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The Forks and West Forks Civil War Soldiers
(This listing may be incomplete. Research is ongoing. Please send us corrections or new information.)
ID First Name Last Name MI Town Enlisted Entry Rank Age Comapny KIA Death Date NOTES
79 BROOKS Leander B. West Forks 11/13/63 Private 21 Company F, 29th Infantry No
Disability discharge
82 BUMPUS Alson B The Forks 8/25/62 Private 31 Company A, 19th Infantry No

The Forks 1/2/64 Private 35 Company M, 2nd Cavalry No

83 DURGIN William H. The Forks 12/11/63 Farrier 35 Company F, 2nd Cavalry No

72 DURGIN Joseph P. The Forks 6/4/61 Private 36 Company F, 3rd Infantry No
Wounded at Gettysburg, PA
73 DURGIN John H. The Forks 6/4/61 Private 26 Company F, 3rd Infantry No
Wounded at Chancellorsville, VA
70 DURGIN Jeremiah
The Forks 10/13/62 Private 28 Company H, 24th Infantry No
Disability discharge
75 GARVIN Patrick
The Forks 9/7/61 Private 22 Company E, 8th Infantry No

74 LOVE Robert
The Forks 4/4/64 Private 40 Company G, 31st Infantry No
Wounded at Petersburg, VA
76 PAINE George
The Forks 9/7/61 Private 18 Company E, 8th Infantry No

71 SHEPHERD William A The Forks 10/13/62 Private 20 Company H, 24th Infantry No

78 WILLIAMS Daniel H. The Forks 12/14/63 Private 22 Company E, 8th Infantry No

The Forks 11/28/61 Private 21 Company B, 13th Infantry No
66 YOUNG Orlando
The Forks 12/11/63 Wagoner 26 2nd Maine Cavalry Yes 8/15/64 Died at Barrancas, FL.
77 YOUNG Henry
The Forks 9/7/61 Private 25 Company E, 8th Infantry Yes 6/16/62

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