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The Seven Generation Book

The Seven Generation book has been compiled by the members of the Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society over many years. The project was started so that we could share our research with others.

Each member of GPCMGS was encouraged to enter a pedigree chart of their family going back seven generations. These pedigree charts were compiled into a book which conatins a total of 1,201 surnames. These names are listed below. Any of the names that are underlined in the list below are linked to the GPCMGS member who submitted the data. If you would like more information on that surname, please click the underlined name and send your request in the email form that pops up.

If you would like to see a copy of the book, you will find a copy in the Family History Center at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Ocean House Road in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. You will also find a copy in the Maine Historical Society in Portland, Maine. We have recently sent a copy to the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake City and hope that they will be making it digital soon.

Abbott Adams Adraiens Ainsworth Albert Alden Aldrich Allen Alley Alling Anderson Andrews Annis Anthoine Antie Antone Archer Archibald Armstrong Arthur Ash Ashby Ashley Ashton Athearn Atherold Atkinson Atwood Austin Averill Avery Ayer Ayers

Babbidge Babcock Babson Bacon Bailey Baird Baker Balch Ball Bangs Barber Barker Barnaby Barnwell Barret Barrett Barrows Bartlett Barton Basely Basset Bassett Batchelder Bates Beal Bean Bearse Beaudoin Bedell Beentru Belanger Bennett Benson Bergeron Berry Bessey Best Betts Bickford Bickfort Bigelow Biggby Biggs Bigsay Billings Billington Bird Bisbee Bixby Black Blackstone Blair Blake Blanchard Blodgett Blow Boaden Boardman Bodleigh Bogardus Bolster Bolton Bond Boston Boswell Bosworth Bowden Bowegard Bowen Bowley Bowman Boynton Brackett Bradbury Bradon Bradstreet Brandon Bray Brerwer Brewer Bridge Briggs Britt Britton Brock Brook Brooks Broughton Brow Brown Brownell Bruce Bryant Bryson Bubier Buffinton Bullen Bulyea Bumford Bumpas Bumpus Bunker Burgess Burleigh Burley Burns Burpee Burr Burrill Burroughs Burt Burton Buste Butler Butts

Cacy Cade Cady Calderwood Caldwell Call Cameron Cannell Canterbury Caroune Carr Carroll Carsley Carson Carter Carver Case Cash Cassidy Caswell Cates Catland Catlin Chace Chadbourne Chamberlain Chandler Chapman Charlotte Chase Chick Chipman Chittick Christie Christison Church Churchill Chute Cilley Clarity Clark Clarke Clay Cleaver Cleaves Clement Clements Cline Cloudman Clough Cobb Coburn Cochran Coffin Coggins Cogswell Colburn Colby Cole Collemore Collins Colson Conant Conley Connolly Cook Cooke Cooley Coombs Cooper Cornell Cornish Corson Corwin Costellow Cott Cotton Couch Coulombe Courser Cousins Cox Coyne Craam Cragin Craig Cram Cranch Crandall Crane Craney Crawford Cressey Crocker Crockett Crooker Crosby Cross Crowell Crozier Crump Cudsworth Curran Curtis Cushing Cutter Cutting Cutting Cutts Cyr

Daigle Daley Damon Danforth Daniels Darling Davall Davee Davenport David Davis Davrie Day Dayman Deane Deardorn Decker Deering Dempsey Denbow Dennerson Devol Dewey Dexter Dickey Dingley Dinsmore Doane Dodge Doe Doland Dole Dolley Dolliver Dolloff Donalds Donnell Dorset Doten Dougherty Doughty Douglas Dow Downs Drake Drew Drisco Dryden Dudley DuFour Duggin Dunbar Duncan Dunham Dunklin Dunn Dunning Durfee Durgin Durrell Dutton Dyer

Earle Early Eastcott Eaton Edgecomb Edgerly Edmunds Elden Eldridge Elliot Ellis Elmer Elmes Emerson Emery Estes

Fabyan Falconer Fanoli Farley Farnham Farnom Farrar Farris Farrow Faulkner Feeney Fenace Fenderson Fenno Ferguson Fernald Ferris Ferson Fickett Fiddler Field Fifield Finnard Fish Fisher Fitch Fitzpatrick Flaherty Flanagan Fletcher Flint Fload Flood Fly Flye Folkins Folsom Footman Ford Foss Foster Fountain Fowler Fox Fraile Frances Franklin Fraser Frazee Freeman Freethy Freeze Frellick French Frost Frye Fuller Fulton Furbish Furbush

Gagne Gale Gamage Gardner Gare Garey Garland Garthet Gates Gattensby Gaylord Gent Gerrish Gerry Getchell Gifford Giles Gillet Gilman Gilpatrick Ginson Glover Goddard Godfrey Goff Goldwait Goodel Goodeill Goodwin Googins Gordon Gorham Gorton Goss Gott Gove Goven Gowen Gower Grace Grady Graham Grant Graves Gray Green Greenway Greig Greil Griffin Griffith Griggs Grisswold Grover Grower Guilbeau Guilford Guptill Gveret

Hadlock Haley Hall Halleck Ham Hamblen Hamblin Hamilton Hamlin Hammond Hancock Handley Hanscomb Harden Harding Hardy Harlow Harmant Harmon Haron Harriman Harrington Harris Harrison Hartford Hartman Harvey Haskell Haskins Haslam Hasty Hatch Hathorn Hathorne Hatton Hawes Hawken Hawkes Hay Hayes Hayford Haynes Hayward Hazeltine Hazeltine Hazen Heald Heard Heath Hebert Heerron Henderson Henry Heron Herrick Herrington Hersey Hibbard Hicks Higgins Hill Hix Hobbs Hobson Hodgdon Hodges Hodgkins Hodsdon Holbrook Holder Holdridge Holland Holleri Holmes Holt Hood Hooper Hopkins Horne Houghton Hovey Howard Howes Howland Howlet Howlett Hoyt Hubbard Huckle Hudson Hulbert Humby Humphrey Hunt Hunter Hurd Husking Hussey Hutchings Hutchins Hutchinson

Ingalls Ingersoll Irish

Jackson Jacobs James Jameson Jaques Jeffords Jellerson Jellison Jenkins Jennings Jewell Jewett Jodrie Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Josslyn Joyce Junkins

Keay Keene Keith Kelley Kemball Kendrick Keniston Kennedy Kennett Kenney Kennison Kenniston Kenny Kent Keyser Kidd Kidder Kimball King Kingman Kinmond Kinney Kittridge Klein Knapp Knight Knowlton Knox Kreppel

Lacroix Lamb Lambert Lancaster Landry Lane Langcaster Langlands Lapointe Large Larrabee Larsdatter Laskey Latham Laughlin LaVallee Lawrence Lawry Leach Leard Learned Leblanc Lee Leland Lemont Lendrum Leqace Letieco Levesque Lewis Libby Lincoln Line Linnehan Linscott Little Littlefield Livingstone Locke Lombard Long Loomis Lopous Lord Lovassear Loverin Lovie Low Lowd Lowe Lowell Lucas Lucindia Lunt Lydecker Lyman Lyons Lysager

Mace Mackenzie MacWilliams Maddox Mains Makepeace Maker Malcomb Mallard Mallett Malloon Mann Manning Manter Marble Marbury Marr Marran Marrel Marsh Marshall Marshell Marston Martin Mason Massie Mathews Maxfield Maxwell Maynard Mayo McBride McCaffrey McCann McCarroll McCarskary McCleary McCloud McCorrison McCrillis McCundy McDaniels McDonald McDonough McDougall McFadden McFarland McFodden McGargory Mcintire McKay McKenney McKiever McKinley McKinstry McKusick McLaughlin McLean McLellan McMackin McNab McNeill McNult McPhee Mealey Mears Meeker Melaliah Melaugh Melcher Mellen Meloon Melyn Merchant Mercy Merrill Merriman Merrow Merry Mersy Meserve Metcalf Milbury Miles Miller Millett Milliken Millington Mills Milne Minard Mitchell Monk Monroe Moody Moore Morgan Morrial Morrill Morrison Morse Moses Mosher Moss Mott Moulton Mulherin Mundy Munroe Munson Murch Murphy Murray Murry Muttart Muxon Myrick

Nadeau Napier Nash Nason Nelsen Nelson Newbegin Newcomb Newell Newt Nickerson Noble Norton Norwood Nowell Noyes Nutter Nutting Nye

Ockington O'Connor O'Donnell O'Hara O'Leary Oliver Olsen Orince Orr Orser Oryor Osborn Osborne Osgood Otis Ouellette

Packard Page Paine Palmer Paquette Paradis Parker Parkman Parlee Parsons Partridge Patch Patrick Patten Patterson Patteshall Peabody Pearce Pease Peaslee Pelletier Pendexter Pepperell Perkins Perley Perry Persis Petherwick Pettingill Phelps Philbrick Philbrook Phillips Phinney Phippen Pickard Pickett Pierce Pike Pinkham Piper Pirie Pittman Plaisted Platt Plouffe Plummer Pollard Poller Pomeroy Pomroy Poore Porter Potter Pottle Pouchard Powell Pratle Pratt Pray Preble Prentice Prescott Preston Price Pride Prince Proctor Provoost Pryor Pugsley

Quinby Quint Quist

Rackley Rackliff Raddall Rambage Ramdall Ramsdell Rand Randall Randlet Rankin Rawson Read Redmond Reed Reid Reilly Renny Rice Richards Richardson Richer Ricker Rideout Ridgeway Ridley Riggs Ring Ripley Rivett Roach Roakes Robbins Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Roe Rogers Roix Rolfe Rome Rose Ross Round Rounds Roussean Rowe Rumery Rundlett Runlet Runlett Russell Ryder Ryley

Sabean Sabine Sampson Samuel Sanborn Sanders Sands Santierre Saunders Savage Savary Savory Sawyer Sayer Scales Scammon Scates Scott Seabury Seaman Seamans Sears Seavey Seiders Senter Shackley Sharp Shaw Shepard Sherburne Sherlock Sherman Sherrard Shewan Shorey Shory Shumway Shute Sibley Sicard Sieders Silla Silver Sim Simmons Simons Simonton Simonton Simpson Skillin Skilling Skillings Slocum Slow Slyfield Small Smalley Smally Smart Smith Snow Sparrow Spates Spaulding Spencer Spiller Sprague Spring Springer Stacey Standley Stanford Stanton Staples Starr Staton Stearns Stebbins Steele Steinman Stephens Stepp Sterling Stevens Steves Steward Stieviens Stillings Stimson Stinchfield Stone Stopp Storer Storey Storrer Story Stover Stowers Stowers Stranford Strout Stuart Stubbs Styleman Sutter Swain Swan Swett Symonds

Taber Tacy Taft Talbot Talcott Talpey Tarling Tarlton Taylor Terry Thayer Thibeault Thibedeau Thing Thomas Thompson Thorne Thorne Thornton Thurlow Thurston Tibbetts Tibbits Tierney Tinkham Tirrell Tobey Tobin Torrey Townsend Trafton Trask Trefethen Tricott Trim Tripp Trites Tucker Tudor Tupper Turner Turvell Tuttle Tyler

Underwood Varnam Vaughn Verrill Viall Vidito Viles Vincent Violet Violette Von Rummeelhoff Vonrummelhoff Vose Vosmus

Wadleigh Wadlin Wakefield Wales Walker Wall Wallace Wallingford Walton Ward Warde Wardwell Warner Washburn Waterhouse Waters Watson Weaver Webb Webber Webster Weed Weeks Welch Wellington Wells Welt Wentworth Wescott West Westbrook Westcott Weston Weuillen Weymouth Wheeler Wheelock Wheelwright Whipple Whitcomb White Whitehouse Whitlock Whitman Whitmore Whitney Whittemore Whitten Wibber Wickett Wigley Wilber Wilbur Wilcox Willard Willcockson Willey Williams Williamson Willis Willisten Wilson Wing Winn Winnans Winship Winslow Winter Wiswell Witham Witham Wood Woodard Woodbury Woodman Woods Woodward Wooster Worster Worthen Wright Wrisley Wylie Wyman Wynartz York Young Yule