Mountain Road near Avon/Temple Line
In Terrible Condition No Roads in to it.
Must Hike About 2 1/2 Miles
In From The Temple Side. Bad Hiking, Several Fieldstones
No Names & Lots of Graves With No Stones

Dates after 1986 taken from Franklin Journal
Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.
Copied August 25, 1986 by George & Janet Thompson

  James M.  d. 12-29-1867   age 73y
  Mary  his wife...................(broken stone)

  Loretta A.  wife of Wm. T. Looke
  d. 04-26-1864  age 26y 9m 22d

  Nathl  d. 03-27-1852  age 31y 8m

  Marilla M.  dau. of Nathan & Elcedania S. Roberts     
  d. 08-27-1847  age 8y 11m 5d

  Children of Ira & Elizabeth  Russell:
  Josiah T.  d. 06-__-1838  age 3y 4m
  Lydia E.  d. 03-10-1846  age 2m 5d

  Asahel  d. 05-30-1883  age 66y 2m
  Mehitable  B.  his wife  d. 11-15-1881 age 68y
  Nathan A.  son of A.C. & Mehitable B. Swain
  d. 07-07-1870  age 17y

  Daniel  son of John & Polly Will
  d. 07-20-1828  age 9d

  John  ______________(stone broken & crumbled)
  Molly  his wife  d. 07-16-1848  age 89y 7m

  Thomas S.  d._______(stone broken & crumbled)
  Betsey  his wife  d. 05-28-1854  age 67y 11m 13d
  Thomas, Jr.  d. 01-10-1852  age 34y
  Infant dau. of Thomas Will, Jr.  d. 11-10-1849  age 2d 

  Prudence L.  wife of Samuel Winslow
  d. 05-10-1853  age 31y

Names of persons appearing on stones but not buried here:

LOOKE Wm. T. ROBERTS Nathan & Elcedania S. RUSSELL Ira & Elizabeth WILL Polly WINSLOW Samuel

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