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                    Swan Cemetery

                                                               New Sharon, Maine


                 Directions: From Farmington, go East on Route 2 & 27 to New Sharon.  Just

                    before the bridge that crosses the Sandy River, take a left onto Route 134 toward

                    Starks.  This cemetery is located on the left about two miles from the intersection.

                    Surrounded by a granite wall.  Stones are deteriorating because of quality of the

                    marble.  Some impossible to read.


                    NOTE:  This cemetery was transcribed in the early 1960's by Dorothy Wirth.  Her records are in

                         the Farmington Public Library; by comparing what I found in April 2005 to what Mrs. Wirth found

                         in the 1960's, I was able to provide the following information.  Note to DW refer the Mrs. Wirth's

                         dates found. Her narrative on the page said she had spoken with Mrs. Allen, a neighbor to the cemetery

                         and Mrs. Allen told her the Swans were Quakers from Philadelphia.




                                 Frederick M  b. 1st mo. 16th dy 1830  d. 3rd Mo 20th dy 1915

                                 Susan A Perry, his wife  b. 9th mo 4th dy 1843  d. 1st mo 14th dy 1944 101 y 4m


                                 Frederick Swan  d. 10th Mo 17th dy 1864 @74y 5m 9d  (stone badly deteriorated) [DW]

                                 Pateince D, his wife  d. 3rd Mo 17th dy 1864 @38y 6m 26d [DW] (age may be 58y)

                                 Patience, dau of Frederick & Pateince D Swan  d. 4th Mo 11th dy 1851 @19y 5m [DW]

                                        (this stone is virtually illegible now)


                                 Dea. Francis d. 3rd Mo 25th dy 1817 @64y 7m  [DW]  (Old stone - virtually illegible now)

                                  Newer Military Stone

                                  Francis Swan  Ensign's Smith's Reg. of Mil  Rev. War  b. Aug 2 1752  d. Mar 25 1817

                                 Abigail, his wife, d. 10th Mo  24th dy (1840 DW)  @82y 2m 

                                  There were actually two stones for her

                                  Daniel, son, d. 11th Mo 17th dy 1819 @10y 10m (stone deteriorated badly)  [DW]

                                  Ephraim E.  (2nd son - DW) d. 11th Mo 27th d 1848 @11 y 8m


                                  H. Louisa (very badly deteriorated stone) dau of Isaac F & Lydia Swan

                                   b. 3rd Mo 25th d 1851 @3y 7m [DW}


                                  Richard Mott, son of Frederick & Patience Swan d. 11th Mo 29th dy 1851 @3y 1m

                                    (stone badly deteriorated all info from DW)


                                  Ephraim E Swan  b. 3rd Mo  17 dy 1800  d. 1st Mo  15th dy 1890 @89y 10m


                                   Martha C Swan  b. 2nd Mo 3rd dy 1840  d. 5th Mo 4th dy 1928 @88y 3m 1d


                                  Mary B Swan  b. 2nd Mo 9th dy 1836  d. 1st Mo 5th dy 1929 @92y 27d


                                  Elizabeth W Swan  b. 2nd Mo 14th dy 1838  d. 12th Mo 14th dy 1931 @93y 9m 26d


                                  Emery F Swan  b. 5-10-1916  d. 11-20-2001

                                  Martha C H Swan  b. 2-1-1879   d. 10-29-1962 


                                  Margaret A Swan  b. 7-31-1877   d. 1-28-1933




                                 James F, son of Seth & Mary E Baldwin d. 10th Mo 13th dy 1852 @31y 6m


                                 Abba E d. 7th Mo 21st dy 1840 @17y 5m

                                 Lizzie M  d.1st Mo 11th dy 1830 @2 wks

                                  Daughters of Seth & Mary E Baldwin  (same stone - badly deteriorated)  [DW]




                                Moses S Moody  b. 11th Mo 27th dy 1788   d. 1-9-1863 @73y 

                                    (stone badly deteriorated all info from DW)