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Palermo, Maine

The Cemetery is located aprox 1/2 mile south of the intersection of Nelson Lane and Parmeter Road in Palermo. It should also be noted that it was well off the road and located in a large commercial blueberry field. The particular field in question (as the entire field spanned both sides of the road) would be located to the western side just beyond the crest of the hill and a little northwest. I may have missed some graves as it was severely overgrown and in poor shape. I had to move brush and briars to get at some of the markers.

Copied 1997 by Paul Rossiter

  Stephen, Sr.  D. 6-15-1822  77yrs  
  (He was first settler of Palermo in 1769)
  Abigail Godfrey, his wife d. about 1820 age about 70yrs

  Hannah E., his wife d. 7-23-1842 28yrs 4mos

  John, d. 4-26-1865 73yrs
  John, Jr., d. 12-19-1839 19yrs
  Mary, d. 2-8-1841 25yrs

  Abigail,  (see Stephen Belden, Sr. lot)

  John, d. 8-25-1860 81yrs
  Eunice L., d. 2-28-1851 71yrs

  Hazon B., d. 5-4-1846 26yrs
  (Children of Daniel & Susannah Nelson)
  Susannah, d. 9-28-?
  Almatia T., d. 10-24-1830 (?age as stone was broken)

  James and Lydia,  (see Susan S. Tuttle lot)

  Daniel  d. 7-23-1846  ?age
  Hannah, (1st wife of Lt. Daniel Sylvester) d. 2-16-1827 ?age
  Permelia (2nd wife of Lt Daniel Sylvester) d. 8-29-1842 44yrs 9mos
  (Children of Lt. Daniel & Hannah Sylvester)
  Anna, d. 5-25-1820 20yrs
  James, d. 7-21-1827 28yrs

  Susan S. d. 9-2-1833  27yrs
  (wife of Samuel Tuttle, & dau of James and Lydia Sanders)

  Isabel, d. 8-17-1826 23mos
  Maria, d. 8-21-1826 8mos
  Mary, d. 8-21-1826 3yrs 4mos (this site was particularly sad)

  Furber, d. 12-13-1874  64yrs
  Lydia, (wife of Furber) d. 2-22-1869 57yrs
  Francis, (son of Benjamin & Eley Young)  d. 8-4-1833  2yrs  2mos
  Benjamin,  d. 5-6-1849   ?23yrs
  Benjamin,  d. 3-3-1848  73yrs
  Abigail, (wife of Benjamin)  d. 4-22-1872  ?age
  Elizabeth, (dau of Benjamin & Abigail Young)  d. 8-4-1855  30yrs

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