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It was said that "sagawinia" came from Orono, Maine, was b. between 1890-1915.  Could he have come from a Native American town near there?  My blood grandfather died in 1953, Gloucester, Massachusetts.  There was no info at all about him or his family when he was buried.  There are many rumors about him that I did not put on my website - that he was Italian or Portuguese or Native American.  I do not care what race-I just want to know.  There is only one picture I have of him on my website.  I have researched City, State, Federal, Mormon, DMV, SS - all to no avail.  Would love to hear from anyone that might have information on my blood grandfather.  Please see my website:  LeRoysagawinia.  


PO Box 717, Burley WA  98322

[30 Dec 2003]


Looking for the birth info and parents (and siblings) of Samuel WILSON who was b. in Maine ca. 1794.  He was in the military and was part of a garrison sent from Maine in 1817-18 to Fort Gratiot, St. Clair County, Michigan.  He remained in Michigan, married, had family and died there. 

Clair Lucas McDonald

[19 Dec 2003]


Looking for info regarding my grandparents' divorce.  My maternal grandmother was Dorcas Margaret PERKINS.  She was the daughter of Orlando and Annie May (GOWER) PERKINS.  Dorcas PERKINS married James Alan POOLE on 22 Dec 1921.  At that time, they lived in the Woodland/Calais area.  They had five children, one who died at age one.  Some time in the early 1930s, Dorcas and James POOLE separated.  I cannot find a record of the divorce.  My grandmother moved to Baltimore, Maryland, for a while, and then to Connecticut.  My grandmother later re-married.  Her second husband was John Walter CYR, who came from northern Maine.  I have not found a record of their marriage.  John Walter CYR was the son of Herbert CYR.  James POOLE had several siblings:  Guy, Donald, Dorothy and Owen.  Any info on their families would be appreciated also. 

Patsy Husson

[15 Dec 2003]


While the Lincoln Chronicle was being published (1905-1915), it periodically carried historical articles based on interviews with some of the older citizens of the area.  Does anyone know where I could locate paper or microfilm records of this newspaper.  I have seen references to two particular articles that I am interested in:  one on William McKENNEY of Carroll (my great-great-grandfather) and one on Samuel B. LANCASTER of Chester, West Enfield and Lincoln. 

Leigh Cowing

[06 Dec 2003]


Please, any info at all about granparents Alexander WARD, d. ca. 1915-16, buried in Dexter, Maine; married Cora McKENNEY 1904.  Also, info as to the location of his grave in Dexter and also his daughter Ella (d. 15-17 years old) also buried in the same location in Dexter.  Any info for Cora McKENNEY also welcome.  Alexander's town is listed on the 1904 marriage certificate as Corinth.  We know he had at least some relatives in the surrounding areas of Newport, Skowhegan, Palmyra, etc., perhaps Bangor, at least into the 1940s-50s.  We believe he had a brother John.  Alexander and Cora's children are:  Walter, Ella, Frank, Wilbur and possibly Norman - all deceased.  If you are a WARD or have elderly WARD relatives still living, please ask them if they remember any of these names. 

Keith Ward

[01 Dec 2003]


Searching for Cephas Perley MOORE located in Hermon, Maine, in 1850.  He would have been 15.  Also looking for any info connecting Cephas with his father, Henry C. MOORE.  Henry was married to Lydia HAYDEN abt. 1830 and they had 3 children.  Cephas Perley, Henry A. and Sylvena J. (aka Jenny).  Lydia and children were listed on the 1850 Census with Lydia's brother, James HAYDEN, his wife Julia and children: Julia, Henry, Betsey, John, Ira, and Mary L.  Cephas moved to California in 1858 and then Lydia and Sylvena moved out to California as well in or around 1862.  Henry MOORE and his parents are who I really need more info on. 

Sharon Biewer

[23 Nov 2003]


Looking for information on Richard PAGE b. 5 Apr 1802 in Orono, Maine;  m. Mary MOREY 1 Jan 1821.  She was b. 13 May 1802 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  Daughter Sarah PAGE b. 28 Aug 1821 in Kirkland, Maine; m. Abner MILLETT on 17 Apr 1843 in Corinth, Maine.  Any info on Richard PAGE and who his parents were would be greatly appreciated. 

Judy Ferren Clark

[18 Nov 2003]


Looking for information regarding parents of William DAY.  I am the daughter of Arthur H DAY, son of Arthur Lewis DAY, son of George Franklin DAY, son of William F. DAY.  Arthur was from Old Town/Bangor.  George and William were from Eddington/Clifton/Bradley area.  Family oral tradition says some early ancestor was from Ireland and the name may have been spelled O'Day??  Any info would be very much appreciated. 

Pam Mushero

[17 Nov 2003]


Seeking info on any of the ROBERTS families that lived in the village of Mattimiscontis, across the river from South Lincoln, Maine.  Great-great-grandfather, Jonathan ROBERTS was an early settler there.  He married twice, second wife was Florilla SPENCER.  Probably buried in a small and disappearing cemetery in the Mattimiscontis area.  Great-grandfather Jonathan Jr. married Helen CURTIS and lived there with several brothers on adjoining lots.  He eventually moved to South Lincoln and is buried in the South Lincoln graveyard. 

Bob & Joan Egan

[17 Nov 2003]


My 3rd-great-grandfather was Abner Tibbetts, supposedly the first person buried in the Tibbetts Cemetery in Exeter, Maine.  I have not been able to find any records for the Tibbetts Cemetery, either on-line or in written form available to be copied. 

Cathy Mathis

[16 Nov 2003]


Looking for descendants, information or those connected or interested in these families in the Levant area beginning n the early 1800's through the Civil War and beyond.  Five children of Michael and Mary STEVENS BROWN married five children of William and Mary BANKS BEEDE.  Jacob BROWN and Rhoda BEEDE BROWN are my 4th great grandparents.  Others who are connected to these families by marriage to the other siblings are Elijah PUMROY, Almira SPENCER and William CASEY. 

Marc Brown

[13 Nov 2003]


Seeking info on St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Old Town, Maine, as I am looking for baptismal records of my great-grandmother, Clara Louise LePAGE.  Clara was b. 28 Aug 1871 in Milford.  From elders in the family I hear that she was an only child, her parents said to have been ? LePAGE and Marie-Aulienne ST LOUIS, but I have no documentation of this.  Clara d. 1958 in Lawrence, Essex Co., Masschusetts.  Any and all help would be appreciated. 


[26 Oct 2003]


Searching for info on Joseph S. MARTIN, b. possibly Vermont ca. 1811, and his wife, Fannie HINMAN.  They lived in Eddington and Kenduskeag, Maine.  They had several children, 3 of which were:  George Banford, Ann Hester and Ella Fannie.  Ella was b. 19 May 1859 in Kenduskeag and d. 1935 in Newbury, Vermont.  Both of these sisters were married to Levi WHITMAN in Newbury, Vermont. 


[20 Oct 2003]


Looking for info on Paul F. BABBIDGE, b. at Milford, Maine, 17 Jan 1858, d. at Keene, New Hampshire, 23 Apr 1938.  Paul's father was John BABBIDGE, b. at Milford in 1823; m. Angeline JELLISON from Argyle, Maine.  Paul had a brother, John A. BABBIDGE.  I am trying to find more on the ancestry of this BABBIDGE family.  I am a BABBIDGE descendant, but do not know if this BABBIDGE is part of my line; I am related to the BABBIDGES that settled the Fox Islands.

Christine Nordstrom

[02 Oct 2003]


Looking for info about Owen BRIGGS who appeared on the 1830 Census in Blakesburg (now Bradford), Maine.  Did he move west?  The reason I ask is my 4th-great-grandfather, Orrin BRIGGS, appears on the 1840 Census in Boone County, Illinois.  He was b. ca. 1797 in either Massachusetts or Maine. 


[01 Oct 2003]


Searching for info on Denis (Dennis), Julia and Madeline from East Millinocket, Maine; originally from New Brunswick.  Have birthdate of Dennis (1876) and Julia and have found Julia's date of death on the Maine Vital records list.  Cannot find anything on daughter Madeline.  Have been told that Madeline was an organist for the church - I assume Roman Catholic.  Would like any and all info anyone is willing to share or where I might be directed to find same.  Denis was known as "Dinny" by family members remaining in New Brunswick.  He also had a brother, Ambrose, that has completely eluded my search.  It is possible that he too was in East Millinocket for a period of time. 

P. Tozer

[27 Sep 2003]


I am looking for the parents of James Frederick LITTLEFIELD, husband of Charlotte A. PARKER who d. in 1897 in Bangor. 

Davien Littlefield

[24 Sep 2003]


Seeking burial site of my great-great-grandfather, Nelson A. POWERS, Sr., d. 14 Apr 1905, Medway, Maine.  He m. Nancy M. FLETCHER who d. 27 Jul 1894 at Medwa where she was interred.  He is not there with her or with his second wife, Mary Jane DE GRAS, who is buried with her first husband.  Grandfather Nelson is a Civil War veteran and, having served with the 16th Maine Regiment (Infantry), is entitled to a U.S. Government grave marker.  I'm seeking his final resting place to provide that marker if needed. 

Bob Chandler

[19 Sep 2003]


Carrie GRAHAM m. Saunders WOLVERTON, 10 May 1922, in Maine.  We hear she d. in Connecticut, does anyone have any info on this or a death date of maybe ca. 1935? 

Pat Demers

[18 Sep 2003]


Looking for information about my grandmother, Julia McKINNEY or McKENNEY.  She was b. in Maine, possibly in the Carroll, Maine, area 1890-1894.  Her parents were Jefferson and Leona (MARKEY) McKINNEY or McKENNEY.  She d. in 1919 in Galeton, Pennsylvania. 

Dave Ellis

[17 Sep 2003]


Daniel SPELLMAN, b. Ireland, d. Bangor in Nov 1886 and wives: (1) Margaret BUCKLEY SPELMAN, b. Ireland, d. Bangor 1860-1861; and (2) Bridget KELLY, b. Ireland, d. probably Bangor after 1891 (she is on the Town Directory as widow of Daniel in 1892 and lived at 2 Willow Street, corner of Central.  These are my great-grandparents; they were Catholic, so I assume they are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.  In St. John's records, I have found births of the above's children and some marriage information under SPELMAN, SPLEAN, SPLAIN, SPLAWN, SPELLMAN AND SPILLANE.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Edwina Spellman D'Aiuto

[15 Sep 2003]


Looking for any info on the family of Christopher Columbus CROCKETT (birth/death dates unknown), m. 1st wife Rebecca (surname, dates unknown).  They had (a) Melissa and (b) Allison, who d. after 1900.  CROCKETT then m. 2nd wife Deborah THOMPSON and had children: (c) Dana who was a tinsmith around Dexter, Maine; moving to Dexter in 1884 and was known as a local musician and member of the Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs; d. after 1941: (d) Freeman, d. after 1900; (e) Preston Columbus (b. 29 Nov 1858 in Guilford, Maine, d. 30 Oct 1945 in Wayne, Nebraska; m. 3 Jul 1881 at Guilford to Laura Ann CROCKETT (b. 13 Feb 1860 in Parkman, Maine, d. 30 Sep 1948 in Wayne, Nebraska. 

Mari Madison

[13 Sep 2003]


Looking for info on Melissa BRAWN, b. Orono abt. 1840.  She had a daughter named Ida FROST (father was Granville or George) who married Charles McLAUGHLIN, 1893 in Old Town.  I think Ida was born out of wedlock, but unsure. 

Roxanne Sage

[11 Sep 2003]


Seeking info about George L. KELLEY, born near Bangor ca. 1917.  May have died in Belfast 1993.  George was married to Ida WEBBER, later divorced in 1947.  Seek info about him and his family. 

Theresa Webber

[08 Sep 2003]


Seeking info on Nathaniel GOULD.  He was b. 12 Apr 1813 in Springfield, Maine.  However, parents not listed on Town Office Records.  Nathaniel married Elizabeth HIGGINS on 3 May 1835 in Penobscot County.  Their children were Mercy, Benjamin, Lydia, Ira & Jacob.  My grandfather was Ira.  The only clue I have is from the 1850 Census of Springfield which shows that an 80 yr old man named Daniel GOULD lived with Nathaniel.  I am assuming this was possibly his father.  Any info would be appreciated. 

Sandra Olson

[05 Sep 2003]


Looking for info on John Frederick PRACHT (PROCK, PRAUGHT) and his wife, Susannah WAGNER, thought to be from Waldoboro, Maine.  He was a member of "The King's Rangers," a loyalist unit that fought for England during the Revolutionary War.  The unit was garrisoned at Fort George prior to relocating to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and later to Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, where they settled in 1783. 

Edward Kelley

[29 Aug 2003]


I am trying to find out information concerning our relative Thomas H. DONLIN (b. 23 Jul 1852 in Bangor, Maine).  I also would like to find out what his parents names are. 

Helen Connelley

[25 Aug 2003]


Seeking birth info on John HATCH, son of Lemuel HATCH & Eunice WOOD.  May have been born Daniel P. HATCH, 9 Jul 1859, in Penobscot County.  Had a younger brother named John Wood HATCH.  Any info on this family much appreciated. 

Lisa Burnham

[20 Aug 2003]


I am looking for info on my father's side of the family.  All I know is that Retire W. FREES and Clara J. CHAPMAN were both born in Maine.  Clara b.  Old Town (date and parents unknown).  Retire, only info is that he lived there and married Clara in Maine.  I think they had 2 children in Maine.  All together they had nine children. 


[18 Aug 2003]


Looking for information on the death and burial site of Isaac TEAGUE, who would have died around 1850.  His wife, Jane (ROLLINS) TEAGUE came to Wisconsin and is listed in the 1850 census.  They lived in Exeter in 1836 when their son Isaac married Sophronia WING. 

Marty Ringquist

[02 Aug 2003]


Seeking any info regarding Edward MENGES of Bangor, Maine, the Captain of the "City of Bangor." 

Diane Hamako

[30 Jul 2003]


Looking for information on the background of Sarah E. CRIPPS who married William Harrison SHEDD.  William was the son of Nathan SHEDD and Celinda Ann BLACK.  They were married 19 Sep 1871 and both lived in Mattawamkeag. 


[15 Jul 2003]


My great-grandfather was E. (Enoch) Howard CONANT, b. Orono, Maine.  His parents were Emeline (SLEEPER) and Enoch H. CONANT.  The 1850 Census for Orono lists a household of Emeline CONANT; Franklin CONANT, 8;  Enoch H. CONANT, 4; Elisha SLEEPER, 50; and Jane SLEEPER, 18.  Think that both Emeline SLEEPER and Enoch CONANT were from N.H., but worked and died in Orono, Maine.  Would like info about the SLEEPER and CONANT families. 

Sarah B. Bridges

[15 Jul 2003]


Seeking location and marriage date of my g-g Charles Wesley NICKERSON and Sarah E. KENNEDY, probably between 1860 and 1862.  Charles is in the 1860 census in Orrington and Sarah's family lived in Chebeague/Cumberland, Maine.  They are both listed in 1870 census for Falmouth Foreside, Maine.  Their children were: George, Jennie (MORSE), Charles, Isaac, Eleanor (WAYLAND), William, Walter, Frank and Lorenzo. 

Cal Nickerson

[14 Jul 2003]


Searching for Flora Frances JORDAN, b. 1852/1854 in Orono.  She m.  George A. YORK, son of Samuel M. & Frances YORK, on 23 Jan 1869 in Bangor.  Marriage record does not name parents.  A son was b. to them named Almond O. YORK on 16 Feb 1873 in Orono.  They moved to Massachusetts, then to Nebraska where George died; Flora then m. James Madison REED.  Her obituary doesn't name her parents.  The 1860 census is the only time she would be with them and they do not show up in Penobscot or Hancock counties.  In 1870 she was in Orono and married to YORK.  I have a letter in her pension record that says James L. TREADWELL knew her from the time she was a child and lived his whole life in Mariaville, Hancock Co., Maine; then in Amherst when he got older.  They have no record of her either!  This has been a 20 year search and I would welcome any help I can get on her...she was my great-grandmother. 

Janine Tanner

[13 Jul 2003]


Looking for info on William T. LUNT (b. ca. 1830 in Maine) and his wife, Ann M. (b. ca. 1836).  William is the father of Joseph Abraham LUNT (b. 1861 in Newport, Maine; d. 1923 in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine). 

T. J. Spaulding

[13 Jul 2003]


Looking for information regarding Charles Warren HOLMES, b. 11 Apr 1882, supposedly in Bangor.  His father was William HOLMES and his mother was Emma or Emily BADGER HOLMES (the maiden name is questionable).  I have been unsuccessful in trying to obtain an actual birth certificate for Charles so I cannot prove that he is who he said he was.  The info that I have for him is from a marriage certificate.  I have hit a brick wall and would appreciate any help. 

Tracey Berube

[12 Jul 2003]


I am looking for a published or microfilmed record of the Catholic Church that was in Bangor in 1850.  I am trying to find the marriage record and baptisms of the first three children of Larent OUELLETTE and Henriette RICHARD.  Their bans were posted on 25 May 1851 in Old Town.  As Old Town didn't have a church at that time the closest place would be Bangor.  Their children would be:  Larent Jr. b. Jan 1852; Henriette b. May1854; and Angelique b. ca. 1857.  Any help would be appreciated - if there is a record and a fee is required, please advise. 

Selma Grant

[12 Jul 2003]


Researching the family of William H. WARD, d. in Orono 1894.  His wife, Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON, d. in Orono.  Family:  (1) daughter, Henrietta, d. 1894; (2) son, William H. Jr., b. ca. 1846; (3) son, Frederick, b. ca. 1858; and (4) daughter, Lucy A., b. ca. 1849.  Looking for marriages and place buried.  Family found on 1850 census in Newburgh, on 1860 and 1880 censuses in Orono; family not found on 1840 census.  Any information is appreciated. 

Kathy Bucklin

[12 Jul 2003]


Looking for info on Albert William LUNT b. 24 Jun 1836, last seen on the 1860 census in Bangor, Maine.  Also info on Mildred FOSTER and her husband William HEISKELL (she d. 22 Apr 1917 in Bangor); they had a daugher Ethal (d. 17 Nov 1965 in Bangor) who married Henry WOOD.  Also info on George (d. 7 Jan 1965) and Hattie LUNT from Norridgewock, who had 3 daughters:  Genevive (LUNT) STYMAN b. ca. 1908; Persis (LUNT) DEVINE, b. ca. 1911; and Viona LUNT b. ca. 1909 (all b. in the Bangor area and at one point when young they lived with their grandmother Genie HOWES in Bangor. 


[11 Jul 2003]


Looking for information about our 2nd-great-grandfather, Adam GILLIS, and his wife, Margaret.  We learned they were postmasters in North Blue Hill, Maine, in the late 1800's. 

Carleton & Marilyn Gillis

[05 Jul 2003]


My 3rd-great-grandfather, William DUGGAN/DUGAN left Cork, Ireland, 1 Apr 1837 and arrived at Bangor, Maine, 20 May 1837 (according to his Declaration of Intent filed in Illinois in 1854).  He was in Illinois for the 1840 census.  His wife was Mary MURPHY (marriage date and location unknown).  I have not as yet found a passenger list, so don't know if she accompanied him or if they married in Bangor.  Was Bangor a "port of arrival" at that time, or was there another "port" that was most likely used?  Are records available.  I don't know how long he/they stayed in Bangor before showing up in Illinois 3 years after arrival in the U.S., were there any "directories" published for the 1837-1840 time frame?  What about a possible marriage record (they were Catholic)?  Any insights or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

Leona Bolton

[25 June 2003]


Looking for any info on McININCH/McNINCH families in the Bangor area.  I am presently working on a book of this family name which includes descendants from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine. 

Joan Nugent McNinch

[24 June 2003]


Seeking info as to the parentage of Maria LEONARD, who married Lewis POMROY 1806 in Hampden. 

Ruth Leathers

[18 Jun 2003]


Looking for the family of George SEWALL, b. 10 May 1818; sons George Frederick (b. 5 May 1842, living in Orono in 1904); Rinaldo and Stephan.  George F. was married to Louisa CALL, b. in Bradley on 27 Sep 1842.  They married in Penobscot County 25 Nov 1861.  At some point, she moved to Milford and lived on the Call Road.  Appreciate any info on any of these folks as they hide real well. 


[18 Jun 2003]


Looking for cemeteries that the TITCOMB, YOUNG and DEARBORN families would be buried in.  I know that at one point in time they all lived in Corinna, Maine, but am lead to believe that they may have moved to Exeter, Maine.  Any leads would be appreciated. 

Debbie Whitehouse

[18 Jun 2003]


Seeking info on Joseph PUMROY (b. 1770 in Hampden) who married Susanna BROWN in Hermon in 1799.  Both Joseph and Susanna probably died in Levant.  Their children:  Dilly, Elijah, Asa, Betsey (who married Ebenezer DOYEN in 1869 in Levant), ?olin, Gideon, Olive, Susannah H., Abigail, Joseph, and Lusanna(?). 

Dot Walker

[08 Jun 2003]


Seeking info regarding Aaron and Diadoma SCRIBNER and children.  They operated a half-way house in Patten in 1856 or 1865?  Several deaths by fire in either of those years took place - possibly both of them or some of the 11 children they had.  Looking to locate the burial place and more info on what a half-way house was. 

Marilyn Winter

[05 Jun 2003]


Looking for info on the family of David BRYANT Jr. and Mary HAMILTON of Enfield/Passadumkeag.  I am trying to make a connection with David BRYANT and his son William Cullen BRYANT (wife Angeline COOMBS).  David BRYANT and family moved to Minnesota after the Civil War. 

Susan Wojtowicz

[02 June 2003]


Seeking the parents of Amasa T. STEVENS (b. 15 Apr. 1814 or 1816 in Hudson; d. 15 Dec. 1856 in Glenburn).  1850 Kirkland (Hudson) census lists him, as well as Edwan (12), Emily (11), Rufus (7) and Caroline (6).  The Rufus listed in the census was b. 20 July 1841 and d. 12 June 1927 in Old Town.  These children were from a 1st marriage to Almira LANCASTER, b. Glenburn.  Amasa T. STEVENS' 2nd marriage was to Judith ROW[E] JONES (previously married to Rufus JONES) on 24 Sept. 1854.  She was b. 9 Feb. 1816 in Moscow, Maine; d. 14 Oct. 1900 in Bangor.  They had one child, Amasa Taylor STEVENS, b. 1 Jul. 1855 in Glenburn, d. 19 Oct 1898 in Bangor.  He married Elizabeth P. FOWLER, b. 6 Apr. 1857 in Cardville (Greenbush), d. 29 Mar. 1932 in Bangor.  This STEVENS family may be connected with the STEVENS that lived in the Exeter/Corinth area. 

Laura Gould

[02 Jun 2003]


Seeking info on any children of Kenneth P. HUDSON, married to Mabel TRUE in Bangor on 4 Jul. 1936.  Believe that there were 2 sons.  Any info would be appreciated. 

Corinne Schultz

[01 June 2003]


Looking for descendants of Blair Fielding and Lottie MacLEAN.  I have sons Donald, Frederick and Norman.  I believe there may have been a sister, Sandra J. SPEAKER or KNOWLES.  Frederick lived and is buried in Old Town; Norman at Middleboro.  I cannot seem to locate Donald or Sandra.  Would appreciate any help as I am trying to complete this line for their grandmother Annetta Currie DYKEMAN. 


[31 May 2003]


Looking for info on Edward WASHBURN (1786-1872) and Betsey FARNHAM (1797-1887) who married 5 Apr. 1814 in Sangerville.  Both are buried in Corinna Center Cemetery, Corinna.  They moved froom Guilford sometime between 1850-1870 to live near their youngest daughter, Achsay L. (WASHBURN) PHILBRICK, wife of Jacob PHILBRICK.  Edward & Betsey had abt. 11 children, but the only names I know are Ira, Mary, Jane N. and Achsay L.  I'm trying to find evidence that Edward is the son of Stephen WASHBURN (1736-1812) of New Gloucester. 

Amy Maceo Wooten

[29 May 2003]


Looking for record of my ggggrandfather, Thomas KNOWLEN who bought land on the Conduskeag river in 1800 and first son John was b. in Levant 1801; haven't found any birth records yet. 

Aubrey Knowlen

[28 May 2003]


Seeking info on Joseph HAMMOND (b. abt. 1810) and his wife Sophronia CLARK (b. abt. 1813).  IN 1860 census of Hermon, they list the family with children.  Am seeking obits or marriage or birth records.  They had a son Charles H. HAMMOND who was b. abt. 1835 in Maine, he married in Nebraska. 

Ken Deckard

[27 May 2003]


Researching the descendants of Ebenezer and Lydia HASEY.  He was b. 27 Feb. 1736 in Chelsea, Massachusetts.  I have indentified 5 children, all born in Chelsea:  Abigail (b. 1757); Ebenezer (b. 1758); Hannah (b. 1759); William (b. 1761) and John (b. 1763).  William moved to Bangor, m. Prudence WEBSTER, dau. of Andrew and Martha (CRANE) WEBSTER in Bangor in Nov. 1787.  I am descended through William and Prudence.  Trying to determine if other children moved to Bangor area as well.  Any clues would be welcome. 

Dale W. Mower

[27 May 2003]


Searching for the parents of Joseph OAKES, b. 28 Sept. 1815 in Hancock, d. 22 Jul. 1881 in Brewer.  He married Margaret H. HODGDON of Nobleborough.  Their children were George Harrison OAKES, Joseph Dudley OAKES, Sophia OAKES and Clara A. C. OAKES.  Atherton OAKES, b. 30 May 1765, d. 18 May 1842 in Brewer.  Atherton lived in or near Hancock in 1815 and sold his land to Joseph in 1842.  Atherton and his 2nd wife, Hannah BLAISDELL, are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Brewer, as are Joseph and his family.  I suspect that Atherton and Hannah are Joseph's parents but would like proof of relationship. 

Mary Mossman

[18 May 2003]


Seeking info about my grandparents, John Francis & Sarah E. (SHAIN/SHANE) CALL, and their ancestry.  John was b. 1863 in Vanceboro, killed by a train in Bangor in 1912.  Sarah was supposedly born in 1867 in Rollendam Station, NB.  Both are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Bangor. 


[13 May 2003]


Looking for info on Carlton Bernard CROSS, b. in Bangor on 11 Jul. 1850 or 1852.  I believe his father was Charles CROSS and mother unknown.  Any info would be appreciated. 

John O'Leary

[10 May 2003]


Seeking info on Hannah C. BROWN who married Charles H. PALMER about 1860.  She was b. in Brooklyn, NY; died 1902.  Charles was b. 13 Nov 1835; d. 1926.  Both are buried in Exeter Mills Cemetery, Penobscot Co., Maine.  Does anyone know her exact date of death as this would help in getting a death certificate.  Does anyone know anything about her parents, William and Sarah BROWN?  William BROWN was b. Massachusetts; his wife Sarah was b. New York.  William BROWN served in the Navy during War of 1812 but there appears to be no official record from the period.  His ship was captured and he was taken to England as a prisoner of war.  His wife was of "Knickerbocker lineage." 

Andrew Hendricks

[02 May 2003]


I am researching my grandfather, Adam TYSZKIEWICZ.  His sister, Jennie BORKOWSKI, and her  mother, Katherin TYSZKIEWICZ emigrated to Maine.  I have Jennie's Social Security application from 1937, she was living in Stillwater and working for the Moose River Slave Co. in Old Town.  I have found a Jennie T. BORKOWSKI (b. 1902; d. 1977) in Lawdale Cemetery, Old Town.  I belive her mother may also be buried there.  Any help would be appreciated. 

Jerry Patrell

[30 Apr 2003]


Researching Benjamin GILLPATRICK who married Lydia CROSS on 2 Mar 1810 in Orono.  Also interested in any GILLPATRICK or CROSS that might have lived in this area.  Benjamin and Lydia had the following children: Anna, Amanda, Jacob (b. 28 Sep 1817 in Bangor), Sarah, and Thomas (b. ca. 1822 in Ohio).  It appears that Benjamin and Lydia left Maine between 1820-1822 from the last 2 births.  Benjamin's father's name possibly Thomas GILLPATRICK and he left Maine about the time Benjamin did. 

Chris Landes

[26 Apr 2003]


Looking for the whereabouts of Clark's Mills, possibly near what was near or part of Conduskeag Stream Settlement or possibly near Black Stream, Penobscot County.  I am also looking for the name of the owner of Clark's Mills (any Clark and Lancaster in the area).  My ancestors were Ichabod CLARK who m. Mary LANCASTER in Bangor, 1796.  Ichabod may have had a sister named Thankful who m. Richard LANCASTER. 


[19 Apr 2003]


Searching for info related to my father's family.  His name was Howard Crosby RANKIN, b. 27 Jan. 1921 in Eddington, m. 9 Jan. 1941 to Irene BAMBER.  They had one dau., Donna RANKIN, b. 1942.  Howard had one brother, Harry RANKIN b. 15 Feb. 1916, and 3 sisters: Inez b. 15 Aug. 1918, Myra b. 13 July 1922, and Barbara. 


[19 Apr 2003]


Looking for info on Elias T. YOUNG m. Sarah CLEVELAND.  They had a son, Fred M. YOUNG, b. 7 Apr. 1863 in Exeter, d. 14 May 1949 or 21 Oct. 1946 in Dexter.  Fred m. Minnie Frances BUTTERS, b. 19 Jan. 1862/3 in Exeter, d. 21 Oct. 1946 in Dexter. 

Charles Young 

[19 Apr 2003]


I am seeking info about the family of Draper P. REED (b. 1802) and his wife, Betsy SMITH (b. abt. 1812); they married in 1833 and lived in Old Town and Milford through 1890.  Draper was the son of Benjamin and Mary REED of Orono, and Betsy SMITH was from the SMITH family of Orrington.  I am interested in learning about any Smiths living in Orrington in the early 1800s. 

Amy Cook 

[19 Apr 2003]


Looking for any info on Harriet Newell SMITH, her parents or any background.  She is living with Nahum WARREN in 1850 census for Bangor.  He, Nahum, is the one who marries Harriet and William C. JONES in May, 1851.  Harriet was born 10 Oct. 1832 in Maine (not sure if Bangor area or Kennebec County where Nahum WARREN was also to have been 1834 or around then.  William C. CLARK was child of Apollos JONES and Nancy Howard CLARK (dau of John Taylor CLARK and Mary TOURTELLOTTE). 

Phyllis O'Guin 

[19 Apr 2003]




Looking for info on family of Anne Marie HARTERY of Brewer, dau. of Bernard HARTERY and Annie ROACH.  Bernard HARTERY came from Miramichi, New Brunswick.  Annie ROACH is believed to have come directly from Ireland at age 14 with her parents. 

Ed Smith 

[05 Apr 2003]




Looking for anyone researching Benjamin SMITH/Elsie WOODMAN SMITH family of New Hampshire and Maine.  Son Isaac born 1800 in Belfast m. Harriet HUTCHIN(G)S, b. Bangor in 1801, dau. of John HUTCHIN(G)S and Lydia. 

Nancy Cunningham 

[05 Apr 2003]




Does anyone know of any info on a HILMERSHAUSEN in Penobscot County, unsure of the name or names of who they could be.  There was a book published by a Lydia Harmon in which a HILMERSHAUSEN was mentioned. 

Herman Hilmershausen

[03 Apr 2003]




Seeking info on the ancestry of Harriet Louise SINCLAIR, b. 31 Aug 1861 in Brewer, d. 14 Dec 1939 in Bangor.  She m. Charles Thompson DEARBORN on 6 Nov 1877 in Bangor.  He was b. 19 Sep 1852 in Bangor, d. 5 May 1945 in Bangor.  Both are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery  Harriet was dau. of Samuel SINCLAIR (b. 1823-26, d. 29 Nov 1886 in Exeter) and Delina/Dorinda J. STEVENS.  They m. 19 Sep 1853 in Brewer.  His Civil War pension file (and hers) have much info, but nothing on their ancestry.  They were divorced in 1869 and had 4 children:  Nellie, Charles, Frank & Harriet.  He then m. Amanda STEWART on 8 Apr 1877 in Exeter and had a son, John Abbott SINCLAIR.  I would be pleased to share info about these folks. 

Alan C. Wright 

[01 Apr 2003]




Seeking to share info on the ancestry and descendants of Arthur Henry BLACK (b. 25 Feb 1876 Dedham, d. 18 Jan 1945 Bangor) and Bertha E. TRASK (b. 6 Mar 1878 Woodhull NY, d. 22 Apr 1959 Bangor).  They m. 10 Jan 1899 and had one dau., Ruth Emma BLACK who m. Ralph Leonard BROWN. 

Alan C. Wright 

[01 Apr 2003]




Seeking to share info on the ancestry and descendants of Perley True BLACK (b. 24 Mar 1872 Dedham, d. 12 Dec 1942 Bangor) and Nellie A. ROBINSON (b. 15 Mar 1874 Bangor, d. 10 Aug 1946 Camden).  They m. 17 Nov 1896 and had 4 children:  Doris R., James A., Dorothy E. and Marjorie. 

Alan C. Wright 

[01 Apr 2003]



Seeking info on Athena B. Gray of Orrington in 1914-1919, when she attended the Eastern Maine Conference Seminary in Bucksport.  I don't who her parents were.  I believe she m. Jason R. TIBBETTS of Columbia Falls, on 17 Jan 1925, who was born possibly 22 Nov 1897, d. 7 Nov 1985 in Belfast.  I would love to hear from a direct descendant of Athena B. GRAY. 

Penny-Jo Ames 

[01 Apr 2003]




Seeking to share info on the ancestry and descendants of Charles Edward BLACK (b. 22 Jan 1871 Dedham, d. 29 Nov 1941 East Orange NJ) and Louise ELDRIDGE (b. 8 May 1874; d. 14 Jun 1940 East Orange NJ).  They wed 21 Jun 1897 and had one dau., Edith Louise BLACK, who m. Theodore PACKARD. 

Alan C. Wright 

[01 Apr 2003]




Need info abt. William BRADFORD m. to Isabelle BOODY.  Their son was Charles Warren BRADFORD, b. 9 Jun 1840 in Bangor, d. Jun 1895 in Waterville; he was m. to Ashsa FOSTER. 

Arleen Fairchild 

[01 Apr 2003]




Seeking info and ancestry of Jephtha CLARK, 1770-1775 in Maine, presumably in Bangor area.  The family moved to Washington County, Ohio, in 1817.  Known children are Anna (b. abt 1804) and Isaiah (b. abt. 1806).  There were at least 2 more sons and possibly 2 more daughters.  Jephtha may have also been listed as Zebster on the 1810 census in Hancock County. 

Sheila Jaynes Gurr 

[01 Apr 2003]




Searching for my great-grandparents.  David CLENDENIN who d. in 1882 and as far as I know in Chester.  His wife, Sarah A. STRATTON, was b. in 1809.  They had a son, Andrew, who served in the Civil War; in 1863 at age 16 he enlisted for 3 years, was wounded at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House and was discharged on 10 June 1865.  I cannot verify marriages, military service or anything concerning these people. 

Paul Wyman 

[01 Apr 2003]




Looking for info on my family name that I can't seem to find much about.  I would like to change my name back to what it should be, therefore looking for history on Albert Henry HARPER who d. Feb 1963. 

Dan Harper 

[01 Apr 2003]




Seeking info on MITCHELL family.  My ancestor, William Ross MITCHELL m. Rocinda FARRAR of Harmony.  They lived in Carmel.  The 1890 census for William reads that he was born in 1817 in Maine and that his parents were both also born in Maine.  One avenue I am trying to explore is the MITCHELL family(ies) of Norway and Patten. 


[01 Apr 2003]




Looking for info on Harry and/or Flora.  Harry, d. 6 Jan 1968, buried in Harts Cemetery in Holden.  Flora E. d. 21 Jan 1988, no other info known.  Also seeking info on Wolly's Cabins in the Bangor area, cabins owned and operated by Harry WOLLERSCHEID, prob. in 1940-70s. 

Jay Galvin 

[01 Apr 2003]




Seeking info on ancestry of the YORK family from Bangor, Charles Arthur YORK and Lunette (CATES) YORK, back in the 1800s-early 1900s.  The parents of C. Arthur YORK were John YORK Jr and Mary (MESERVE) YORK.  The parents of Lunette were Daniel and Sarah (CLARK) CATES.  Lunette was a school teacher in the elementary school on Cottage Street in Bangor, unsure of dates of this employment. 

Karen Quigley 

[01 Apr 2003]




Seeking info on ancestry of William LOVEJOY, b. 1793, m. Betsy PINKHAM (b. 1794 Industry Maine), lived in Lincoln in 1830 with large family.  LOVEJOY barn was to be the temporary animal pound during the year following incorporation of Lincoln in 1829.  This couple is on the 1850 census as living in Crystal Plantation, Aroostook Co.  They had son, William L., b. 1824, m. Irene Estelle DREW, who by 1860 were in the MN census, along with the Betsy LOVEJOY, widow.  Anyone have info on ancestry of Irene DREW?  There is an Irene DREW shown in 1850 census living with Liberty DREW in Patten, but not able to connect their relationship. 


[16 Mar 2003]




Seeking info on ancestry of Thankful PAGE, wife of Isaac PISHION.  Isaac PISHION family shows up on the 1810 census of Bangor.  Sarah PAGE is in that household, possibly mother of Thankful based on age enumeration?  Isaac PISHION would have been Abigail Hatch KNOWLEN's father-in-law.  Isaac probably died in or near Bangor prior to 1820 as he does not appear on that census.  Thankful PAGE PISHION moved to China where she m. a Reubin RANDAL in 1823.  They are found on the 1830 census in China and 1840 census in Augusta.  Thankful appears on the 1850 census in Augusta, listed as 67 years old, born then around 1783.  Isaac PISHION had defaulted on a land contract with Nehemiah Abbot PARKER of Winslow in 1800, possibly moving with his first wife, Ruth HALLET, and their 2 children to Bangor, where he then met Thankful PAGE around 1801 or 1802.  The question remains - which line of PAGEs does Thankful PAGE belong? 

Dan Walker 

[16 Mar 2003]




Seeking info and descendants of John Martin JOHNSTON, b. 11 Feb. 1953, d. 1 July 2000.  I believe his mother's name is Marie STERN.  Last known residing in Argyle. 

Janet Hill 

[17 Feb 2003]




Seeking anyone with information about the SHERMAN family that lived in Brewer in the 1900-1920s.  Have scrapbook of family photos, discovered in California that belonged to a son named Edward (died unmarried in 2000) with sisters named Dorothy and Mildred. Would like to reunite Edward's scrapbook with the family. 

Art Cohan 

[17 Feb 2003]




Seeking info on parents of Josiah WILEY, b. in Harmony on 12 Aug. 1838.  A Hannah WILLEY was living in James Neal household in 1850 & 1860 census. In 1870 census Hannah WILLEY was living with Josiah WILLEY, her son.  1850 census has Alfred Neal, Josiah Neal, but his surname was WILLEY.  James NEAL asked Cyrus W. COLE to take care of Hannah when he got sick (Cyrus and his wife lived with James and Hannah when James got sick).  Did Hannah m. a WILLEY and he died or was Hannah a WILLEY?  Hannah is buried in Abbot, d. 25 Dec. 1879 in Milo.  She is not buried with James (Alfred his son had him buried with his family - they are in the same cemetery).  Hannah is buried with Cyrus and his wife - in that lot there are WILLEY, NEAL, COLE, WORKS, DRAPER.  James NEAL was m. to Elizabeth PLUMMER - could Hannah be her sister.  Who is Hannah - a 30 year old question for me. 

Margaret Goode 

[17 Feb 2003] 




Seeking info on Josiah HENNEY (b. 1751 Brooksville Maine, d. 1836 Deer Island (Deer Isle?) Maine).  He m. Anne RIGBY (info unknown).  Also seeking info on their son Nathaniel HENNEY.  

Joan Netland 

[02 Feb 2003]




Seeking info on descendants of Franklin CLUKEY; b. Sep. 1856 in St. Joseph, Quebec, Canada, son of Augustus CLUKEY and Rose deLima GILBERT; d. 12 May 1919 Bangor; buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Dexter.  He m. 20 Apr. 1874 in Dexter, Elizabeth MOUNTAIN; b. Sep 1859, St. Joseph, Canada. Children: (1) Maud; (2) Adelia, m. Edward DYER; (3) Edward, m. Rosanna GOULETTE; (4) Delvina, m. Philip PROVOST; and (5) Simeon J., m. Evelyn Margaret KEENE.  

Dick Gettis 

[02 Feb 2003]




Seeking location and marriage date of my gggrandfather Charles Wesley NICKERSON and Sarah E. KENNEDY, prob. between 1860-1862.  Charles is in 1860 census in Orrington and Sarah's family lived in Chebeague/Cumberland Maine.  They are both listed in the 1870 census in Falmouth Foreside.  

Cal Nickerson 

[02 Feb 2003]




Seeking info and descendants of the LINDSEY families of Carroll Maine.  Would like to have map locating their homes and burial sites or any gleanings.  My ggrandfather James Wily LINDSEY m. Maude GATES, 1880.  

Barbara Barooshian 

[02 Feb 2003]




Seeking info on Dr. Isaac DAVIS and Sarah (SWETT) DAVIS, m. in Orrington.  He was b. in 1771 in New Hampshire.  She was b. 13 Jun. 1776 in Wellfleet, dau. of Benjamin and Mercy (ATWOOD) SWETT. Family moved to Charleston, where children were born. 10 children, one dau. named Eliza Ann b. 7 May 1818.  Abt. 1820 family moved to Bradford, where he was then a Methodist minister.  Isaac DAVIS d. 20 Feb. 1857 in Bradford.  

Ellen Rose 

 [23 Jan 2003]




James William COFFEY settled in Eddington where he was reported to be a prosperous farmer and raised his family.  He was b. abt. 1838 in Limmerick, Ireland.  Married 1857 in Bucksport to Margaret KNOX, b. Fredericton NB.  He d. 17 Feb. 1897, burial place unknown.  Death date and burial place for Margaret unknown.  A fire burned the farm house down after 1897.  They had 8 children.  Any info on this family would be appreciated.  Connected surnames are: O'HARA, CUNNINGHAM, THOMPSON, TOZIER, WILLIAMSON & DOHERTY. 

Barbara Coffey 

[23 Jan 2003]




Cornelius "Neil" DOHERTY settled in Milford.  He was b. 18 Apr. 1852 in Donegal, Ireland.  He emigrated and settled with his mother, Margaret McCLURE, sister Ellen, brothers Dominick and Daniel DOHERTY.  The spelling of their surname varies.  Neil m. Maria MacNAMARA, b. 1854 in co. Clare, Ireland, on 3 Jul. 1872 in St. Joseph's Church, Old Town.  She d. 23 Nov. 1911 in Milford.  He d. abt. 1914 (date and burial place unknown).  They had 10 children.  Any info on this family would be appreciated.  Connected surnames are:  DONOVAN, HAGGERTY, KERR, TAFLEY/LAFLEY & GREEN. 

Barbara Coffey 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on Annie Keene TUCKER, m. James Henry DAVIS in 1870; and info on their children.  James, b. 22 Sep. 1847 in Cherryfield, d. 11 Jun 1908 in Springfield.  Looking for info about Hemophilia B as James was affected and passed it on to their children. 

Dawn Bonney 

[23 Jan 2003]




William LANE b. 1580 in Dorchester, England, main interest is when the line came to Maine, starting with Ephraim LANE, b. 30 Sep. 1737, in Hingham, Mass, d. in Fayette, Maine.  Family then moved to Corinna, to Lee, then to Sherman Mills, with my ggrandfather Edwin LANE b. in Lee 8 Feb. 1885 and d. in Sherman Mills 6 May 1930.  Also seeking info on his first wife Laura J. DOW. 

Karen Lane Rush Faulkner 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on Johann Diederich RASCHE from Germany, family moved from New Jersey to Benedicta, Maine and changed name to RUSH. 

Karen Lane Rush Faulkner 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on James ROLLINS b. abt. 1610 in Cornwell, England and info on James AUSTIN b. abt. 1805 in Carmel, Maine. 

Karen Lane Rush Faulkner 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on Patrick FAULKNER, b. 1816 in Dublin, Ireland, and his travels to Weston, Maine. 

Karen Lane Rush Faulkner 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on parents of Capt. Sewell W. HOPKINS, Sr., b. 1814 in Hampden, d. 1892 in Hampden.  Mother's name possibly Sarah PIERCE. 

John Blackford 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on parents of Caroline CLARK, b. 1807, m. to Dennis SHERBURNE on 3 Nov. 1836 in Bangor.  Both listed as "of Bangor" at the time of their wedding, living in Bowerbank by 1843, later moving to Corinna, where she lived out her life.  He was b. in Atkinson. 

Kathryn Boughton 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info about Hollis COLE who m. Harriet CHAMBERLAIN 15 Apr. 1844 in Exeter, Maine. 


[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info (a) Winslow HALL, my gggrandfather, who was b. in Hermon on 17 Jan. 1827, later moved to Canada then to Vermont; (b) his father, Amos HALL, b. 3 May 1804 in Wilton, Franklin Co., Maine, m. to Lizzie (maiden name unknown); and (c) Amos' father Allen HALL. 

Mary (Hall) Duncan 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on Frank Doore(sp?) who m. Mrs. Emily/Emeline/Emma (PITCHER) BIRDSEY, divorcee, age 50s, of Dixon, Lee Co., Illinois, sometime around 1900.  They are believed to be living in Dexter in 1904. [Note: Maine State Archives Marriage Index shows a Frank W. DOVER of Dover m. Emma PITCHER of Dixon IL on 2 Aug. 1904]. 

Wendy Fjelstad 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on the Josiah and Mary (SPENCER) BROWN family and the Asa and Mary (WARREN) SPENCER family.  William T. BROWN was living with Asa and Mary SPENCER on Plantation #4 Penobscot County at the time the 1850 census was taken, he being 15 at the time.  The next time he is found is on the 1870 census in Livingston County, Illinois.  Mary SPENCER was living with William and his family at that time.  Looking for William's parents and for info on what happened to these families between 1850 and 1870. 

Rod Van Horn 

[23 Jan 2003]




Seeking info on the Edward QUINE family that resided in Hampden/Bangor area in 1880-early 1900s. 

Krista Heatley 

[23 Jan 2003]


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