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                                 NEW VINEYARD TAXPAYERS - 1803

                                           From the Franklin Chronicle dated July 23 1896


                 From a letter to the Editor:

                     The Following list of highway Taxpayers, in the town of New Vineyard for the years of 1802 & 1803,

                     will so doubt posses for many of your readers a peculiar interest.  All whose names are here mentioned

                     have long since passed away and their places are now filled by descendants of another generation.

                         Dr. Wm. C. Hatch, New Sharon, ME


                    Benson, Benjamin                                           Collins, Daniel                                    Ferrand, Wm

                    Berry, John                                                      Conant, Asa *                                    Flint, John

                    Boardman, Herbert                                          Daggett, Aaron                                   Flint, Dr. Thomas

                    Bryant, Elias                                                     Daggett, John                                     Hackett, Simeon

                    Bump, Joseph                                                  Daggett, Nathan                                 Hillman, Seth

                    Butler, Elijah                                                    Daggett, Samuel                                  Huston, John*

                    Butler, Henry                                                   Daggett, Samuel Jr                              Lambert, Elisha

                    Butler, Jeruel                                                    Davis, Cornelius                                  Look, Jonathan

                    Butler, Josiah                                                   Davis, David                                        Luce, Charles

                    Butler, Levi                                                      Davis, James                                       Luce, Solomon

                    Butler, Peter 2nd                                              Davis, Wendel

                    Butler, Sarson                                                 

                    Butler, Simeon



                    Manter, Henry                                                Oakes, John                                         Tinkham, Cyrus*

                    Merry, Asa                                                     Pratt, Beniah                                        Turner, David

                    Merry, David                                                  Pratt, David                                          Vincent, Ezra

                    Morton, Jospeh                                               Pratt, Eleazer                                       White, Simpson

                    Morton, William                                              Pratt, George                                       Winslow, Rachel

                    Norton, Abner                                                Pratt, Noah *                                       Winslow, Billings  

                    Norton, Ansel                                                 Presson, James                                      Young, Levi

                    Norton, Benjamin                                            Smith, Alvan

                    Norton, Cornelius                                            Smith, Henry

                    Norton, Cornelius Jr                                        Smith, Joseph W

                    Norton, Ebenezer 1st                                       Snow, Daniel*

                    Norton, Ebenezer 2nd                                     Snow, Ezekiel

                    Norton, Henry                                                 Spaulding, Williard*

                    Norton, Tristram                                             Spencer, John


                    * Starred people were not taxed in 1803


                     The following taxed in 1803 but not taxed in 1802

                     Bryant, Michael

                     Bryant, Michael Jr

                     Collins, Jospeh

                     Look, Samuel

                     Pratt, Apollos

                     Pratt, Paul

                     Pratt, Paul Jr

                     Norton, Isaac

                     Young, Levi Jr