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ABBOTT: George William Abbott; b. 26 March, 1845 around Waldo, Waldo Co, Maine. He was one of a family of six sons and two daughters. At age 16 years of age, the Civil War broke out and during those years, his father decided to emigrate to California choosing the Isthmus of Panama route. They sailed from Belfast, Maine to San Francisco and settled in Knights Ferry, California. He married Miss Mary Smith in 1870 and started farming and ranching on the Gary Ranch, now known as the Collier Ranch. If anyone has any information regarding other family members that may be related, please contact me. Reply to: Susan Hull 11Jun 00

ADAMS:  Does anyone know of a family of Adams that lived in that area in the 1700 or early 1800?  I'm looking for information on a Capt. Benjamin Adams.  He was know to have had four sons, James C.;  Joshua; John Q.; and Benjamin Jr.  They supposedly lived in Pittsfield. {I realize that this is NOT in Waldo County, however, I chose to include this query at the request of the submitter because of the extremely close proximity of Pittsfield to the Waldo County boundary - CC}  Reply to:  Joan  7 Apr 01

ADAMS FAMILY OF MONROE, MAINE: David Adams and his wife, Mary E. (West) Adams were living in Monroe at the time of the 1870 census with their children. David was 44, a native of Prince Edward Island., Canada, and Mary was 33, a native of Monroe. They are not found after 1870, although two of their children were in Monroe in 1880 living with other families (the youngest one was called "adopted son" of the family where he was living). I have traced the oldest son, but am trying to find out what became of the following brothers and sister who lived in Monroe, Maine, in the 1870s: 1) James P., born 1858; 2) Mary E., born 1860; 3) David W., born 1862; 4) John W., born 1866; and 5) Frank E., born 1869. Perhaps the parents died between 1870 and 1880. Does anyone have access to cemetery records for Monroe? Or privately-kept records, or church records? Reply to: George F. Sanborn Jr. 29 Jan 00 or via snail mail at:
24 Thornton Street
Derry NH 03038-1628

ALEXANDER:  Would like to know if John and Margaret Alexander are buried in Morrill Cemetery.  Also, is Susan Alexander buried in the same Morrill Cemetery.  I would pay the expenses for photographs of the grave markers.  Reply to: Michael Alexander  23 Jun 07

ALEXANDER:  Need information and look ups for John Alexander Sr. Born in Londonderry, New Hampshire in 09 June 1753 and died in Belfast, Maine on 28 January 1813. His son, Robert moved to Indiana in 1850's. John's Aunt, Mary (Alexander) Miller moved to Belfast in the 1760's (?). Mary married James Miller in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The marriage was Mary first but James was married once before.  Reply to: Michael Alexander 16 Jan 05

ALEXANDER:  I am looking for father to Mathew Alexander who was born 01-08-1797 in Northport, Waldo Co., Maine.  The 1800 Waldo census has an Alexander Alexander from Scotland and I believe this is the one I seek.  If anyone has any information on Mr. Alexander please Reply to: AJ 18 Sept 00

ALLEY: I am a descendant of Philip Alley (Allie?) Grandfather, Herbert Alley (Allie?); Great grandfather and Charles Alley (Allie?) of Frankfort/Winterport Maine.  I have found marriage records. would like to know birth/death records and any thing else I can find . I was told that the name was changed from Allie to Alley, but I cannot find any info on this.
Due to the fact that both maternal Alley Grandparents are deceased and my Mother Rita (Reta) M. Alley (Allie) (Johnson) does not remember much of the family genealogy. I am in search of any info I can find.
I have a lot of information of  my Johnson/Bean/Parkman  family side and now searching Alley. I hope that someone you can shed some light on my family tree.
Reply to:
Kevin E. Johnson
31 Aug 04

AMSBURY: I am looking for more information about my great-great uncle, Thomas Amsbury, born 1829 in Waldo County. He became a ship's Master in 1861 and resided in Rockport Maine at that time. Family folklore says that he was a gun runner during the blockade of the Civil War. I'm especially interested in finding out about the ship he sailed. Reply to: Patrice Galliath 19 July 2000

ANDREWS(?):  I am looking for my Great Aunt Helen. Her mother's name is Martha J Cummings of Prospect and her father was Clifford W Andrews of Searsport. Parents married in 1928 so she as probably born between 1927 and 1931. Martha remarried in 1935 to Carleton J Mcintire of Stockton Springs. Clifford remarried in 1931 to Jospehine WolotkaClifford had 3 more children. Walter, Richard and Beverly. My father Walter is going to be in Maine this summer and would like to visit Helen who he has not seen since 1947.  Helen would be in her late 70's now. Reply toKathleen Andrews Falcon  16 Jul 05

ANDRUS / ANDREWS: My 3rd g- grandparents were Hiram Andrus/Andrews and Lucy Pratt Andrus/Andrews.  They had known children William b. 1824 PA and Calvin b. 1835 PA.  Calvin was found in WI 1862 where he married Sally Ann Aldrich.  I haven't located Hiram and Lucy again since 1840 in PA.
brother Mason W. Aldrich also married an Andrews.  His wife was Anna E. Andrews, b. 1857 at Detroit, Somerset County, ME to Richard M. Andrews and Martilla A. Parker
The 1850 Waldo Co. census index shows the names Hiram Andrews in Islesboro, Calvin Andrews & William Andrews in Camden, and Martilla A. Parker in Frankfort.
It would certainly be nice to put one or two of these clues together into something meaningful.  Is it possible that someone can offer some details about any of these people, or where some information could be found?  Any help will be greatly appreciated. Reply to:  Patrick Andrus  14 Sep 01

Desperately seeking information on William Annis, married a Twombley. They had a daughter born in Bradford, Maine named Sarah Emma Annis. b. in 1856 and died in Belfast, Maine 1943. I have more specific dates on Sarah and her spouse...but I desperately need info on her parents...Anyone?
Reply to: Angie Hutchins-Thomas 20 Aug 00

APPLIN: Wm. J. Applin, b. 17 Mar 1895. Seeking info re his parents, esp. his mother who does not seem to have emigrated to Ontario, Canada with the family. She possibly died and was buried in Frankfort, Maine where Wm. J. Applin was born.  He was killed overseas in WWI. 
Her husband came from Guernsey as poss. she did also.  Information needed for book being researched for printing in Sept. 2004 honoring men on our local cenotaph.  Any help appreciated greatly.  Reply to:  Geraldine Chase 31 Aug 04

ASHMUN: Seeking any information on the family of Phineas Ashmun, b. 23 Aug 1766 in Fort Edward, NY, and d. 18 Apr 1852 in Brooks, Waldo County, ME; m1 Alathea Welles in 1791 in West Hartford, CT, children Henry C. and Maria Antoinette (abt 1793 - 1815) m. William White in 1814; m2 Hannah Clary or Cleary, child Hannah Lucille (1828 in Brooks - 1880 in Topeka, KS) m. Henry Colby Smith of Tamworth, NH, in 1849. Their children were Henry Ashmun Smith, Wayland Frank Smith, Ida Smith m. Grout, Herbert Ashmun Smith. Reply to: Joanna Ashmun 29 Jan 00

ATKINSON: I am seeking any info on William Atkinson. I obtained a birth certificate for William's son and it simply said FATHER-- William Atkinson BIRTH PLACE-- Maine. Now you see my dilemma. I do not even know from where in Maine he was born so I have been putting queries in on every Maine site that I see. Now there was no birth date or anything on William but I do have a birth year for his wife. Her name was Agnes Amelia Elwynn and she was born in 1861. I am sort of assuming that William must have been born around the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Susan Atkinson 17 Sept 99

AVERILL/THOMPSON:  I am looking for information on descendants of Jane Averill, daughter of Francis Averill and Margaret Cull of Frankfort/Winterport area, born about 1860, who married Edmund Thompson, and Ellen M. Averill who married Charles ThompsonReply to: Kathleen Parker-Hopkins  19 Aug 06

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BAGLEY: I am looking for a Bagley history done by Fred Bagley.  Does anyone know of a source?  Marilyn Burgess 16 Jul 02

BAGLEY / HAZELTINE: I am looking for any, info on the following people..... George L. Bagley married  Alice Jane Hawes/Haseltine/Harris??  7 Feb. 1877, in Troy, Waldo Co., Maine...they had a daughter, Sadie Edwina, (she was married several times, (Ellery D. Crockett, Alexander B. Norris and Michael Newman,). Another daughter, Cora Ellen. 2 sons, Herbert Grover and Clyde Henry. There may have been more children, not sure.....Alice Jane's father was Henry Hawes. George's father was John Bagley....My question is: Does anyone know Alice Jane's maiden name,,,,Are there any Harris/Hasseltine/Hazeltine or any other spellings out there that know these names....We would appreciate any help and will gladly exchange info...We believe Alice .Jane's mother was Sarah Hawes  I have attached photo.  Reply to: Wanda & Rain  24 Mar 04


BAGLEY:  Looking for information on Jacob Bagley who is found in the 1800 Maine, Davis Town (Montville), Hancock Co. Census. Does anyone know the name of his wife or the date of Jacob Bagley's death or the death of his wife? I believe they had three sons and one daughter who moved on to Washington Co., Maine. Please, any information you have on Jacob Bagley of Davis Town, Hancock Co., Maine would be helpful. Reply to: Michael R. Freeman 24 May 02

BAGLEY:  Trying to find information about James M. Bagley, born 19 Jul 1837 in Waldo, ME.  Believe parents to be Jacob Bagley and Hannah Dearborn. Also, looking for information on a sister whom I believe to be Martha Jane Bagley.  Moved to St. Louis and married a Frank Blades.  Part of Maine family includes surname French: known siblings in this line were Angeline, Martha (Longfellow), Susan (Knowlton), Elizabeth (Drew) and Mary (Heath)  Exact connections among these individuals being sought. Reply to: Charles Fredrick  14 Sep 01

BAKER / SPENCER: George H. Baker married Eliza P. (Spencer) before 1875. They are buried in Hampden, Maine at Locust Grove Cemetery. George is said to have come from Canada but the 1900 Census says Maine. Eliza was born in Thorndike, Waldo Co, Maine about Abt. 1836.
They had at least three children: Hattie, Clara and Grace. Grace (Baker) Jennings is my direct ancestor and loved music. She died in Greenville, Maine in 1945.
I am seeking cousins and more information on this family (other than US Census records.) Reply to: Deborah (Pelletier) Tajmajer 5 Jul 04

BAILEY: I have a Thomas P. Bailey born 22 Aug 1819 in Pittston and a Louisa Bailey born 1815 in Pittston. Thomas P. married 1st Orinda Fletcher in 1841 in Waldo Co., ME and 2nd Miss Ruth Fletcher in 1845. The Fletchers may have been from Searsmont, Waldo Co., ME. Louisa Bailey married James Cram Jr. by 1874. Their families moved to WI around 1846 and ended up in NE by 1859. I am trying to find the parents of Thomas P. Bailey and Louisa Bailey. I
do not know if Thomas and Louisa were siblings. If anyone could help, I would most certainly appreciate it. Reply to: Carla Brigance 8 Jan 00

BARTON:  Mathew Barton born 1796 Duxbury MA, appears to be direct descendant of John Alden and Miles Standish.  In Searsmont, in 1850 census with wife, Lucy and children Martha, Lucy Ann, George, Catharine, Olevart and Caroline.  Another daughter, Mary Barton, was married and not in this household, as others may have been.  Cannot find anything on Mathew or Lucy beyond this.  Anyone know what happened to anyone in this family? Reply to:  Julie Pease Galipeau  14 Apr 06

BASHY / BUSHY: I am looking for any information on the Joseph Bashy or Bushy listed in the 1820 Census as living in Northport.  I am especially interested in the names of his wife and/or children (3 daughters under 10 according to the Census). Reply to: Dave Constantine 19 Oct 02

BASTIAN:  Looking for information on Calvin Bastian.  Born ca 1809-1810 in Maine, possibly Waldo County. Married Mary K. _________.  Children (all born in PA): (1) Hannah, ca 1843; (2) Charles King, 13 Feb 1846; (3) Joseph K.,  Sep 1850; (4) John W.; (5) Mary, ca 1854; (6) Daniel A., ca 1857.  Calvin moved to Union Twp., Tioga Co., PA by 1850.  Reply to: malsine@epix.net 24 Jul 01

BATCHELDER:  I'm searching for any information at all about Alvah Murch "Allie" Batchelder of Frankfort, ME. I have a violin built by him, and I've managed to piece together some information about him (http://www.billgrass.com/batchelder.htm). I'd just like to know more about the gentleman who made my instrument. Bill Grass 19 Aug 06

BAXTER:  I am interested in finding any information available for Lorenzo BaxterLorenzo was married to Mary Twitchell and resided in Burnham  and Pittsfield area.  They had a number of children, most of whom died at early ages.  One son, Ralph, stayed in the Burnham area, but three brothers, Fred, Walter, and Frank all migrated west to Idaho and Colorado.  Walter and Frank were part of a hardy few the help provide for the early mining community in Central Idaho. I am  interested in knowing about Ralph, and his descendants, as well has Lorenzo, his parents and siblings.  It would also help me to find any information available on the Twitchell family.  I also understand that Walter married Mary McCausland from that area of Maine.  Reply to: Gene Baxter 4 Jul 04

BEAL / KINGSBURY: My great grandmother passed down a bible to me and there are two  names in it... Mrs. Abby E. Beal from Prospect, Maine, dated Sept. 27, 1887... And J. Myrtil Kingsbury from Frankfort, Maine, dated Nov. 11,1912.... I'm trying to find out any information on these two people.  Reply to: Darcie Carter  18 Oct 02

BEAN:  The story handed down in the family is that John L. and Lydia F. (Perry) Bean of Searsmont or Appleton  left their four year old daughter, Orinda,  with her maternal grandparents Mark and Esther (Burgess) Perry and headed West.  They were never heard from again and probably died on the trail.  Orinda was born in May of 1856 so it is likely they went West in 1860 or 1861.  This is an intriguing mystery but I have no idea of where to begin to see if I can solve their story. Has anyone ever heard about this? Reply to: Joan Burgess Brown 23 Jan 04

BEAN: Looking for information about wife, parents and siblings of Joseph Bean, b. either 1783 or 1784 in Belfast, Waldo Co., Maine. Joseph married Mary ______ ; children George Washington Bean; Julia Ann Bean; Abigail Bean; Harison Bean; Warren Stephenson Bean; Helen Maria Bean and Joseph Howard Bean (my great great grandfather). Most of these children stayed in the Belfast Maine area. Reply to: Peggy Drechsler 18 Mar 02

BENSON: I am the GGranddaughter of Thomas Solon Benson.  He was born in Palermo, ME in 1830, but I do not know his birth date.  I have been trying for quite a long time now to learn his parents names.  I have no information on him between the year of his birth until he enlisted in the Civil War in the 43rd Reg. Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry in Aug. of 1861.  While stationed in Baton Rouge, LA in 1862, due to complications from malaria, he was left totally blind for life.  He was 32 years old at that time. Later, he married Anna Eliza Gale.  She was also from Maine but I don't know where she was born or her birth date.  They were married in Cedar Rapids, IA. I am hoping that some one will have information on Thomas Solon's parents.  Also would like to know how long he lived in Palermo.  Dorothy (Benson) Greibieris   16 Jan 05

BERRY: I am trying to locate any information on Frank Austin Berry; s/o Zetham and Nancy Jane ( Berry ) Berry, born Oct. 1859 in Stockton Springs, Maine; married Ada Caroline Ausplund on October 16 1881. He left his wife and 4 children behind in 1900+/-.....no one ever heard from him again ....I am hoping along the way ..he might of started a new family and someone knows of him......please contact me with questions or any leads you might have Reply to: Debby Sue Berry 20 Mar 00

BERRY: Looking for ancestors of Samuel Berry b. abt 1802 Liberty, ME d. 20 Nov 1880 Morrill, ME m. Irene Edwards May 1833 in Liberty, ME. They had at least 7 children b. Montville and N. Belmont most who are buried in Morrill Cemetery. Reply to: George C. Horne 18 Jan 00

BESSEY: Need any info on a George Bessey, b. Oct.4,1804, to Ebenezer & Patience Bessey. Reply to: Eleanor 6 Sept 99

BICKFORD / COLE: Seeking information on Jennie Bickford,  second wife of David Cole.  Children born Burnham, Maine; Fred W. Cole; Chloe Abbie Cole, and Nellie Florence Cole.   May have married a McClure for second husband after 1890  Reply to: Ramona Lumsden 19 Aug 02

BLABON:  Joseph Blabon married Mary Jane Meservey before 1844.  All five of their children were born in Unity, Maine starting with John Blabon who also died in 1846 and is buried in Unity next to his mother.  I am trying to locate census records to see if Joseph was still living in Waldo County and Unity in 1860.   Any suggestions ?  Reply to: Irving Blabon 31 Aug 04

BLACK:  I am interested in posting a query regarding members of the Black family. Henry Black, born in Boston in 1739, served as justice of the peace in Prospect (Waldo County) Maine from May 1812 until March 1815. He was married to Sarah Stowers. Henry died on June 15, 1817 in Sandy Point, Maine..
Henry's son, James F. Black, was born in November 1770 in Chelsea MA. He served as a militiaman in the War of 1812 - participated in the defense of shipping on Penobscot Bay for which he received a land warrant.  He was a ship captain by trade and lived in Frankfort. He was town selectman for  Prospect from 1823 - 1825.  He was married to Rebecca Brown. James died in February 1843.
John Crosby Black, James's son, was an innkeeper in Searsport. He also served, like his grandfather Henry, as justice of the peace.  John was born in April, 1812 in Prospect.  In the fall of 1855 John, his wife Chloe Keith Wilbur/Wilber, and their children moved to Illinois where they settled in Franklin Grove (Lee Co.) Illinois.  John died on December, 1864. Reply to: Ken Tyler, 13 Nov 01

BLACK:  Looking for any information on Fred H. Black born March 23, 1879- in Islesborough-died October 1967  in Belfast and was married to Hattie Burgin he son of Martin and Martha ? Black.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to: Gerry Black 20 Dec 01

BLACK:  Look Looking for any information on Martin Black born 1879, possibly in Belfast, Maine and had the following children with Abbie E. ?:
Fred    born 1879
Chas.   born Oct 1880
Maud    born Aug 1883
Clara   born Dec 1884
Josie   born Dec 1885
Alice   born Jan 1886
Freeman born Feb 1895
Reply to: Gerry  20 Dec 01

BLACK:  Jonathan Dowe and Mary 'Polly" Black, both of Prospect,  were married at Prospect, ME on 15 Sept 1796 by Benjamin Shute, JP.
James Feilds and Jane Black , both of Prospect, were married at Prospect, ME on 26 Jan 1797 by Benjamin Shute, JP

Were the brides sisters?  Any data on the BLACK and DOW families greatly appreciated.  Pedigrees & descendants. 
Reply to:
Carol Anne Shiels   25 Mar 07

BLACK / DOW:  I am seeking info on the Black and Dow families.  
Captain James Black, (b. 1770 - d. 1843),  sea captain by trade, Prospect selectman 1823-1825
Did James sister, Mary 'Polly' Black marry Jonathan 'James' Dow  15 Sept1796 at Prospect?
Is James/Jonathan Dow  (1773-1834) related to a Capt Dow? Reply to:
Carol Anne Shiels   25 Mar 07

BLAKE: I am searching my great grandfather, George Washington Blake, born in Freedom, Maine, 7 Jun 1870, reportedly the son of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Blake.  Any information or leads anyone can supply is greatly appreciated.  Other than his children, this is the only information I have. Reply to: Bren 7 Sep 02

BLANCHARD: I am trying to find the ancestry of Fannie/Fanny S. Blanchard who married 19 Jan 1861 to Atwood Augustus GilmoreFannie was b. 9 June 1835 in Prospect and died 22 Mar 1904 at Searsport. Reply to:  Janet S. Seitz 23 Jan 04

BLANCHARD: Looking for information on the Robert Blanchard family born 1790 Gorham, Maine, married Hannah Stevens (b.Sept.18,1798 / d.Oct.11,1877) and died Mar.15,1875 Unity, Maine. He was a private in the War of 1812 and a farmer in Unity.  His sons include; Simon, Abner K., Lemuel, Gustavus, Persiville & Gilbert. The daughters are Rosina Read, Rosetta Cookson, Narcissa K. Cookson, Cordella McGee, Beriah & Rosanna. Somehow the family goes up to Mars Hill. Reply to: Sharon Blanchard Marks 6 Sept 99

BOLAN:  I have placed my GGGGranfather Timothy Lozano Bolan in Winterport, Maine in the 1850's. He was married to Sarah Pettingell. Both were supposed to have been born in Corinna Township, Maine, about 1829, Timothy about 1818 to1827, but I don't have records for that. Just family letter. I haven't yet found his parents, brothers, etc. Timothy was reported as being lost at sea, but that is also from family info. Ship named The Sun.  I have been able to trace the Pettingell line, but would like to get any information for Timothy Bolin's family.  Reply to: Marilou Hines 20 Aug 00

BOLTON: Seeking the parents of Betsey Bolton, b. 20 Nov 1792 in Monroe, Maine; d. 31 Dec 1883 at Enfield, Maine. She married Samuel Twombly who was born in Madbury, NH,  27 Jul 1780; d. 14 Feb 1876 at Burlington, Maine.  Reply to: Matt Twombly,  Marco Island, FL. 18 May 01

BOLTON:  I have Solomon and Elizabeth Pratt Bolton's history.  Also their 2 sons James who only lived about a year and Benjamin, who lived in Brooksville, Me.  I then followed the Line all the way to Theresa Josephene Gray,  born 29 Aug 1907, Brooklin, Me.  But there is never a mention of a Solomon Jr. and I have found some bits about him.  This is what I have:
Solomon Bolton Jr.; b. 1778 in Brooks, Hancock Co., ME. He had 11 children - 4 were girls.  He was a Selectman, Surveyor of Lumber and Farmer. 

1800 Census  Solomon Bolton   Hancock Co.
1820 Census   Solomon Bolton   Hancock Co.,   Frankfort,  North Div.
1840 Census   Solomon Bolton    Penobscot Co.,   age 82   Orrington
1830 Census   Solomon Bolton Jr.   Waldo Co.,   Monroe
1840 Census   Solomon  Bolton   Waldo Co.,   Brooks
1850 Census    Solomon Bolton   Waldo Co.,   Brooks
Notice that there are 2 for 1840 and that one is for Jr.
I also found a note stating that Solomon was the 1st of Brooksville and ancestor of all Boltons to reside there.  But I wrote to Brooksville and they started with Benjamin, not Solomon.
Brooks, Monroe, and Jackson were all one to start, then divided, Solomon Jr. was first in Monroe, then Brooks.  Maybe without even moving.  Who knows?  Fire has destroyed a lot of their records so things have to be pieced together.  I am trying to find the parents of a Rebecca Bolton,  born ca 1805,  Jackson?  married Sewell Cates, 1828, had 2 sons while living in Jackson.  They were Solomon Bolton Cates born 1828 and John Bolton Cates, born 1830.  The family then moved to Houlton, Aroostook, Me. and in 1832, had Martha M. born in New Brunswick. 1850 Census has them in Houlton, but no SewellSewell and Rebecca were my great great grandparents. I do not know either one's parents.  I would appreciate any help that I can receive in this matter.
Reply to: Doris Cates Budde    6 Mar 01

BOOBER: I am seeking any information on Benjamin Boober listed as #65 in the 1790 census of Conduskeag Plantation, Waldo County. Reply to: Judy July 99

BOOTHBY:  Looking for information on the Boothby family from Unity, Maine.  Julia Boothby,  born abt 1820, married Tobias Holt in Frankfort, Maine July 30, 1846.  Reply to:  Carol Loraine 27 Jan 07

BOULTER:  Would be interested in hearing from anyone who is related to the Boulter family of Waldo County. My mother, Paula Boulter was born in Belfast, Waldo, Maine. Her grandfather was Alpheus Joseph Boulter, born 20 Jun 1879 in Knox, Waldo, Maine, one of seven children born to Henry Hutchins and Harriet Emily (Doe) Boulter of Knox. Have lost track of many of the cousins over the years.
Reply to: Frank Rosaio   20 Aug 00

BOWEN:  I'm currently researching my mother's side of the family.  My mother was Catherine M. Bowen and she was born in Embden, Maine.  I have traced as far back as my great-great-grandfather, Tolman Bowen, who is listed in the Waldo County Town of Morrill censuses for 1850, 1860, and 1870.  I would greatly appreciate any help in finding out who Tolman Bowen's parents were, and would like to be able to trace the family line even farther back.  I have already traced Tolman's wife, Charlotte (Woodman) Bowen's family back several more generations, but have reached a "dead-end" with Tolman Bowen on that side of my family.  I have a copy of a newspaper article describing Tolman Bowen's 80th birthday celebration in Morrill.  According to my calculations, that should have been in about 1894, and Tolman Bowen was born about 1814. I am willing to share any information on the Bowen family that I have garnered.  Reply to:  Helen Siyam  6 Mar 01

BOWEN: I have photo's of 2 children (Mabel M. Bowen, age 8 months and Vinton D. Bowen, age 2yr 8Mo) photo taken Belfast Maine by W. C. Tuttle. I don't know when they were taken. I believe Vinton Bowen married my great grandfather's sister Margaret Clark of Manlius N.Y. They moved to Mass. where he was pastor of the Church of the New Jerusalem in Falls River Mass. They had a son Enos Bowen who became a Dr. in Boston . I have 2 Graduation photos of Enos taken early 1900's.Looking for any info or connection. I would like to return the photos to the families descendants. Reply to: Mark Ritzel 3 Mar 03

BOWDEN / MARSTEN: Looking for information on Abraham Bowden who came from Penobscot and Mary Marsten from Prospect.  They were married in Prospect. The archives show the marriage date as 7 May 1810.  I believe it to be 1801 since their first born was in 1802.  Abraham appeared in the census of Prospect in 1810 but I have no information after that. Also no information on the Marsten family in Prospect during that time period. Reply to:  Richard Bowden 19 Aug 02

BOWDEN: I am still working on the Abraham Bowden and Mary Marston that showed up a number of times with intentions beginning in 1801 but I do not know if they were ever actually married or not.  I found an entry in the Prospect history that they were married in 1810 but Bob Brooks says it is incorrect.  That it's intentions only.  If that is the case, intentions have been published 3 times and no marriages.  Since they started having children in 1802 it seems that a marriage would have taken place.  The theory begins to appear that there were more than one Abraham Booden and Mary Marston.  In every case it was shown that Abraham was from Penobscot and Mary was from Prospect.  I found Abraham Booden in the 1810 census of Prospect but nothing after that and I do not have information on how many males, females etc. were in the household at that time.  Also, I have learned that an Abraham Booden was lost at sea aboard the Brig Phebe of St. Lucia in 1818.  If he was the same Abraham that appeared in the Prospect 1810 census this would explain why he would not appear in the 1820 census.  If anyone has any additional information on anything that would be helpful in nailing down these Abrahams etc. it would really be appreciated.  Reply to: Richard Bowden  18 Oct 02

BOWDEN: Looking for information on Cordelia S. Bowden born in Winterport, Maine before 1842. She was my gggrandmother. Married to Joshua W. Hewes also born in Winterport, Maine. Reply to: Diane Hewes Stewart 7 Nov 99

BOWDEN/DOW: I would like to know if anyone out there could give me information on my great grandmother. Her name was Nora Dow.She married Elisha Bowden from Winterport, Maine.I need to know her birth and death. Reply to: mbrown 21 July 00

BOWDOIN: I am trying to find some were the sea captain Rufus Bowdoin and didn't know if you might have come across the name. He lived on Bowdoin Point in Prospect, ME.  Reply to: Christina  10 Oct 01

BOWEN: Seeking information on the Amos Bowen family of Burnham, Maine.  Amos Bowen of Union Maine married Athelinda Gough of Burnham, Maine in 1823.  They resided in Burnham with their three boys and one girl from approximately 1825-1843.  Amos died in 1843.  I am seeking the names of their children and what become of the family after the death of AmosReply to:  Patricia Peasley  7 May 04

BOWEN:  I am seeking information on my ancestors, Washington Bowen, born 28 Aug 1819 in Monroe, Waldo, Maine to Samuel Bowen and Abigal Smith (married 30 Sep 1810 in Belfast, Waldo, Maine. No other information is known on Samuel & Abigal). Washington died Aug 1863. He married Mary Hamilton 8 May 1840 or 21 Apr 1846. It is not confirmed which is their correct marriage date. Mary was born 18 Mar 1816 to Daniel P. Hamilton & Esther Roberts and she died 16 Jul 1890. Any information on these family members will be sincerely appreciated. Reply to: Terry Hamblin Heinstrom 29 May 06

BOWLER - SHAW:  I am trying to locate information on the above referenced marriage of William E. Bowler and Sarah J. Shaw in Belfast on March 7,1875 or March 9, 1873. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to:  Donna C. Gravely  13 June 2001

BOYNTON: I am looking for information on Albert H Boynton from either Thorndike or Brooks. He was born around 1860 and married Ellen C Mitchell of Shirley Maine. They had five children: Nina E., b.25 May 1881; Evelyn F., b. 1883; Harold H., b. 31 May 1887; Walter M., b. 31 August 1898; and Inez M., b. abt. 1899. Eveyln married Charles Henry Rutter in Guilford in 1901 and moved to Chelsea MA. Reply to: Suzanne R. Longo 28 Apr 00

BRADBURY: Looking for vital information and ancestry of John Bradbury who came to Montville from Newcastle Maine late 1790's. Wife's name was Jane -? They are both buried in Montville. Their daughter Mariah was married to one of my Smiths.  Reply to: Carol Mushero (USGenWeb coordinator for Montville, Northport & Searsport, ME) 27 Jul 03

BRADSTREET:  I am having a horrible time connecting a father and son, although every data base on rootsweb connects them complete with a birth date for the son.  These records had to come from somewhere and I cannot find them.  Is there a chance that someone could point me in the right direction or maybe have a clue as to where to look?

This lady is a descendant of Ebenezer (Eben/Eban) Hale Bradstreet who dies in Palermo, Waldo Maine 5 Oct 1860; his wife was Betsy Foye do not have a death date for her.  The child in question is Josiah Bradstreet born 23 Nov 1821; he marries in Palermo to Cordelia Chadwick in  abt 1847; he is still in Palermo in the 1850 Census then in 1860 he is in Freedom, Waldo, Maine.
Have not located any probate records for Ebenezer than might show Josiah as a child, nor have I had any luck finding church records on line.  Reply to: Patsy Carruth  30 Sep 07

BRADSTREET: I am looking for information on the ancestry of Simon Bradstreet who married Eunice Fuller in Freedom, Maine in 1829.
Reply to: Katie
Sweetland  31 Oct 04

BRAMHALL: Seeking birth info on Henry F. Bramhall born 1862-63 in Maine. Possible son or brother of Priscilla Bramhall born 1845-46. Priscilla may have been an unwed mother. Father of both possibly Joshua of Belfast. Priscilla and Henry were living in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1870. Reply to: Cindy Gardiner 7 Nov 99

BRIGGS: Does anybody have information on the Briggs family from Freedom, ME?  I’m trying to prove Benjamin Briggs (b.1810 Freedom ME) is the son of Enos Briggs (b.1775 Augusta ME)  Reply to: Nelson  16 Dec 05

BROCK: Does anyone have a Harvey (Hervey) Brock. b. Buckfield, ME, 28 August 1808, d. 29 Oct 1890 Searsport who married Christiana Warren b. Thorndike (Waldo Co.) Maine, 6 Nov 1813 and d. 29 Oct 1895 in Searsport. I have 2 different marriage dates: 31 Aug 1831 Lincoln, Civil, Penobscot, Maine or 26 Sept 1833. Who were the parents of Harvey (Hervey) Brock, and Christiana Warren? Reply to: Beth 6 Sept 99

BROWN:  I am seeking help/suggestions on how to trace Alvah Brown, who I found listed in the 1910 Federal Census living in Waldo Maine, born 1897. He may have been the son of Ulysses Grant Brown and Fannie Belle Richardson. This character has been hard to find and any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I know his wife's Christian name was Lillian but that's all I know about her.  I hope that someone may point me in the right direction or have genealogical data that they will share.  Reply to:  James Twycross 25 Mar 07

BROWN:  I am looking for information on Charles A. Brown, born in Waldo County, ME in 1830, married Asenath Munson, died in Anoka, MN in 1890.  Reply to: Ed Andrews  30 Nov 07

BROWN:  I attempting to trace James C. Brown and family. He married Mary McCurdy who passed away in 1881 then he married her sister Phoebe, who died in 1896. James himself died in 1891, he was a Civil War veteran, fought in the Battle of Gettysburg and was wounded there. He was born in Searsmont and might have had a property in Browns Road/Lane, now part of Robbins Timber/Lumber holding. Reply to: James Twycross 21 Jan 06

BROWN: I am interested in any information for the following family:

(from family search.org)
Searsmont, Waldo, Maine 1880 US Census Page 449A
James C. Brown  Self  M  Male  W  64 ME Farmer  ME  ME
Phebe Brown  Wife  M  Female W 57 ME Keeping House  ME  ME
Ulesses (Ulysses) G. Brown  Son   Male  W  15  ME  Farm Laborer  ME  ME
Ulysses Grant Brown was married twice. First to Fannie Belle Richardson,  22 Dec 1888 at Searsmont. Then to Annie I. ?? 1869-1951 with whom he is buried in the Upper Cemetery, Lincolnville, ME. He was born 1866 and died 1927.
I would like to know if he had siblings and their names, birth dates, etc. He also had two known children, maybe more.  They were Clara Mae Brown b. July 4, 1891, d. Nov 7, 1963, aged  72 yrs. and her brother Alvah ??? no further information.
I would also like to know if there is anyway to locate their farm from the Census description or maybe other sources. Perhaps, the Searsmont Town
Office might have records ??  Reply to: Elaine 14 Mar 05

BROWN: I am looking for info on Moses M. Brown, b. ca 1814 on Vinalhaven. He was living in Knox in 1850 and Belfast in 1880. I believe that he is a brother to my 4th great grandfather Jeremiah M. Brown Reply to: Kathy Brown Upton 1 Sep 03

BROWN/MARTIN:  Seeking info on the parents/siblings of both Timothy F. Brown (b. about June 1806 in Lincolnville, Maine (MA).  He married in 1833 to Eleanor (Ellen) Martin (b. 1821 in Appleton, Maine)  They and their children later moved to Rockland.  Reply to: Bob Chandler  27 Aug 06

BRYANT: Looking for more information on the Bryant family that lived in Waldo County area. I have up to my GGG Grandfather Isaiah Bryant  born abt 1836 and died 2 Jul 1902.He was married to the former Lovina A. Mitchell.  She was born 14 Nov 1838 and died 17 Nov 1912.   Looking for more information on Isaiah's parents, siblings, family history, etc.  Reply to: Bruce MacDonald 7 Oct 04

BUCKLIN: I would like any information available on the Bucklin family.  On the 1859 map posted on line, it shows residences for A Bucklin and W Bucklin.  My g-grandmother was Vandelia (Bucklin) Hogan 1840-1898, married to Charles Hogan who lived in Thorndike.  Her father, Simon Bucklin, was listed in the census as living with the Hogans, but I wondered if he may have come from Knox.  Any information related to this would be appreciated.  Reply to:  Norman Nutter 31 Aug 07

BURGESS / CUNNINGHAM: Mariah Lenora Burgess of Searsmont married Albert W. Cunningham of Freedom on 1 Mar 1874.  They appear in the 1880 Census with their family in Belfast.  In the 1900 Census of Freedom, Albert appears alone with their two children.  I cannot read the writing to tell if he was listed as divorced or widowed.  Can anyone tell me when Mariah Lenora, sometimes called "Nora" died.  Her name is on the family stone in Pleasant Hill cemetery but shows no dates. Reply to: Joan Burgess Brown 20 Dec 03

BURKETT: I would like to submit the following query for Burkett, Belyea: I am looking for information re: Burkett family of Camden, Maine area - one named William (Will) with siblings Edwin (Ed), Ben, Katheryn, Sarah (Sadie) and somewhere in the family - perhaps another sibling or father - is Nathanial.  One of the siblings was Harriett Augusta Burkett, born in Camden, Maine 1870 and married Samuel Wightman Belyea. Reply To:  Ron C. 24 July 01

BURNHAM:  I am looking for ANY information on one Eliza Burnham.  There is no evidence that she is from Waldo County, but I have a  sampler dated 1804 which was done by her and I am trying to find out her genealogy, history or background.  It is my understanding that these samplers were common among "proper" families, with modest efforts performed by girls in their younger years, and more substantial efforts - like ours - done in their mid/late teens.  That places our "Eliza" born somewhere between 1787 - 1792, most likely.  If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.  Reply to: Eric 23 Sep 05

BUSHEE (BUSHEY) / McFARLAND: I am interested in the years between 1805 -1840 - hopefully the VRs exist for that period.   Looking for marriage of Deborah McFarland & Joseph Bushee/Bushey/Bushy/Boucie (prob.~1812) and births of their children.  The family was in Northport for both the 1820 & 1830 census.

Known children include:
1.  Susan M., b. ~1813
2.  Angelette, b. 26 Sep 1815
(big age gap btwn #2 & #3; perhaps other children I don't know of)
3.  Mary, b. ~1827
4.  George J., b. ~1832
5.  Edwin A., b. 30 Dec 1835
6.  William N., b.~1840
7.  Joseph, b.~1843

Reply to: Suzanne 8 Feb 03

BUTLER: My Butler connection is of Union line, my great grandfather listed his mother as Margaret Butler living in Belmont in 1903. Where can I find death, cemetary records for someone who died in Belmont? Reply to: Rebecca Drew 19 Aug 99

BUTMAN: I am wondering if anyone has any information on the William Butman or James Pendleton Butman families of Searsport? Reply to: Caren 9 Nov 03

BYARD: I read this excellent history http://home.comcast.net/~downeastgenealogy/History/EarliestRecords.htm about the beginnings of all the little townships and villages in Eastern Maine after the French and Indian Wars ended. 
The men of Salem and Boston who took pride in their un-calloused hands stayed put while the other men...our Grandfathers...the Wild Bunch with calluses...came East with adventure in their eyes.
Most of you know where your Grandparents had come from when they first arrived in Eastern Maine and you might know where they lived at the time they petitioned for land but I have no idea about my One and Only Mystery Grandfather, Robert Byard.  He had no background....no parents....no siblings....and yet was one of the first three men to arrive (in 1762/63) and then stay...until death...in the Sedgwick area, called Plantation #4 at that time.  Robert's piece of land, Byard Point, is still found on today's Maine maps.  I just don't know where he'd been before the grants were given which brings me to my request for a look-up in the Bangor Historical Magazine.
In the website above, Newell Hall, the author, wrote that the "Grant That Ultimately Became Six Townships of the First Class (west of Union River) Plans were to be presented to the General Court for its acceptance, on or before 31 Jul 1763.  The 359 grantees are named in the grant and reproduced in BHM pg 1620-23."
If someone has these volumes or volume which includes those three pages...1620-23...I would be so grateful if you'd look to see if my Grandfather's name is there.
Robert Byard...or phonetically spelled it could be Byeard...or Biard...or possible Bayard.  He MAY have had a brother who came with him...possibly named James...or any given name, actually.  If Robert was one of the petitioners, I'll have a new and wider horizon to search for his beginnings and he'll no longer be quite the Mystery Man  he is now. Reply to: Jan (Byard) Saremi 29 Jan 05

BYARD:  I'm a descendant of the Byards who lived in Sedgwick/Sargentville, Hancock County, ME beginning with Robert Byard and his wife, Abigail (Glover).  I recently discovered in the new Sedgwick Vital Records book, page 42, that Polly Billings, d/o Abel and Elizabeth (Farrar) Billings, gave birth to a baby boy in Sedgwick on January 19, 1810.  No father was named on the birth certificate but she named her son Sylvanus ByardPolly was about 15 then and this birth may not have been a happy event for her.   
It seems Sylvanus lived in Sedgwick until his marriage to Belinda Colson, d/o Deacon Henry Colson and his wife Deborah BowdenSylvanus and Belinda lived in Frankfort, Waldo County, where their eight children were born, and they are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Winterport. 
I'm curious about Sylvanus' life and would love to hear from his descendants.  I'm especially interested in finding out who his "real" father would have been...which Byard boy from Sedgwick?  Any information would be helpful.  Reply to:  Jan (Byard) Saremi  21 Jun 05

- C -

CABLES:  I am looking for information regarding Henry C. Cables who was a resident of Belmont Corner, Maine when he died in abt. 1827. I have family history of his son Charles H. Cables (later of Rockland, Maine) down to present day.  This search for Henry C. Cables could be done as a project of Boy Scout Troop and/or professional genealogist.  I am willing to donate to the troop or pay the researcher a modest amount for efforts.  Reply to: Donald Cables  (Tele) 205-991-9759  4 Dec 06

CALPH: Looking for information on Annie Calph b. 29 Jul 1855 in Belmont, Waldo, ME, m. Ansel A. Overlock 8 Jan 1876, d. 31 Oct 1910.  I am interested in her parents, grandparents, etc.  Thanks so much for any information. Reply to:  Karen Cate 14 Sep 01

CAMPBELL / BARKER:  My Great Great Grandfather Samuel Campbell married my Great Great Grandmother Susannah Barker in 1814 at Unity ME. Both were born in New Hampshire somewhere. In 1823 my Great Grandfather, John Barker Campbell was born in Montville, ME.  I am looking for info. on Samuel Campbell and Susannah Barker and their ancestors. I have good family info. from John Barker Campbell to present.  Reply to: Steve Hanson  8 May 04

CARLETON: Seeking information on a so-called  Hannah S.L. Carleton born 14 Apr 1818 in Winterport, died 20 Nov 1899, also in Winterport.  Was married to a James Young and to a White, first name unknown.  Wishing to find out her maiden name.
Reply to: D. M. Young @
d-dyoung@comcast.net 31 Oct 04

CARLETON: Seeking information and ancestors of my forbearer,  Johnathan Carleton, born abt.8  July 1814 in Frankfort, ME; died 29 Mar 1864 in Winterport, ME. Reply to: David M. Young 7 Jul 04

CARKIN:  I am looking for information on the family of Isaac Carkin and Eurama Simmons who were married in 1809 in Union, Maine. I desperately want to find the parents of Isaac Carkin.
I have a very large list of Carkin descendants from John Carkin and Esther Wines of NH. I believe this family is descended from them, but there is a missing generation. John and Esther had a son Isaac born between 1730 and 1750 who may be the father of Isaac who married Eurama. I have found a lot of the descendants of Isaac and Eurama. I would love to be able to connect these two families.
Isaac Carkin married 21 May 1809 in Union, ME to Eurama Simmons who died 16 Jul 1839 in Appleton, ME
Their children were:
  1.. Martha M Carkin born 16 Mar 1810
  2.. Isaac Carkin Jr. born 19 Apr 1814 in Appleton married 5 Nov 1840 in Appleton to Sabra Bump born 13 Feb 1823 in Union ME their children were:
                1.. Herbert Laforest Carkin born 25 Apr 1842 in Appleton
                2.. Ethelbert Laroy Carkin born 8 Nov 1843 in Appleton
                3.. Martha Larrabee Carkin born 3 Nov 1845 in Appleton
                4.. John Taylor Carkin born abt 1847 in Appleton
                5.. Ebenezer Weston Larrabee Carkin born 10 Jul 1850 in Appleton
                6.. Edgar Leroy Carkin born 5 Dec 1851 in Appleton
  3.. Nancy Mary Hawes Carkin born 22 Mar 1816 in Hope married in Hope to James Perkins, born 13 Aug 1814 in Hope, ME
  4.. Jonas A Carkin born abt 1831 in Appleton ME
  5.. William D Carkin born abt 1821 in Appleton married 13 Oct 1851 in Appleton to Lucy Ann Eastman, their children were:
                1.. Charles E Carkin born abt 1847 in Appleton
                2.. Frank E Carkin born 29 Dec 1851 in Appleton
  2.. Catherine Augusta Carkin born 30 May 1828 in Hope
Also have Frank E Carkin married 25 May 1884 in Appleton to Abbie E Sukeforth children were:
                1.. Lottie M Carkin born 5 Mar 1886 in Appleton.

Please Reply to: Bob Brien 4 July 04 [Editor's note: Although none of the towns mentioned above are currently in Waldo County, they were from 1827 to 1 Apr 1860 when Knox County was formed.]

CARLISLE/MICHOU: Looking for any information on the Carlisle or Michou families of Waldo Co.  I found the marriage record of Edward A. Carlisle to Mamie Suzanne, Unity, ME (m. Jan.18,1932).  Edward was the brother of Arol Percy Carlisle (my husband's grandfather) I am also looking for the family of Clarence O. Michou (b.1914, d.1986). Clarence and his family (wife and son) are buried in Pond II Cemetery in Unity, ME.  I'm trying to find the connection between the two families and/or any other information (birth/marriage/death).  The only other information that I have is that either Clarence or Edward ran a dairy farm (Fairfield Dairy/Waterfield Dairy/Waterville Dairy???)  Any info at all is greatly appreciated  Reply to: Amy Carlisle 15 Jul 02

CARPENTER: Thomas Edwin Carpenter, b. 1828. Thomas's mother was Eliza _____? who married her 2nd husband, Alvin Sylvester in 1846. I am seeking the name of her first husband who would be Thomas Edwin Carpenter's father. Who were her other children? Thomas and Alvin Sylvester lived in the Liberty/China/Palermo area of Waldo County. Reply to: Sharyn Carpenter Herian 10 Apr 00

CARR/KERR: David B. Carr/Kerr or Adeline/Addline/Addy Green. Looking for information on the Carr/Kerr family of Burnham, both David B. Carr and his son Bartlett S. Carr moved from Waldo Co. to Metropolis Illinois and married into the Gowen family. David has a 1st. wife Addie/Adeline Green buried in Mount Cemetery who died at age 25, 10-21-1865. The story that I have been looking into is they "killed" George H. Cook son of Rev. John and Mary Cook on 10-18-1882. Then I have them in Metropolis son was a lawyer and dad a professor? Reply to: David E Gordon 29 Jan 00

CATES:  I am looking for the parents of Sewall (Sewell) Cates.  He was born in1806 in either Jackson or Monroe, Waldo Co.  He was a farmer and married Rebecca Bolton in 1828, in Monroe, Waldo. They had 2 sons  while living there, then moved to Houlton, Aroostook Co., in 1831.  I do have data for a Isaac Cates, born in 1807 and wonder if he could be Sewall's brother;  Isaac did have a son named Sewall, four years younger than the first one.  There was a Sewall that signed all Certificates in Monroe and they were perhaps named for him. Need Parents.  Reply to: Doris Cates Budde 15 Mar 01

CATES: My Waldo Query is about the following family: John Cates; d. May, 1852, Jackson, Waldo Co., ME.  He married Elizabeth Roberts on  Jan. 1, 1806, Belfast Co., ME.  She died Aug. 15, 1833.   I am in need of the names and dates of their children.  I do have a copy of a birth certificate for Charles Cates born on Nov. 24, 1821, Jackson, Waldo Co., ME. This does give John and Elizabeth as parents.  Census = Brooks, 1820;  Jackson, 1830 - 1840 - 1850.  John was a farmer.  Does anyone know the children of this family?   John may have remarried to Mary E. Woods, b.1791; married Sept. 13, 1835.  She was also of Jackson.  John was the son of Benjamin and Anne Cates, the first settlers of Jackson, Waldo, ME  Reply to: Doris Cates Budde    7 Apr 01

CHAMBERLIN: - Seeking information on Betsey Chamberlin of 25 Mile Pond Planation who married Nicholas Dodge around 1821? Reply to: Daine Roth July 99

CHAMBERLAIN: I'm looking for any information on my great grandfather Charles B. Chamberlain. He was a blacksmith in Searsport, Waldo ME, aged 46 on the 1930 Census.  Does anyone have any information on my family?  Reply to:  Robert J. Locke  2 Feb 05

CHANDLER/HAMILTON: I am seeking information on Mary Chandler born January 13,1815 in Belfast, Waldo Me. Her father was Chauncey Cheneny Chandler and her mom was Louisa Miller. She married Gorham Hamilton. I would like to know if she had children and if she did what there names were. My gggrandfather was Silas Hamilton and I want to know is, "DO I have the right Gorham Hamilton?" Any help would be greatly apperciated. Reply to: PamT 28 Aug 99

CHAPMAN - I'm looking for my ancester's from Monroe, ME. My GGGrandfather was William Chapman b. 14 Apr 1840 who married Alzana (GOULD) Chapman from Monroe b.1 May 1843  d. 2 Nov 1876.  They had three children:  Roscoe E. b. 19 Jan 1870, Ernest G. b. 22 Mar 1874, and Grace M. b. 25 May 1876.  Roscoe, (my GGrandfather) married Pauline M. Porter from Dixmont 29 Aug 29 1891.  Grace married Samuel S. Ritchie, also from Monroe on 29 Nov 1905 and I don't know what ever happened to Great Uncle Ernest. Reply to: Nikki 25 Nov 00

CHASE: I am looking for information on the family of Betsey L Chase, born about 1834 in Belfast or Frankfort ME. She was the daughter of Robert P Chase, a ships carpenter and Mary(also called Polly)both born in Maine. On Betsey's death certificate it has Mary's maiden name as Conihard. I can't find anyone with that surname. Maybe the spelling is wrong. Betsey died in Wakefield MA. Any help would be appreciated. Reply to: Brenda Ernst 31 May 00

CHASE: Looking for information on the parents of Charles Chase who was born on July 12, 1839. Charles death Certificate lists his parents as Thomas Chase and Charity Landry of Waterville, Maine. I have came up empty handed until recently, when I found a document that Charles had wrote stating he was born in UNITY MAINE. It is possible that Charles has a brother Fred A.Chase. If anyone has any info on Charles Chase or his parents Thomas & Charity, Please Reply to: Kelly Huff 18 Jan 00

CHASE: I am trying to locate my great grandmother, "Lizzie" Elizabeth Susan Chase who said she was born on 12 Aug 1847 in Unity, Waldo, Maine.  She married James Nelson Gilman May 17, 1870 in Farmington, Maine.  Both gave residence as New Sharon, Maine. I have reason to believe that her sister/cousin was married to Edwin Clough. I will follow even the smallest clue or idea. Reply to: Del Chausse 23 Jan 04

CHASE:  I am seeking information on the Henry D., Jonathon S. and Herbert E. Chase family of Jackson, Maine.  Henry D. Chase, I believe to be my g.g.g. grandfather born in New Hampshire, appx 1783.  Lived with wife Sally Chase in Jackson during 1860 Census along with  g.g. grandfather  Jonathon (Jona) Chase.  Great-Grandfather Herbert E. Chase (son of Jonathan)   married to Laura (Kitchen) Chase and lived in Jackson through the 1920 Census. Born about 1863.  Looking for any burial information for Henry D. Chase; Sally Chase; Jonathon (Jona) Chase; Ruth B. Chase; Herbert E. Chase and Laura (Kitchen) Chase.  I will be coming to Jackson in June, 2008 to explore further.  Thanks for any help.  Reply to:  Gary Chase  26 Apr 07

CHASE:  I am writing to request a genealogical look up of Unity, Maine.  I'm searching for my gggg grandfather James W. Chase from Unity Maine, born about 1810.  He married (maybe) a Mary Sterritt from Ireland.  I would appreciate any help since my records are TOTALLY messed up  Reply to: Tracy Caraker  13 Nov 01

CHILDS: Need information on Isaac Childs who married Lorenna Reynolds. He was born about 1805. Have no info on where he was born and when and where he died, but lived in the Burnham area. Need info on parents, also. Reply to:  Jacquhayes@aol.com  30 Jan 07

CHILDS: I'm looking for information on James Childs born 1823 in either Searsmont or Belmont ME. He was the son of Jesse Childs, a farmer of  Searsmont, Me son of Samuel Childs of Sandy River on the Kennebec. James Childs married Mar 3, 1851 to Maria Merchant then second to Lizzie Haggerty. I need info on all three on these men. Reply to: Connie Weiberg 7 Apr 01 

CHOATE: Looking for information on Annie Choate. Died Belfast, Maine,  July 1997. She was married to Arland (Stub) Choate. Reply to: SJSHoode 30 Jan 02

CLARK:  I am trying to find birth records and information about James A. Clark. He was my great, great grandfather, born about 1847-1848 in Lincolnville, ME.  I know he was a farmer and an itinerant minister, beyond that, I am stumped at every turn. He died in Massachusetts in 1918, and is buried at my family's plot in So. Middleboro, MA. His parents names are so far, a mystery.  Reply to:  Deb Newhall  30 Nov 07

CLARK:  I wonder if someone could please point me in the right direction.  I have recently been researching my grandfather's family and I always believed that he was born in St. George, Maine.  I recently purchased the Vital Records of St. George and I found that on the record for my Aunt Susie who was born in St. George, Maine on 14 Jan 1870 it states that her father, John Murphy Clark was born in Searsport, Maine.  John Murphy Clark was born on 19 Feb 1835 and he was the youngest child of William W. & Hannah Cook Clark. Three years after John's birth, his father William died in 1838 and the younger three girls in the family ended up in Searsport as the mother remarried.  The girls that ended up in Searsport were Mary Ann Clark who married James Hall in Searsmont.  Hannah Clark who married Warren Perry in Searsmont and Catherine Clark who married Orrin Wellman in Appleton.  I believe this family from St. George has some connection with a family in Searsport or Searsmont.  Any suggestions that anyone might have to help me find what family may have been living in this area would be greatly appreciated.  My great grandfather William W. Clark has been my brick wall for many years and I would love to solve this mystery.   Reply to: Joanne Clark Borden 23 Jan 04

CLARK Family(s) in Frankfort: I am looking for the parents of John Clark of Frankfort, who married Polly Curtis about 1798, and had at least 5 children. Polly may have been his second wife as family records list a son Jeremiah (b. about 1792) and daughter Lucy, born in 1802. Children listed in old Frankfort Town Clerks records are William, Cyrus, Polly, John, Jr., and James. He may be the John Clark listed in the 1800 Waldo County census as having come from Wells. He died in June 2, 1842, in Frankfort and is buried in the Lane (Kingsbury) cemetery. Polly died after him. I am also looking for the ancestors of Lemuel Clark and his wife Nancy Littlefield, who lived in the Goshen part of Frankfort and had at least 9 children between 1788 and 1804. The 1800 census lists Lemuel as coming from Gouldsborough. Reply to: Dick Grant 28 Apr 00

CLARK: I am looking for the birthplace & any information on the following Clark Ancestors: John Clark married Eliza Walters; their son, Eastman Clark, b. 1818 d. 30 Apr 1905 and married Eliza Whidden b. 1820 d. 1896. Their son, Levi Clark, b. 1843 d. 1911 married Sarah Sanborn Freeman b. 1843 d. 1938. Their daughter Ada Theresa Clarke Greenacre b. 1878 and moved to Ft. Collins Colorado. Ada reportedly came from Clark Settlement, Maine. Where is that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Denise Greenacre 7 Nov 99

CLARK: Looking for a birth record and parents of Rev. John Clark. On his daughter's death certificate it says he was born in North Waldoboro. He was married to Elizabeth Wallis and died in Prospect in 1871 at age 78. Were his parents John Clark and Mercy Beal?  Reply to: Marion Martin 20 Dec 01

CLARK: Lucia A. Clark, daughter of James and Ruth E. (Heal) Clark was born 12 May 1835.  She married on Christmas Eve, 1854, by L. W. Howes, Esq.,  to Benjamin F. Stevens, born 24 Apr. 1831 in Northport, Waldo Co., ME.  They took out marriage intentions in Northport on 19 Dec 1954.  They were both of Northport, ME.  Benjamin was the son of Benjamin, Jr. and Hannah (Eastman) Stevens.  The above information was compiled from Northport, ME. records, and records of the late Priscilla Jones.  Where did Lucia and Benjamin go?  They do not have a gravestone with the rest of the Stevens clan in the East Northport Cemetery.  They do not show up in Northport, Lincolnville or Belmont Census records, nor in 1900 in Belfast, nor do their deaths appear in the Coombs Funeral Records of Belfast, as do others of the Stevens family.  Did they have children?  Reply to: Isabel Morse Maresh. 4 Dec 02

CLARK: Margaret married Benjamin Adams (War of 1812) and family later lived in Pittsfield,Maine. A letter found by a desc. had Freedom as her home. Does anyone know of Clark family in Freedom in the later 1700's and early 1800 time frame? Believe Margaret to have been born in 1790's.Any leads appreciated by several researchers of the Clark/Adams line. Reply to: Kaye 25 Nov 00

CLARK:  I wonder if someone who is familiar with Islesboro, Maine could help me out. I am presently researching my uncle Orris M. Clark who was born in St. George, ME.  I kept finding records of another Orris Clark in Islesboro in the 1860 Census.  As the name Orris is not a common name I was wondering if anyone might know something about this man, he may possibly be related.  My Clark family from St. George started with a William W. Clark who was born in Trenton.  I am not sure if it was Trenton, ME but this man in Islesboro may possibly be related.  William W. Clark is my great grandfather who was born in 1784.  He is my brick wall and I have never been able to get past his generation.  My grandfather was born in 1835 and when he married he named his oldest son Orris M. Clark born about 1854.  I would greatly appreciate any help that someone could give me regarding this Orris Clark from Islesboro. Reply to: Joanne Clark Borden  18 Oct 02

CLARK: I am looking for information about the family and ancestry of Samuel Clark (b.1807, Lincolnville, Maine. Married Louvisa Bartlett of China, Maine c1828, and died after1880). Louvisa d. in Rockport, Maine in 1908. Their children were born in Lincolnville from 1829 to 1853. Samuel's father was probably James Clark of Northport. Any information appreciated. Reply to: Sena Havasy 7 Nov 99

CLARK/MILLER: I have been unable to find any information about John Clark and Ellen Miller except their marriage record in Waldo County, 1860. I believe they had a son, my grandfather, Adrian Clark, but I can't find any record of it. Any information about these people/this family would be deeply appreciated. Reply to: Dianne Atkins July 99

CLEMENT:  I am looking for the Parents of Mary Clement who married James MardenHannah Clement who married Hugh Gilchrest, and Jane Clement who married  ----Emerson. 
is believed born in Knox, Waldo Co.
The Mardens lived in Prospect/Stockton, Waldo Co. Hannah's daughter, Jane C. Gilchrest married Washington Peaslee and were found in Stockton, Waldo co. in 1870 census living next door to Cousin Ezra b. Marden  Reply to: Peggy Lee 15 Oct 05

CLEMENTS: Hall Clements moved to the Town of Waldo Me., around 1812 and started a lumber business. He had a son Andrew Jackson Clements died 1876, his son Frank Clements died 1936, his son Everitt died around 1953. Has anyone information they can share or photo's? Reply to: Jeffrey Clements 14 Oct 03

CLEMENTS:  I am looking for the descendents of the Clements family in Winterport Maine. I am researching the Clements Farm. I am looking for old photos of the house when it was originally built. A John Haley built the house in the early 1800's. Elmer and Gertrude Clements owned the farm at one time (Grandview Poultry Farms) raising chickens, apples and sold antiques. Their adopted daughter was Mary Irene Clements who married a Birmingham. She passed away recently.  She had no children. Relatives of Elmer and Gertrude were George and Clara Clements; Basil Clements; Harold & Agnes Clements. Any information would be greatly appreciated as we are restoring the farm back to its original manner.  Reply to: Shelly Arnold  1 Oct 07

COBB:  I have a lovely picture of a Miss Mary F. Cobb of Searsmont, Maine.  My grandfather's sister, Vena Miller, was married to a Maurice Cobb of Searsmont.  I feel very strongly that Mary is somehow related.  I think that the picture is of Mary at about sixteen or eighteen years of age.  There is no date on the picture, but think that it might have been taken in the 1920s.  I can provide a scan of the picture if someone believes that it will be beneficial to identifying her.  I will be more than happy to give this picture to a verified family member.  Reply to: Linda Clark 7 Jul 06

COFFIN:  Searching for death information on this Ezra Coffin, born 10 Aug 1881 in Palermo - possibly died in MA. Child of Albion, born 1849 and Mary P. Heath, born 1851. Married Charlotte May Tobey on 13 Feb 1908; went on to have 5 children with Dora Mary Dupont,  born 8 Aug 1897 in NH.  Searching for second marriage information also.  Reply to:  Christine Conlon 15 May 07

COFFIN:  I have been searching for information regarding one Ezra Allen Coffin, born in Palermo, ME, August 10, 1881; parents Albion and Mary Coffin.  I know he married my step-mother-in-law's mother but I have not been able to find any records of this; I do have a WWI draft registration record that shows her as his wife and living in Bath (where two of the four children they had were born).  I have census records that show him and his birth family in Palermo, I have also found a marriage record that appears to have been earlier than my connection with this individual.  The earlier marriage to a Charlotte M. Tobey on February 13, 1908 predates his first child with Dora (Dupont) Maynard by 9 years, but I have found no death records for Charlotte Tobey Coffin.  I also have found no record of his marriage to Dora.  He apparently had four children with Dora, they moved to MA, divorced and she went on to marry several other men.
This guy seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet!  I can't find any death records for him in either ME or MA (where he may have died,
according to his daughter).  Does anyone have any research suggestions?  Reply to:
Christine Conlon  14 Apr 06

COLBURN: Would be interested in finding out any info on the Colburns of Frankfort, Waldo County, Maine. My ancestor is Lorena (also listed as Lovina, Laura, Lorana). She married Eli Silas Colson. Eli was born about 1807 and Lorena abt. 1812. I found a Charles Colburn, married to Lydia Couillard.. I wonder if this is an uncle. I have a line that is possibly. the parents of Charles which is out of Leominster, MA. Lorena's parents were said to have been from Massachusetts. The line would be from Ebenezer Colburn and Abigail Hunt. Charles had a daughter Abigail Hunt Colburn. Would like to find someone who could either connect this for me or at least send me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Sheila 18 Oct 02

COLBURN:  I am still trying to find relatives of Lorena (Lorain, Lorana, Lovina) Colburn who married Eli Colson,  the son of Abner Colson and Phebe Cole. Lorena was born abt. 1812/1815 prob. somewhere in Waldo County. It is suggested she might be the daughter of Thomas Colburn and pos. an unknown Hannah (pos. Burnham), who lived in Frankfort in 1820. Reply to: Sheila Compton  27 Jan 06

COLBURN: I am looking for info on a Lorena, Lovina, Lorain or Lovinia Colburn who was born abt. 1812 and married Eli Colson of Frankfort and Winterport, Waldo County, Maine. They had several boys (surnamed Colson): Stephen, Prentice, Washington, Otis and Eli. One girl named Caroline. Would like to hear from anyone who has info on this family. I have info on the Colsons but not the Colburn line.  Reply to: Sheila 1 Sep 03

COLBURN:  I am still (see above) looking for any information on Lorena Etta Colburn who was married to Eli Silas Colson about 1846. She was born around 1812 in Maine. She has also been listed as Lorain, and Lorana.  She lived in Frankfort and then in Winterport when Frankfort became divided. Any help with finding her parents would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to: Sheila  8 May 04

COLCORD:  My name is Jean Kuhn, wife of Walter N. Kuhn whose 3rd great-grandfather was a Capt. John S. Colcord from Searsport, Maine. He was the husband of a Susan Crockett. He was born October 13,1810 in Maine  and died on December 5, 1874. His children were Adenman P. Colcord, Walt’s 2nd great-grandfather, Adelbert H. Colcord, Amanda P. Colcord and Amelia Emma Colcord.

We have no more information than the above. Would you might have more information than this? It was said that he was a captain on one of the ships that went out of Searsport. Any information you could send me would be so greatly appreciated. I am the family genealogist and I am diligently working on my husband’s side and wish to go back as far as possible.

By the way, if you have any knowledge of his wife’s parents, etc. the information would be greatly appreciated as well. Susan was also born in Maine.   Reply to: Jean M. Kuhn  2 Jan 08

COLE:  The brothers, Abiathar Cole, and William Cole, both residents of Burnham in the 1830s, are my 3rd great-granduncles, whose brother, Noah Cole, is my 3rd great-grandfather, and lived across the Sebasticook River in Clinton and Benton.  All three are sons of John Cole, Jr., and Lucretia (Woodsum) ColeLucretia was awarded widow's pension when she was living in Clinton in 1839 based on John's service in the Revolutionary War.  I would like to exchange information with anyone descended from this Cole family.  Reply to: Dean Scribner 30 Jan 07

COLE: Looking for information on a Captain Cole of Maciaus, Maine. He was aboard the coastal schooner HENRY SUTTON in October of 1906.  The HENRY SUTTON was lost at sea after leaving the port of Cheverie, Nova Scotia bound for Baltimore, Maryland with a load of plaster. Newspaper reports in January of 1907 said he had duplicate papers of the voyage and crew lists at his home.  If any one knows of the Captain or his descendents please on contact me. My great grandfather, Julius C Sturgis was listed as the master of the HENRY SUTTON when she entered the port of Calais Maine on October 18th 1906.  Any information would help. Reply to: Peter Dorr  23 Jan 04

COLE:   I am looking for information on an Edward Cole who lived in Frankfort before 1803. He may have died by 1790 and pos. had a wife Phoebe. It has come to my attention from a deed, and another source also called this to my attention, that Abner Colson and wife Phoebe, John Carleton and wife Huldah Cole, and John Pickard, Jr. and wife Eunice all sold a piece of land together that had previously belonged to an Edward Cole. If I were to assume that these families had inherited this piece of property then I would come to the conclusion that they were somehow related to Edward. As I have no last name for Eunice and my Phoebe, I am thinking that perhaps they were Coles and were sisters to Huldah (Huldah was 67 in the 1850 census so Edward would have been born at least before 1765) and this was their parent. In the 1790 census there was a Phoebe Cole as head of household and her children. I wonder if this was his wife and my Phoebe was named after her. If not, perhaps my Susanna, married to James Colson, parent to Abner, was related and Eunice was either a Cole or a Colson. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Even finding Huldah or Eunice's  parents would be a help. Reply to: Sheila  13 Nov 01

COLE: Seeking info. on Huldah Cole, of Frankfort ME; b. June 22, 1785, m. abt. 1801, d. Februry 4, 1859. Married John Carleton. Children: Jon C.L., Nancy, Polly, Rachel, Washington A, Johnathan A, Susan, Hannah S.L. Further, was her husband related to the John Carleton that fought in the Rev. War, in Capt. Spurr's Company? Reply to: D. M.  Young 15 Mar 00

COLE: Is the Phebe Ann Cole, spouse of Abner Colson, b. 1778 & d. 1815 related to Huldah Cole, b 6/22/1785 & d.2/4/1859, the spouse of Johnathon Carleton, Jr.; all of the Winterport section of Frankfort.? Reply to: D. M. Young  17 Oct 04

COLE: 1900 census for Burnham, Waldo, Me lists Theodore Cole, age 49, wife Eva C. Rolfe) age 39, and children Harry, Lizzie, Albert, Inez, Eva, Hattie, Ila (possibly Ida), and Eliza E.  Eliza E. was my step grandmother.
I believe Theodore's father was David Cole - the 1880 Burnham census lists a David Cole, age 62, with wife Jennie and three young children - is this the same David with a second wife??? Reply to: Betty Caldwell   20 Dec 01

COLOMOORE:  I am looking for information on Mary Jane Colomorre.  I believe that she was born in Searsmont in about 1811 or 1812.  Reply to: Laurel Maddocks  29 Feb 08

COLSON:  Hi my name is Tonya with the maiden name of Colson.  I am interested in the Captains with the last name Colson.  If anyone has any information at all could you please e-mail me? Reply to: Tonya  3 Sep 07

COLSON: Seeking info. and ancestors of my forbearer,  Benjamine Jerimiah Colson,  born abt. 20 Nov 1827, married to an Elizabeth________? a _________? Crockett and a Clariss E. Rogers; he died 3 Mar 1905 in Winterport, ME. Reply to: D. M. Young 18 Mar 02

COLSON: Seeking information on Sarah and Prentice Colson who lived in Winterport in the 1850s. Reply to: Paucole@aol 23 Dec 00

CONNER/BRYANT/BARSTOW: Looking for info on my Great-great grandparents, David and Elizabeth Conner, both buried in Pine Grove cemetery near Searsmont. Elizabeth's parents were Charles & Jerusha Barstow Bryant. David b1781 d. 1847, Elizabeth b.1784, d.1859. Their daughter, Henrietta T. m. William Jameson 1838 in Searsmont area, they are my g-grandparents. Reply to: June Jameson Wilkinson July 99

COOK:  I have very recently found that one of my St. George, Me. relatives ended up living in Searsmont, Maine. I found him in the 1850 census along with his wife Sarah, both of them being 40 years old at the time.  There also was daughter by the named of Jane who was 12 years old in the house at that time.  Would anyone on this list have any information on Enoch Cook??  Also, I have never researched in Waldo County as most of my research has been done in Knox & Lincoln.  Where could I find records for Searsmont?  Reply to: Joanne Clark Borden  27 Jul 03

COOK / MCLEAN: Am trying to find the parents of Mary (McLean) Cook who married Eli Cook in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada in 1831. Also info and line of Eli
Would like to correspond with anyone who is related to Eli (my ggg grandfather) or knows where he is buried. His parents were Jacob (Jack, or John) Cook and Molly Hathorn, married in Orrington, ME Aug 1791. Their parents I'm not sure of.
 From newspaper write-ups I have quite a lot of info on ELI. He was born May 12, 1804 in Dixmont and died Feb 7, 1907. He had five wives and 7 children. Was a blacksmith and lived in Dixmont and Frankfort and Belfast, and for a short time was in New Brunswick where he met his 2nd wife Mary McLean. They came back to Dixmont after 4 years. I'd like to learn the name of his first wife and 3rd and 4th and where they are buried. His 5th wife was Susan Hanson Hughs. He died in Belfast at the home of his son Alphonso H. Cook.  He had a blackthorn cane and said he had proof it came on the Mayflower so suppose his line might go back to a Cook on the Mayflower. Does anyone know about the cane now? He was also a veteran of the Aroostook War. 
Will return postage on any replies. Thank you.  Reply to: Elvera Pardi   30 Jan 05

I'm looking for any information on my Cook Family. My grandfather Ernest Fredrick Cook was born in Liberty Maine and married Gladys Irene Branch. His father was Lendon S. Cook and supposedly born in Norridgewock Maine. and was married to a Harriet Fogg.  Other than names and some birthdates and place of birth I have no real information on this line and am struggling really hard to try and find information. Reply to: Teresa Cook Noble  7 May 04

COOK: I'm looking for John Cook, born in Monroe, Maine and his wife Susan, born in Brooks, Maine and their children. Not sure where they were married/lived. In the Burnham, Maine area, probably, since their daughter (my Great, great grandmother) Mary Cook (b.1863-d.1936 lived in Burnham. I have no information on any other children...there must have been some... She married Orlando Reynolds on July 6, 1892 in Burnham, Maine. It was a 2nd marriage for both Orando and Mary Cook Reynolds. She was married to another Reynolds, since she is listed as Mary Reynolds on the marriage certificate. Any information about any of these people would be helpful. They had the following children (surnamed Reynolds): Grace Marion, b. June 05, 1879, Burnham, Maine; d. January 09, 1964, Burnham, Maine; m. Levi Huff, November 14, 1893, Burnham, Maine. (Daughter Grace was 13 when they married. Others born after.) Bertha Mae, b. March 18, 1891, Burnham, Maine; m. Ernest E. Cookson, December 28, 1913. Kate H., b. Aft. 1892, Burnham, Maine; d. March 1913, Burnham, Maine; m. Walter G. Norris, June 04, 1902, Burnham, Maine. Minnie, b. Aft. 1892, Burnham, Maine; m. William G. Hussey, May 23, 1920. Gertrude A., b. February 20, 1897; d. September 18, 1986, Pittsfield, Maine; m. (1) Clifford G. Fairbrother, m. (2) Llyod M. Newcomb, September 07, 1930, Bingham, Maine. Elisha M., b. July 06, 1899, Burnham, Maine; d. July 13, 1974, Pittsfield, Maine1; m. (1) Lucille G. Nutter, December 08, 1922, Newport, Maine; m. (2) Darlene D. Moxcey, August 01, 1959. Lester Orlando, b. September 06, 1900, Burnham, Maine2; d. August 05, 1985, Waterville, Maine3; m. Bertha M. Childs, May 01, 1926, China, Maine. Reply to: Yo-Jean Benson 9 Apr 00

COOK: I'm looking for parents & siblings of my 2nd great-grand grandmother, Mary Cook (b.1863 - d.1936). She married Orlando Reynolds on July 6, 1892 in Burnham, Maine. They had children: Grace Marion, Bertha M., Elisha M., Lester O., Kate, Minnie, and Gertrude Reynolds. The story goes that one of my grandmothers was 1/2 indian...could this be her? Wonder if she was married to another Reynolds. Grace was 13 when they married. Others born after. Also, looking for any info on the death of George H. Cook, son of Rev. John Cook of Burnham, Maine. Cemetary records show that he was "Killed by the Carrs." I found the following in the Cook Forum: "I have been looking at the Gowen family and learned of a marriage that links a desendent to the Carr/Kerr name. They lived in Waldo Co., Burnham, Maine and were involved in a killing of a man. The victim was George H. Cook son of Rev. John & Mary Cook. It looks like after he was killed the Carr/Kerr family went to Massac Co. IL., and S. Bartlett Kerr married Eveline E. Gowen. The old story is of a old time feud." - David E. Gordan. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Yo-Jean 7 Nov 99

COOMBS: Looking for parents of Caroline Coombs born abt. 1828 in Belmont Maine.  Also, any brothers or sisters?  She married Samuel Newell Blaisdell, born 1819 in Orland, ME,  abt. 1849. I don't know where.  She died 19 Feb 1858 in Charlestown, MA age 30. Could there have been any notice in a newspaper at that time?  Any info on her would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Carol Blaisdell 28 Feb 02

COOMBS: I'm looking for info on the Coombs family of Islesborough.  Fannie Coombs, b. 17 Oct 1802, d/o of James Coombs, married Joseph Pendleton, b. 11 Apr 1803, also of Islesborough. Reply to: Cheryl Andrews 16 Apr 02

COOMBS:  I am looking for information about a friend's great-great grandfather who lived on Islesboro in the 1700's.  It's been said that Captain Peter Coombs sold his land on Bluff Point, bought a schooner and sailed to Nova Scotia .  My friend (also a Peter Coombs) has no other information and would like to know more about his heritage. Reply to: Mary Beth Blake  28 Mar 06

COUILLARD:  Hi, my name is Bruce  R. Couillard and I am a descendent of Pvt. John Couillard and Mary Mock and Samuel Couillard and Lois Howard.  I visited Monroe, Winterport, Frankfort, area last Memorial Day weekend after my granddaughter graduated from Colby College.  I plan on returning to the area because I want to find Lois Howard Couillard's grave site in the Oak Hill Cemetery.  I was able to find Sam's grave site in the Metcalf Cemetery but could not locate his wife.  I did not have access to the location exactly and thought I could just walk up and find it.  I did find other Couillards but not hers.  I would like to contact someone from the Winterport Historical Society and make arrangements to meet with them this spring.  I have read the Couillard account in the History of Monroe and have some letters written by Samuel to his children when he lived in Frankfort.  These span the dates from 1840-1851 when he died.  I have letters written by his children to each other at this time and later.   The letters are mostly back and forth from Oconto, WI to Frankfort and Winterport.  I am also interested in the Couillard Ferry just north of Bucksport and the adjoining farm land.  I am through Thomas Howard Couillard Sr. and Jr. who went to Wisconsin from Corrina, Me. in 1849. 

I am interested in Lovina Couillard and Samuel Dennent, and Louisa Couillard and Benjamin Woodman who were Samuels' daughters and son-laws.
I also am interested in Samuel L. Couillard Jr. who went to Boston and holds : Patents on the Couillard Printing Press and also on Wool Combing machines.  In the one letter Sam mentioned that his neighbor Capt. Sam Dennet married his daughter Lovina and he lived next door.  I see by your map that S Dennet has property in the North East Corner.

As you can see I have a lot of questions to ask.  I have carefully reviewed the Arrowsic Area in Georgetown and find that Pvt. John left there and moved to Frankfort, at the beginning of the revolution or about 1773.  He started out as a drummer and switched to the regulars about that time.  He was killed in a mill accident working for Treat in abt 1786.  Some reports show his death ten years later.  His grave could be near by.  I have no dates on his wife, Mary Maragret Mott
Reply to: Bruce R. Couillard  29 Feb 08

COUILLARD: I have for some time trying to determine the descendents of Joshua Couillard. Shown pm 1790 Goshen census with Item 3-2, 4-3, 5-5. So far all I have been able to identify is Joshua Jr. and Rachel. I know his wife was Betsy Grant in 1790. Does anyone have any idea where I can find the names of the rest of his children? Please check with me regarding further details, if necessary. Reply to: Gloria Olson in Wisconsin 28 Aug 99

COURT STREET OCCUPANTS: I'm researching the names of past occupants of a particular house in Belfast. The house was built in 1853 by , I believe, Salathiel Nickerson. It was occupied early by a Hazeltine.  Until recently it was #31 Court Street. Does anyone have any info ?  I don't currently live in Maine so cannot do research, but thought I'd throw this out for consideration. Reply to: Phyllis Pottle 29 Jan 05

COUSENS:  I am trying to trace my family and find several references to my great-great grandfather, James Cousens. In his wife's diary of 1873, I note the following information about his going to sea.  What she never mentions is whether he is a captain, a mariner, or what ship he is sailing on.  If any of the following provides a clue, please let me know.  The last information is that he was "lost at sea" 10 Mar1880.  I would like to know the circumstances of his death--what ship he was on, did the whole ship go down, storm, or anything else I can find out.

  •  29Apr1873: James "got word he must go tomorrow." 

  • 8 May: received letter from Phil

  • 5 Jun: letter from Cardenas

  •  20 Jun: arrival at breakwater

  • 26 Jun: letter from Phil

  • 1 Jul: letter from Cardenas

  • 6 Jul: wrote to James in Boston

  • 15 Jul: James home

  • 21 Jul: James took boat to boston

  • 30 Jul: letter from Boothbay

  • 10Aug: wrote to James @ Charleston

  • 7 Oct: James in hurricane

  • 14 Oct: James now gone 12 weeks

  • 30 Oct: James home

  • 17 Feb1874: James went on the "L. Staples"

I would really appreciate any help understanding what ships he might have been on which would have traveled the above routes.  The only information I have on this gentleman is from this diary covering 1873 and part of 1874.  If anyone can refer me to a source, I will be ever so grateful.  Reply to: Jean Thomson 19 Aug 02

COUZENS:  Can anyone help me identify this Nathaniel Couzens of Prospect who died about 1803?
Nathaniel Couzens, yeoman, late of Prospect, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1803 Probate Records:
    -dated 4 April 1803
    -dated 12 April 1803
    -dated 15 July 1803 
Names in documents:
    - Wm. Wetmore - judge of probate
    - Nathaniel Couzens - bondsman, administrator of estate
    - Henry Black - bondsman, inventory
    - Charles Partridge - bondsman
    - Alexander Black - witness to bond
    - Abigail Couzens - witness to bond
    - Clark Partridge - inventory
    - John Staples - inventory 
Spelling variations:
    - Couzens, Couzins, Cousins          Reply to:  Doreen Houston  30 Jan 07   

COWAN / COWEN: Is there anyone researching the early Cowan or Cowen families in Maine? I am looking for a Deborah Cowan born about 1803, in probably Augusta or Vassalboro, Kennebec Co., who married 1st Isaac Bennett of Troy, Maine and second, Orison Page of Troy, Maine.
She had one son, Solomon H. Bennett, b. 1836 and one daughter, Sybel B. Page, b. 1840.
Would appreciate any information anyone might have on this person. Have information to share on Solomon H. Bennett and Sybel B. Page.
Reply to: Ardell Lynds 20 Dec 03

COYNEMichael John (husband) and Mary Eliz Costello (wife) both from Ireland. Stoneworker/Vinalhaven.  Son: Thomas Joseph Coyne, born 01 Jan 1869 in Hurricane Isle (Winterport). Also believed to have had 7 other sons (possibly Patrick, Francis, Charles) and one daughter. Anyone with any information?  Reply to:  Patricia Coyne  7 Apr 01

CROCKETT: Seeking information on Allard Crockett b. 13 May 1826 son of Samuel & Mehitable (Batchelder) Crockett. Samuel was born 21 Jan. 1801 d. 02 Oct 1880. Prospect, ME Waldo Co., Looking for proof such as probate records showing connection of Allard to parents. Reply to: Alice Reiley 29 Jan 00

CROCKETT:  William Henry Crockett,  b.1834, Belfast, Maine; d.1908 Park City, UT.  Possibly the son of Ezekiel Crockett and Abigail Hurd.  If anyone recognizes this Crockett family, please contact me.  Reply to:  Jennifer Harrigan Gonnuscio  or at  Alternate email 21 Apr 06 bn

CROCKETT HOUSE: Would anyone have information regarding a building known as the Crockett House in East Belfast, circa 1916? I have a copy of my great grandmother's obituary from the Republican Journal, November, 1916, which states that she died in her home in the Crockett House in East Belfast. The name Crockett has no personal family connection, so I'm wondering if it refers to a well known landmark or to the family who built/owned it. Any clues would be much appreciated. Reply to: Lynda 1 Sep 03

CRAWFORD: I am working on the history of my mother's grandmother, Edith Crawford, born in Unity, Maine.  I know she had at least 8 siblings, also of Unity.  But since I do not know her father's name (perhaps Ruel?), I could find nothing further. Three elderly ladies (ages 82, 90, 92), all Edith's granddaughters, are still alive and have identified people in photos of family reunions for me.  I would like to contact someone who knows the family history. Reply to: Linda Jones  (Edith's great-granddaughter) [165 US Route 4, Enfield, NH  03748] 20 Dec 01

CROMWELL: I am working on my Cromwell line of Waldo Co., ME. This is what I have:
Elizabeth Cromwell, b. circa 1746 in New Hampshire...supposed mother of Joseph Cromwell...died 21 Mar. 1851 in Montville, ME, at age 105!  She is buried in Bolan Hill  Cemetery in Montville, ME. 
Thomas Cromwell, b. circa 1755 or before, probably in England...supposed husband of Elizabeth Cromwell, above.
Children (surname Cromwell):

  1. Peter?

  2. Moses

  3. Joseph, b. circa 1770s-80s in England

  4. Abigail, b. 1772; married (2) James Bagley in Montville, ME 6 June 1799, by Abraham Borrall, Esq. Had eleven children. Abigail was married first to a Mr. Tollbrid, or Tollard

Joseph Cromwell, b. circa 1783 in England; possibly the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cromwell. Joseph married at Balltown (Jefferson), ME  18 Jan. 1802, to Hannah Cram, b. 1783 in Barnstead, NH, d/o Smith Cram and Jane Harriman. Joseph died prior to 1820, probably in Montville, ME. Hannah (Cram) Cromwell died 7 Nov. 1828 in South Prospect (Stockton Springs), Waldo Co., ME.
Children (surname Cromwell), born in Montville:

  1. Eliza, b. 30 Apr. 1802

  2. Moses, b. 14 Feb. 1804

  3. Polly, b. 11 Apr. 1805; m. Enoch Staples 2 Oct 1823 in Prospect, Waldo Co., ME by Thomas Merrill. Polly was from Freedom, ME at the time of their marriage. Polly died 24 Feb 1827 in Prospect, ME.

  4. Jane, b. 17 Jan 1808; m. 26 Aug 1826, in Prospect, ME to Joseph Badger Kidder, son of Joseph and Lydia (Houlton) Kidder. Jane died 23 Jan 1892, in Edgerton, Rock Co., WI. Had several children.

  5. Hannah, b. Aug 1815 in "Hancock Co., ME"; m. 18 June 1834, in Prospect Corners, Waldo Co., ME to Ralph Staples. Hannah died 13 June 1902 in Minneapolis, MN. Had eleven children. Seven survived to adulthood.

If anyone has ANY information on these people, I'd be very interested. I am hoping to verify where Joseph Cromwell (my 4th G-Grandfather) was born in England, and when. Reply to: Clark Kidder 28 Mar 02

CROSBY:  I'm looking for information on William Nickerson Crosby. He was born July 1, 1822 in Swanville, Maine and married Drusilla Eames. I'm trying to find out about their daughter Georgianne Crosby. She was born Sept 8, 1843 in Swanville. She married Henry Jackson. I'm trying to find out her death date and where she died? Would appreciate any information on this family. Reply to: Donna 24 Apr 06

CROSS:  I am looking for the parents of Edward Cross,  b. abt 1836 probably in Maine. He married Ruth Parker Coombs, d/o Solmon Page and Abigail (Pendleton) Coombs on 20 Sept 1869 in Belfast, Me.
They had 6 children:
1. Abbie Smith Cross b. 26 Dec 1967 in Islesborough, ME, m. Samuel Downing, d. 24 Jan 1948 in Henniker, NH
2. Susan Cross m. William Parsons
3. Georgie Inez Cross b. 9 Feb 1875, m. Edward F. Willey 15 Oct 1895 in Haverhill, MA.,d. 5 Feb 1933 in Haverhill, MA
4. Ethel Cross b. 11 Nov 1878 Belfast, Me m.Harry Fairbanks, d. 19 Nov 1942 in Haverhill, MA
5. Fred Cross lived in Lynn, MA
6. Leon Cross lived in Boston, MA
Reply to: NanaMandi@aol.com   20 Aug 00

CULLEN Looking for information on Ellen Cullen who emigrated from Ireland to Frankfort/Winterport, Waldo, Maine and ended up living with her daughter Margaret and son-in-law, Francis Averill, in Winterport in 1870 and 1880 censuses.  Would like to find out area the family is from in Ireland and where Ellen, Margaret and Francis are buried, probably in Winterport, Maine.  Reply to:  Kathleen Parker-Hopkins  30 Nov 07

CUNNINGHAM:  Annie E. Cunningham (1852-1948) married Clarence Harding abt 1869/1870.
Either Clarence died, or the marriage apparently did not survive.

Daughter Jennie Mae Harding married William Henry Morrisette. When? And, what happened to them? Annie lived with them in 1910, 1920, 1930 in Waltham, Massachusetts. Son Fred may have married Lizzie Wheeler in 1895 and they may have had a son in a 1900 Census. This may also be the wrong Fred Harding. If it's right, this marriage did not survive either. Fred is with his mother and sister in Waltham in 1910 Census.
Can anyone help out with this family? Reply to:
D.A. Harding 24 Apr 06

CUNNINGHAM:  Seeking new information to fill in blanks and/or confirm current information on the following Waldo county couple, their children and maybe their descendants:
Arthur Daniel Cunningham (1882, Troy - 1980, Bridgton) and Bessie E. Connor, (possibly Corner) (1882 -1953)

Their Cunningham children, born ~1906-1916, were:
Lyle who may have married Margaret E. McKenney
Ruth who may have married Halland O. Danforth and had a son, Halland
Kenneth who may have been in World War II
( Lyle and Ruth were in Troy in 1930 Census)

Does anyone know of these people? Are there descendants? Any interested in the family tree? What happened to these people? Did they have children? Grandchildren? Hoping to contact someone who can acknowledge information or suggest new leads. Reply to:
D.A. Harding 23 Apr 06

CUNNINGHAM:  I am looking for a relative: Charles E. Cunningham who was married to an Olive Gerry and they were both listed in the 1880 Census as living in Searsport, Maine . Charles was listed as a sailor. Does anyone know how I could get any info about their lives in Searsport? Reply to: Marlene Hofstetter  31 Aug 07

CUNNINGHAM:  I am looking for records of my grt-grt-grt-grandparents, Charles E. Cunningham who married an Olive Gerry, (Geary, Garry). Family search says they married in Clinton, Me. in 1873, but Clinton denies this. Charles was a sailor. The census was taken in 1880. Any help will be most appreciated. Apparently they lived in Searsport when the Census was conducted. Reply to: Marlene Hofstetter 24 Dec 05

CUNNINGHAM:  Seeking information on the following couple, their children, their grandchildren, etc.:
Frank L. Cunningham (1891 - 1962) and Lindora M. Harding (1896 - 1927)

Their son Harry Lewis Cunningham (1891-1962), his wife Hazel E. Knowlton (1896-1961),
and their children (born 1914-1933):
Thelma, may have married Ernest W. Ratten
Raymond, may have married Merlyn A. Jones
Melvin P and/or Paul
Viola, may have married Carroll A. Bumps
Julia, may have married Donald H. Bumps
Harry Lewis who died in as an infant, 1933
Is there anyone, any descendants who can confirm, add or trade information to complete blanks on the family tree?  Reply to:
D.A. Harding 23 Apr 06

: I am trying to find the genealogy for my grandfather Henry Herbert Cunningham. He was from Waldo County. His grandfather was Jacob Cunningham who moved here from New Hampshire. I am looking for any information I can find or any suggestions as to where to look for clues or genealogical data. Reply to: dollie 6 Sept 99

CUNNINGHAM: Looking burial place of Lydia A. (Turner) Cunningham.  She was married to Joseph Cunningham.  She died on March 24, 1889.  Daughter, Ida A. was married to Martin Hodgkins.  Other children were:  Abbey and Anson. Reply to: Barbara Dyer 9 Feb 2001

CUNNINGHAM:  Seeking information regarding Moses Cunningham who is in the 1850 census in Washington, a farmer. His ancestry, his siblings, his children.  He had a son, Daniel Cunningham, born Oct 20, 1825, lived in Troy where he raised a family, died Jan 28, 1898, buried in Troy. Reply to: D. A. Harding 25 Jan 04

CUNNINGHAM:  Seeking family to complete blanks on the family tree.
"Billie" Wilhemine Cunningham was a first cousin to my grandfather Clyde Albert Harding
She married Harold Edmunds (?sp) in 1915

The couple's daughters Glee and Barbara are referenced in Mitchells' history "Troy, Maine, Past and Present, 1793, 1827-1977"

Does anyone know what happened to these people?  Are their descendants? Anyone interested in sharing, trading family tree information?
Can a Troy historian help or make suggestions?  Reply to:
D.A. Harding  24 Apr 06

CURTIS:  I am looking for information on a Adelbert (he has many spellings) Curtis who was born in Winterport c. 1852. Any information will be appreciated: Reply to: Kathy Smith 18 Sep 05

CURTIS: I am seeking information about Christopher C. Curtis, who appears on the 1850 Franfort Census. Was he related in any way to the Christopher Curtis living in Addison, ME in 1810? Did he have a brother named Calvin? Reply to: Jim McHugh 11 Dec 99

CURTIS: Trying to determine if Dorothy O. (Smith) Curtis, whose last residence (Apr 1998) was in Belfast, Waldo Co., Maine, is the daughter of Thaxter and Dollie Smith from Washington D. C. Reply to: Tom McDonald 30 Jan 02

CURTIS:  I'm looking for the obituary for Rena May (Smith) Curtis, she died Jan. 10, 1998 in Belfast, Maine. Also, the obit. on Clifford Malcolm Curtis, he died Sept. 7, 1958, in Belfast, Maine. Reply to: Donna  1 Feb 05

CURTIS:  I am looking for the obituary for Sheldrick Coyt Curtis who passed away in Belfast on 29 Sept 1996. He was a resident of Northport at the time of his death.  If anyone has any information regarding this man, who is my father, please email me and put "Sheldrick Curtis" in the subject line. Any further information would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to: Lila Curtis 14 Oct 2005

CURTIS: I am seeking any information on William Ellis Curtis who was b. in Frankfort, ME.  Married Sarah Smith Kimball of Mattamascontis, ME. and settled in South Lincoln, ME. which is just across the Penobscot River from Mattamascontis.  Reply to: Jo Loupin 5 July 04

- D -

DAILEY / DALY:  Does anyone any records for the death of a Jerusha Dailey/Daly (variant spellings).  She would have died between 1810 and 1820 in the Ducktrap/Lincolnville area.  Her husband was Christopher Dailey Sr.,  b. about 1755;  d. ??.  ANY leads or suggestions on where to look will be greatly appreciated.  Reply to: Kiova  14 Apr 06

DAILEY:  I am seeking Christopher Dailey / Daley /Daly {supposed to have immigrated from Ireland or Norway.  He married a Johann Thorndike of Lincolnville; they married on 13 July 1817 in  Lincolnville.  Also, I am trying to find any record on him that would give me a birth date for him. His fathers name was said to be Christopher, also.  The family says he bought land in Lincolnville,  abt 1790, but I have no record of it. Christopher and Johann had a son, John E. Dailey,  b. 20 May 1821, in Lincolnville. If this land record exists how can I find it? Reply to: Kiova 19 Feb 04

DALIE: I am researching the family of Silas Dalie (Dailey) who married Cynthia Coombs in Lincolnville, ME in 1798. Silas was born about 1780 in ME, but I do not know where. There is a Silas Dailey listed in the 1800 Waldo Co. Census as coming from Harpswell. Would like to hear from anyone who is researching this family? Reply to: Phyllis R. July 99

DANIELS: I have been working on my Daniels line with little or no real luck.
 My great grandmother was Mary Loetta Daniels who married Orville Mitchell Brown. She was born 1 Nov 1861 in Suisun, Solano, CA and died 4 Feb 1917 Santa Clara, CA.  Mary Loetta Daniels' parents were; Greenleaf Norton Daniels born 1826 in Waldo, ME and died 10 Jun 1902 in Solano County, CA and Sylvira/Sylvia Augusta Wentworth.
Greenleaf's parents are Adin Daniels, born 1795 in Swanville, ME and Sally or Sarah Btown, born in Belfast, ME.
This is where I have been stuck for some time now. I only find Adin Daniels listed in the 1870 census living with one of his children, John Daniels and John's wife, Eunice and their children Mary A., George A., Eugene, John and Carry. Adin is alone so I must assume from that Sally/Sarah Brown Daniels died before 1870 although I have a note that says she died before 1850 I don't know where I got that from. I believe Adin died between Jul 1870 when the 1870 census was taken and 1880.
Can anyone trace this family back any farther? Reply to: Eileen Gillette 26 Mar 04

DANFORTH: Mary Danforth was born about 1825 in Freedom, Waldo county.  She married Otis Walker about 1847 and they lived in Thorndike a good part of their lives.  They lived near Stephen Danforth (B. abt 1795) and his wife Sarah [Susanna Kelley -  from Tom Elliott] (b. abt 1805). Stephen died about 1870 in probably Jackson.  Reply to: Arthur Wood 28 Jan 06

DANFORTH: I am looking for the connection to the Danforths buried in Kelley-Danforth Cemetery, Waldo County, to the Danfords in New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Ohio.  I am a 6th great-grandson of Samuel Danford and Mary Groom, both born in New Jersey.  I have info back to Paul Danforth, born 1504 in Framlingham, Suffolk, England.  Reply to: Randy Lashley 18 May 01

DAVIS: This is a Waldo County query for the earlier ancestors of Abel Davis. I do not have a birth date or death date for him.   Abel Davis married Elizabeth McGlathery in 1823.  They lived in Frankfort, Maine and had 8 children.  There were 5 boys and 3 girls.  4 died in their teens of T.B.  The only name I have is one son of Abel and Elizabeth Davis.  His name was Charles Alexander Davis and he was born in 1826.  Abel and Elizabeth Davis moved from Frankfort to Sheboygan County, Wisconsin in 1847.  I would so much like to have the earlier Maine ancestors of Abel Davis and know the names, birth, marriage and death dates of his children besides CharlesAbel Davis was my  great great grandfather.  Reply to: Ruth L. Adams, P.O. Box 145, Maryneal, TX 79535

DAVIS and/or TWITCHELL: Any information on the families of Abigail Davis (1804-1897) (married Solomon Hogan), or Mary Twitchell (1811-1876) (married Redmand Boody) would be appreciated.  They are both of Jackson and g-g-grandmothers.  Reply to:  Norman Nutter 31 Aug 07

DAVIS: Searching for the Davis family in mid-1800s, from Brooks, Maine. Bryron Charles Davis, son of Edmund Hall Davis of Thorndike. Byron married Minnie Whitfield, while Edmund married Eliza Mansur. Any Davis descendants researching this family? Reply to: Ned Horton 9 Feb 00

DAVIS: I'm looking for the parents/siblings of Elijah Davis, b. 1814 in Maine; d. 1904, Burnham, Waldo County, Maine. He married Eunice McAllister, 29 Oct 1837 in Waldo, Waldo County, Maine. They had 5 children, Edward, Albert, Maty, Mary, and Charles Edwin. Reply to: David Conover  3 Mar 03

DAVIS: Estelle Adelle Davis, d/o Winfield S. and Eva B. (Preble) Davis was b. 6 Dec. 1909 in Montville, Waldo County, ME. She married in 1941 in Montville to Robert George Horne, b. ca 1890 in Madison, Maine, son of [?] Alden A. and Bertha E. (Royal) Horne. Estelle d. in Aug. 1974 in Frankfort, Maine.
Did Estelle and Robert raise a family? Where did they live? Does anyone have family data and/or photos of the family, and their ancestors?  The information is needed for "The Descendants of John Lane Morse of Montville, Maine" Reply to: Isabel Morse Maresh
18 May 03

DEAN:   I'm looking for a death for Lewis Dean sometime after 1880 in Lincolnville, Maine.   His wife was: Rovenia RichardsReply to:  Joan Hayden  30 Jan 07

DEANE: I have an ancestor Francis Williams Deane,  b.1820, Taunton, Mass and died in Australia in 1898. On his marriage cert (2nd marriage) in Australia in 1868 he describes himself as a master mariner. I have a sailing card for the Isabella leaving San Francisco Feb 5,1852 for Sydney and the Australian Goldfields via Honolulu with Master Deane. The Isabella is described as a new Baltimore Clipper 400 tons Burden, Master F W Deane is described as a Bostonian who joined the forty-niners on the Yuma diggings He was married to a Margaret Scott prior to coming to Australia as I have found scant records of two children born and died here at a young age and believe Margaret died possibly in 1865 here in Australia. I have found no record of the Isabella arriving in Australia hence no passenger lists or anything.
Other family trivia: Pilot F W Deane found his sealegs at an early age on a bluenose barque making the run around "Cape Stiff" to California. He later settled at Williamstown, Victoria (Aust) and with some other seafarers (Captains or Masters?) formed a company to operate as Pilots on Port Phillip Bay, a Boston cutter called "Anonyma" was used and also the cutters "Corsair" and "Proserpine" the schooner "Rip" built in St John, New Brunswick. Parents of Francis Williams Deane were Nehemiah Washburn Deane and Anne Williams and lived in the Taunton MA area. My direct descendant from FW Deane is Claude Deane also believed to have traveled extensively so we think either the family had many other seafaring links and he may have joined them or he may too have been a master of vessels at some time.  Reply to: Parna Lawless (Perth, Western Australia) 29 Sep 01

DECROW: My 3rd great grandparents were Daniel D. Decrow and Azubah Gay Decrow.  They married 12 Nov, 1788 and the marriage appears on page 5 of the Lincolnville town records.  Daniel appears on the 1790 census for Ducktrap Plantation.  My 2nd great grandfather, Thomas Decrow, was born 1 Aug, 1804 in Lincolnville as were all of his siblings, Daniel Jr, Azubah, Anna, Robert, Ibri, Elijah, Bateman, Howard, and Olivia

Thomas, Howard, Daniel Jr, and Elijah left Lincolnville for Matagorda County, Texas.  Thomas returned Maine to marry Lucretia Morton, the intentions were filed 6 Oct, 1835 in Bristol, Maine and the marriage solemnized 29 Oct, 1835.  The marriage intentions list Lucretia as of Bristol.  While not in Waldo County, I would love to hear from Morton researchers;  I have no other information on Lucretia.  They returned to Texas to raise their family.
Robert married Harriet Wade, the intentions were filed 23 Aug 1827 in Lincolnville, I have her parents as John Wade and Abigail Bates

Anna married Jeremiah Clements 12 Mar, 1815 in Lincolnville; I have Jeremiah's parents as Jeremiah Clements and Experience Yeaton

Bateman married Betsey Clements, intentions filed 1 Dec, 1822 in Knox.  Betsey is Jeremiah's brother.

Olivia married Mark Hall, intentions were filed in Thorndike, 18 Nov, 1837 and Lincolnville, 20 Nov, 1837; marriage occurred in Thorndike, 7 Dec, 1837.
I would love to hear from anyone researching these collateral lines.  I keep hoping to find more Decrow cousins and extend my research.  My long term
goal is to create a extensive database of the Decrow surname including following the female lines. If anyone is interested in this project Reply to:
Pat Nichols
21 Jan 06

DECROW:  Requesting any information on Daniel and Azubah Gay DecrowDaniel was in Ducktrap Plantation (later to be Lincolnville) by 1788.  He married Azubah Gay, 13 Nov 1788.  I understand the house they raised their children in is still standing.  I would like to know when he died, he was still alive in 1839, but that is all I know.  I would like to know where he is buried.  Azubah was born in Onslow, Nova Scotia and the last I know of her is that the last child was born 13 Sep 1809.  What happened to Azubah?  What happened to her son, IbriReply to: Pat Nichols   20 Nov 05

DECROW I am researching the person of Judith F. Decrow, born in Lincolnville, Maine in June 1827.  Any information about her or her parentage would be greatly appreciated as I can find nothing further about her.  Reply to:  Bruce Williams  30 Jan 07

DECROW: Does anyone know the cause of death for Thomas Libby Decrow and his second wife Clita or Cleetie?  I have been searching for Decrows on the New England Genealogical Historical Society website.  They have indexes to Maine marriages and Maine deaths.  Clita was at least Thomas' 2nd marriage.  They married 1 Oct, 1936, most likely in Belfast, Maine.  Belfast is listed as the residence of both bride and groom.  They both died 17 Dec, 1962 in Belfast, Maine.  They have consecutive death certificate numbers.  Thomas was 90 and Cleetie was 94.  I would be interested in any information anyone might have. Reply to: Pat Nichols 19 Mar 05

DECROW:  I am researching the Decrow surname.  The first Decrows to move to Maine settled in Lincolnville.  In the 1880 and 1900 censuses, the William Bateman Decrow family is living in Belfast.  William was born in Freedom, the son of Bateman and Betsey Clements Decrow.  He married Lucy A Osgood, marriage date and place unknown. 

Children of William and Lucy are Walter A b  May, 1868, William A b May, 1874, Elmer B b 15 Dec 1878, Alice B  b Dec, 1879, and Charles Ralph b 4 Nov,1884 in Belfast.  They lived at 14 Bayview St according to the 1900 census. 
William Bateman and William A were employed at the shoe factory in 1900. William A is listed as a lining cutter and I  believe William B's occupation is listed Eng - Shoe Factory.
The only marriage information I have for the children is for Charles Ralph, he married Lulu Mae Edwards abt 1907.  She and her parents place of birth is listed as Pennsylvania.  In the 1930 census they are living in Bangor.

Does anyone have any additional information on this family?  I would like to know when they moved to Belfast.  Does Bayview St still exist?  Any and all information is greatly appreciated.  Reply to:
Pat Nichols  29 Jan 05

DICKEY:  I am searching for any information on Josiah George Dickey (or George Josiah Dickey) who was born in Belfast Maine apparently May 1825, according to his headstone.  He died in Australia.  I don't know anything at all about the US side of things.  If anyone is interested I am more than happy to swap information.  This research is not family related, but I am researching Americans with another, who came to Australia in the gold rush days.  Josiah was one of those.  Reply to: Denise of Australia  21 Jun 05

DICKINSON: Leonard W. married in Nov. 1839 Betsy Walker, daughter of Samuel and Betsy of Liberty, ME. Leonard died in later 1849-early 1850 leaving three children: Clara A Eldana Dickinson, born 1 Mar 1842, Susan D. Dickinson, born 24 Jan 1848 and Leonard Walker Dickinson, born 23 July 1850. I am seeking information on the place and date of death of the father and the marriages of the two daughters. Reply to: Harold Quigley 20 Dec 01

DINSMORE / SOMES: I need any information available about Alfred M. Dinsmore and Hannah N. Somes, married 16 Nov 1848 in Waldo, Maine. I know nothing besides their marriage date and place! I would love to have their birthplaces (both were Maine, according to 1880 census), their parents' names, occupations, siblings, etc. I am not related, but writing a book that they will definitely be part of. Thanks for any and all help and advice. Reply To: Andy Rapoza 24 July 01

DOCKHAM/DOCHAM:  Mrs Abigail Dockham / Docham.  Born about in 1785 NH or ME; married abt. 1816 NH_____ Dockham.  Mother of Osman, born abt. 1816  NH; Waldron, born abt 1817; Isaac, born abt. 1827 ME; Daniel, born December 1828 Frankfort, Waldo, ME;  John, born abt. 1831 probably ME.  [spelled Docham  in the 1840 census of Frankfort] Also in 1850 - 1860 - 1870 - 1880 Census of Frankfort, Waldo, ME.  Looking for the birth records of the children born in Maine; who is listed as their father?  I am seeking ANY information related to him.  Reply to: Carol Anne Shiels   28 Apr 07

DOCKHAM: I am looking for family ancestors  and descendants of Daniel M. Dockham and his wife, Hannah (Dutch).  According to the Death Certificates of 2 daughters, they would have resided in Frankfort c 1860's  Addie E: b. in Frankfort, ME between March 1864 (Death Certificate calculation 20 Mar 1939 minus 75 yrs, 2 days) and March 1871(cemetary marker inscription) . She married John M. Jennison (1859-1928 per marker inscription).  She died in Concord, Middlesex, MA, 20 Mar 1939, and both are buried in the Jennison Plot 1860, MT Feake Cemetary, Waltham, Middlesex, MA.   Mary Janeb. in Frankfort, ME, 6/3/1859 or 1860 (per Death Certificate).  She married Sumner F. Davis (1857-1898).  She died in Waltham, Middlesex, MA 5/25/1921 and both are buried in the Davis Plot 1691 1/4.   Mary Jane and Sumner F Davis had 4 daughters: Edith, Ruth, Helen, Olive and 1 son, Sumner Pingree (Pingrey) Davis [my grandfather].  He married Charlotte Burns of Reading, MA.   They had 4 daughters:  Charlotte, Eleanor (my mother), Lois and Olive.   Reply to: Carol Anne Shiels 29 Jul 03

DOCKHAM: Dockham, Dutch and Howard families of Frankfort, Belfast, Prospect or other Waldo County towns.

Ephraim Dockham, elder:  known father of Ephraim, younger,  b Frankfort 13 May 1822, marr. Adeline M Savage of & in Francestown, NH. 25 Dec 1848.   She died in Boston, MA Jun 1860.
Widower Ephraim married Mary E (probably Howard) Boston 1861.  Per 1880 Belfast Maine census, they were in Belfast.  He a Stone Cutter. Ephraim, elder, also probable father of Daniel M Dockham b Frankfort  abt 1829.  See prior posting.  Per 1870 Census, Daniel was also a Stone Cutter.
The 1900 census places Daniel and Hannah J (Dutch) in Prospect.  He age 71, she age 69. Also son Everett b Jan 1872, age 28 a stonecutter; son George b Dec 1878 age 21 and his wife K___
Other children: Ephraim b abt 1855, Fred Daniel b abt 1857; Mary Jane -my ancestor- b Frankfort 1859; Edmund A b abt 1862; Addie E, b abt 1864; Arthur b abt 1867; Henry b Dec 1869.  Any additional information would be gratefully appreciated.  Reply to:
Carol Anne Shiels  2 Feb 05

DODGE: I am looking for info on Freeman Dodge born 1850-1852(?) possibly Islesboro, ME, he died in Burnham, Me after 1899 but is not burried there.  His wife was Isadore West born between 1850 to 1860 in Belfast, ME. she died before 1899 when their son,  John A. Dodge was married.  I presume she died in Burnham, ME as well, but he isn't burried there either.  Where ever they are burried, they should be together maybe in another family lot of either West's or Dodge's.I need the info to tie the family tree together.  I understand that a Freeman Dodge was born in Islesboro in 1852.  Any  help would be appreciated.  Reply to: Frances Dodge  7 Apr 01

DODGE: My 2nd great-grandparents were Leonard and Mary "Polly" (Dodge) Boyd of North Monroe.  Mary was the daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Loud) Dodge of Monroe.  Supposedly, Benjamin was the son of Edward Dodge but it seems highly unlikely as b would have been only 13 when Benjamin was born in 1778 in Beverly, Ma. Does anyone know who his father was or have a more logical candidate?  Reply to: Joan Burgess Brown 15 Feb 04

DODGE/BROOKINS: The family that I am researching is that of Mial Dodge and his wife Elizabeth (Betsy) BrookinsMial was b. 1818 in Bridgeton, Cumberland, ME, and d. 2 May 1898, probably in Unity.  Betsy was b. 1820-1823 in ME, and d. 22 April 1889.  I got the information on Betsy from the Unity town office records. I would like to find out who all their children were, besides my direct ancestor Dudley Hartley Dodge, who migrated to Wisconsin.  I also know that Dudley had a sister named Lottie. But the main reason I am writing is because of a small family cemetery which I finally located last summer.  I don't find it on your Waldo Co. Cemetery listings.  This "burial ground" was 16' x 16', and was exempted from the sale of Mial and Betsy's land in Unity Plantation to George Brookins, who was, I believe, Betsy's brother.  Given that they reserved the "burial grounds" at the time they sold their property, (I presume this is the time that they moved into the town of Unity.)  I am curious to know in whose hands it now belongs, as that was over 100 years ago. This "burial ground" is located by driving out of the town of Unity (either on 139 or 202, I'm not sure) into Unity Plantation.  Then I believe it is the first right, (which is either blacktop or dirt).  The thing I remember was going past a place that did work on small engines, on the right; then past a lot with a mobile home on it, then past a field adjacent to that; and then another field, which was the former property of my ancestor.  (I think this is about as far as the road goes.)  As one drives into the lane to the right, there was thick growth which concealed the old brick foundation to the cabin. ( I found the foundation 20 years ago, but couldn't find the graves then.) The man from the small engine repair place pointed out to my husband and myself where the graves were.  He said that he had grown up knowing there were graves there, but didn't know whose they were.  At any rate, the graves would seem to be located under a mound on which was planted one or two birch trees, and a large pine or two.  It is quite visible on the north ( I think) side of the field.  When we investigated it, we came to the conclusion that the burials were made, and mounded, and marked with the trees; and over the years the graves had sunken somewhat, leaving the tree roots exposed and quite visible.  I don't know who are in the graves, and don't know how to find out.  But I would like to know what we can do to protect that small patch of land, perhaps by fencing it off and putting a small plaque on it, or something to that effect.  Unless we can show that it existed before Mial and Betsy Dodge took possession of the land, it could be designated as the Dodge Cemetery.  Is there someone else to whom I should be taking this project?  I would be happy to pay at least part of the expenses in preserving this burial ground, as I do feel that these are part of my ancestral family. Reply to: Ruth Dodge Lame 1 May 01

DOUGLAS:  I’m working on my direct ancestry for Robert Douglas (mariner-sea captain at Isle au Haut) who married one of the Lanpher daughters, and is found in wartime court documents, with Stephen Lanpher, living in the 1790’s in Bucks Township 1 (later Bucksport) & Searsport areas.  Any Lanpher leads/information would be truly appreciated.  Reply to:  Ingrid Luke  31 Jan 08

DOWNS: Looking for ancestors of Benjamin Downs who married Eunice Freeman (d/o of Timothy Freeman and Zerviah Nickerson) at Orrington, Penobscot Co., Maine on 31 December 1802. He is noted as Benjamin Downs "of Frankfort" in this record.  Family moved to New York City ca 1815. One daughter, Sally who m. Anso Nickerson of Hingham, MA., one son, Benjamin m. Margaret Wilson of New York City. Another daughter, Almena Downs who m. Harold Dollner in NEW York City. Listed as mariner in NYC City Directories to 1833. Wife Eunice appears as widow in city directories 1835 forward. Possibly a son, George who m. a Rebecca Ferris and daughter, Mercy who m. a Henderson, latter two not proven. His wife Eunice (Freeman) Downs,  d. 25 Jan 1863 at Brooklyn, NY. Her obituary ists her as "Eunice Downs, widow of Captain Benjamin Downs of Frankfort, Maine."  Reply to: Marjorie Simons 29 Sep 01

DOWNS: Edgar L. Downs, b. Feb. 12, 1860.  Are there any known descendants of him?  He was the son of James G. Downs, b. abt. 1834 and Thankful M. Young, b. abt. 1838, d. Feb. 3, 1868 Reply to: David M. Young 19 Nov 05

DOWNS:  Looking for names of children of Noah/Sally Downs. Noah was born abt. 1775. His parents were Noah Downs/Hannah Woodman.  We are attempting to prove that Thomas Downs (1798-1833) is the son Noah, Noah Jr. or someone else.  Noah and Sally lived in Frankfort from 1790 - 1820 according the the U.S. Census.  Ancestor Thomas Downs lived in Orono from 1821 - 1833, but we are unable to connect anyone as his father.  All hints, clues and proof would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to:  Katherine Tweedie  30 Sep 07

DOWNS:  Looking for info on Thomas Downs, listed in Frankfort 1820 census, p 679. Who were his parents? Is he the same Thomas Downs who moved to Orono and married Mary (Polly) Oliver in 1821? Reply to: Katherine Tweedie 16 Dec 06

DOWNS:  Seeking information on Zenas Downs of Swanville.  I think he might be son of Paul Downs and Margaret MoorZenas is listed in censuses variously as Zenas, Lenas, Zenon, LL, as one might expect.  I believe he married Margaret Jane Mitchell.  Also, there is a Clevland, age 93 in 1860, living with Paul.  Could this be Paul's father?  In an online message, I saw a query where someone wondered if Paul's father were Moses of Strafford.  So perhaps Clevland is not the father, but an uncle?  And how should Clevland be spelled?  I saw relatives with Cleaveland and Cleveland Reply to:  Pamela Beveridge  31 Jan 08

DOYLE/PERRY: I am researching the following individuals:

Thomas Doyle, Sea Captain.
b. 9 Feb 1765 Salem, Essex Co., MAA.
m. 28 April 1794, Camden, Hancock Co., ME, Lucy Perry.
d. 24 May 1821, buried Northport.

Lucy Perry
b. 20 Aug 1776, Vinalhaven, ME.
d. 13 May 1867, Roxbury,Brookline, MA
daughter of William Perry and Abigail ?.

Daughter Eliza Jane Doyle
b.16 March 1805, Sedgewick, Hancock Co., ME
m. 27 Nov 1821, Northport ME;  William A. Beattie, s/o Robert Battie and Mary Barr.
b. 25 Dec 1799 at Northport ME
d. 30 March 1874 Boston MA.

Anyone researching this family? I believe a portrait we have, may be of Thomas Doyle buried at Northport in 1821. Reply to: Michelle Townsend Amsbury 21 July 00

DRINKWATER / MILLER: Does anyone have any info on the Drinkwater or Miller family?
Bride Town/State: Belfast, ME
Groom Town/State: Belfast, ME
Date of Marriage: Saturday September 22, 1894
I do know that this was George's second marriage as his first wife Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Brown) died of Tuberculosis as died a child or two. Reply to: Linda Clark
28 Jan 06

DUNCAN: Looking for information on Nathan K. Duncan and Agnes Drinkwater. Nathan was born 29 Dec 1831. He married Agnes N. Drinkwater, born 25 Nov 1838.
Nathan: Around 1869 he was obtaining supplies for the Schooner Cottage and in 1870 for the May Flower. The Cottage sailed from Sullivan to Rockland, Bangor to Gloucester, Bangor to Marblehead?, Brewer to Boston, and Rockport to Boston. I think he may have been from Lincolnville, ME. Does anyone have any information?
Reply to: Belinda Hudec  4 Dec 02

DUNNELLS: Hi Tom, I am the Great Great Granddaughter of Samuel Sumner Dunnells.  Here is what I know about him (from a collection of biographies of San Diego residents—written in 1890):
was born at Edgecomb, Maine, April, 15, 1824, and in 1826 moved with his parents to Belfast on the Penobscot bay. His father was a sea­faring man, as was his grandfather; the same influence worked upon the son, and in 1833, at the age of seventeen years, he went on board a merchant vessel, which traded on the Atlantic along the coast of North and South America and the West Indies. In 1841, accompanied by seven sailors, he went up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers to Peoria, Illinois, and then by wagon across the plains to Chicago, and the following eight years sailed upon Lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie, as master of a vessel. In 1849 he returned to Belfast, Maine, and in January, 1850, he sailed for San Francisco, California, making but one stop, at Valparaiso, and completing the trip in 160 days, arriving in July, 1850. (Source: An Illustrated History of Southern California)
 (ed: See
http://www.calarchives4u.com/Biographies/sandiego/sdiego-dunn.htm for the remainder of biography)"
I was wondering, does anyone know who S. S. Dunnells’ parents were and did he come from a long line of sea captains as the biography says?  I know there is a record of his marriage to Hannah Elizabeth Moore (AKA Elizabeth H. Moore—she hated Hannah!) in Belfast.  It is published in a book.  After he came to California, I know all about him and he is buried just a couple of miles away from where I am right now.  SS is credited by Newport Harbor, which is north of here, as having “discovered” the harbor and the maritime museum is having a big centennial this year, so I gave them this biography and a picture of SS.  Consequently, I am curious about the accuracy of the biography.   Reply to: Ellen Fancy  19 Aug 06

DUPLISEA: I am related to the late Elmer and Dorothy Duplisea of Burnham. Elmer and my grandfather - David Wiley Deplissey - were half brothers. Elmer had been born in Tilley,Victoria County, NB while David had been born earlier in Wicklow, Carleton County, NB. look forward to obtaining more information about Elmer and Dorothy's children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren . Reply to: David Duplissea  9 Feb 2001

DURHAM:  I am working on an extended family tree on the Durham family, my ancestors came from Scotland via Ireland, New Hampshire, Maine, (Waldo County), New York then to Western Michigan. (my home).   I would like to communicate with any Durham's or Durham relatives in Waldo County to add to this family tree. Reply to:  Charles H. Durham  7 Apr 01

DURHAM / HALL: I am seeking information on the families of John Durham and Kezia Hall who were married in Belfast, Waldo, ME on May 7, 1818. Anyone with knowledge of the families of this couple please Reply to: Cara Russell 7 Aug 99

DURHAM / HALL: I am researching the Durham and Hall families of Belfast area circa 1780-1820. John Durham m. Keziah Hall in Belfast, 1818. The Durhams came from Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. I have no information on Halls. Would like to hear from anyone with  a connection to or information about either of these families. Reply to: Larry Russell 28 Mar 02

DURQUID/WATT:  I'm looking for any Information relating to my Great Great Grandmother and maybe some other relatives that moved to Vinalhaven in the 1850's 1900's or before.  After doing some other History on my Family I came across a Personal Record of my Great Grandfather James Duguid When he joined the (Aberdeen) Scotland, Police Force in 1895, that his father was George Duguid and his mother was Mary Duguid, maybe Mary Watt Duguid, maiden name Mary Watt.
In the record it stated that his father,
George Duguid was dead, and that his mother Mary Duguid moved to Vinalhaven, U.S.A.  I do not now if she ever returned from Vinalhaven or if she stayed there, I would think that when she moved there she probably went over to some other relations of hers, or of her late husband George Duguid.
Mary Duguid was from Tarves Village Northeast, Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm not sure when she was born, but her son James was born on the 14th August 1870.  I'm not sure if she kept her married name Duguid or if she used her maiden name Watt. Any Information about my great great grandmother or where I could get it would be of great help to my family and I.  Reply to:  Scottie 1 May 01 

DYER: My mother was born Dorothy Dyer on April 20, 1913, in Northport, Maine. Her father was William H. Dyer:, possibly born around 1878. Various documents do not agree on his place of birth - we have found Hollis, Maine, Bar Mills, Maine, and Portland, Maine. We have no death date for him, nor do we know what happened to him after 1914 when his wife, Ethel R. Dodge (born in Northport about 1884), divorced him. William's father was Henry H. Dyer, born October 28, 1844, died November 23, 1892. Henry's father was Cyrus Dyer, born September 5, 1812, died February 1879. Cyrus was one of nine children of Joseph Dyer and Dorcas Fly, who were married 5 Apr 1792 in Waterborough, Maine. Basic questions are who were the parents of this Joseph Dyer, and when & where was he born. Can anyone shed any light on the William H. Dyer, my grandfather, as described? Reply to: Jack Hendrickson 7 Aug 99

DYER: I am searching for Elizabeth Dyer b 1796; married Luther Turner 1814 in Bucksport Hancock Co ME. I am trying to verify her parents - believe they are Ambrose and Rhoda Dyer who are buried in Bucksport Cemetery.  Can anyone confirm this?  Reply to: Ermine Payne 15 Jan 05

DYER: Looking for the parents of George Dyer of Thorndike, Maine. Here's what I have on his family:

George Dyer born 1770-75, died 28 Jun 1838 in Thorndike, Maine. Married 15 May 1799 in Winslow, Maine to Antiope Pattee, born about 1780, Vassalboro, Maine, (daughter of Ebenezer Pattee and Mary Stinson). After Antiope's death on 13 Aug 1825, Thorndike, Maine, George married Lydia Still.

i Mary S. Dyer born 17 Sep 1801, Thorndike, Maine.
ii Levi Dyer born 17 Feb 1804, Thorndike, Maine. (my line)
iii Benjamin Dyer born 29 Oct 1806, Thorndike, Maine.
iv George Dyer born 10 Aug 1807, Thorndike, Maine.
v Relief Dyer born 5 Jun 1809, Thorndike, Maine.
vi Abigail Dyer born 6 Jun 1811, Thorndike, Maine.
vii Sylvia Dyer born 15 Mar 1813, Thorndike, Maine.
viii Jane Dyer born 4 Apr 1815, Thorndike, Maine.
ix William Dyer born 2 May 1817, Thorndike, Maine.
x John Colby Dyer born 18 Oct 1819, Thorndike, Maine.
xi Ebenezer Dyer born 26 Dec 1821, Thorndike, Maine.

Reply to: David Sylvester @ Roots@mdwsweb.com 31 Oct 04

DYER: Looking for the parents of George Dyer of Thorndike, Maine.  Here's what I have on his family:
George Dyer born 1770-75, died 28 Jun 1838 in Thorndike, Maine. Married 15 May 1799 in Winslow, Maine to Antiope Pattee, born about 1780, Vassalboro, Maine, (daughter of Ebenezer Pattee and Mary Stinson).  After Antiope's death on 13 Aug 1825, Thorndike, Maine, George married Lydia Still.
i     Mary S. Dyer born 17 Sep 1801, Thorndike, Maine.
ii    Levi Dyer born 17 Feb 1804, Thorndike, Maine. (my line)
iii   Benjamin Dyer born 29 Oct 1806, Thorndike, Maine.
iv   George Dyer born 10 Aug 1807, Thorndike, Maine.
v    Relief Dyer born 5 Jun 1809, Thorndike, Maine.
vi   Abigail Dyer born 6 Jun 1811, Thorndike, Maine.
vii   Sylvia Dyer born 15 Mar 1813, Thorndike, Maine.
viii  Jane Dyer born 4 Apr 1815, Thorndike, Maine.
ix    William Dyer born 2 May 1817, Thorndike, Maine.
x     John Colby Dyer born 18 Oct 1819, Thorndike, Maine.
xi    Ebenezer Dyer born 26 Dec 1821, Thorndike, Maine.

Several years ago an elderly gentleman James Vickery, now deceased, gave me information linking George Dyer to Levi Dyer and Serviah Sprague.  This connection has never been proven.  He gave no source or proof of that connection.

Levi Dyer was born to William "the younger" Dyer and Elizabeth Small(ey) and was christened 12 Nov 1738 in Truro, Massachusetts.  He married Serviah, daughter of Abiel and Hannah Sprague on 2 Jan 1761 in Scarboro, Maine and died 16 Apr 1798 at Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Children of Levi and Serviah:
George Dyer as above. (Assuming my source is correct)
Dolly Dyer Married Daniel Ridley Jr on 21 Nov 1799.

In any case I'd like to find the parents of George Dyer or find proof that the above is true. Reply to: David Sylvester  
3 Mar 03

EDWARDS, WEBB, WHITAKER:  My Edwards family is descended from the following families and I would like to find out more about them or even find some new cousins.
James Whitaker(1756/1835) -m-(1728) Susannah Simmons would like to know more about Susannah Simmons family. 
John Webb(1787/1850) -m-1808 to Abigail Rich, would like to know about Webb and  Rich family.
I will be happy to share any information I have on these family to who ever may also be working on them.  Replay to: Gladys Edwards Pelosi  7 Feb 08

EDWARDS / GODDARD:  I am seeking information on my ancestors who were in the Palermo/China, Maine and Belfast, Maine area. I have very little to go on but this is what I do have. 

Esther Edwards was b. 2 Mar 1803. In Apr. 1828 she married William H. Goddard, b. 25 Apr 1801 in Belfast, ME and they in the Palermo/China area for a while owning some property and raising a family.
I am trying to determine who the parents of this couple was. I know nothing about William Goddard before his marriage to Esther Edwards.  Likewise Esther Edwards
From the Census reports I have found that Esther Edwards was supposedly born in Vermont and William H. Goddard was born in Sutton, MA.  However, searches of those areas have turned up nothing in the form of birth records.
From writings that I have inherited from an old great aunt, I have learned that Esther Edwards was one of nine (9) children. There were five sons:
#1. John who had the following children - Lizzie, Harriet, John and George.
#2. Eben had Mary Emma, Julia Ella, Albert and one other boy.
#3. Samuel who had Charlie, Freddie and Abbie
#4. David never married and died at sea.
#5. Johnathan who died young of a fever.
The girls were:
#1. Betsy (who I believe married a Longfellow and had 12 children) She may have married Jonathan Perkins Longfellow.
#2. Mina who had 10 or 12 children - may have married a TOWLE.
#3. Esther who married William Goddard and had 6 children. This is my line.
#4. Martha who died when her father died.
The writing says that the father died at about. 40 years of age.  Some people have said her father was David Edwards and some have said his name was Jonathan.
Reply to: Janet Heck  8 May 04

EDWARDS: I am seeking information on David Edwards who is listed as having lived in Montville, Waldo County, ME.  He was the father of Esther Edwards, b. 1803 and married in 1828 in Belfast, ME to William H. Goddard. Any information on this man would be very helpful. Reply to: Janet Heck 22 May 03

EDWARDS: Looking for information about Joseph Edwards who lived in Searport until 1879. He was suppose to be a storekeeper there. He also was a Civil War veteran (19th ME Reg.)  I think he m_____(Fields)?  I have a list of other Edwards but do not know if they are children or what relation. Reply to: Susan 18 Sept 00

ELDREDGE / ELDRIDGE:  Nancy Eldredge/Eldridge married Henry McFarland in Montville in 1838.she died in childbirth in 1840.Henry McFarland m. (2) Mary Rider in 1841. Need parents of Nancy Eldridge/Eldredge, born ca. 1818 in probably in Montville, Maine.  I am willing to share any information that I have on this line.  Reply to: Marianne 18 May 01

ELLINGWOOD: I am seeking any information on Charles F. ELLINGWOOD who married Belle Frances WESTON on December 2, 1871 in Winterport, ME. I have located two children: Charles Abbott ELLINGWOOD, born September 1, 1883 and Everett E. ELLINGWOOD, born March 22, 1871, both in Winterport, ME. I would like to find the names of Charles' parents and anymore children he may have had. Reply to: Patricia Wright 28 Aug 99

ELLIOTT: I cannot seem to find any ancestor of Alfred B. Elliott, born about 1821. His wife's name was Susan L. (b. about 1822) and they had 5 children, Alvin M., b. about 1844;  Henry M., b. about 1846; Elisa N., b. about 1847;  Tilton A., b. about 1856;  Josiah W., b. about 1850. In 1850 they lived in Searsport but, by the time of the 1860 census they lived in Monroe.  Any clues would help.  Reply to: Jan Robak 29 May 06

ELLIOTT:  I am looking for any information regarding Charles F. Elliott (dob about 1857), s/o Benjamin F. Elliott (dob Abt. 1836) and Caroline H. Lang (b. ca 1838).  Charles (b. ca 1857), as well as his brother, Frank, were born in Palmyra, Somerset County as was their mother.  Benjamin is reported to have been born in Monroe, Waldo County, Maine. Reply to:  Patricia Kenner  27 Sep 06

ELLIOTT: Washington Elliott and Harriett Roberts were married at Brooks, Waldo Co., ME,  Oct 31, 1846.  Am trying to find if they had a son, George Newell Elliott, b. February 22, 1851, ME.  Appreciate any help or information.  Reply to: C. J. Elliott 28 Feb 06

ELWELL:  I am looking for the death date of Ebenezer Cobb Elwell, buried at Rose Cemetery, Brooks, Waldo Co., Maine. He was alive in 1880 (census) and not in the 1900 census (presumed dead by then).  Is there anyone who can find his grave and see if the date is legible? Reply To: "Father John" 24 July 01

ELWELL: Do you have any information, including genealogical data, on Captain Tweksbury Elwell, from Belfast Maine?  Also the Schooner "Cameo", and the Mate of  "Russia" Any information or pictures would be very much appreciated.  Reply to: Karen Duplisea 19 Mar 05

ELWOOD:  I am trying to find information on Eleanor Elwood, who was born in Frankfort, ME, between 1803 and 1806.  She was the daughter of James and Mary (Boland) ElwoodJames Elwood was an Irish immigrant; Mary Boland was born in Massachusetts. Eleanor Elwood married William Flemming (or Fleming) and moved sometime to Holden, MA (they are recorded there in the 1850 census).  William Flemming was an Irish immigrant.  Eleanor died in Fitchburg, MA in 1894. Any information on Eleanor or her parents, James and Mary Elwood, and their life in Maine would be appreciated.  Reply to:  Dave Hummon  30 Sep 07   

EMERSON: We are searching for information regarding our 2nd great grandfather, Seth Emerson, born 1830 on Deer Isle, Hancock Co., Maine.  In a bio regarding Seth it states he was a Captain on a ship in the Maine area.   His parents are Samuel and Nancy Burke Emerson.  Seth's second wife is Lavenia Whitney born 8 Jun 1842.  If this will be of assistance.  They left the Prospect, Maine area for Minneapolis, MN. Reply toDia McCulloch  25 Nov 00.

EMERY/EMORY: I am seeking information about Emery/Emory families in Waldo County ca1820-30. Maranda Emory married 3 Jan 1830 in Burnham, Waldo Co ME to Samuel L Crawford. Any information on this lady would be greatly appreciated.Reply to: Dean Wolbach 29 Jan 00

- F -

FAHEY: Researching the family of Martin Fahey, b. ca. 1820, immigrated to Belfast, ME, ca. 1850, died there on September 18, 1872.  He was married to Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fogerty.  Their children were:  Patricia, Matilda, Gabrielle, Catherine, Mary, William, Michael, and Margaret Ellen.  The last 4 children were all born in Belfast, ME.  Catherine was married there to Patrick Shaughnessy. Shortly after Martin's death in 1872, the family moved to Bangor. Reply to: jens007@attglobal.net  14 Sep 01

FAIRFIELD:  I am looking for anything with the Fairfield surname.  I just received Military Pension Papers were an Augustus Fairfield's sister, Helen, indicated that they lived in Troy, Waldo County, Maine for several years before they went to Ill. right before the Civil War.  Any information on this surname would be appreciated, as I can't seem to connect any parents to Augustus or any of his siblings.  Reply to: Stacy Clark 28 Feb 06

FARNUM: Am researching my Farnham family, and have traced Jefferson to Belfast in 1870-1880.  Would like to know more.  He was the s/o Joseph B. Varnum and Josephine Springfield, b 1855 in Castine, Maine. Mom died and Dad remarried to Julia Augusta Chase and they lived in Belfast.  Joseph and Julia/Augusta had two other children, Walter and Raymond.  would appreciate any information about all of them, especially Jefferson and Raymond.   Reply to: Bev  28 Feb 02

FERGUSON: Seeking census information, marriage information, death/burial information for:
Albert Barner Ferguson
Born 2 Sept 1829; died 25 Aug 1912 in Belfast, Maine, USA.
Son of Moses Ferguson.
Known to have been a mariner, and Captain of the vessel Opal until 1864.

Married Amanda M. Sweetser,  15 October 1860.
Born 29 Aug 1828; died 3 Sept 1889
Daughter of Jerimiah Sweetser, Jr., and Sarah B. Park.
Albert and Amanda had one son, Jerimiah Sweetser Ferguson, born 1871

Married Lydia Mayhew, 13 June 1892.
Born 7 Oct 1833; died 20 Nov 1900.
Daughter of Vinal Mayhew and Martha P. ____?

(Above information above from Searsport Sea Captains) Reply to: Dan 11 Oct 03

FILLMORE: Richard Thompson Fillmore died in Swanville 30 November 1863 of a bilious fever which invalided him out of the Civil War. His wife Mary, remarried William B. Otis in Belfast in 1868. There is no death record available in Swanville, nor does any record seem to exist of where Thompson Fillmore is buried. I have visited several small cemeteries in Swanville, plus the main one, but have not found his grave. I am seeking any information about his death and burial location. Reply to: Sharyn Hay 19 Aug 02

FLETCHER: I am seeking any information on the following family. I can't seem to get beyond this point:
Person: Russell Charles Fletcher; b. Oct 1894 in Belfast, Waldo Co.,ME. S/O Fred Ernest & Elizabeth Maria (Chamberlain) Fletcher; sex: male; (1) Married to Mary ________ & divorced from Mary ________ Married to Virginia ________ Kenneth Flecher born ___________ Reply to: Mel Fletcher 17 Apr 00

FOGERTY:  Researching the family of Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fogerty, b. ca. 1825, immigrated to Belfast, ME, ca. 1850 with her husband, Martin Fahey, and 4 children.  Also, her mother, Catherine Fogerty, and a brother, Michael, appear to have immigrated with the family as well.  Catherine Fogerty died there on February 5, 1872.  Michael married Sarah Ward there on June 25, 1854.  He died there on May 25, 1891.  See the posting about the Faheys for a list of Lizzie's children.  Michael and Sarah Fogerty and the following children:  John, Sarah, Peter, LewisReply to: jens007@attglobal.net  14 Sep 01

FOGG: I am seeking the marriage data of Charles W. Fogg and Jane Little.  I was told they were married on Sunday, 25 July 1897 in Monroe, Maine.  Can anyone verify this and any other information on this family for me. Reply to: Janet Hughes 21 Mar 02

FOLEY: Seeking information about Matheau Thomas Foley, born (date unknown) Winterport, Waldo County, Maine; died about 1912 (place unknown); buried in Frankfort, Waldo County, Maine.  Married (date and place unknown) Florence Mary Kelty of Moretown, Vermont (NFI).  At least two children: Francis Daniel  and Lawrence Kelty. Reply to: Dale Gerboth 19 Mar 05

FORD / REYNOLDS:  I am looking for a William Ford who married Lydia Reynolds in 1802 in Waldo Co. Maine.  He had a daughter, Miriam born in Monroe, Waldo County in 1806.  Does anyone have further information on this family?  Reply to: June Lewis  29 Dec 06

FOWLER: I see from the GenWeb site that you have info on the Searsport sea captains. I wonder if you have or know of any genealogy on Capt. Miles Fowler of Searsport. I am trying to confirm that he had a sister named Abigail, born 1783 who married Nathaniel Hartford in 1800 in Belfast, both of Belfast.  If there is any genealogy of the Fowler family that you know of, I'd be very interested to know about it.  Reply to: Elvera Pardi 16 Jan 05

FOY: I am looking for information re: parents of Robert F. [Frederick?] Foy, b. Feb. 1823 [location unknown], d. March 1910. Married Anne E. Schuster [b. July 1822, d. April 1891] in Montville Maine, about 1850-52. They relocated to Iowa in about 1857. He purportedly settled in Maine via Canada [from France?]. Iowa census records show he was French, wife was German. Also interested in information re: her parentage. These are my great-great grandparents. Reply to: Sharon Schubmehl 7 Nov 99

FRANKFORT/SWANVILLE:  When was the town line changed from the straight line it was until at least 1899, to the pie shaped piece that includes the land Swan Lake State Park is on today? The 1859 map at the County Registry shows it being straight, as does the 1899 Topographic map. The 1948 topographic map shows it as being changed  It appears that the town line between Swanville and Frankfort on the North end of Swan Lake was moved in 1898. Is there any Legislative record of this happening, as neither town seems to know anything about it? Reply to: Al George  7 Sep 02

FREEMAN:  Would appreciate any information regarding Richard and Anna Freeman who were born abt 1780 in Castine/Penobscot and their children, marriages, deaths, etc.  I know that he owned a lot of property in Monroe, Frankfort, etc., and had dealings with Henry Knox.  When I was in Maine last summer I checked out the deeds in Belfast, but unfortunately did not do Probate (I'll e-mail them).  Am desperately trying to track down anyone-perhaps a present day descendant who just might have some information about Richard's father and sister. I believe that Richard's father was Peletiah Freeman, and his sister, Elizabeth, was my ggg grandmother who married Joseph Binney in Castine.
I now live in Florida, and come to Castine for a couple of weeks each summer---I am the only Farnham sibling who moved out of town- Castine/Penobscot. However, I am the family researcher and historian.  I believe that my ggg grandfather, Samuel Farnham, who came to North Castine in 1790 was a brother to Simeon who settled on the Waldo County side of the River.  Also, if anyone runs into any reference to Joseph and Adeline Freeman, I would be interested as I believe Joseph and Richard were brothers. 
Reply to: Bev Henry   31 Jan 08

FRENCH: I am searching for any information regarding my gg-grand- father, Henry H. French, b. abt. 1845 in Lincolnville, d. May 15, 1911, Rockland, ME. His father was Hezekiah French, b. Lincolnville, farmer and his mother was  Abbie Turner, b. Islesboro Reply toLinda J. Beimler 16 Dec 00

FRENCH: I am hoping to establish what Mary A. French's relationship was to the Stowers and French families at Sandy Point, Maine. She may be related to Samuel Stowers French s/o Samuel and Mary Paulina  (Stowers) French Reply to: C. Stowers 10 Oct 01

FULLUM, Edgar: Seeking info re: Edgar, who was listed on a census of Maine, about 1870, as living in Waldo, Maine.  He was a brother to my grandfather, and I believe his mother was Nancy Jones of Washington, Maine.  Reply to: Grace Fullum Manning  15 Feb 2001

FURBUSH:  I am seeking any information Sarah Turner Furbush. I need birth, I think she was born in Liberty, but am not sure. Also death, where buried. I know she married my g-g-g-grandfather William Furbush. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Montville. I don't have his parents or his birth either. Reply to: Marie Pavliska 23 Jan 04

- G -

GERRY:  My family is from Troy, Maine I am seeking any information on the Gerry family of Troy.  Reply to: Megan Sargent 27 Feb 07

GETCHELL: How can I find out more about Northport cemetery and East Northport cemetery. Looking for a James Getchell, (Gitchell, Gatchell) found in the census of Ducktrap1800 before it became Northport.  Reply To:  GetchellsLegend 21 July 01

GETCHELL: Looking for any information on Pelatiah Getchell who married Mary "Polly" Delano Walker in Montville about 1797.  Also looking for info on one of his sons, Joshua W. Getchell, born 1805.  Reply to: Tim Getchell 3 Mar 03

GILKEY:  I am looking for information about Captain Isaac Gilkey who apparently died in the early 1900’s.  One of his commands was on the ship Dakota.  He was my wife’s great grandfather and her grandmother was the issue of Captain Gilkey’s second marriage, if my wife’s recollection is correct.  Reply to: Hank Myers  29 Dec 06

GILKEY: I am searching for some of my relatives. My grandmother was Marian Gilkey of Searsport, Maine.  Her Mom/Dad were Ruby and William Gilkey. She came from the famous line of Sea Captains with the last name of Gilkey. If someone can send me or give me any information I would greatly appreciate it.  Reply to:  Diana Mondragon  23 Apr 06

GILMAN: My father, John Troy Gilman, b. 1911, d. 1976, is buried at Oak Hills Cemetery in Winterport, ME, along with his parents Frederick Avery Gilman, b. 1881, d. 1941, and Louise Troy Gilman, b. 1879, d. 1971; and grandparents George L. Gilman, b. 1847, d. 1909, and Flora E. (Holmes) Gilman, b. 1850, d. ?, and Frederick's siblings Lida, Ethel, and Clara, who died in childhood. George L. Gilman's parents were Eliza Doe, b. 1821-1823, and Simon Gilman, b. 1814-1815; and Flora E. Holmes' parents were Hiram Holmes, b. 1808, and Mary Avery, b. 1840 (also have siblings).
If anyone has any other information about the Holmes, Gilman, Doe, or Avery lines in and around Winterport, it would be greatly appreciated. I have never been to Maine but am very interested in learning what I can. I have been told (and have confirmed in census records) that George L. Gilman was a seaman/mariner and Simon Gilman was a shipmaster. Reply to:  Elizabeth King  14 Jan 05

GILMORE: I am looking for information on Nathaniel Gilmore who married Mary Bean in Belfast.   The 1850 census shows Mary Gilmore as a widow so Nathaniel should have been deceased by then.  Mary Gilmore and her children (Albert F., Albion N., Atwood A., Asenath M) were living in Searsport.  As near as I can tell, Albert F. was a "sailor" and Albion N. is indicated in later censuses as a "mariner". I am trying to find out information about the ancestry of Nathaniel Gilmore.  Reply to: Janet S. Seitz 23 Jan 04 

GLIDDEN:  I am looking for information on John C. Glidden's parents. I have traced my family as far back as John C. Glidden born 4 Apr1790 in Damariscotta, died 31 Oct 1866 in Freedom, married to Margaret  Hodgdon in 1814.  They has nine children, John, Nancy, Hannah, Elisha, Benjamin, Robert, Mary, Samuel and Margaret.  Any information about John's parents would be very helpful.  Reply to: Bill Glidden 24 Dec 05

GLIDDEN: The Republican Journal, Belfast, Maine, 20 March 1952.
"Mrs. Matilda J. Hustus of Belfast died on Friday, March 14, in a local hospital where she had been for a few days.  She was born in Whitefield, N.H., Sept. 11, 1887, the daughter of George and Clementine (Lindsay) Glidden.
She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Lucy Phillips of Belfast and Miss Catherine Cowan of Skowhegan; by one son, Harold Cowan, of Kentucky; two sisters, Mrs. Bessie Dodge of Fitchburg, Mass, and Mrs. Mary Garland of Whitefield, N.H.; one brother, Edwin Glidden of Haverhill, N.H.; two grandchildren and one great-grandchild, besides several nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were held at the Coombs Funeral Home in Belfast Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock with the Rev. Z. Richard Henley of the First Baptist Church officiating.
Burial will be in Grove Cemetery, Belfast."

I seek any information on Matilda Glidden or her family and ancestry, as well as on her children Viola Eliza Golden Harvey, Lucy Golden Phillips, Harold Cowan, and Catherine Cowan Drinkwater. I will gladly exchange family history with any interested respondent. Reply to: Bob Glidden  4 Dec 02

GLYNN:  Looking for members of the Peter Glynn family, settled in Bangor in 1850's. Unknown siblings. Children include Mary Jane, b. 1862; Katherine, b. 1864, Frank and AnneMary Jane settled in NJ. Have a 1920's picture of her with grandchildren and many others labeled "Maine Relatives, Winterport." Believe there may still be some relatives in the area. Any info appreciated. Reply to: Jodee Davis Inscho, 16 Sept 00

GODDARD: Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about Charles Wheeler Goddard, a Quaker minister, b. 28 Feb 1840, Brooks, Waldo Cty, ME; d. 11 May 1917? I would like to know his parents, grandparents and siblings. This may be my family! Reply to: Janet Heck in Baton Rouge, LA 19 July 00

GODDING: I am writing to seek any information on the Godding family that resided in the Lincolnville area in the 1770's through the 1820's.  I am specifically looking for the families of John and Suviah (Sarah) Lucas Godding, John Jr. and Nancy Killsa Godding, and Hugh K. and Thirsa (Thirza) Cox family.  Any information that I can be lead to will be greatly appreciated.  Most of the family is located on the 1810,1820,1830,1840, and 1850 census.  I am just wondering if there is anything or anywhere else I can look to get information on the family.  I was also wondering if any other people who have been researching this family? I would very much like to contact them.  Reply To: Lynn Godding   2 Mar 03

GOFF/WILKINSON/MAYO: Looking for information on John Goff and spouse Jane Gregston/Goff (my ggg grandparents). Arrived in Frankfort, ME from Ireland in 1801 on the ship Albicore. The following children were born to them in Frankfort: Frances 1802; John Eustace 1804; Joshua Gregston; Alexander; Lucius 1809; (my gg grandfather), Kinney Herbert; and Philo.The family settled one mile north of Frankfort and 6 miles south of Hamden. They were accompanied by two of Jane's cousins, John and Mariah Wilkinson. Mariah married a local seafaring man named Ebenezer Mayo. Mariah died on June 19,1871 and Ebenezer died Oct. 8, 1873. Mariah and Ebenezer apparently lived in Frankfort all their lives and are buried in Lowe cemetery near Frankfort. Reply to: Willard Carroll 6 Aug 99

GOO/GEE: The book Vital Records of Unity transcribed by ___________, indicates that Betsey Goo (or Gee) of Bridgestown m. Wm. Myhrick 2 July 1811. Lorena Goo of 25 Mile Plantation m. Edward Dodge c. Sept. 19, 1811 at Unity (this from the LDS microfilm of the town records). The book The Vital Records of Troy (formerly Bridgestown), Maine Prior to 1892 has a page reference of 83 for Samuel Gee. I don't have that book and so can't check the page. Edward and Lorena were my ancestors and I cannot determine Lorena's surname or pedigree. Any help on this will be most gratefully appreciated. Reply to: William A Wood July 99

GOODELL: Would someone be so kind as to look in the Prospect censuses for my gggrandmother, Maria A. Goodell? She was b Aug 1825 in Prospect. She was the daughter of Daniel Goodell and unknown. Maria married my ggrandfather James M. Miller abt 1846-47, probably in Prospect. Any information found would be gratefully received. Reply to: Nancy Miller Weege 9 Apr 00

GOODWIN:  I am hoping to find information about  Abigail Goodwin who was the second wife of  Richard Marden of Brownfield and Prospect, married 27 Apr 1823 she is thought to have been in the home of David Towle in 1850 census Reply to: Peggy Lee 20 Nov 05

GOODWIN: One of the brick walls in my wife's ancestry is Reuben Goodwin.  Info that we have is that he married Mary Ford, daughter of William and Sarah (Edes) Ford, on 5 Mar 1761 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.  William and Sarah had five kids -- Mary, Abigail, Katherine, Elizabeth and William.  The first four (and maybe William, too) were born in Charlestown, according to IGI and Thomas Wyman's book on Charlestown.  According to a family Bible kept by Katherine's daughter, at least Mary, Katherine and William wound up in Prospect, Waldo, ME.  I estimate that the family's move occurred before July, 1788, for Katherine's daughter Sarah was born in Prospect in April, 1789.  I'm reasonably convinced that Sarah's father lived in Maine long before that, but that's another story.  Several years ago, someone (whose name I have lost) sent me an E-mail to the effect that Reuben's ancestry would be easy to trace -- the Goodwins were well known in Charlestown.  If I could find that person now, I'd probably say something to the effect of "Sez who?"  Thanks in advance for your help in identifying the ancestors of Reuben Goodwin.  I'm well aware of the Goodwin family of York County, ME.  There are at least two Reubens in this family.  However, they don't fit with a marriage date of 1761 in Charlestown, MA.  I'm about 99% certain that our Reuben is not part of the York County Goodwin family. Reply to: Bruce Bardes Cincinnati  7 Sep 02

GOODWIN / TIBBETTS: Deaths of Benjamin Tibbetts (d. 13 May 1834) and his wife Mary Goodwin Tibbetts (d. 26 Jul 1838) have been recorded in a Trevett family Bible.  Deaths of Katherine (d. 25 Jul 1824) and William Goodwin (d. 21 Jul 1837) were also recorded.  All of these deaths occurred in Prospect, Waldo County, Maine.  Dates of birth, estimated from age at death notations, were: Benjamin - 1760; Mary - 1762; Katherine - 1766; and William - 1776.  I believe that Mary, Katherine and William were siblings, possibly the children of Reuben and Mary (Ford) Goodwin of Charlestown, MA.  I have nothing about Benjamin Tibbetts..
I seeking additional information about the Tibbetts and Goodwin families. 
The Bible was apparently kept by Sarah/Sally Trevett, whose first husband was Samuel Trevett, born in York, ME in 1786 and died in Prospect on 18 Jul 1822.  Sally's second husband was Daniel Crockett.  She has four children by each husband.  Sally apparently used Staples as her maiden name, though there is no evidence to suggest that she was born into any of the several Staples families in the Prospect area.  One scenario is that Sally was the daughter of Katherine Goodwin and an unknown Staples father, obviously outside of any marriage.  That might explain why Sally would enter the Goodwin names in her family Bible (together with several Trevett names, but no Staples names).  Reply to: Bruce Bardes 30 Jan 02

GORDON:  Seeking any information on Daniel Gordon of Thorndike, Waldo County, Maine in the mid 1800s. I purchased a New Testament from 1844 that belonged to him  Reply to: Brenda Smith 14 May 01

GORDON:  I am also interested in T. Jefferson Gordon. However, I am primarily looking for the parents and siblings of John Gordon who was born about 1812. He married Harriet Bagley (b 1827) whose parents lived in Waldo County (mother from Unity and father from Troy). John and Harriet were married in Old Town, ME, in 1840. They moved to California in 1853.   Reply to: Laurelle Pearson 27 Feb 07

GORDON:  Looking for information on T. 'Jefferson' Gordon,  b. 1822 in Knox, Waldo Co., ME and d. prob. bef. 1900 MN - m. first Adeline Gilgrist [ed. Gilchrist] b. September 28, 1826 d. October 21, 1872 Osseo, Trempealeau Co., WI - they had 6 chn. M. second Catherine E. Fort Cox, widow, b. 1844 NY d. abt March 02, 1917 prob. Winona, Winona Co., MN - m. October 02, 1874 in Trempealeau Co., WI - they had 2 chn. Catherine & Jefferson moved to Grand Prairie, Nobles Co., MN - he was a farmer.  Any help with this family is appreciated. Reply to:  Linda Benson Cox   27 Feb 07

GORDON:  I am trying to find any information on a Leroy Warren Gordon from the Knox and Thorndike, ME area.  He married a Mary E. Sylvester from Belmont, ME on July 10, 1897.  They had 6 children that I know of:  Lawrence W., Charles, Florence, Bertha, Octavia A., and Warren Royal.  I am looking for Leroy's parents and so on back.  Anyone who has any information on Leroy or that can help me in anyway - please let me know.  I have information on some of the children that I could help with.  Reply to: Belinda Gallant 29 Jul 03

GOULD / WINGATE:  I am looking for any information on William Gould (1823, Maine) and Laura Jane Wingate (23 Jul 1831, Troy or Frankfort, ME).  They married 19 Dec 1850  in Somersworth, NH. Two of their five children were born in Troy, Me.
Fred E., b. 25 Jul 1852 in Old Town, ME?
Elden W., b. 11 May 1854 in Troy, ME
Addie C., b. 07 Mar 1856 in Troy, ME
Mary, b. 19 Sep 1861 in Cumberland, RI
Walter Tobias, b. 14 Jun 1866 in Millville, MA
Laura Jane Wingate's father was possibly Jonathan Wingate of Troy, ME  Reply to: Elizabeth M Gould Estes  9 Jun 05

GOULD: I am a distant relative of John Maddocks and Mary Kemp (Gould) Maddocks from Waldo County, Maine.  They were married in Freedom, Maine on March 23, 1822.  John died in Belfast in 1880 and his wife, Mary died in 1869 in Belfast.  I am currently trying to find who Mary Kemp (Gould) Maddocks  parents were.  I cannot seem to find anything on her family before marriage.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Yvette J. Burroughs 30 Jan 05

GOWEN / WHITTEN: Nehemiah Gowen m Eliza Ann Whitten 1847, Unity, Waldo County. I'm trying to find whether either of these was descended from a Revolutionary Patriot. Nehemiah was the son of Asa Gowen; Eliza Ann was the daughter of John Whitten. Reply to: Elizabeth Chain  6 Oct 04

GOWEN:  I'm interested to find anything about Nehemiah Gowen, his parents, his first wife, and anything else. #12 Jessie Gowen (Chain) was my grandmother. 
1.Nehemiah Gowen was born in 1810 in ME. He died in 1855/1859 in Palermo, ME. Nehemiah is listed in the 1840 Maine census, a white male 20-30, living alone in Washington Twp, Lincoln Co, and working in agriculture.  Nehemiah and family (wife Eliza and 4 children) were found in Palermo, Waldo County in the 1850 Maine census. He is 40 in this census. The spelling was Gowin but it looks like there were various spellings of this name in the area. Nehemiah was a farmer with $1500 owned in Real Estate.  (For further information on this inquiry please click on http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec/msg/an/2EB.2ACI/194  Reply to: Elizabeth Chain 24 May 02

GRACE:  I am looking for anyone that may have information on Abigail Grace, wife of Caleb Dodge. Agigail Grace was born 1784 in Winslow, Kennebec, Maine and died and was buried in 1848 Burnham, Waldo, Maine. Parents are Paul Grace of Ireland, and Susannah Libby of Scarborough, Maine. Interested in ancestors of Abigail as many Grace families in area and I can't make a connection. The Grace family is supposed to have come from Ireland to Maine before 1776.   Reply to:  Alan Lathrop 83 North Street, Bristol, VT 05443-1028
(802) 453-4676  26 Apr 07

GRANT: I am looking for information regarding Martha Grant, born about 1864 in Ball's Creek, near Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, who married a man named French (given name unknown) and was living in Sandy Point, Waldo County, Maine in the early 1930's. Her brother Alexander, born about 1859 in the same place, was also living somewhere in Maine (possibly but not necessarily Waldo County) at the same time after residing in Massachusetts in the 1920's. Both left Nova Scotia during the 1880's, and both were members of the Baptist Church while resident in Nova Scotia. Any information about date of death, burial, name of spouse, descendants, etc. would be of great interest. They are both siblings of my great-grandfather William Grant
(ca. 1850 - 1917). Reply to: Doug Grant 18 Sept 00  (Mailing address: 148 Riverside Drive, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, B1S 1G5

GRANT: I am seeking the parents of Mary C. Grant, who married Lemuel Drake in March of 1813. She was born about 1792 in Frankfort, Waldo County, Maine, and in 1813 resided in Detroit, Somerset, Maine. She and Lemuel had at least two children, Friend Drake, born Feb. 28, 1814, and Phebe J. Drake, born in Dixmont on Aug 15, 1817 and died June 15, 1905. Phebe married Samuel R. Perkins, born in Frankfort on Feb. 9, 1813, in 1838. The sources for what info I do have are the LDS (Mormon) records and the Perkins Genealogy of Jacob Perkins of Wells, Maine and his descendants 1583 - 1936. Is she a descendant of Peter Grant of Berwick? Reply to: Dick Grant 31 May 00

GRANT: Looking for information on Patience Grant of Vinalhaven. She married Stephen Sherman of Islesboro, April l2, 1794. The only information I have on either of them is the marriage record. She may be a sister to Solomon Grant who married Katharine Lassell. Reply to: Peg 21 Nov 99

GRAVES:  I am looking for information about John Graves (1806-1883) on the 1850 US census in Knox, Waldo Co., ME, at age 44, with wife Eliza and children his occupation was seaman. On the death certificate of his son James Graves in 1902 at Bangor, ME it lists his father John as a Sea Captain.  Is it possible that he is listed in the Waldo Captains?  This great-great grandfather is my blank wall.  I would be grateful for any help.  Reply to:  Melba Yandel  25 Mar 07

GRAY:  Researching Ebenezer Gray of Rockport, ME who married Debra Brown of Searsmont, ME. They were married on 22 Jan 1818 in Lincolnville, ME. Family legend has Ebenezer as a ship captain. One of his sons, Enoch was my gg grandfather. He married Ruth Spaulding in Belmont and migrated to Richland County, WI in 1854. Any information on Ebenezer and Debra would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Gene Thompson  19 Aug 06

GRAY: I am trying to prove that the James Gray who was listed in the 1810 Federal Census as living at Green Plantation is the son of Robert Gray who is also living there.  The documented sons, Luther and Calvin are also living there.  James died about 1814.  If James is the son of Robert, he would have been born in New Hampshire between 1775-1780.  He married Martha Cochran in Belfast, ME in 1799. Reply to: Jacquelyn Melton 31 Aug 04

GREELY: My name is Polly Patterson, and I live in Mission Viejo, California.  I have been working for 20 years, more or less, on a manuscript entitled, The Descendants of Samuel Fuller and Mary Longfellow of Albion, Maine, 1776 to the present".  One of their children, Charlotte Fuller, married Orchard C. Greely of Palermo, Maine.  Both are buried in Greely's Corner Cemetery in Palermo, Maine.  I have Orchard's death date recorded as 22 February 1886, aged 78 years.  I am looking for an obituary of any type for Orchard C. Greely.  (Some say the "C" stands for Cook, but I cannot verify this). I would hope that it would tell me something of his life.  There is a rumor that he went to California by wagon train in about 1851.  But he had to have returned, because he is in every US Census for Palermo from 1850 through 1880.  Some of his sons did go to Coulterville, Mariposa County, California, and their descendants are still living there.  I am attempting to ascertain whether or not this is true about Orchard C. Greely.  His daughter, Octavia, married Frank Kinsman of Augusta, Maine.  Octavia was active in the Kushnoc Chapter of DAR in Augusta. I am related through marriage to Madeleine Haskell of Palermo. I know that she is active in the historical society there in town. I hope that someone who will read this query will either be able to help me or be able to guide me in my search for an obituary for the above, Orchard C. Greely of Palermo, Maine. I welcome any and all comments Reply to: Pollyann Patterson 1 May 01

GRIFFIN / LANPHER: While researching the Waldo County, Maine sites there was a chart with a list of sea captains,  Lanpher and Griffin.   My direct ancestor, Hannah Griffin was born in Waldo County, Maine on Oct. 7, 1788.  She married Nathan Lanpher, Jan. 1, 1810 and they had a son, Gilbert Lanpher, b. August 16, 1812.  Nathan died in 1817 at Nashville, Tenn.  Hannah later married a man by the  name of Bullock.  They lived in Ohio where a daughter was born named Sophia Jane who would be a half-sister to Gilbert Lanpher.   Sophia and Gilbert eventually went to Siskiyou County, Calif. where they lived  out there lives. These people are my direct ancestors and any information provided would extremely helpful.  Reply to: Doug Merrill 3 Sep 03

GROSS:  Amos GROSS was my g-g-father and Edward my gg-g-father. I have researched Belfast, Frankfort, Orland and Bucksport and cannot find their birth records. Amos married Harriet Stearns/Woodbury in 1870 in Frankfort; Children: Edward Albert, Clifton, Alexis Edward (my g-father), Robert B., Ralph, & Benjamin. Edward married Irene Treat in 1822 in Frankfort; Children: Orilla Pond, Sarah, Mary Ann, Almira, Alice Merrill, & Edward Albert. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to: Jeanine Lawrence  27 Aug 06

GROSS: I recently took a tip to Maine from my home in Connecticut to look for records to verify my following ancestors:

G-G-grandfather Edward Trueworthy Gross, b. 3 May 1796 (per Ancestry.com); d. 2-24-1857 (per familysearch.org.) His spouse, Irene Treat, b. 1806 in Truro, MA., (per familysearch.org.)
The 1850 census of Frankfort, Waldo Co., Maine lists:
Edward Gross, age 54,
Irene (nee Treat) age 44,
Amos age 18,
Edward A age 14,
Caroline age 11,
John age 5,
Eugene 9 mos.

Also looking for his son, my g-grandfather, Amos Treat Gross, b. 1842, d. 1890.  Amos is buried in the Union/Smart Cemetery in Swanville where I found his headstone. 

Amos'  headstone reads: born 1842, died 1890, and his spouse,
Harriet L. Stearns (Possibly Woodbury), born 1842 in Jackson, died 1917.
I cannot find Edward's, Amos' or their spouses birth, death or marriage records in Orland, Bucksport, Belfast, Frankfort, or Swanville.
My g-father is Alexis Edward Gross, b: 1874/5, Frankfort, ME., d: Rockport, ME., 21 May 1950.

Alexis' marriage certificate of Mar 24, 1903 in Belfast, ME., to Martha C. Colby of Belfast, states his birth town as Frankfort, his father as Amos T. Gross, farmer, born in Orland, his spouse as Harriet L. Stearns, born in Jackson, ME.

My father is Lloyd Osborne Gross, born in Belfast, ME., 1908, died in Norwich, CT, 1993.

Any verification of the above would be so appreciated.  Reply to: Jeanine (Gross) Lawrence 22 Sep 05

GRINDLE: I am looking for the name of my great-grandfather.  My grandfather was Leslie L. Grindle of Searsport.  He married Daisy E. Cunningham 5-11-1920.  I have a Grindle family history, but I can not research it without Leslie's father's name.  Reply to: Claudia (Grindle) Montee 24 May 02

GUNN: Looking for information on a Gunn family that lived in Searsmont about 1850-1900. Reply to: Caydee 6 Sept 99


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