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In Memoriam

Paul Thomas Trask
1943 - 2008
Charter Member Vienna Historical Society

Count the days of my years. More than 23,600 times I woke to the miracles of morning. More than 23,600 times saw the brightness of noon. More than 23,600 times sensed the soft coming of evening. I beheld the colors of blossoming fruit trees, smelled the perfume of the lilacs, and heard the singing waters of Mill Stream. I considered the glory of the lilies and poppies and stood still at the call of the loon on Flying Pond.

I was grateful for the gift of loving and being loved, for the tender loving care of my brother and sisters. Grateful for the time I spent in Vienna as a child on my grandfather's farm, enjoying the simplicity of life. I was grateful for the conversations with the likes of Clyde Waugh and Norman Waite, learning about their lives in Vienna and for Beverly Smith's book to read while in my recliner, with the rain falling on the roof or the snow blowing past outside the window. I was grateful for the friendships of fellow Grangers and for the opportunity to perform at Union Hall. For the fireworks bursting over the snow-covered Mill Pond in 2002, for the blue heron fishing across the pond, and for the Canadian geese pausing in their migration. I was grateful for the greens of the forests, the golds of the fields, and the brilliant colors of the Maine fall.

I was grateful for the inspiration of old barns that stand as a monument to man's hard work and sensed their strength and beauty. Grateful for the power of the mind which enabled me to satisfy my curiosity. Grateful for a sense of humor to help me through the rough spots in life. Grateful for the smiles on the faces of those who took care of me. For the touch of a friend's hand, the laughter of a child, the wag of a dog's tail. Grateful was I for all of these things and for many more. Surely after 23,600 miracles, a person may rest in contented peace. Count the days of my years.

Adapted by Helen Wilkey

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Lucinda R. Lord
1919 - 2007
Charter Member Vienna Historical Society

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Burton D. Gilman
1942 - 2006
Member Vienna Historical Society

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