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I'm looking for anyone related to Jeanne BLANCHETT (may have had a middle name of Charlene).  She was said to be French Canadian who married into ROBERTS family and had 3 children, one was a girl named Jackie.  One son became an architect in Florida.  Jeanne BLANCHETT had an affair with a man with the same last name as her husband, his name was Donis D. ROBERTS from the Penobscot county area and he was a black American Indian.  From that relationship Donna Jean ROBERTS was born in Surry, Maine, on 14 Oct 1949, she was my biological mother.  Trying to trace and piece together my family and beginnings.  Donna has passed away as well as her dad, Donis.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Michelle Emery
[Dec 2009]


I am looking for burial information for Joseph INMAN and his wife Amble.  Joseph is believed to have died in Orono between 1830-1840 and his wife Amble in Newburgh between 1840-1850 (this was narrowed down with census records).  Amble is believed to the daughter of Joseph PAGE.  Joseph INMAN Jr. is found on the census records there until the 1840 census.  I am looking for burial records.
Brenda Ozog
[Dec 2009]


I am looking for the parents of my g. g. grandfather, David Ring CLARK, b. 7 Oct 1820 (Penobscot, ME?).  He married Alice Ruth MITCHELL, b. 14 Nov 1820, Stetson, ME, the daughter of Joseph Atwood MITCHELL and Mary VEAZIE.  The married 3 Oct 1841 Penobscot, ME.  The 1850 census has them living in Hermon, Penobscot, ME with three children:  Sara Augusta, b. 1842; Frederick A., b. 1844; and David W. (my g. grandfather), b. 1848.  About 1855 they moved from Bangor to Illinois and then on to Tipton, Iowa, where David R. and David W. fought in the Civil War and are members of the G.A.R.  They are buried with their families in Tiption, Iowa.

Thank you in advance for any information someone may have.  I have hit the proverbial "brick wall" on David R. CLARK.
Diane Moore
[Oct 2009]


I'm searching for the family of Sewell William KEEZER.  My great great grandfather Sewell William KEEZER was born in Penobscot county, Maine.  No date when he was born but he passed away on 12 Apr 1909.  The only information I have is that his son, Henry Harry KEEZER (great grandfather) moved to Minnesota.  Henry passed away on 20 Aug 1928, one day after my dad was born.  Not sure if the name was KEZAR and got switched to KEEZER some where down the line.  Not sure of the other brothers' names, one might be Frank.
Harriet Keezer-Thompson
[Oct 2009]


I am looking for any information on Joseph AMES, who lived in Blakesburg / Bradford in 1820-1830 and had several children:
A Joseph AMES was constable and assessor there (Bradford) in 1823, and James KENNISTON was school agent for the south ward that year.  Joseph AMES' children listed at Bradford are: Sophia, b. 27 Nov 1817; John Forbes AMES, b. 10 Mar 1820; James Kenniston AMES, b. 2 Feb 1822; and Lida Wilson AMES, b. 22 Dec 1823).
James K. AMES is my g-g-grandfather, and married Louisa L. McPHETERS (dau. of Warren McPHETERS and Mary COAM) in 1865 in Lowell.

I have a reasonably good handle on Louisa's background but have hit a brick wall on Joseph.  The 1830 census seems to imply that he was between 50 and 60 yr at that time, and other family "data" suggests that Joseph was born in New Hampshire.

Any help much appreciated!
David A. Drabold
Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy,
Ohio University, Athens OH  45701
[Oct 2009]


I am searching for any information on Rachel EVANS.  Family history has her born in Old Town, Maine.  US census records show her born in Maine, with parents (names unknown) born in Wales.  Her tombstone (in Fillmore, Washington county, Ohio) shows her year of birth as 1830.  1850 US census would place her birth in 1828.  1870 and 1880 census would put her about 1830, and the 1900 census states April 1830.  Married George Jacob NIST ca 1847 in probably Alleghany county, Pennsylvania or Washington county, Ohio.  Had 14 children:  Antoine, Andrew, George A., Helen, John, Jacob (my ggf), Sarah, Anna, Lewis, George W., Emma J. and Charles W.  Rachel died in Washington county, Ohio, 14 Jul 1908.  Any information on her parents, siblings, ancestry, or family history would be greatly appreciated.
Wayne Ward
[Aug 2009]


I'm researching family history and came across some information about a very distant relative that supposedly was born in Indian(?), Penobscot, Maine in 1800.

This person was Carter HARRIS, son of Jeremiah and Lydia HARRIS who left Virginia possibly as part of the underground railroad.  The family later left and moved to Ohio; however, Carter apparently was born in Maine.

So, on a whim, I'm just curious if you might have any resources that could confirm this and possibly provide any other information on this family.

Thank you in advance and I hope to hear something back either way.
Best regards,
M. Hammond
[Jun 2009]


I am looking for the children of John TUCKER b. 8 Feb 1761 and Phebe HEARD, in particular a Joel TUCKER, b. 8 Nov 1796 in Dexter, Penobscot co., Maine.  I need confirmation that he was the child of John and Phebe.

Thank you!
Gail Blaske
[Jun 2009]


I am working on the TUCKER side of my family and I have a record of marriage for Charles F. TUCKER & Myrtle Keezer DYER.  Their intentions were filed in Brook, Maine, on 15 Aug 1918.  They listed parents as Charles TUCKER of Dover, Maine, and Annie McLAUGHLIN (deceased, birthplace of Winn, Maine).  I can't seem to make any headway on either Charles or Annie.  Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,
Bob Bonney
[Jun 2009]


I would like to find Hannah WILLEY's birth or marriage records so I can find her parents.  In the 1870 census Josiah, her son, said she was from New Hampshire.

This is the additional information I have found:  Josiah WILLEY, b. 1834, in Harmony, Maine.  Possibly his mother Hannah lived with James NEAL in Harmony, Maine.  In the 1850 census James NEAL, Hannah WILLEY, children Albert NEAL and Josiah NEAL.  On Josiah WILLEY's war record he used WILLEY not NEAL.  When James NEAL died, in his will he asked Cyrus COLE to take care of Hannah.  He left everything to his son Albert NEAL.  In the 1870 census, Hannah WILLEY lived with Josiah WILLEY and called her mother.

Thank you,
Elaine Goode
[Jun 2009]


I am interested in learning more about the early history of Greenbush, formerly Township #2, Old Indian Purchase.  I am interested in learning when this purchase was made, who were the parties involved, and the early settlers.

I descend from Benjamin STANLEY.  Benjamin is said to have moved to Twp. #2, OIP before 1818.  He was the first person listed in both 1820 & 1830 Federal Censuses.  In 1820 there were 4 families:  Benjamin "Stanty", Herriman PRATT (who married Benjamin's daughter, Louisa), Solomon LITTLEFIELD & Elijah SPENCER (who married Benjamin's daughter, Elizabeth).

I am interested in learning more about Benjamin STANLEY.  According to the 1880 census record of his daughter, Ruth, both of her parents were said to have been born in Massachusetts.

Raymond T. Wing
Genealogist, Wing Family of America, Inc.
[Apr 2009]


Margaret DWELLEY, b. 1832 in Hermon, Maine; the daughter of William DWELLEY (1795-1856, Veazie, Maine) and Clarissa SNOW (d. 1889 in Veazie, Maine).  I would like as much information on this family as I can receive.

Thank you!
Elaine Goode
[Apr 2009]


I need help with Sarah Jane DAVIS, b. 7 Nov 1817, maybe in Bangor?  She married on 9 Oct 1844 in Bangor to Jonas PROUTY.  She died 4 Mar 1869 in Veazie, Maine.  I have Mary Jane DAVIS (b. 1844 in Bangor) but she married a COWIN.  Can someone please help me, I have spent 30 years on this one.

Thank you!
Elaine Goode
[Apr 2009]


Looking for names of parents of Jacob CROCKER of Corinth, Maine, born about 1783.  The first book, Corinth, Maine, states Jacob's wife is Methabel DENNETS of Bangor, married 12 Jun 1818 and his son, James Monroe CROCKER, born 17 Feb 1822.

Thank you and God bless you,
Mark Anthony
[Apr 2009]


Searching for my great grandfather, a RICHARDSON of Mount Desert Island, who would be the father of Leslie A. RICHARDSON (my grandfather) who died in 1957 at age 66, and also of George RICHARDSON and Arthur RICHARDSON, all born on Mount Desert Island.  Last known residence of Leslie A. is Rockland, Maine; last know residence of George was Stonington, owner of Richardson's General Mercantile in Stonington Maine.  I have been pursuing the RICHARDSONs on Mount Desert Island.  The first settlers in 1761 were James RICHARDSON and Abraham SOMES by Grant of the governor of Massachusetts. James RICHARDSON had a son George RICHARDSON.  If George RICHARDSON had  sons, then one may possibly be my great grandfather.  So far that is the only family I can locate on Mount Desert Island by the name of RICHARDSON.  Another possibility is maybe following my mother's birth record, Kathryn Louise RICHARDSON, daughter of Leslie A. RICHARDSON and Louise RICHARDSON.  Born in Bangor, Maine; lived in Rockland; siblings were Leslie A. RICHARDSON Jr., John and Robert RICHARDSON.

Appreciate the help.
Bob Cox
[Feb 2009]


Sumner MATHEWS married Lucia ROUNDS on 5 July 1845 in Lincoln, Penobscot county, Maine.  They first appear together on the 1850 census.  Sumner is listed as 33 and born in Maine.  His tombstone shows death in 1885.  Sumner and Lucia are buried together in the Riverside Cemetery, Stillwater, Maine.  When standing on the road facing the cemetery, the grave site is in the back right corner, down a small slope from the main cemetery grounds and in a small clearing with a few other graves.  Prior to 1850, I cannot find in any census a "Mathews" family with a male child in the correct age group to be Sumner.  My wife is descended from Sumner, however, we no longer live in Maine which limits our access to local records.  Has anyone stumbled across this person in their research?
Gary Hatfield
Allen, Texas
[Feb 2009]



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