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Selected Maine Laws Applying to Cemeteries
 The following are links to the Maine Revised Statutes data base in the Office of the Revisor of Statutes in the State House, Augusta, Maine.

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General Cemetery Laws

§ 1303. Ownership and operation

§ 1101. Maintenance and repairs - veterans
More veteran cemetery laws

§ 1305. Care and maintenance

§ 1306. Cemetery perpetual care fund

§ 1142. Family Burying Grounds

§3107. Abandoned cemeteries

  § 1347. Improper conditions; removal of bodies

§ 1348. Permanent care and improvement fund
§ 1371. Approval for repair, maintenance and removal

§ 1371-A  25-foot rule/construction near cemetery
§ 507-A. Interference with cemetery or burial ground

§ 507-B. Illegal possession or sale of gravestones

§ 508. Abuse of Corpse

Public Law 1737

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