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Cumberland County Deed Indexing Project

At the March 8, 2008 meeting of the Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society, President Carol McCoy suggested we work on indexing the Cumberland County Deeds covering the years 1760 to 1796. The membership approved her idea, and voted to start work on this major project. In February, 2011, the purpose of the project was redefined.

We need many volunteers to complete this project.
If you are interesting in helping or would like to see our progress, please continue to read this page!

We are now working on Phase II - How can you help?

Congratulations and thanks to the many volunteers who helped us complete Phase I of the Cumberland County Deed Indexing Project (see list below). We met our goal of finishing Phase I by the end of September 2008.
Phase II will involve looking at the actual old deed books 1-25 to insure we have the right information and to add several new items:
  • the location of the deed
  • the year the deed was signed
  • the year it was recorded
  • any additional names of grantors/grantees not in the original index (including wives who released their right of dower)
    Please contact Carol McCoy at for a tutorial on Phase II. It's easy! She will assign you a Deed Book to work on. See below for blank forms and samples.

    The results so far . . .

    Even though we are not finished with the project, you may have access to the information we have collected so far. You may download the information in Excel or .pdf format here. The data is listed alphabetically by grantor or by grantee. If you download the Excel file, you can sort as you like, but you must have Excel software to open it.

    For .pdf format sorted by Grantor, click here.
    For .pdf format sorted by Grantee, click here.

    For Excel format sorted by Grantor, click here.
    For Excel format sorted by Grantee, click here.

    Phase II progress

    Deed Book # Dates People working on this volume Phase II
    Members hard at work!
    1 1717 - 1762 Carol McCoy
    2 1734 - 1764 Diane Brakeley & Norm Jordan
    3 1735 - 1771 Janice & Jerry Gower
    4 1742 - 1767 Carol McCoy
    5 1743 - 1773 Norman Jordan & Diane Brakeley
    6   Carol McCoy
    7 1731 - 1773 Ray Niro
    8   Liz Johnson & Cathleen Decourcy  
    9   Norm Jordan and Diane Brakeley  
    10   Ray Niro
    11 1722 - 1788 Pam Eagleson
    12   Heidi Conover
    13   Dana Edgecomb
    14 1746 - 1790 Norman Jordan & Diane Brakeley

    Phase II Data Input Guidelines

    Please click here (or on the heading above) to download the guidelines for inputting data for Phase II. Please print these out and bring them with you to the courthouse. You may want to refer to them when you are working at the courthouse.

    Phase II Blank Data Form

    Please click here (or on the heading above) to download the form you will need to record any data that was left out during Phase I. Please print this form to take with you to the courthouse. Your tutorial will explain how to use this form. If you want to input the data directly to your laptop, you may not need this form, but you will need to have Microsoft Excel software on your computer. Please note: you may bring a laptop into the courthouse, but you may not plug it in. (This saves the County energy costs!)

    Phase II 1767 Estate Deed Sample

    Please click above to see an estate deed from 1767. It is from Joshua and Ruth Curtis to Benjamin Ingersell & Heirs of Captain James Parker. There is a copy of the deed as well as a translation. You can see how the current index lists the parties and what additional information our index would indicate. This deed is more complex than most.

    Phase II 1765 Agreement Deed Sample

    Please click above to see deed. This is a sample agreement deed between the heirs of Theophilus Bradbury, executed 1765; recorded 1767. This file includes a photocopy of the old deed as well as a translation. It also shows how to record this deed, which does not seem to have been indexed at all in the Cumberland County Deed Index (1760-1870). (Cumberland County Deeds Vol. 6:45.)

    Phase II 1761 Bond Deed Sample

    Transcription of Bond Deed from Nathan Partridge to Thomas Gray regarding settlement of New Boston (later Gray) Maine. Cumberland County Deeds Vol. 1: 182-184

    Not Just Deeds are Recorded in Deed Books!

    Sometimes people were told they were not welcome. See the "Warning Out of Mary and Broadstreet Bookman" from New Gloucester, Maine 1774. Recorded 27 Feb. 1775, Cumberland County Deeds 8:14, Virtual Books Real Property Database, Cumberland County Maine Courthouse, Portland, ME."

    Phase I

    Phase I was completed at the end of September. The people who completed this work are listed below.

    Vol. # Names starting with People working on this volume Phase I
    1Abbe - Aylwin Carol McCoy
    2Bab - Berry Janice & Jerry Gower
    3Berry - Bridges Harold Leland & Will Haskell
    4Bridgham - Byram Rita Weimer, Sue Hawes, Diane Brakeley & Norman Jordan
    5Cabot - Clapp Carol McCoy
    6Claridge - Coyle Harold Leland & Will Haskell
    7Crabtree - Davis Carol McCoy
    8Davis - Doull Charlotte Olson & Will Haskell
    9Dover Savings Bank - Eibell Charlotte Olson & Will Haskell
    10Ela - Flynn Sheri Bishop & Tricia Breeze
    11Fobes - Gay Harold Leland & Will Haskell
    12Gee - Grew Janice & Jerry Gower
    13Gribbon - Harmon Janice & Jerry Gower
    14Harmon - Higgins Diane Brakeley & Norm Jordan
    15Higginson - Hynes Diane Brakeley & Norm Jordan
    16Iles - Jordan Diane Brakeley & Norm Jordan
    17 Jordan - Lang Diane Brakeley & Norm Jordan
    18Langdon - Lithgow Roberta & Craig Libby
    19Little - Manning Janice & Jerry Gower
    20Mannix - Melcher Janice & Jerry Gower, Sheri Bishop, and Carol McCoy
    21Melendy - Morrill Sheri Bishop & Will Haskell
    22Morrill - Noonan Janice & Jerry Gower
    23Nooning - Peary Janice & Jerry Gower
    24Pease - Plunkett Janice & Jerry Gower
    25Poak - Quirk Carol McCoy
    26Race - Robinson Bob Greene
    27Rock Bottom Co. - Seymore Rita Weimer & Diane Brakeley
    28Shackford - Smullen Pam Eagleson
    29Snell - Storey Diane Brakeley & Norm Jordan
    30Stour - Thompson Diane Brakeley & Norm Jordan
    31Thorn - Varney Janice & Jerry Gower
    32Varnum - Webster Liz Johnson & Bob Greene
    33Wedgewood - Wimble Janice & Jerry Gower
    34Winch - Zitkor Liz Johnson & Bob Greene

    What will the index look like when it's completed?

    Here's a short sample of what the completed index will look like.

  • 1871 Map - Plan of Cumberland County Maine in 1871

    If you would like to read more about the Purpose of this project as well as some of the history of the Maine Cumberland County Deeds, please click here: