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1800 United States Federal Census

1800 Maine Census 


From Whence Came Head of Household
Beverly Winthrop Sargent
Beverly Robert L. Sargent
Ipswich William Farley
Portland John Clifford
Portland Jacob Clifford
Portland William Cordwell
Woolwich James Blanchard
Woolwich Thomas Blanchard
Rhode Island Joseph P. Martin
Rhode Island John Park
Rhode Island Peleg Pendleton
Rhode Island Green Pendleton
Londonderry Andrew Dickey
7Londonderry James Nickels
Londonderry David Nickels
Boston Isaac Clewly
Boston Henry Black
Boston John Pierce
Boston Joshua Treat
Boston John Odom
Old York Jotham Staples
Old York Henry Blasdel
Old York William Staples
Old York Miles Staples
Old York John Woodbridge
Old York John Mudget Jr.
Old York John Mudget
Old York John Haynes
Old York John Staples
Old York Josiah Beals
Old York Samuel Beals
Ireland William Dickey
Cape Cod Manoni Ellis
Cape Cod Levi Ellis
Cape Cod John Sherman
Cape Cod John Harding
Connecticut Nathan Griffin
Connecticut Ebenezer Griffin
Connecticut Samuel Griffin
Connecticut Joseph Crary
Dunstable Joseph Kidder
Dover David Colcord
Marshfield, Mass. Isaac Carver
Exeter Winthrop Smith
Harpswell James Berry Jr.
Worcester Thomas Cummings
Berwick James Grant
New Hampshire James Dyle
New Hampshire Joshua Herriman
New Hampshire Asa Herriman
New Hampshire Samuel Ginn
Braintree Alexander Cumings
Goffstown Samuel Richards
Portsmouth John Sherman
Portsmouth George Sherborne
Bath David Partridge
Parsonfield Jeremiah Mudget
Cape Ann John Pierce
Easton Clark Partridge
Malden Benjamin Shute Jr.
Hingham Zetham French
Chelsea Jacob Eustis
Chelsea Samuel Stowers
Not Listed Josiah Crawford
Not Listed Widow Young
Not Listed Robert Hitchborn
Not Listed Richard Stimpson
Not Listed John Dwelley
Not Listed Crawford Staples
Not Listed John Weatherspoon
Not Listed William Grant
Not Listed William Goodale
Not Listed Daniel Goodale
Not Listed Daniel Woodman
Not Listed Levi Martin
Not Listed Giles Scott
Not Listed Stephen Kilman
Not Listed Abraham Nickels
Not Listed Samuel Nickels
Not Listed William Carr
Not Listed William Grant
Not Listed John Hagen
Not Listed Thomas Packard
Not Listed Timothy Barnes
Not Listed James Ridley
Not Listed William French
Not Listed Daniel French
Not Listed Jeremiah Sweetser
Not Listed Widow Sweetser
Not Listed John Crocker
Not Listed Nathaniel Cousins
Not Listed Widow Lancaster
Not Listed Benjamin Shute
Not Listed Samuel Shute
Not Listed Samuel Barnes
Not listed Widow Buckley

Mount Ephraim

From Whence Came Head of Household
Pigwacket John Mason
Pigwacket James Fields
Pigwacket Jonathan Dow
Pigwacket Daniel Dow
Pigwacket David Colcord, Jr.
Connecticut Langworthy Landfair
Londonderry James Nickels
New Hampshire Jonah (Josiah) Eames
Penobscot Joseph Matthews
Penobscot Samuel Matthews
England Robert Porter
Portsmouth James L. Frye
Not Listed Joseph Clewley
Not Listed James Black
Not Listed Joseph Smart
Not Listed Levi Fowler
Not Listed John Black
Not Listed Henry Black Jr.
Not Listed Ephraim Colson
Not Listed Henry Lord
Not Listed Jeremiah Stimpson
Not Listed William Treat
Not Listed Ephraim Stimpson
Not Listed John Haynes

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