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1792 Old German ChurchBetween 1740 and 1753, some 150 families and individuals, mainly from the Rhineland area of Germany, emigrated to the New World and ultimately landed in Broad Bay, Massachusetts - now Waldoboro, Lincoln County, Maine. It is these people who inspired the development of this association.

The photo is of the Old German Lutheran Church in Waldoboro, built in 1772.  Click on the image to get a larger view.


The OLD BROAD BAY FAMILY HISTORY ASSOCIATION was started in the summer of 1992. We began as a small group of people who were interested in learning more about our ancestors and how they came to be in Broad Bay. The effort was introduced by W. W. "Will" Whitaker in his newsletter "Old Broad Bay - Bund und Blat" that he started in January of 1992. He was attempting to document this unique event - the settling of Broad Bay - roughly 250 years after the fact.  To obtain back copies, contact the newsletter editor  listed below.  An index of back copies is being put together and will be posted on this site when complete

The first project of our group was to start a registry, the Broad Bay Family Registry, through which people could contact others interested in Waldoboro's history and early families. Its second project was to organize some family history activities to take place in conjunction with the August 1, 1993, annual Sunday afternoon service at the historic Old German Meeting House Church in Waldoboro, Maine, where many of our ancestors worshipped.  We continue to meet each year over the first weekend in August to exchange genealogical information, learn about local history, and plan work in the communities of the Broad Bay area that will perpetuate the memory of those Individuals who came to this place and prospered or perished.

We welcome all those who are interested in learning more about this group to write us and we will gladly try to answer any questions you might have.


Picture of front cover with boat

The annual meeting took place on Saturday, August 1st, 2015, at the Knox-Lincoln County Extension, 377 Manktown Road, Waldoboro ME.    The featured speaker was Ms. Patricia Hubert, who spoke about her recently published book, Major Philip M. Ulmer - A Hero of the American Revolution.  

Many of the men from Broad Bay served under Major Ulmer, so this book provides insight into what was happening to many of our ancestersduring this time.

It is available from at:

The Revolutionary War is filled with stories of bravery, but many of its heroes have remained unknown. Major Philip Ulmer, captain of the gunboat Spitfire, is one of those heroes. He first enlisted as a sergeant in the Massachusetts militia in 1775 and rose through the ranks through his exemplary leadership, courage and devotion to duty. He was involved in almost every major event in the North, including the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Siege of Boston, the Battle of Lake Champlain, the Penobscot Expedition and the battles at Trenton, Princeton and Saratoga. He served under the command of many well-known generals, including Washington, Lafayette, Arnold, Gates and Knox. After the war, Ulmer forged a business partnership with Knox in Lincolnville, Maine, and was an original founder of that town. He answered the call of duty again during the War of 1812 as an intelligence officer with the local militia defending Penobscot Bay. Discover this remarkable history of a long-overshadowed American hero.

The 2016 Annual Meeting will take place on the first Saturday of August.  Details will be availble in the spring.

Old German Church service

The annual service at the Old German Church takes place on the first Sunday in August, usually at 3 PM.   Check details at:


Annual membership runs from July 1st to June 30th.  Dues for individuals/families receiving the newsletter via e-mail are $10/15 per year. Dues for those requiring a hard copy newsletter are $15/20 per year. Checks should be made out to OBBFHA and mailed, along with the Membership form, to Old Broad Bay Family History Association, c/o Deirdre Putnam, 17 Bush Hill Road, Ipswich, MA 01938

Our newsletter "Old Broad Bay Family History Association Newsletter" is published quarterly.  We now have the following documents for the three sets of our newsletters.

Every name index to volumes 1-8 (new series) 2004-2011 OBBFHA Newsletter

Articles in the Old Broad Bay Family History Association Newsletter, 2000-2003

Articles in Old Broad Bay Bund und Blatt, 1992-1997

Paper back issues of newsletter now available.

New!  We are starting to put some older issues on-line.  Click here.



2014 JASPER J. STAHL MEMORIAL AWARD ANNOUNCED ( No award was made in 2015 )

The board of directors voted to award our annual Jasper J. Stahl Award to none other than Mr. Stahl himself! In the first volume of Mr. Stahl's History of Old Broad Bay and Waldoborough (page 333) the author described the location of the Second Lutheran Church of Old Broad Bay, now known as Meetinghouse Cove.  He lamented that the site, which was later abandoned for another site across the river, was now overgrown and all but two of the cemetery headstones were laid low by frost or vandals.  He expressed the hope that "Some day, perhaps, an awakened civic conscience may restore these buried slabs to their erstwhile dignity of marking the graves of our founding fathers."

Ruth Riopell, our Vice President, and her sister and fellow board member, June Hussiere, took up Stahl's challenge.  Our entire board worked to clean up the site and remove the brush and trees.  Ruth and June had a sign made marking the site of the church and cemetery. We had hoped to bring in ground penetrating radar to see if we could locate some of the lost graves. However, the cost is prohibitive at this time.  The location of this site is listed online, or can be found just off the road in the woods between the Medomak River and Dutch Neck Road, just before the intersection of Dutch Neck Road and Gross Neck Road.  I encourage everyone to visit the site!

Donations to the Jasper J. Stahl Fund will be gratefully accepted. Checks should be made out to the "Old Broad Bay Family History Association" with a note in the memo section designating it to the Stahl Fund. Donations can be mailed to the Treasurer, Deirdre Putnam, 17 Bush Hill Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938-1620.



By Fred Snell.  Follow this link to download a pdf copy of a map of the Old German Protestant Cemetery on Bremen Road.  This map was in the possession of Lucille Walker and she gave it to someone to get copies made for our membership, but it got lost over the years.  I happened  to photograph it at one of our meetings several years ago and now, with the help of Photoshop, have been able to merge and clean up the three photos into one document.  Please note that this map shows lot owners only and many other people may be buried on each lot.  For example lot 8 is listed as Ephram White.  On that lot is Ephram and his wife, Bertha, but also her parents, Gorham and Elizabeth (Creamer) Achorn.  This is a large file, please be patient while it loads.


This map, known as the Robinson Map, shows property lines that track with today's property lines as seen on Google Maps if you go to fairly high magnifaction.  These pdf map files will open in new windows.

    Listing of Owners
    Top of Map
    Details at bottom



by Maine Genealogical Society (1884- ); Maine. Probate Court (Lincoln County); Patterson, William D. (William Davis)
Published 1895

THE TOWN REGISTER: Waldoboro, Nobleboro and Jefferson, 1906
by Mitchell, H. E. (Harry Edward), 1877- comp; Daggett, F. E., joint comp; Sawyer, George A. joint comp; Lawton, P. I., joint comp


These materials were picked up from the Waldoboro Historical Society on 28 July 2010.

If anyone knows who created some of this or where it came from, they can e-mail Helen Shaw at Helen writes “In posting it to the website, I hope someone will recognize the material and/or the notebooks holding the material.”

OBITUARIES [13 notebooks total] Nine large white notebooks of obituaries apparently all from The Portland Press Herald covering 1997 - 1998 for the most part. The obituaries are one per page and have surnames noted in the upper right corner. Each page is in a plastic sleeve. Two large white notebooks of obituaries which appear to cover 2000-2004 and also be from The Portland Press Herald. Two (non-archival) scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. Dated (1997 for the most part), but rarely attributed to a particular newspaper. [one maroon with gold trim; one navy with gold trim] QUERIES [3 notebooks, plus part of another; one navy; two dark blue] Clippings from The Portland Press Herald dating in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

VITAL RECORDS [two sky blue notebooks] Transcribed vital records from the town clerks’ reports: alphabetical by first letter of the surname Waldoboro, 1888-1944 Bristol, 1907-1916 Nobleboro, 1914-1947

GROSS - HATCH FAMILY [four notebooks; two sky blue; one blue with a butterfly on the cover; one white with a family chart on the cover] Appears to be a project Randy was compiling with details on individuals on separate forms. Also one black notebook full of blank forms

OLD BROAD BAY FAMILY HISTORY PROJECT [two notebooks; one red & one brown] Pedigree sheets for members’ Waldoboro lines

OLD BROAD BAY FAMILY HISTORY ASSOCIATION [one thin black notebook with "The First" on the cover] photocopies of checks & other financial records

DER AHNENFORSCHER [one green notebook] The newsletter of a German genealogy group, 2003-2005

ULMER FAMILY [one black notebook with gold trim] Ulmer family data collected by Richard Castner and material on the family sent to him by Eleanor Sargent Beverage.

CORRESPONDENCE [one thin, medium blue, notebook] Randy’s correspondence about local genealogy

MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL [one maroon scrapbook with gold trim] Includes queries & newspaper clippings on cemeteries & local history

JASPER STAHL [one orange, soft cover notebook] Thin notebook which appears to be photocopies of Stahl’s handwritten notes on the history of the German Protestant Society which became chapter XVI of his book. Also one broken notebook that had a variety of material in it. I took it apart & put things in the notebooks that had similar material. Also several large blank 9-generation pedigree forms (circular style). Material picked up from the Waldoboro Historical Society in October 2010   OBBFHA reunion files, 1993-2005 Miscellaneous treasurer files & correspondence with members (mostly early 2000s) Old Broad Bay family history project: Family history & pedigree sheets for members’ Waldoboro line blank forms Back issues of the newsletter (complete & partial)



On September 28, 2011, a new law regulating access to vital records takes effect in Maine. Original vital records in Maine may be accessed through three venues:

1. Vital Records Unit of the Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics (ODRVS)
2. Maine State Archives
3. Municipal offices [also: Lincoln County retains its early marriage records at the courthouse.]   

To download the article, go to:


Note: To reduce spam, I have replaced the @ by (at) in the email addresses

President - David Putnam
17 Bush Hill Road, Ipswich, MA 01938
DPutnam925(at) 978-356-2525

Vice President - Ruth Riopell
11 Marlboro Ave. Augusta, ME 04330
ruth.riopell(at) 207-213-4015

Treasurer - Deirdre Putnam
17 Bush Hill Road, Ipswich, MA 01938
dhurleyputnam(at) 978-356-2525

Newsletter Editor - Pat Kriso

Director - Dale Gunn
94 Washington St. Hudson, MA 01749
dcgunn(at) 978-562-8531

Director - Jean Lawrence
P.O. Box 364
Waldoboro, ME 04572

Director - Barbara Rogers
157 Scotland Rd
Newbury, MA 01951
barb157(at) 978-462-4234

Web Master - Fred Snell
7 Mercury Circle, Andover, MA 01810-2410
FredSnell(at) 978-686-3647


The following are the names of the early German settlers who settled Old Broad Bay, Waldoboro, Maine.  We hope to eventually provide links to people researching these families.  To have your name added to this list, please send e-mail to Fred Snell.

Air, Antoni (Anton), Bauzer, Beckler, Benner, Birchenbeul, Bornemann, Bornhelmet, Brotmann (Broadman), Burkhardt (Burkett), Carlow/Carlo, Castner (Kastner), David, Deis (Dice), Demuth, Dickendorff (Duckendorff, Dockendorff), Dochtermann (Tochtermann), Duerfiinger (Doertier), Dohlheim (Dolheim), Edell, Eichorn (Achorn), Eisele (Eisley, Isley), Ekele (Eugley), Feller (Feyler), Feilhauer, Genthner, Getsinger, Gross, Hamburg (Haburg), Hahn, Handel, Haupt (Hopp), Haus, Heibner / Huebner (Heavener), Heidenheim, Heller (Heyler, Hyler), Hein, Heisler, Heyer, Hilt, Hoch, Hoffses, Hoizapfel, Horn, Icholar, Jung, Keizer (Keiser, Kizer), Kuntzel Kinzel), Klein (Cline), Klaus (Claus), Koehler (Kaler), Kammerer (Comery), Kraus, Kramer (Creamer), Kroehn, Kroller, Kubler, Kuhn (Cone), Labe, Lachenauer (Lagenauer), Lang (Long), Losch (Lash), Lauer (Lawry, Lowry), Lehr, Leissner, Lebenzoeller (Levensaler), Leicht (Light), Ludwig, Martin, Matchloffe, Mellen, Menck (Mink, Mank), Muller (Miller), Neuhaus (Newhouse), Neubert (Newbert),

Orph (Orff), Oberlach (Overlock), Pracht (Prock), Reisser (Razor), Ried (Reed, Reid), Rehfuss (Refuse), Reisaus, Reitter, Roemele (Remily), Roth (Rode, Rhodes), Rottner (Rotner, Rodner), Rinner, Rominger, Sargers (Sargus), Schaffer, Schenck, Schmidt (Smith), Schneider (Snyder, Snider), Schonemann, Schumacher (Shoemaker), Schurtz, Schwartz (Black), Schweier, Siechrist (Sechrist), Seiders (Sider), Schumann (Shuman), Seythlinger (Sidelinger), Seitensberger (Sidensparker), Seitz (Sides), Seller (Slier), Schmaus (Smouse), Schaudeal (Snowdeal), Soelle (Cilley), Stahl (Stall, Stole), Stein, Stilke (Stilkey), Stoerer (Storer), Steudle (Studley), Suchfort (Sukeforth), Toziner, Treupel (Drible), Uhlmann, Ulmer, Umbehend (Umberhine), Vogler (Fogler), Wegner (Wagner), Walch (Walck), Wallizer (Wallis, Wallace), Walder (Walter), Waltz (Woltz), Weber (Weaver), Weller (Willard), Wellman, Welt, Weyl, Werner (Warner), Winchenbach (Wincapaw, Wink), Wohlfahrt, Wolsgrover, Ziegler (Zickler, Zugler, Sucheler), Zuberbuhler.

Other Non-German Waldoboro Surnames:  Brookings, Bullen, Cleaves, Delano, Dow, Flanders, Hatch, Huse, Kennedy, Oliver, Page, Pitcher, Schott, Simmons, Somes

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