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 Active Projects


The Maine Inscription Project (MIP) is THE primary project of MOCA.  This entails transcribing all old cemeteries in Maine.  MOCA is continuing to prepare its county cemetery listings for publication.  This has been an ongoing project since MOCA's beginning.  There are still many cemetery listings undone or incomplete.  Contact us as to format and data collection procedures.  Volunteers are urged to submit listings, updates and corrections for this project to:
M.O.C.A. Cemetery Inscription Project
POB 641
Augusta ME 04332-0641

Maine Cemetery Trampers’  Companion

          A perfect gift for anyone with an interest in cemeteries is Mark Cheetham’s new book, Maine Cemetery Trampers’ Companion. It contains a wide sampling of cemetery related information. Inside the covers of this informative book you will find a bit of general history of cemeteries, information about some names given to the wide variety of memorials, details about stone composition; how to tell one stone material from another; where in Maine a given type of stone might have been quarried; tips and tricks which can be utilized to read shallowly inscribed and weathered stones; and a graveyard dictionary which includes the meanings of some of the initials found on stones and markers. The section Symbols on Stone contains some of the meanings of the various items represented in gravestone art work. A sixty page timeline, with an emphasis on Maine, notes many historical events in order to provide a closer look at what was going on during the lifetimes of those gone before. This 94-page comb bound book is printed on 32 lb. paper.  $20.00 plus S&H $5.00   Check payable to MOCA and mailed to PO Box 641, Augusta, ME 04332-0641.  (All proceeds to MOCA.)



The Bicentennial Inscription Project (BIP) is a record of all Maine veterans of the Revolutionary War.   Originally completed in 1976 for the U.S. Bicentennial, BIP was done in microfiche format.  Those microfiche have worn out.  We had a paper copy printed from the microfiche.  Then Donna and Norm Conley have computerized this data between the Spring and Fall meetings in 2005!  Now you can own a CD digital copy of this project for $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  Check payable to MOCA and mailed to PO Box 641, Augusta, ME 04332-0641.

Marble Records

This 5-year project was introduced at our Fall Meeting 2005.  Thanks to Carolyn Ballantyne for the hours and sacrifices she's made to make bring this project to fruition.  Without her drive and dedication,  it would not be complete today.   Our thanks also to Cheryl Patten and all the others that helped research this project.

 Kennebec County CD

Kennebec County data is available in CD format. It has the inscriptions of 345 cemeteries and 135,000 names. It includes various search options by name or by town, and is easy to work with.  It is available from MOCA only on CD, at $99.50 including shipping, and may be purchased from:

Book Sales, MOCA,  P.O. Box 641Augusta, ME 04332-0641

York County Books - SOLD OUT 

A four volume set, The York County Cemetery Records, in Smyth Sewn hardcover containing 2,976 pages, a 107,277 every name index is sold out.  

Volunteers working on other county inscription projects are encouraged to submit their finished records at any time.  These will be held on file to aid in research or until published.