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HALEY:  I'm looking for any information regarding my great grandfather, Thomas Haley.  He is buried in Winterport with is father, Patrick Haley and his mother, Catherine O'Connell and his sister, MaryThomas Haley was born in 1851 and died in 1894.  His father, Patrick Haley was born in 1816 and died in 1860.  His mother, Catherine O'Connell was born in 1821 and died in 1898.  There was also a daughter, Mary who was born in 1849 and died in 1882.  Reply to: Richard Buerkle  27 Aug 06

HALL: My great grandfather was Charles Frederick Hall born Brewer, Maine in 1856. His parents were Simeon Hall and Lucy Wescott DorrEdwin J Hall, another sibling of Charles married Nellie A Spinney. Although Simeon was a minister and farmer several of the boys were mariners or sea captains that came to San Francisco between 1879 and 1890. Does anyone have any information about Patience Hall or Hannah Spinney. I have more information but no idea who Simeon's parents are or Nellie'sReply To: Lisa 24 July 01

HALL: Looking for any information on Donald Hall who died in Belfast, Oct.1976. Born 1895. I am researching the Hall family in Richmond VA. and wondering if this Donald was born in Richmond. If so I would like to contact any family in the area. Reply to: Bob Olsen 15 Mar 00

HALL:  Hall's of Freedom- Montville- Knox - I'm looking for descendants of Rev. Isaac Hall and Sarah Saywood. Isaac Hall died in 1844 in Montville or Knox.  He and Sarah had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Hall, b. abt 1818 in Knox who may have married Alexander Gilchrist. Elizabeth and Alexander had the following children: Frank and William H.

  2. George Saywood Hall, b. 8 Mar 1818 in Knox, who married Julia and had children Allyn, Albert, Clara, Agnes and Betha and lived near S. Thomaston.

  3. Mehitable Gilchrist Hall, b. abt 1820 and married ? Corea or Covey and lived in MA.

  4. Albert Hall,  b. 1821 in Knox, died 20 Oct 1903, buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Freedom, married Hannah Russell.  Their children were Sarah B. who married George Bryant,

  5. George W. Hall

  6. Alice S. Hall who married Joseph B. Bartlett, and Mame H. Hall who married Leon Wiggin.

Rev. Isaac Hall had an earlier wife, Elizabeth Hersey and had a number of children with her.  I would like to find someone who might know the names of these earlier children. Perhaps an obituary for Albert might list his brothers and sister.  I have information to share on the Hall family and would appreciate any help on tracking down the names of the children of Rev. Isaac Hall by his first wife.  Reply to: Neil Hall 21 May 03

HALL:  I am seeking any information on the James Hall family including:

James Hall born 1803*
Temperance Hamlin Hall born 1794, son of James and Temperance:
James Gorham Hall born 1828 -his wife Jane Simmonds, born 1826. Married 1850?
They all lived in Troy/Waldo/Knox area of Maine 1830-1860 then moved to Clifton, Penobscot about 1860. 
*James Hall, Sr.'s father was David Hall born 1764-1845 and mother Patience McCallister, married April 1796 (Portland Maine).  Reply to:  Janet Hall Silbert 31 Dec 07


HALL:  I am looking for my Hall family in Maine. We found my Great Grandfather, Jesse Whitmore Hall in Aroostook when he married Anne Marie Grant.  We are looking for information on His father, Samuel - We have traced him back to Unity in Waldo County and to Vasselborough in Kennebec county as a young man - we can't find out anything about his death or birth. His children by his first wife, Harriet Getchell were:  Edwin born 1834; George  born  1837; William born 1841; Henry born 1843.   Harriet died in 1843 and is buried in Unity, Waldo, Me.  Samuel was married in 1844 to Mary Roberts of Brooks,  their children are Martha  born 1845; John born 1847; Hannah born 1849; Asa born 1851; Charles born 1852; Mary born 1854; Jesse born 1856; Melvin born 1860.    Family records show us that Mary died in Castle Hill in 1865 but we have not been able to confirm this.  I would be grateful for and assistance that I can get with this family. Reply toSandra Sullivan 25 Nov 00

HALL:  Lewis Hall born Feb. 28, 1765, was the brother of Rev. Isaac Hall who married Sarah Saywood (my husband's genealogy).  I have found their father and mother (Isaac Hall born in 1725 and married Joanna Coombs), and Isaac Hall's parents (Isaac Hall and Abigail Hall, married about 1723 in Boston), but would like to find the next step back. The only information I have is that he was a baker by trade and came over from England about 1722 and settled in Boston but moved to New Meadows or Harpswell about 1737.  Reply to:  Trinka Hall
26 Apr 07

HALL: My great great grandfather was Samuel Hall - He lived around Unity a good share of his life. His first wife Harriet is buried in the Unity cemetery.  He married Mary Roberts of Brooks, Maine 30 May 1844.  We are looking for any info on him or Mary - his second wife.  Reply to: Sandra Sullivan 15 Feb 04

HALL: Where might I find vital records for a person described as born in Brooks about 1810-1812?  From the census it appears that the Brooks area was listed as Washington, Hancock, Maine on the 1810 census.  I'm interested in Shadrack Hall who arrived in this area from Buckfield about 1802 and may be the father of Simeon Hall, who was born in Brooks about 1810-12. For further information please check the Ancestry.Com message board at http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec/msg/an/2EB.2ACI/  Reply to: Neil Hall  17 Oct 04

HALL (and other photographers): I've got a "postcard" of my grandfather as an infant. The business name is W. L. Hall, Belfast, Me. Any connection, do you think? My grandfather was born April 1883, in Jackson, Me. Thinking how long it must have taken to ride into Belfast in a carriage or on horseback for the photo , I've wondered if they took the train from Brooks??? I would be really interested in knowing more about photographers in the area, if someone is knowledgeable. Reply to: Leslie Hiatt 23 Mar 03

HALL & TUTTLE (Photographers): I am trying to identify some old photos and would like to know the time periods that W. C. Hall and Tuttle studios were in business in Belfast. Reply to: Dave C.  3 Mar 03

HAMILTON:  I'm seeking information on Daniel P. Hamilton born about 1784 in Maine and died between 1870-1877. He married Esther Roberts on  21 Oct 1815 in Belfast, Waldo, Maine. Esther was born 20 Mar 1795 in Buckfield, Oxford, Maine to Joseph Roberts & Esther Hamlin. I have no further information on Esther's parents or siblings and absolutely no information on Daniel P. Hamilton's parents or siblings. Any further information you have to share on these families will be sincerely appreciated. Reply to: Terry Hamblin Heinstrom 29 May 06 (e-mail address invalid)

HAMLIN: Looking for information (birth death family) for an Elder Ebenezer Hamlin (Hamblin, Hamden) who was preaching at Knox, Me. during 1810-1820 time period for the Christian Connection.  Carried out ordination at Swanville, Me during these years. Still alive in 1841, probably aged.  Ancestry unknown. Reply to: The Christies 19 Nov 05

HANDSPIKER:  Have been trying to locate my great-grandmother's grave for years.  I have been told by two great aunts she was buried in Searsmont. Her death record, however, did not divulge in which cemetery she was buried, and it is QUITE likely there is no stone to mark her grave.  Any suggestions on how I might find that information?  Seems to town clerk was unable to locate a separate burial record (lost? never completed?)  She died in 1929, so one would suppose there'd have been an undertaker in the area who may or may not still be in business (under same or different name) who MIGHT have a record of burial??  Here's her info:
Samantha "Mattie" (nee Purdy) Handspiker
b. Bear River, NS, 05-Dec-1882
d. Searsmont, ME, 11-Jan-1929
wife of Jeremiah Ellis Handspiker (m. 20-Jun-1906, Landsdowne, Bear River, NS. 
One would THINK, as her burial was less than 100 years ago, that SOME record of WHERE must have survived???  As her widower, Jeremiah, later remarried to Mabel Fenner, and HE was buried in York, ME, where another unmarked grave was only recently "marked" in a family ceremony... Mabel died much later in CT, and Lord knows WHERE she's buried (was not a family favorite from what I've heard).   Both Aunts "swear" that their mother was buried in Searsmont... I can only hope their memories are still solid!
ANY help with determining her grave's location would be so appreciated!  I'd LIKE to have another marker (nearly identical to my great-grandfather's) place upon HER grave, so others might remember, as well. 
Reply to:  Jared "Jed" Handspicker  1 Mar 07

HANNON: My father was born in Montville, Maine and I am looking for any info on the name Hannon or some times spelled Hannan. His name was Waldo Augusta Hannon. Reply to: Carl Hannon  20 Sept 05

HARDEN: I believe Stephen Harden, b. 1788, d. about 1875, Burnham, Waldo, ME who m. Mary Ann Meservey, 1814, Unity, is my ancestor. Perhaps he is the son of Amaziah Harding who d. in 1829 and is buried in Unity. Would like to compare notes with others researching this line. Reply to: Betty Caldwell 17 Sept 99

HARDING: Seeking info on Elihu G. Harding family living in Waldo Co, ME in 1830 with wife, 2 male children, 3 female children. Daughter, Mary Jane Harding, b. 1826 in Maine; marr. Francis B. Ruff on 17 Sep1843 at the the home of her father Elihu G. Harding in Parma, Jackson, MI. Have info on Martha Jane after her marriage. Reply to: Clar Ruff Evans 20 Mar 00

HARDING / BATCHELDER:  I am looking for information on the following siblings and their parents, Emeline Harding and Josiah or Isaiah Batchelder.  The records that I have found vary, stating that they came from Prospect, Prospect Ferry, or Waldo, Maine. My great, great grandfather was Samuel.

  1. Sarah              b. 1841

  2. Helen              b. 1844

  3. Edwin              b. 1846

  4. Samuel            b. 1848

  5. James              b. 1853

  6. Nancy              b. 1854

Reply to: Dianne Campagna  28 Mar 02

HARDING:  I am looking for information of Fred B. Harding, born June 1859 in Troy, ME and his wife Carrie Clark, born June 1861 in Troy, ME. They married in 1881 and had at least six children, Walter F.,  Edwin M., Ethel M., Evert A., William M., and Evelyn M. I would like to know the names of their parents and any other siblings.  Reply to: The Robinson Family 28 Feb 02

HARDING:  I am looking for information on the Walter E. Harding family. Walter was born in 1877, he married Mary F. who was born in 1878 and died April 16, 1962. They had the following children that I know about:  Elmer, Edythe, Elizabeth, Everett. I don't know very much about them, I do know that they are buried in Paul Cemetery in the town of Waldo.   I would like to know more about them.  If anyone has more information about them, please let me know. Reply to:  Carlaine Bovio 19 Mar 05

HARLEY:  Does anyone have a record of a Caleb Harley being in Waldo County for during the 1790 - 1800 time frame?  Reply to: Mary Clausen  23 Jun 07

HARRIMAN:  I am trying to find where Asa Harriman is buried in Prospect and his wife, Abial/Abiah. I was told he is buried on the Shore Road, but cant find the cemetery. Also, I was  told he is buried on Bowden Point Road, but didn't find him there, neither.  Reply to: Judy White  18 Jun 05

HARRIMAN: I am interested in any information regarding Dearborn Harriman , captain of the bark Josie- Mildred built in Camden in 1867, as well as any information regarding his son Charles Harriman, also I believe a captain.  Reply to: Phil Voss 8 May 04

HARRIMAN: I am researching Dudley Harriman Jr. noted in 1850 census of Montville, Waldo Co. I have no other information on this person and am trying to locate this family. Reply to: ELVY 7 Aug 99

HARRIMAN: I am seeking any information on sea Captain Edward Harriman, e,g, parents, wife, children, or history.  Reply to: Piemaker @ aol.com.  29 Oct 03

HARRIMAN: I'm looking for the birth record of Grace Ella Harriman.  According to the Family Bible she was born in Frankfort, Maine on February 02, 1864.  Reply to: Beverly 3 Sep 03

HARRIMAN: I am researching, genealogically and biographically, some sailing captains, and ship owners starting with Hezekiah Harriman. I believe Hezekiah's brother owned a sailing ship named Ivanhoe and it sailed to the port of San Francisco a few times until a Hurricane got it off Point Flaherty.
Aboard this ship was a young mariner, Charles F. Herriman, Hezekiah's son, and Charles ended up staying in the Bay Area. While here he captained the Alameda to Australia and, as captain, he brought the steamship Sonoma from the East to the West coast, he captained this ship for a number of years.
Another Herriman, was Hezekiah Edgar, a son of Hezekiah above, who captained ships to Australia and he settled in Australia.
I would appreciate any information anyone has on these individuals. In later years, Charles F. Herriman was quite well known in the Bay Area; he served as an inspector of ship in his later years.
Ralph Harriman, these Harrimans are my cousins.

The primary Harrimans I am interested in is Hezekiah and his descendants who were mariners or sea captains with the home port of Stockton, Maine as in the following:
  1870 fed. census for Stockton, Waldo Co., ME, page 348, fam. 282.
      Harriman, Hezekiah, age 49, b. (1821) in ME, R.E. $10,000, p.v. $200, MASTER MARINER;
      Harriman, Sarah, age 41, b. (1829) in MO, housekeeping;
      Harriman, Henry W., age 21, b. (1844) in AR, mariner;
      Harriman, Albert F., age 19, b. (1851) in AR, mariner;
      Harriman, Charles F., age 16, b. (1854) in MI, mariner;
      Harriman, Margaret A., age 11, b. (1859) in ME;
      Harriman, Hezekiah, age 4/12, b. (1870) in ME.

Hezakiah was a sea ship captain on the East Coast. His two sons, after 1870, Henry W. and Albert F, became captains and commanded ships on the East Coast. Albert F. sailed ships to Australia and eventually settled there.
Charles F. Harriman grew up in Stockton, trained as a mariner on the Ivanhoe (owned by his uncle, Hezekiah, Sr.). This ship sailed around the horn to the port of San Francisco a number of times. Charles, settled in Oakland and he captained the ships Alamada and Sonoma from this port. I have the West Coast information.
This above is just one family in Waldo Co. with ship captains. A Francis M. Harriman of Prospect, was a master mariner and Dearborn Harriman of Prospect, a ship master. All these Harrimans mentioned and myself, are related and have the same immigrant ancestor, Leonard Harriman, of Rowley, MA.
Basically, I'm seeking any information on these individuals you might have. On the West Coast, we even had a whaling ship named Emma Herriman, captained by James Warder.
Reply to: Ralph Harriman 20 Dec 03

HARRIMAN: I am searching for any information on the Harriman/Herriman/Horriman families of Prospect, Waldo Co., Maine.  Almost every male, save but a few, in this family was listed as master sailor or sailor in the census records.  In particular, I am trying to locate records of the Joshua Harriman line.  I believe he was born circa 1805.  Reply to: Patricia (Boyer) Dickman 7 Oct 04

HARRIS:  I am trying to acquire any information on Captain Joseph Harris of Prospect Maine (Circa 1800).   I have located a Joseph Harris in Mt. Ephraim (back settlement of Prospect) in 1798.  I have also located a Joseph Harris in North Harwick, Maine in the 1800.  Might either of these gentlemen be Captain Joseph?  Does anyone have further information on him?  Reply to:  Frank Roberts  25 May 07

HARVEST:  I would like to add my Harvest ancestry here. My great-great grandfather was Johan Adams Harvest. The little I know about him and his family is as follows: "Johan Adams Harvest was born ca 1756, probably in Germany. Several years ago, a contact in N. H.. found his Revolutionary War Pension records from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. giving the only information that I have. His file # is S35386. He supposedly moved to Swanville, Waldo County, Maine from Providence, R. I. I believe that he is the Jno. A. Harbet in the !820 Census of Swanville, [then in Hancock County], Me. with 1 male, aged 45, 1 male aged 16-18, 2 males under 10; 1 female, 45; and 1 female 16-25. In 1830 he was in Waldo Plantation, [now in Waldo County], Maine, with 1 male 15-20 yrs.; 1 male 70-80 yrs.; and 1 female 40-50 yrs. In the Town Records of Harlem [now China, Kennebec County, Maine] and of Vassalboro, Kennebec County, Me., John Adams Harvest married 5 Jan. 1797 to Rachel Dow. It is not known by me at this time who her parents were, but it has been suggested that her father was Benjamin Dow. On an early map of Fairfax [now Albion, Kennebec County, Maine], J. Harvest had Lot # 10, which touched on the western shore of Pickerel Pond. It can be assumed that Rachel (Dow) Harvest died before 1818, for in the Washington [now Knox County], Maine records, John A. Harvest married 2) 1 Dec. 1818 in Washington, by James Rust, Jr. to Anna Meservy of Palermo, [now in Waldo County], Maine. She was born circa 1778. Johan [or John] Adams Harvest enlisted in the Spring of 1779 A.D. in the State of 'New Hampshire' in the Company commanded by Captain Wait in the Regiment of Colonel Reed. John A. Harvest continued to serve in said Corps until 1783 when he was discharged from the said service at West Point, in the State of New York. His name is not on the roll of any State but New Hampshire. John Adam "Garfest" in his pension affidavit stated: "I further swear that I have no real nor personal property, except my necessary bedding and apparel and I am a common laborer, but unable to earn my living by reason of age, infirmity and blindness. I have a wife aged forty-five but sickly. [She would have been the female in the 1830 Census]. I have three children, underage, Marier eleven years age; Thomas eighteen years age - Autumn aged twenty, but all my children have left me and I am dependent upon charity for my existence. Signed Johan Adams 'Garfest' [or something very similar], eighteenth day of Nov. A.D. 1823:. He would have been about sixty-seven years of age at that time. On 21 July 1835, Anna, wife of John Adams Harvest applied in a sworn statement to obtain a widow's pension or grant of land. She stated that John Adams Harvest enlisted early in the War, that he resided in Waldoboro, Maine at the time of his enlistment, that he was a Pensioner of the United States as a Revolutionary soldier and that he died the 17th of June 1835 in Waldo Plantation in the County of Waldo and State of Maine. She stated that John had been an inhabitant of Waldo Plantation for twenty-five years before his decease. Anna Harvest's application for pension land was rejected. The Belfast, Maine newspaper, 'The Republican Journal' of 25 June 1835 printed the death of John A Harvest, Revolutionary Soldier, aged 82 years. This would have made his birth year circa 1765. Anna Harvest married 2) by Manasseh Sleeper, Esq., Justice of the Peace to Thomas Keating, recorded in Belfast, Waldo County, Maine. The children of Johan Adams and Rachel (Dow) Harvest were: ? Christopher Harvest, who married 14 Dec. 1819 Joanna Hill, both of Belmont, Maine [found in the Belfast, Me. History]; and the three mentioned by John in his Pension records: Autumn Harvest, born circa 1803; Thomas Harvest, born circa 1805; and Maria Louise Harvest, born circa 1813, who married [Certificate issued 9 Nov. 1828 in Belfast, Me.] to Joseph Burns Lermond of Washington, Knox County, Maine. Maria (Harvest) and Joseph Burns Lermond, [called Burns Lermond] were my great-grandparents. They are almost phantoms, known by name only. They appear in the Washington, Maine Census records, but do not show up in Town Records, newspaper or cemetery records, so do not know when and where they died. Two of their sons who died young are buried in the Moody-Hannan Cemetery on Route 220 in South Liberty, Maine. I do have a very, very old photo of 'Burns' Lermond and his son, my great-grandfather, George Washington Lermond, who was born in 1843. In the photo, George is a child of about ten years of age, showing how old the photo is. I would love any information on any of the names mentioned above. Johan Adams Harvest is one of those names we have on a Pedigree chart, and have no actual information about. Thank God for Pension records which gives me an inkling of Johan's life. Somewhere I got the impression that he might have been a 'Hessian'.   Reply to: Isabel Morse Maresh  30 Nov 07

HARVEY: Looking for any information on Levi P. Harvey (born around 1874) and his wife Clara A (Brown) Harvey (born around 1876).  They lived with son Sidney in Waldo county in 1930 census.  Sidney, his wife, 2 children and Sanford Brown were killed in a house fire in Feb. 1940.  Sanford was my grandfather and Clara my great-aunt. Reply to: Sharon Anderson 11 Oct 03

HARVEY: I am looking for a Wilson Harvey that married a Mary Bragdon .I know they lived in Swanville, Maine and that they had several children because Russel Harvey was number 2 child.  Reply to: Anella  10 Jun 05

HASKELL: I have a Haskell question.   Harriet Haskell Gilbreth of Belfast, b. 1823, d. 1902.  Would like to know her Haskell connection.  Reply to: Dave Collins 9 Nov 03

HASKELL:  I'm trying to find the parents of Joseph H. Haskell or descendants of this family. Joseph H. Haskell , b. 1842 in Maine, d. 1900, buried in Chadwick Hill Cemetery, South China, Kennebec, Maine.
Spouse: Margarette E. Coffin, b. 1846, d. 7 May 1907, buried 8 May 1907 in Chadwick Hill Cemetery, South China, Kennebec, Maine. Married 29 September 1866 in Waldo, Maine.
Woodbey E. Haskell , b. ca. 1868 in Maine
2. Diana Haskell (2), b. ca. 1869 in Maine, m. Edwin F. Haskell , 6 November 1887 in China, Kennebec, Maine.
Sydney B. Haskell , b. 1872 in Maine, d. 1903, buried in Chadwick Hill Cemetery, South China, Kennebec, Maine. 4 Raymond Haskell , b. 1879 in Maine, m. Olive A. Marden, 8 January 1901 in China, Kennebec, Maine; 8 grandchildren.

Unknown son Haskell , b. 1880
Reply to: Mel Fletcher 9 Nov 03

HATCH:  I am researching the Barak Hatch of Morrill and would like to correspond with anyone related to this family.  Reply to: Mac 21 Jun 05

HATCH: I am seeking the parents of Harriet Hatch, who married David Wilkins, about 1835, she was supposedly born in Montville, Waldo Co.,Maine, 3 Apr 3, 1813. David & Harriet had 11 children, they were: Elijah, James Alexander, George Hatch, Elias, Orianna, Amorena, Charles Abel, Kleona, and 2 children whose names are not known, all Wilkins..

Reply to: Judy  7 May 04

HAULES / HOLLISS: I am trying to find the relatives of my husband.  I know  Haules or Hollis was in Frankfort- Prospect area for a time.  I recently went to the Town Hall in Frankfort and talked with the nicest lady.  I found an Albert Bertrand Lawrence s/o Haules and Ida Handy Lawrence.  I was so excited.  These people traveled around a lot and need to know of brothers and sisters that may exist.  Haules was born abt 1821 maybe in Carmel, not sure. And need to know of his son Andrew Jackson Lawrence b. in Prospect? Reply to:  Leah Lawrence 18 Mar 02

HAWES: There is a Henry A. Hawes from Union listed as a First Maine Cavalry rider.  My grandfather was William Henry Hawes m Sarah Hazeltine in 1851in Troy.  I am trying to find information to determine if this is the same man who served in the First Maine Cavalry.  Reply to: Marilyn Burgess  16 Oct 02

HAWES:  I am looking for missing cousins,  the Hawes siblings, the children of  James and Armeda  Hawes.  They were all on the 1930  Stockton  Springs,  ME  Census.
Barbara  b  abt  1912,  m  1942  Robert  Small;  m  1955  Floyd 
Pearl  b  abt   1914
/ Collie  b  abt  1916,  m  1942  Paul 
  b  abt  1926 
I found the marriages in the Maine Marriage Index and they appear to be correct for  Barbara  and  Callie.  Most grateful for any help in contacting any living descendants.  Reply to:  Janice Robbins Freeman 
27 Sep 06

HAYNES: Who was Sarah C. Haynes?
Aaron Gould and Miss Sarah C. Haynes, "both of Corinth", were married in Corinth 1833, per Corinth VRs on film from LDS. (These were my great-grandparents). The only Haynes family in Corinth in 1830 census was Spencer Haynes "of Swanville in the county of Hancock" who had married Miss Hannah Pearson of Corinth June 24, 1825, too late to be Sarah's father. He was b. 1799, probably in Searsport, to  Simeon Haynes b. 1758 in Exeter NH, and Wealthy Spencer.

Haynes of Bangor had  m. Miriam Pearson in Corinth in 1824, but in 1830 census he had in his household a female 15-20 as well as another his own age, likely his wife.  He was b. in 1797 (he gave his age as 83 in 1880 census) so likely Spencer's brother.  So likely Sarah was their relative, and these brothers were finding a husband for her, much as Nathaniel had found a wife for Spencer.
Now let's look back twenty-or-so years:
Simeon Haines of Prospect & Sarah Cochran, m. 30 Sep 1812.  LDS film #0010573

(Cochran) Haines b.1794, d. 1812 of Belfast ME  LDS film #1149519
from Greg Bemus:   (dead URL)
ID: I98 Name: Sarah COCHRAN Sex: F Birth: 1794 in of Belfast, Waldo, MAINE Death: 1812 in of Belfast, Waldo, MAINE LDS Baptism: 14 SEP 1870 Temple: EHOUS Endowment: 20 APR 1923 Temple: SLAKE Sealing Child: 21 NOV 1924 Temple: SLAKE Note: Taken from records of Harriet S. Speirs
The Swanville 1820 census lists Simeon Haynes 0-2-(0)2-0-1   1-0-1-0-1. This would be Simeon and Wealthy (Spencer) who married in Durham, NH 15 July 1781. Simeon who married Sarah Cochrane was their oldest son, b. 1791.
Notice that there is a female b. 1810-1820 who was not listed in the 1818 census (Wealthy and Simeon's last recorded child, John, was born in 1805).
A descendant of Simeon Jr. writes that at the early age of 26, he went west, married Jane Cockins on Dec 4, 1817 in Washington Co., PA; moved on to Bridgeville, OH where he died 16 Sep 1854. His wife survived to 1873.  IGI
Alternative hypotheses:
Could Simeon and Wealthy have had a another child - possible Sarah? Wealthy was born in 1764, so she would have been aged 48 in 1812.
Or could this be a child born to Simeon Jr. and Sarah Cochrane who m. 1812, mother Sarah died in childbirth?
Either way, she would be brought up by Simeon and Wealthy and the extended family, and be the right age for marrying in 1833.
Anyone with knowledge of other sources which I might search to resolve this dilemma (or of errors in what I have said above) please let me hear from you. Reply to: Stewart Rowe  17 Apr 06         

HEAL: I am seeking for information regarding the the family of David Heal. William Heal (son of David Heal) was born on 10/29/1791 in the state of Maine. He was the son of David Heal who came to the State of Maine from France. David may have entered Maine through Canada. I am not sure of the location they settled in. Any help finding a lead regarding the area they lived in Maine would be appreciated. Reply to: Eric Johannesen 18 Jan 00

HEWES/BOWDEN:  Looking for information on Joshua M. Hewes and Cordelia Bowden both believed to have been born and married in Winterport. I have pictures of Cordelia Hewes and also Her daughter Susan Maria Hopkins Hewes, wife of Joshua Lincoln Hewes also of Waldo County.  Reply to: Diane Hewes Stewart
18 Sept 00  {See also Rankin query]

HEWES: Am trying to locate information on my ggf Joshua Hewes, who, I am told, was born in Winterport. Reply to: Diane Hewes Stewart 17 Oct 99

HICKEY:. I am looking for any information about Joseph Hickey. He may have used the name Thomas Joseph Hickey.  My great-grandfather, Joseph Hickey b. Dec. 1857 in Belfast, Maine; d. Sep. 1915 in Spokane, WA.  Joseph married Alice Ellsworth, b. May, 1863 in IA d. Apr. 1952 in Spokane, WA. They had the following six children:
Charles H. Hickey, b. Nov.1882 in Clarion, IA.,
Joseph T. Hickey, b. Jan. 1884 in Clarion, IA., d. Jan. 1956 in Spokane, WA.
Anna Hickey b. Aug. 1886 in Clarion, IA.,
William Ellsworth Hickey, b. Jul. 1897 in Clarion, IA. d. Oct. 1965 in Spokane, WA.,
Edward A. Hickey, b. 1907 in Spokane, WA.,
Dorothy M. Hickey, b. 1910 in Spokane, WA.
William Ellsworth Hickey married Mildred Caradine Lawson on October 17, 1923.  On December 29, 1924 William became the father of James Weston Hickey. James Weston Hickey married Katherine. They had four children. Christine Kaye, Michael Alan, Shawn Elise, and Matt Douglas.Matt Hickey Reply to: Matt Hickey 18 May 01

HIGGINS: Searching for marriage of Yates Higgins and his wife Mehitable C., whose maiden name I don't know.
was born 1799 in Standish, Cumberland County, ME. He was the son of Elkanah and Jemima (Cole) Higgins
1830 finds him married and in Liberty, Waldo County, ME. 
1840 Yates Higgins was in Thorndike, Waldo County, ME
1850 Yates & Mehitable Higgins were in Lincolnville, Waldo County, with children Hellen  and Louis Yates Higgins living with them. Also, another boy whose relationship is unclear by the name of Norman L. D. Low. He later went by Louis L. LowYates was a minister on the 1850 census. I believe they were associated with the Christian Advent Church.
Living next door in 1850 and near are two married daughters:  Mehitable & Daniel Rust Mansfield. Daniel is a minister and later Mehitable became one, too. Another daughter, Irene was living not far with her husband, Daniel Willard.
By 1860 Yates and family had migrated to Bad Axe County, Wisconson and later to Linn County, Missouri where Yates died after November 1870. Mehitable then moved to Allen County, Kansas where she died in 1875. She lived in Allen County with L. L. Low who is with them on earlier census records.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am unsure where to write for marriage records for these families.  Reply to:  Nancy J. Willis 
30 Jan 07

HILL:  I am seeking the obituary for Clifford J. Hill, b. CT; d. 22 June 1996 in Monroe, Maine. Reply to: Shirley Damato 21 Jun 05

HILL: I am looking for the parents of, and the county of origin for, Capt. David H. Hill  (b. abt. 1840) and his brother, Capt. John S. Hill. Both were sea captains and both were born in Maine, but were in San Francisco as late as 1852 (then on to Seattle). According to the death certificate of Capt. David H. Hill, their parents were also born in "Maine," but their names are not given, nor their county of birth. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Mari Morrow 7 Sep 02 

HILL:  I am looking for more information about William and Sally Hill, especially if they are connected to Rebecca (Hill) Files. Rebecca, 22, is married to Joseph Phinney Files in 1850 and living in Thorndike, Waldo County, Maine. She may have been born in Belfast, Waldo County, Maine.
Here are my clues that may connect Rebecca to the family below:
I found William, 54, a farmer and Sally, 53, Hill in the 1850 Census (p. 2) for Thorndike, Waldo County, Maine.
Living with them in 1850 are the following:
John S. Hill 24, teacher
Living in the same household (#20)
Albert Files 31, Farmer
Sarah Files 32
Sarah F. Files 6
Charles T. Files 4
Wilber F. Files 2 Months
Does anyone know of any sources for this Hill family or have ties? Reply to: Deb (Pelletier) Tajmajer
2 Mar 03

HILLMAN:  I am attempting to find the the relationship between the Hillman family and the Waldron family.  More specifically, I am researching one Mary Ann Hillman.  I can find nothing to connect these two families or to positively connect her to the family of Henry Hillman other than census reports.   Mary Ann Hillman is my wife's great grandmother, born March of 1859, Frankfort, Waldo, ME.  She later married a John S. Aiken of Bucksport, Hancock, ME.
1.) Census, 1860: enumerates a Mary A. Hillman, 1 year of age, born ME., living with a family of Nathanial Waldron, age 24, and Hannah Waldron, age 24.    A Charles Waldron, age 2 also listed, in Frankfort Mills [ed. aka Frankfort, Waldo, ME.]
1a.) Note: A Henry Hillman, age 55, wife, Clarinda, age 44,  family also in Frankfort Mills w/seven children inclusive of Mehitable, age 12 and an Arnold age 25, and George Hillman, age 17. (See 1870 census and Mary A. age 11).
2.) 1870 Census: Mary A. Hillman age 11, now living with Henry age 65, and Clarinda Hillman, age, 51.  Both born in Maine, no Rhode Island connection.
2a.) Note: Now there is only one child living with Henry and Clarinda.  This is Mary A. Hillman age 11.  (She seems  be no longer associated with the Waldron family).
I have two questions!!
1.) Question: Why would Mary A. Hillman, age 1 be living w/Waldon(s) in 1860?
2.) Question: Could there have been something between Waldron and one of the Hillman males, Arnold, age 25 or George age 17?  Probably not as there were no older Waldron women, except for Hannah age 24, spouse of Nathanial Waldron 1860 census and they had been married at least 2 years, as they had a child age 2.  Reply to:  Det. Park M. Kaestner (KCMO PD (Retired)) 
28 Oct 08

HILLS: I am looking for any information of the Hills Family of Waldo Co. and Knox Co. They mostly lived in Northport and Lincolnville. Many of them are buried in Hills Cemetery in Lincolnville. Reply to: Margie Tuttle 16 Jul 02

HOLBROOK, George L., b. May 1873 in Maine, died sometime before 1920.  He was married to a Josie M ??? (b. Dec 1873).  My fiancée is descended through their daughter Iris V. Holbrook (4 Feb 1900 - 18 May 1966).  Info on Josie M. ??? would be equally appreciated, as the tombstone inscriptions I found only confused me as she was buried in Knox in a Stephenson plot, though I couldn't find any records of a Josie Stephenson that would match her age in the census.  Reply to: Jody Roberts  15 Oct 2005 

HOLDERSHAW: I am seeking information on my 6th great-grandfather Capt. John Holdershaw and his son William Holdershaw (who also may have been a mariner). John died in Frankfort, Hancock Co., ME on 7 May1807 and his son William Holdershaw died 10 June 1856. Would you have any information on either of them, or the Holdershaw name (any other family members?) Reply to: Marta Jackson Vaillancourt 27 Sept 99

HOLLAND: Albert Holland, b. abt. 1830, Belfast, Waldo, ME? Parents given as John and Nancy in marriage record and births of ch. in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Published VR of Belfast show m. of Susan Holland, Hannah Holland and Cordelia Holland bet. 1833 and 1836. Albert named a d. Susie Cordelia. Poss. named for his sisters? Looking for b. of Albert, m. of John and Nancy, d. of John or Nancy. Any info abt. Hollands in Belfast. Reply to: Diana Nelson 19 July 00

HOLMES: I am seeking information on a "Clyde Holmes" born around 1917 or 1918 to the parents of: Sarah Holmes & Edwin Holmes in Brazil, Indiana. Sarah & Edwin later divorced and she remarried to a Howard Cooper. I believe the Clyde Holmes of Belfast, Waldo County, Maine, may be related. Sarah's maiden name was Moore - she is my grandfather's sister. I am trying to trace a few lost relatives including Sarah and Clyde. Reply to: Sandra Sydlik 19 Mar 05

HOLMES: I am seeking the parents of John Franklin Holmes, believed born Waldo, Maine 1878. Reply to: Dave C.  6 Jan 03

HOLT: I have found Tobias Holt and wife Julia in the 1850 census posted in Frankfort web page. Also a John P and Hannah Holt. Would anyone know if these two families are related? Tobias and Julia Holt are my great grandmother's parents. He was a Mariner. Would anyone have any suggestions on how I would find him listed, Maine Mariners? Reply to: Carol Loraine  27 Jan 07

HOPKINS: Seeking more information on Chandler Hopkins, who was b. 1792 and settled in Unity w/ his father Josiah Hopkins, and Chandler's wife, Sally Robinson whom I have no information about. Their daughter Sarah married Thomas Harding in 1845. Reply to: D. A. Harding 25 Jan 04

HOPKINS: I'm looking for the family of Edward and Lydia (Crogan) Hopkins of Winterport and Bangor, Maine.  Any information would be appreciated.  Reply To: Joan 24 July 01

HOPKINS: Seeking info. concerning  Elkanah Hopkins and/or Thankful Hopkins.  Both were living on Cape Cod, in or near Eastham, around 1798.  According to The Mayflower Descendent, XIII, No 4, p. 108, James Young and Thankful, (Hopkins) sold their farm in Eastham, the deed was signed before I. Sparrow, JP in Barnstable County, by James and by Thankful, before F. L. B. Goodwin, JP, in Frankfort, in the summer of 1798.  I am assuming, from the deed, that Thankful is the daughter, niece of the two Hopkins men, and since I am unable to trace James' line back beyond him, I am hoping to come from the other direction, via Thankful. Reply to: David Young 15 Jun 02 

HOPKINS:  I am attempting to straighten out the mess I have regarding the children of Captain Smith Hopkins and his wife Susan Dwelley who lived in Frankfort.  There seems to be a problem with my late mother's Mayflower Society paperwork, and from piecing together the names she had from different family group sheets, I think I can understand why.  It now looks to me like she has grandchildren of Smith and Susan listed as their children.  Things don't match up very well from looking at the census reports at Ancestry.com for all the Hopkins family members in Frankfort.  My mother's information came from Hopkins Family Marriage Records by William M. Clemens, 1916; Frank L. Hopkins (former town clerk of Frankfort) personal journals; Lillian A. Parker (former town clerk of Frankfort) personal records; Joseph M. Dwelle of Lake City, MN: and a lady named Hazel Hammond.  In order for me to apply for membership with Mayflower I must clear up the problems concerning my mother's papers that at first were accepted but were later rejected.  What a mess!  Any help anyone can give on this problem would be greatly appreciated.  Kathleen Parker-Hopkins  31 Jan 08

HOPKINS:  Am looking for birth of Theophilus Hopkins as son of Simeon Hopkins and his wife Mehitable Hardy Hopkins.  He was born June 25, 1825...perhaps Searsmont, Belfast, Camden...his oldest bro. was born in Bangor in 1835 but since Simeon's mother died on Vinalhaven in 1848 and he did not move to Wisconsin until 1850...I think he may have been in Waldo or Knox Co....at least when Theophilus was born.  Some records show that Simeon was married in Searsmont. Theophilus was married Dec 15, 1850...and shortly after moved to Wisconsin.  I do not know where Mary Francis Farnham (Varnum) was from.. her obit only said she was the oldest of 12--- a daughter of Simeon Farnham of Brooksville, Maine and his wife, Mary Stover of Castine, Maine.  I know he was Simeon Hopkins' son...but do not have a birth record or marriage record.  Ann Hopkins 9 Jun 05

HOWARD/TOOTHAKER: Willard Howard b. abt. 1782 in New England. Married 2 Mar 1803 in Waldo,
Maine to Mercy Toothaker. They migrated from Maine to Ohio then to Jefferson Co., Iowa although it is said that Willard Howard died in Ohio? Their children were:
     Mercy md. John Whitten
     Elson md. Mary Hubbard
     Mehtible md. Aaron Kimball
     Ruth md ? Whitten
     Sabina md. Eli Skeers
     Eliza md. David Thompson
     Albert md. Jedidiah Beach
     Almira md. Alexander Kirk
Would like to know who Willard Howard's parent's were? Any information on this family would be appreciated!
Reply to: Donna Merrill  20 Aug 00

HUBBARD: I am seeking information concerning family of Hosea and Estella Hubbard of Unity. Her parents were Charles and Isadora Cook. Reply to: Bruce 29 Jan 00

HUCKINS/SPENCER: Researching the families of Abednego and Wealthan HUCKINS SPENCER. The family is enumerated 1800 at North Hardwich(now North Searsport) along with sons or brothers, Levi/Levy and Ichabod Spencer. In 1810 Ichabod is enumerated at Lea Gore (now Monroe or Brooks). Ichabod moves with his sons, Huckins and Samuel b. 1807, to Ohio in early 1820's. There are also a number of Spencer women ( Mary B., Abigail and Wealthan) that marry Lord men of Goosepond Settlement that I am unable to verify their relationship to Abednego. Reply to: Becky July 99

HUFF:  I am looking for any information on the Huff family from Waldo County. I am doing a total name research project on the entire Huff family.  Reply to: Ellen S. Newton  18 May 01

HUNT: My grandmother was Emma Adelia Wren, d/o George Frederick Wren and Sarah Adelia Hunt, d/o Josiah Hunt of Troy, Me. I am working on my family tree, and would appreciate any information that you could help me with.  I am trying to get the parents of Josiah and so on.... Reply to: Rita Sargent-Jackey 5 Sep 03

HUNT Does anyone have a record of a William Hunt being in Waldo County for during the 1790 - 1800 time frame?  Reply to: Mary Clausen  23 Jun 07

HUSTUS, COWAN, GOLDEN, GLIDDEN: I am seeking information on my great aunt Matilda Glidden Hustus, earlier married to (1)William S. Golden on 27 April 1913 and (2) Fred Cowan on 10 Oct 1918, and her descendants. Known children included Viola Eliza Golden, born 27 Jan 1914; Lucy Golden, born 31 May 1915; Harold Golden (or Hustus); and Katherine. One of the girls was murdered while the family resided in Belfast, according to family stories. The murder was never solved. The family was in the Belfast, Maine, area from about 1919 until Matilda's death, which took place sometime after 1960. Children may have gone by the last name HUSTUS, COWAN, or GOLDEN. Reply to: Bob Glidden 13 Aug 99

HUTCHINS: Looking for information on the ancestors and descendants of Alvah L.Hutchins (1843-1919). He is buried alongside his wife, Ada A. Marden (1852-1915) in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Freedom, ME. Their children were Sarah J. (b. 1872, m. Jacob E. Allen in Freedom in 1895), Edwin Bert (b. 1877, m. Ethel Nellie Davis -unknown location- about 1908, and Lillie L. (b. 1884). His half-brother, Charles P. Hutchins (1858-1922) is buried alongside his wife, Martha E. Archer (1859-1914) in the Hutchins Cemetery. They appear to be related to the Sylvester Family of Freedom about 1850. Alvah served three years with the Maine Volunteers; 20th Reg., Co., A, and was a Civil War veteran. Reply to: Clayton Hutchins 29 Jan 00

HUTCHINS: 1. - Henry Hutchins was born about 1770. Henry died in May 1847 in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine. He married Rhoda Peterson about 1789. Rhoda was born in Massachusetts on 7 Oct 1771. "It appears that Rhoda was a daughter of Abraham and Patience (Baker) Peterson who removed from Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts to Jay, Maine about 1780." Rhoda died on 4 Dec 1858 in Knox, Maine. They are both buried in the East Knox Cemetery, Knox, Maine with the name Hutchins on their gravestone. His name has been spelled as Huchins, Hutchins, Hutchings, and Hutchinson in the various records found.
Henry and Rhoda had at least the following children:
+ i. John Hutchins was born in Mount Vernon, Lincoln Co. [now Kennebec Co.], Maine on 20 Apr 1792.
ii. Sussannah Hutchins was born in Mount Vernon, Lincoln Co. [now Kennebec Co.], Maine on 3 Oct 1796. [have not found a documented source] "Joined in marriage by Wm Hanford, Esq. 16 Oct 1814 - Mr. John Witcomb to Mrs. Susanana Hutchings - both from this plantation".
+ iii. Sarah "Sally" W. Hutchins was born about 1797. She married Oliver P. Rea on 17 Mar 1821 in Monroe, Waldo Co., Maine. Oliver was born 26 Jun 1795 in Penobscot, Penobscot Co., Maine. They both died in 1873 in Monroe and are buried in the East Knox cemetery, Knox, Maine.
+ iv. Cyrus Hutchins was born in Mount Vernon, Kennebec Co., Maine on 3 May 1799. Cyrus married Rachel Chandler on 16 Apr 1823 in Montville, Waldo Co., Maine.
v. Lucetta Hutchins was born in Mount Vernon, Kennebec Co., Maine on 8 Oct 1801. Married to Josiah Chandler about 1822.
+ vi. Henry Hutchins (Jr) was born in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine in 1805. He married Eliza Burley Hawkins in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine on 27 Jul 1828.
+ vii. Huldah Hutchins was born in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine in June 1806. She was married to Simon Harding Boulter on 3 Mar 1827 in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine.
+ viii. Charles Peterson Hutchins was born in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine on 7 Oct 1815. He married Harriet Stevens on 23 June 1839 in Monticello, Aroostook Co., Maine.
2. - John Hutchins (Henry1) was born in Mount Vernon, Kennebec Co., Maine on 20 Apr1792. John died in April 1818. "He was killed when he cut a tree holding back a log pile on a riverbank. He fell trying to escape. One record says it was on the Miramiche River in New Brunswick, Canada. A letter says it was in the Moosehead Lake, Maine region." [from notes - no documented source found yet]. He married Roxana Caroline Hatch in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine in 1812. Roxana was born 16 March 1795 in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Roxana was the daughter of Prince Hatch and Hannah Phillips. John Hutchins and Roxana Caroline Hatch had at least the following children
:i. Caroline Hutchins was born in Knox, Waldo Co., Maine on 30 Jul 1813.
ii. Hannah Hutchins was born in Knox, Maine on 21 Jun 1815. "Married by Samuel F. Whitten on 3 Dec 1837 - Hannah Hutchinson and William Sawyer, both of Knox, Waldo Co., Maine".
+ iii. John Hutchins was born in Knox, Maine on 24 Feb 1818.
3. - John Hutchins (John2, Henry1) was born in Knox, Maine on 24 Feb 1818. John died in Freedom, Maine on 9 Aug 1899. He married Sarah Leighton Sylvester in March 1842 in Waldo Co., Maine. Sarah died sometime between 1849 and 1852. After Sarah died, John married Susan Fuller Sylvester on 13 Nov 1852 in Freedom, Waldo Co., Maine. Susan was born in Charleston, Maine on 14 Feb 1826. Susan was the daughter of Amos Sylvester and Polly Fall. Susan died on 24 August 1909 in Freedom, Maine.
John and Sarah had the following children: 
Alvah L. (1843); Eliza (abt 1845); Eleinor (1848); and Eben S.(1849). Sarah apparently died and John married Susan.
They had Albertina (1855); Asahel S. (1856); Charles P. (1858); Sarah L. (1860); Fred H. (1864); Albina M. (1866); and Fannie M. B. (1869).
I am looking for more information to fill in the blanks on all the names mentioned, especially about John Hutchins'' parents, Sarah Sylvester's parents, what if any relationship existed between Sarah and Susan Sylvester, and where they are buried. This is a little long and I apologize for the length, but hopefully some will find it useful. I have much more information on my Hutchins line and am willing to provide my sources for those interested. Reply to: Clayton D. Hutchins  21 July 01.

HUTCHINS:  Looking for additional information on this family:
John Hutchins was born in Mount Vernon, Kennebec, Maine on 20 Apr 1792. He was a son of Henry and Rhoda (Peterson) Hutchings. His parents moved to Knox, Hancock County, [now Waldo County], Maine about 1803. John married Roxana Caroline Hatch in Knox in 1812 with the ceremony performed by Elder Ebenezer Hamblin. Roxana was born 16 March 1795 in Marshfield, Massachusetts and was a daughter of Prince Hatch and Hannah Phillips.

John Hutchins appears to have purchased one hundred acres of land from his father in 1813 soon after his marriage to Roxanna, but then sold it back to his father two years later. It is not yet known where he and his family lived from 1815 until his death in 1818.

John Hutchins apparently died in April 1818 of a logging accident, leaving his wife and three small children. However, the only evidence found other than Fred Hutchins research notes which did not list sources, is Roxana's marriage to George Swett of Knox, Maine in March 1820.
Roxana apparently died on 30 Apr 1825 in Knox, Maine, at 30 years of age and the children appear to have been raised by grandparents, Henry and Rhoda Hutchings.
John Hutchins and Roxana Caroline Hatch had at least the following children:
  1. Caroline Hutchins was born in Knox, Maine on 30 Jul 1813.
  2. Hannah Hutchins was born in Knox, Maine on 21 Jun 1815.
  3. John Hutchins was born in Knox, Maine on 24 Feb 1818.

Does anyone have further information on this family?

For further information contact Clayton Hutchins  30 Sep 07

HUTCHINS: Looking for any info on Elizabeth/Betsy Hutchins born June 6, 1835 Islesboro, ME. Married William C. Adams. Her parents were John Hutchins born Sept 7, 1800 Islesboro, ME, married Annis M. Merrithew. His father was John Hutchins, born 1761, died 1831 Islesboro, ME. He came to Islesboro about 1798. Would anyone have any info on the family? Reply to: Connie Weiberg 7 Apr 01

- I -

INGERSOLL: In 1913 Velma Ingersoll married Charles W. Tenney at Belfast.  They supposedly had two sons, Trafton Tenney and Ted Tenney.  Maine marriage records indicate Trafton  H. Tenney of Searsmont married Florence Brown of Liberty on 19 Nov 1930.  I also discovered that William W. Tenney of Searsmont (possibly a brother of Trafton) married Meretta M. Crummett of Palermo on 1 Aug 1926. Velma Ingersoll, my aunt, was born at Brooks in 1898 and other than her marriage to Charles Tenney, I've found no further trace of her. Reply to: Chuck Ingersoll 24 May 02

INGERSOLL: My grandparents, Willard B. Ingersoll (born 1857) and Mary A. Roberts (born 1859) were married in 1883. They lived in Brooks and had eight children, one of whom was my father, Guy Earl Ingersoll (born 1893).
The other children included:
Willard L. Ingersoll (b. 1884; d 1899)
Bessie L. Ingersoll (b.1885; d 1903)
Albert E. Ingersoll (b. 1887)
Robert H. Ingersoll (b. 1889)
Cyrus Ingersoll (b. 1894)
Velma M. Ingersoll (b. 1898)
I'm searching for any descendants. Reply to: C. H. Ingersoll 24 Feb 00
(My mailing address is 1112 Joanna Avenue, DeSoto, TX 75115-3306)

ISLESBORO INN:   I have a ceramic tea tile with a transfer-print of the Isleboro Inn, Dark Harbor, ME,  on it.  The mark on the reverse says "Made in Austria for W.A. Ricker, Dark Harbor, ME"   This item, no doubt, was a souvenir from that area, given out by that merchant. I have my collection of tea tiles cataloged  with as much information as I can possibly find.  I have not had any luck, so far, in finding out who W.A. Ricker was, or what type of business he was in.  I chanced upon your site, and also surfed many others looking for information, to no avail. Is the Isleboro Inn still there, maybe by a different name? What business was W.A.Ricker in, and in which years? Reply to: Marie Hausch 16 Apr 02 (no e-mail address currently available - 19 Mar 05)

ISLESBORO RESEARCH:  Need advice / help re researching some of my lines on Islesboro. I'm aware of the ferry schedule, but need information about the days and hours that the historical society is open for research and hopefully some advice/help on the following lines, at least some of whom I understand were on Islesboro before later generations went to Crotch Island and Deer Isle where they married into the ROBBINS on Deer Isle.

The lines I am researching are:

AREY comes down from Isaac Arey and wife Mary Crosby thru their son, Crosby Arey, who I believe married Annie Philbrick or Philbrook possibly b abt 1800-1815. 

The brick wall here is with Annie Philbrick / Philbrook. I've nothing on her parents. Isaac and Mary (Crosby) Arey are Rev. War period. My line is thru Crosby and Annie's dau Azuba "Ruby" Arey who married  Ira  Newman Mer(r)ithew and they were the parents of my G gm Adavilla Frances Mer(r)ithew, 1855 - 1920  who 1m James Marsh, d 1877 and 2m Edson Leander Morse. The Morses lived in Stonington.

COOMBS  comes in with Sarah Coombs who married Benjamin Mer(r)ithew and they were the parents of  Ira Newman Mer(r)ithew  (see above)  who m

Azuba Arey. I have Benjamin's parents as Roger Mer(r)ithew and Rhoda Mallory.

I have that Sarah Coombs is the dau of one of the numerous Anthony's in the Coombs line that married Anna Stinson. Anthony and Anna are late Rev. War period.  I have this Anthony Coombs, d 1843 and Anna Stinson Coombs,  d. 1846,  both on Vinalhaven.  I have Anthony's parents as Anthony Coombs 1715 - 1815 who was m to  Ruth who died 1826,  but I don't have any sources and don't know whether this is correct or not. Is this line right, partially right, or all mixed up ?  Do I have the wrong Anthony ?  Am I missing a generation(s) ?

STINSON is the other brick wall here as I have nothing on the parents of

Anna ( Stinson Coombs who d 1846.

Any help on any of these lines and advice re the best utilization of the materials at the historical society will be most gratefully appreciated. Reply to: Janice R. Freeman 31 Aug 04

- J -

JACOBS, Alger & Thankful: I'm trying to find Alger (below), I have found him on the 1850 census, have been told he's on the 1830 census but have never found him there, and he and Thankful make a guest appearance on the vital statistics (death) of their son James (my line). I am looking for Alger's resting place, though I'm starting to think he feels me coming and skips elsewhere. The dates below for Alger are harvested from a wall hanging in the Stockton Springs historical society and are suspect, he departs the scene pre-1864 as Thankfull and her son, James purchase property then.
Alger (Aulguar, Alguar, or Algar) Jacobs (b. about 7 Sept 1797 - d. about 1 June 1854); wife Thankful Huntoon (b. about 5 Sept 1802 - D 13 Oct 1870); marr. about 25 Dec 1820. Their children are/were Charles, Joseph, Lucy, Robert, ***James and Mary. Reply to: Kathleen 31 May 00

JACKSON:  I came across the following, taken from 'The Biographical Review of Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox and Waldo Counties - Maine' 1897, in a biographical sketch about Robie Frye Jackson, a son of William and Sylvia (Jackson) Jackson, who was a prominent farmer in the town of Montville, Waldo County, Maine: "William Jackson was a native of Paris, Maine. He settled in Montville in young manhood, when the place was principally a wilderness. He bought a tract of land, upon which he built a log house; and in course of time, as the result of his energy and perseverance, he owned a valuable farm, with fine substantial buildings. His death occurred at the age of sixty years. He was an able and industrious farmer, a man of careful judgment, and took an important part in town councils. For many years he was a member of the Baptist church. His wife, Sylvia Jackson, became the mother of fourteen children, but three of whom are living, namely: Harriet, Robie F., the subject of this sketch, and Lucy. Six sons established their residence in the Western States when young men, and all won a good reputation for honesty, uprightness, and energy, and became substantial property owners." [It was written about Robie Frye Jackson, the subject of the sketch, that he owned six, large prosperous farms in the town of Montville. Quite a feat from his father coming to an unsettled wilderness!] But the facts that jumped out at me was that six [6] of the sons had gone to the Western States. I would like to know more about the descendants of the six, who I believe are: Lincoln L. Jackson, born 4 June 1826 in Montville, Me.; Benjamin Franklin [called Franklin] Jackson born 18 June 1828 in Montville, Me., Perhaps Josiah H., born 12 Jan. 1821, and died 20 Feb. 1871 in Montville. William Jackson, Jr. born 12 Jan. 1813, married 14 Oct. 1833 to Hannah Melvin, of whom there is little in the Census records in this area. Perhaps they went West. I have a photocopy of the Bible records of Sylvia (Jackson) Jackson, and cannot add up six sons who went West, unless some of them returned. Is anyone descended from one or more or these, or have more data? I'd like to make a complete listing of the descendants of William and Sylvia (Jackson) Jackson, who by the way were first cousins.  Reply to: Isabel Morse Maresh 7 May 04

JACKSON: Looking for the parents of Benjamin Jackson born march 30, 1829 in Maine. He married Esther Roberts and the had 7 sons that I know off, maybe more children. The 7 sons are, Henry, Franklin, Andrew, John, William,  Andrew and Daniel. There from the Waldo and Belfast area. Henry had a farm in Winthrop, Maine.  Also looking for sibling of Benjamin. Reply to: Donna 1 May 01

JACKSON: I'm looking for information on Benjamin Jackson,  b. 30 Mar 1820, in Maine; m. Esther Roberts on 15 Dec 1843, They had these children: Henry (b. 4 Sep 1844 in Monroe, ME),  John, Daniel, William, Edwin, Daniel and Franklin. Benjamin's parents were: Benjamin and Patience Jackson. Would appreciate any information on this  Jackson family. Reply to: Donna 4 Dec 02

JACKSON: I'm trying to find information on Benjamin Jackson born abt. 1757/67, he might have been born in NH. He moved to Waldo County, area. He had a son Benjamin Jackson Jr. and he married Esther Roberts. I'm at a brick wall, I can't seem to find out who Benjamin Sr.'s parents were and Patience's maiden name. Reply to: Donna 14 Apr 05

JACKSON: I am researching the descendants of Benjamin and Patience Jackson.  More specifically, I am researching their son Benjamin and Esther (Roberts) JacksonBenjamin Jackson was born March 30, 1820 in Maine and died July 1, 1862 in Maine, also.  Benjamin and Esther (Roberts) had seven children- all born in Waldo County, Maine.  Reply to: Maria Jean 9 Feb 2001

JACKSON:  I am researching the Jackson Family from the Swanville, Waldo area.  Specifically the parents of  Benjamin Jackson, who was born 30 Mar 1820 and married Esther Roberts, 19 Dec 1843.  This is a brick wall and any help would be appreciated.  I do know that Benjamin's father was also Benjamin, b 1767 in NH but that's all the info I have.  Reply to: George Gagne 21 Jan 06

JACKSON: I'm looking for information where Henry Randall Jackson died. He died 15 Jan 1920. He was the son to Benjamin and Esther  (Roberts) Jackson.  He live in Monroe, ME. Henry had  sons Percy Benjamin and Abbie Jackson. He had 6 brothers, Franklin B. b. 27 Apr 1853 in Waldo, ME; Daniel Roberts, b. 10 Nov 1843, Waldo, ME;  John  E. b. 14 Jul 1857; Edwin, b. Feb 1846 in Belfast, ME; Andrew J. , b. bet 1848-1850 and William, b. Jun 1850 in Waldo County, ME  Reply to: Donna 28 Feb 02

JACKSON:  I am seeking information on John Jackson of Belfast.  He is reported to have been a sea captain.  Can anyone tell me where his papers or verification of his captainship would be located?  Reply to: Hal Inglis 29 Feb 08

JACKSON:  I'm looking for the parents of Sadine (or Sadie) Jackson, b. abt 1794 in Montville.  She married Daniel Turner who was b. abt 1790-93 in Palermo.  The dates could be off - they are from census records. They lived in Liberty.  Daughter (Lucy) Maria married Richard Hannan. Other children listed in 1850 census are George, Ulmer, Mary, Arnold, DeborahDaniel probably is the son of Benjamin Turner and Mary Arnold, but I have not yet checked the records to confirm this.  Reply to: Sylvia Cates 28 Jul 03

JACKSON:  I am a descendant of Timothy W. Jackson and Joseph C. Jackson who are buried at North Ridge Cemetery in Montville.  If anyone has any information regarding these individuals or this cemetery I would appreciate your sharing it with me.  Stephen F. Jackson 28 Mar 06

JACKSON: I am seeking information on William Jackson,  b. 1808 -1812 in Montville, Waldo Co., Maine and married Hannah Melvine/Melvin,  14 Oct 1833 in Waldo Co. She was born 28 Aug 1807 in Waldo County.  I think that most of their children were born in Montville, but not sure that I have all of them (William abt 1835, John b. 1836, Sarah b. 1837, Daniel abt 1840, Henry b. 1842.) William's parents were William and Sylvia Jackson, but I seem to find several Williams and Sylvias.  I have no information on Hannah's parents. Reply to: Barbara Craig 16 Jul 02

JACKSON: I am looking for William Jackson, b. 12 Jan 1808 of Waldo County and Hannah Melvin, married 14 Oct 1833 in Waldo County, Maine.  I'm trying to trace the Jackson name to William F. Jackson, b. 1835 in Maine.  His parents and he are all listed as being born in Maine.  At some unknown time, they all migrated to Ohio.  Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to: Brenda 28 Jul 03

JACKSON: I am researching Jacksons in Maine. Does anyone know the origin of the name for Jackson, Waldo Co., ME? Which Jackson was it named after? If the town was named after a specific person does anyone have genealogy on him/her. Reply to: Pete Jackson 13 Aug 99

JAMESON: I am seeking information on Aravesta ( Fuller) Jameson. Born abt 1831, in Appleton, Waldo ounty Maine. Married Abner P Jameson abt 1849, eleven years later moved to Northfield MN. Know her maiden name was Fuller, father might be Samuel.
Reply to: Sandie Jameson VanScoyoc
31 Oct 04

JELLISON: I am looking for any information you may have on Ida Frances Jellison.  She was born in Belfast, MA. during 1800.  Any info would help. Reply to: Kathie Lee Painter 10 Oct 01

JOHNSON:  I am looking for anyone who might have any info on Bertha May Johnson, born April 15, 1912-1915.  She was a border to the Arthur and Elizabeth Sprowel of Appleton, Hope, Searsmont, or Rockland area. They didn't talk about this to her so really we don't know anything.  I am looking for anyone who might know her story.  How she became a border?  She was my grandmother.  She said that she believed her family was very wealthy at one point then they lost everything, (I am trying to find out how, and have proof) And that she and a brother Ray Johnson who became a ward of the state.  Then became a border at the Sprowels.  (Ray ended up in the hospital in Bangor he had TB.  I believe he died there.  Loose track of that info too.)  Does anyone know if I can find out any of this info from the court records, and how I can obtain them?  I would really love to see them if they do exist.  Would there be a record with her being a ward of the state??  Any help would be great.  Reply to: Kimmi 27 Sep 06

JOHNSON:  I am looking for the parents of Etta Johnson (it might be Etta S Johnson), who was my gg-grandmother, born May 31, 1850 in Northport, Waldo County, Maine. The 1900 Vermont census said both her parents came from Maine.   She married a Rufus or C Rufus Tripp on May 21, 1873 but the where is unknown - their children were born in Vermont.  Reply to:  Mary Duncan  11 Jul 07

JOHNSON: Ithael Johnson, m. Surbrine Crockett on 25 Sep 1824.  They had a son, Daniel Ruel Johnson, b. 14 Aug 1825; d. 17 Nov 1839.  He is buried in the Henry Staples lot - Searsport.  I don't know which cemetery.  Does anyone know if there were any other children born to this marriage?  Specifically seeking , Laura Jane Johnson, b. 3 Mar 1827.  She was adopted by Alexander Black and Ruth Merrithew.   Reply to:  Maris Queen  19 Aug 06

JONES: Looking for info on Samuel Jones, b. Mar 1772, MA, by 1806 he was in Camden, settled in Brooks in 1813. Reply to: Betty Caldwell 20 Mar 00

JOSSELIN: I would like information about the marriage of Luther Josselin to Abigail S Grant that took place in Troy on 13 Oct 1839. There is plenty of information on Abigail and the Grants, but Luther is a blank. I'd like to find out more about him - Date of Birth, Place of Birth, parents, etc. The last name is spelled variously Joslin, Jossylin, Josselin. Reply to: Gail Erwin 30 Jan 02

JOY:  I am seeking any information on a sea Captain named Samuel Joy.  I was that (through family lore) he lived in Maine.  He would have been born between 1820 and 1830) Reply to: Martha Gottfried Joy 20 Dec 01

- K -

KAYE: I am searching for additional information on the death of Captain Jacob Kaye of Saint John, New Brunswick.  He was killed in a shipwreck off the coast of Maine during the Saxeby Gale in 1869. His family were asked to collect some of his effects in a trunk from Portland following that catastrophic storm.  I understand  that the Saxeby Gale was especially destructive in Maine and the Bay of Fundy communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Any descriptive details surrounding the death of Captain Kaye would be welcome.  As yet we don't know  on which part of the Maine coast he died nor the name of his ship but I thought that the mid-Maine coast would be a probable area to start looking. Reply to: Richard Thorne  20 Dec 01

KEARNEY or KELLEY: I am looking for information of William K. Harriman's wife, Margaret (Kearney or Kelley) born perhaps in Belfast, Maine abut 1835/6.  Died in Portland, Maine on 30 Nov 1871.  They married in South Berwick, Maine, 23 Aug 1853.  Listed in the 1850 census in Great Falls, NH as Margaret Kearney.  Marriage lists her name as Kelley but intention lists it as Kearney.  Need any information on her and her family.  William was the son of Joel Harriman and Susan Beckett..  Reply to: Janis Diamond 29 Jan 05  

KEENE:  I just started on two surnames in Maine. Keene and Rogers.  So far I'm back to William C. Keene born 1821 in Freedom, Maine died 1914 in Gardiner, Maine. Married to Louise Miller. Does anyone know more of this family, or how to research information?  [The Rogers family was strictly Kennebec County therefore, not applicable to the Waldo County site]  Reply to: Bruce A. Spade 4 Jul 04

KELLEY:  I'm looking for information on Eleazer Kelley, born in Unity, Waldo Co., ME on 1 Aug 1808. He moved west to Chicago in 1846 with his brother, Aaron and his wife, Artimisse, and later to Bureau County, IL, the town of Walnut with his family.   Aaron and "Artie" had twelve children.  Eleazer was married to his first wife, who I believe was Olive Norton of Maine and had a son, Isaac Kelley, and possibly a daughter.  Later married Hannah Chapman Baker of New Hampshire and had five children. I am attempting to confirm that Eleazer and Aaron were the sons of Samuel and Sarah (Vickery) Kelley of Unity.  I am his great-great granddaughter.  Reply to: Lori O'Dell McCollum  31 Aug 07

KELLEY:  I am seeking information about a George L Kelley,  listed in SSDI as born 4 Feb 1917, died Feb 1993 in Belfast , Maine. My mother Ida Webber  was married to a George L Kelley born 1917 ( my father) . They were divorced prior to my birth. I am attempting to verify if this was the same George Kelley My deceased mother was married to. Reply to: Joseph Webber 28 Jul 03

KELLEY/REED: Would like anyone who has information on Edward Kelley and Clara Reed both of Tremont, married in 1890 to contact me. They had a son, Francis who died at Normandy beach in W.W. ll, a daughter, Beatrice who married Otis J. Colson, my grandparents, a son Harry, who had a daughter "Dolly who died in the Coconut Grove fire in the 40's and several other children. Would like to swap info. Reply to: Sheila 17 Apr 00

KELLOCH: I'm seeking information about the ancestors of my g-g-grandmother, Pamelia Oakes Kelloch (Kalloch, Kelleer) born in Thomaston 3/11/1805, married Nathan Wight 9 Oct 1828 in Montville, and died 17 Mar 1900, reportedly in Belfast.  I have the Wight line down fairly well, but not the Kelloch line. Her father may have been Captain Mather or Matthew Kelloch of Thomaston or St. George.  I'd very much appreciate information w/sources about that branch of the family. Reply to: Andy Ringgold 10 Oct 01

KEMPTON: John Kempton, 1740  - 1825  came to Frankfort from Plymouth and was included in your census 1790 and 1800.  He was married to Mary Hatch.  I am wondering if he is my Kempton.   My family were in Farmington and Woodland,  Franklin county, Maine in the 1860s.  Reply to: Helen York 9 Feb 2001

KEENAN / CROWELL:  I am researching the Keenan family of Greene, Maine.  George Keenan was married to a Malinda Crowell of Waldo, Maine.  She was born in approximately 1835.  Her father may have been Sylvanus Crowell.  I believe that I found her living with the James Pendleton family in Prospect, Maine in 1850.  She was 15 at the time.  And then another Crowell girl, is listed on the same page of the census living with the Ward family.  She was age 10.  It's possible that their parents may have died young...?  She was married to George Keenan by 1857, as that is the date of the birth of her first child, Elizabeth.  That is about all I know of her.  Does anyone have anything on this lady?  Reply to:  Sally Groves  30 Apr 08 

KENNEY: Kenney families of Brooks / Knox area. I am interested in finding any information on this surname.  Does anyone know the name of the cemetery in Brooks that sits along the north side of the railroad tracks on the southern edge of town?  Also, is there a funeral home in the area of  Brooks/Knox? I understand that several years ago the state of Maine had college students go through all of the cemeteries and catalog all of the graves on 3 X 5 note cards and given to the local funeral homes. Reply to: Jeff Green 19 Aug 02

KENNEY:  I am looking for the family of Thomas Kenney born 19 Nov 1838, married 16 May 1872; died 28 Aug 1909 and his  2nd wife Rosella Davis, born 11 Sept 1850; died 2 Oct 1905, both of Frankfort.  Reply to: Janet Colwell  20 Nov 05

KIMBALL:  I am looking for Congregational Church Records in Searsmont, Waldo County, Maine.  Does anyone have a address of where I could write?  I'm looking for a birth date to Andrew Jackson Kimball, b. 1835.  Reply to: Charlotte Flock 16 Jul 05

KIMBALL:  I am trying to verify the relationship between Andrew Jackson Kimball, b. 1835 Searsmont to his parents.  His parents are Nancy/Anna Edgecombe and Andrew Patterson Kimball. They were married in Scarborough in 1816.  He died in Searsmont in 1837 and is buried in Lawry Cemetery in Waldo County.  Note this child was only  two when his father died.  Where would I look for estate records, that mention his children?? Reply to: Marilynn H. Spence  10 Jun 05

KIMBALL: I am looking for parents of George Coombs Kimball, b. 1828 in Palermo, ME. He died in Waterford, Maine.  In 1900 he married Marie Sargent,  b. 1827 in Brownfield. Reply to: Lucille Hodsdon 9 Nov 03

KINGSBURY / SPRAGUE:  I have many pictures of Waldo county and especially Frankfort where my great grandmother was born (Annie Adele Kingsbury) her father was Charles Kingsbury who married Ellen Pierson. Annie married a Lindley Sprague born in Frankfort and both of them died in Jay, Maine. I can't find good info on Annie's father being her father other than a death record. Also can't find any info on Lindley other then later census when he shows up as the head of household. I have his death record and it states his father was Elijah and mother as Armilla Blake. Both Elijah and Lindley are listed as stone cutters.  Any thoughts? Reply to: Diane Drake  4 Dec 06

KNIGHT: I am looking for information on Charles T. Knight married to Lizzie A. Drinkwater. Buried by Great grandfather Louis Knight in Northport. I am looking for the names of Charles T. Knight's Father and Grandfather. And how when they link to Westbrook and Abigail (Sealy) Knight. I am thinking it is through one of their son's Nathan or Nathaniel. Dannette Sawyer. Reply to: TgLuvs2Bnc 24 Feb 00

KNIGHT:  I'm searching for information on John Knight, an early settler in the area of Northport or Ducktrap (Lincolnville), John Knight died Aug. 6, 1824 at the age of 51. He is buried in the Lower Cemetery, Lincolnville. He is possibly the father of Westbrook A. J., Cornelius, Henry, Thomas, Tabitha, and perhaps others.  John Knight might possibly be the nephew of Capt. Thomas Knight of Lincolnville.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Kandace Knight Thomas 2 Feb 05

KNIGHT:  I’m looking for information on Westbrook A. J. Knight, born 1797 in either Northport or Lincolnville, Maine. Westbrook left Maine about 1820, settling first in Licking County, Ohio, then Franklin County, Indiana. About 1850 he settled in Cass County, Indiana, where he died in 1868. Westbrook’s father was possibly John Knight born about 1771. Reply to:  Kandace Knight Thomas 29 Oct 2004

KNIGHT: There were two Westbrook Knights. Did either one have a father/son relationship w/ General George Ulmer and did either one of them have initials like A.J. meaning Andrew JACKSON? Also, need information on this line (1) Nathan (2) Westbrook (3) Westbrook (4) Nathan (5) Nathan Jr. (6) Rufus (7) Avans Piper (8) Harvey N. (9) John Avans (10) Diana Reply to: John M. Grindle July 99

KNIGHT:  My GG Grandfather was William H. Knight born 3 November 1816 in Northport, ME and is buried in Fulton, IL.   His son, George H. Knight, my Great Grandfather as well as my Grandfather Charles Henry Knight are buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Boone, Iowa. Any history of William H Knight and his forefathers, as well as mine would be greatly appreciated!  Reply to: CPT Mark C. Knight 21 Jan 06

KNOWLES: I am looking for information on the Simon and Jonathan Knowles family. I am a descendent and would like information. Simon died in 1834 and had been a Revolutionary soldier.  His father Elisha Knowles also fought and died in that same war. According to family letters Simon died in 1834 and was buried at Northport, Maine. A family reunion was held on 1903. Reply to: Kay Brown-Gustafson  18 May 03

KROUSE: Looking for info on Anna Krouse/Krause who married Jacob Krouse, Jr. of Warren, ME sometime around1810-1830. The Barbour collection has her born in Maine in 1793. We are trying to find out her maiden name and where she was born in Maine. Reply to: Hardy Spoehr 23 Nov 06

- L -

LADD: I am seeking information about Joseph Park Ladd (1781-1830) who married Mehitable Chandler Towne (1785-1862) and his family of Belfast, Maine.  Reply to: Ann Brown 28 Mar 04

LADD: I am seeking help and guidance in my search for William Ladd. He was married to Hannah Tyler in Appleton on 12 Jan 1848.  The 25 July Census shows them married with children, Hellenah age 1 and Ambros  age 6 1/2{child of prior marriage?} I think he was born on 18 Oct 1803 in Northport or Belmont. I think He died on 30 Sept 1853. I know he and Hannah produced William L., b. on 2 Apr 1853 and that she married Jason Richards on 24 Aug 1854; both shown as being from Searsmont.  But as far as solid documentation for most of this "believed" data, I'm lacking, as well as any clue to his parentage. Reply to: Tom Ladd 4 Sep03

LAMBERT: I'm looking for information about the parents/family of Mary Eleanor Lambert, born 14 April 1850 in Winterport, ME. Her parents were Joseph & Olive. I believe think that Winterport was still part of Frankfort then. Can someone lookup a birth record (or census records) for her? I don't know where to look from here. Reply to: Brenda Anderson {Masterton, New Zealand} 11 Dec 99

LAMBERT: I am searching for all children and information on Joseph and Olive Lambert b. both in Canada but had Mary Eleanor b. 1850 in Winterport m in Bangor, Maine. Mutty Ada, b 1859 Orono, m. Joseph Hammond, Brewer Maine. Olive b ??; Lenora, b ? m. Frank Smart, Bangor /Brewer area. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Mary 31 May 00

LAMBERT: Looking for information (parents, grandparents, etc.) on Robert Lambert (born abt. 1785 Waldo) believed to have been married to Nancy Folsom (born abt. 1789 Mt. Vernon). Their son Daniel was married to Sarah (nee Fannington???). Daniel served in the Civil War and died during service. Daniel's daughter Eunice (b.1849) was married to Orrin Small. Now that is definite! Eunice and Orrin are my great-grandparents. Any information on Sarah's background would be great! Reply to: Mary  31 Jan 08

LAMPHER:  Interested in Lampher sea captains.  Names I am interested in are John, Thomas Phineas and Asa.  They are on the Waldo, Prospect census- 1840 and 1850.  Hoping to gain information on dates and wives, cemetery.  Reply to:  Sandy Glover 9 Jun 05

LAMPHIER: I am seeking information on Simon Lamphier's family.  Simon's wife's maiden name was Acelia M. Sparrow. My great-grandmother was Nora M. Meservie. She married Elden Lamphier (b. approx 1885) in 1915 in  Brooks, Maine. They then obtained a divorced. They had one daughter, Avis A. Lamphier Cram Quimby. She is my grandmother and is buried in Clinton, Maine. Elden Lamphier is buried in Brooks. His father was Simon F. Lamphier and mother Acelia M. Lamphier. A variation of the name is Lampher.  I have discovered that Simon & Acelia (Sparrow) Lamphier had other children; Mary A., Mahitable and Amanda.  I was also told there is a Lamphier cemetery in Stockton, Maine. I also have a lot of Crams in Waldo County.  Any help in furthering the information I already have would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Rebecca 5 Sep 05

LAMPMAN / FERNALD: I'm looking for information on one of my ancestors: Her name is Elvira Flora Lampman Fernald (b. 1840's in Penn) (d. 4-1886).  Her husband was Charles Otis Fernald.  He lived in Searsport in 1900 along with his second wife (Persis) and his stepmother. I'm trying to figure out where Elvira was buried. Reply to: Darla Corely 20 Dec 03

LANCASTER: I recently discovered that my great grandfather, Americus V. Lancaster was born in Belfast, ME, 5 Sep 1835. By family oral history he was a sea captain, as was his son Chester Jackson Lancaster, and my father Alfred V. Lancaster.  I know that Americus was the eldest of 6 children born to Joseph and Elsie (Potter) Lancaster. Joseph died in 1845. Is there any connection between this Lancaster family and the Lancaster family noted in the Seagoing family reference.  Reply to: Anne Lancaster Gilbert 28 Feb 02

LANCASTER: I am searching for information of Americus Lancaster out of Belfast, Waldo, Maine Born: 5 Sep 1835.  I know he eventually ended up in Alameda, Alameda, California where he died Jul 1903.  His second wife was Adeline Eliza Gerry of Sherman Mill, Aroostook, Maine.  Any information would be appreciated.  I have no idea who is parents were and his origin. Reply to: Bobbie McCullah  24 May 02

LANE / SMITH: I would like to find out about a Cornelius Lane who married Almira Smith in Belfast on Feb. 15, 1821 and also, if possible, would like to obtain a copy of their marriage certificate that names their parents.  Reply to: Nicki Drew 19 Aug 02

LANE: I am looking for any information on the Lane families who lived in Frankfort and Winterport in the mid - to late 1700s. I am especially interested in Daniel Lane Sr. and Clement Lane. Also, whould like for someone to look at probate records and deeds at the Belfast court house. Reply to: Sylvia Hartmann 8 Jan 00

LANE: I am compiling an enumeration of the descendants of Daniel Lane, who is counted in the 1790 census in Frankfort. Related families include:
Eleazor B. Dickey  - Monroe ca 1800
Ezra Ide  - Frankfort
Nathaniel Littlefield - Prospect
Jeremiah Clark - Frankfort
By the end of the summer I will have a site with a lot of this data on it. I would love to hear from others interested in these families or Frankfort, in general.  BTW, I live in Newburgh. Reply to: Dr. Ken Lane 13 June 2001

LANE: I am trying to find any information on Willard Lane and Mary Helen Dockham they were married in Winterport 2 Dec1875. Mary was born in Frankfort, 9 May 1860. Willard was about 1855. I am interested in researching this further but do not have any other information. Reply to: Robert Pitts 16 Apr 02

LANPHER:  We note that you list a Searsport master by the name of Lanpher, and since one of my great-uncles married a Lydia Lanpher, we are very much interested in discovering more about her; however, due to time and distance, we have been unable to spend enough time in Maine to follow her descent.  Does anyone know anyone now residing in Searsport who may provide a link to this family? Reply to: Faith Mansell Trueax  20 Dec 01

LARRABEE: I am beginning to research my grandmother's family and would appreciate pointers. She was born in 1878 in either Searsport or Swanville. Alice May Larrabee. d/o Stephen F. Larrabee and Mary Ann Nichols. Her mother died prior to my grandmother's 2nd birthday. I have found the household on the 1880 Census (although the given names of both her grandparents are incorrect spellings). Any information on Mary Ann Nichols would be extremely helpful. Reply to: Jean Eichorn 1 Sep 03

LARRABEE: John, born around 1802 in Maine, died between 1848 and 1860.  Married to a Mary Bragdon (born around 1805 in Maine).  My fiancée is descended via their son True P Larrabee (b abt 1838, probably in Knox, died 1907). Reply to: Jody Roberts  15 Oct 2005

LARRABEE: I am looking for info on my great grandfather and was hoping someone might be able to help. His name was John Larrabee and he married Eliza ? and they lived in Jackson, Maine. Their son, Herman, was my Grandfather. They lived in Jackson according to the census at least from 1890 to 1920. Reply to: Butch Larrabee  14 Sep 01

LARRABEE:  Am looking for information on Moses Larrabee who married Patience Lewis. The year was 1842 in Waldo, Maine. I am seeking the names of their children. My grandmother was the daughter of said MosesReply to:  sis1937@hotmail.com 24 July 01

LARRABEE: Several months ago, a woman saw my query on here about Mary Ann Nichols, married to Stephen Francis Larrabee. She wrote me and asked about an ELIZA Larrabee. I have lost her name and email; but have found some information about Eliza. Please re-contact me. Reply to: Jean Eichhorn 20 Dec 03

LASDELL: I'm asking for any kind of assistance on Surname Lasdell. Possibly this connects with my family. Asa Lasdell was in Revolutionary War living in Waldo County. He was a private on Mass line. July 29, April 4, 1818, 72 years. From index of Rev. Pensioner's living in Maine by Charles Alcott Flagg. Dover, Me. 1920. Asa was living in Burnham, Me.  Reply to: Joan Blaisdell  16 Apr 02

LAW:  I am trying to tie my southern ancestors back to New England.  My gg grandfather lists his place of birth as Connecticut, but his sons later list it as MAINE.  Family lore believes that his father was John Law, his name was James Reed Law.  The John Law in the 1790 Maine census could be James' father.  Does anyone have access to or knowledge of any local Maine records that might include the John Law recorded in the 1790 census?  Reply to: Peter Law  20 Sep 05

LAWRENCE: I am seeking any information on my grandfather, Herbert Allen Lawrence, who was born Feb.20-2l,l867-l869 in Bucksport Maine and ran away when he was very young. Have no father or mothers name, but he had several brothers and one sister Zettie or Zett and perhaps one Antonette. Zett married a Percy Tuttle. If any information on this family, please Reply to: B.Macari 15 Mar 00

LAWRY:  I am searching for the birth certificate (and the parents) of my gr gr grandfather Ebenezer Morton Lawry who was born in Frankfort, Maine in Nov. 1823 or 1828.  He was a sea captain and died in Sailors Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY.  If anyone has any information please contact Colleen 28 May 06

LEACH / HOBART:  I'm looking for the gravesites of my 5th great-grandparents, Andrew Leach and Hannah Hobart. Andrew died 7 May 1820 in Belfast, Waldo, ME and Hannah died 6 Mar 1837 in Belfast, Waldo, ME  Reply to: Denice  23 Jun 07

LENFEST:  Looking for information on Asenath Lenfest, d//o John and Rebecca Lenfest from the Prospect or the Swanville area.  Also, any information, if any, on the family legend that there are French/Indian bloodlines in the family.  Kathy Parker-Hopkins 15 Apr 06

LEVENSELLER:  Can anyone identify the person in this picture?  It came with a group of photos of the Morse family.  One thought is that she might be Jennie Levenseller who married John Morse.  Does anyone know?  Reply to: Isabel Morse Maresh  20 Aug 06

Picture is a thumbnail.  Please click on image to enlarge.  Thank you.




LEVENSELLER:  I am seeking any info about the Levenseller family of Lincolnville, Maine. My ancestor, Joanna, is buried in a lot belonging to the Levenseller family, and wondering what her connection with this family is.
2. Christopher Dailey (Christopher 1) was born abt 1789 in Lincolnville, Waldo, Maine and died in Maine.  He married Johanna Thorndike 2, 3 Abt. 1820 in Knox, Maine, daughter of Paul Thorndike and Bathsheba Emery. She was born 1785 in Lincolnville, Waldo, Maine4, and died 29 Mar 1837 in Lincolnville, Waldo, Maine.
Census: 1830, Lincolnville, Waldo, Maine. 50+ 1 male Christopher [Dailey] 1 male 10-15, 1 fem 50-60, 1 under 5, 1 10-15, 1 20-30
Notes for Johanna Thorndike :
Lincolnville vital records; was married 1. " Preble" Prabble, Prebble LVR page burial Lower Cemetery Lincolnville Maine"Joanna Dalie"
source NEHGS
More About Johanna Thorndike :
Burial: 1837, Lower Cemetery, Joanna Dalie, d. Mar. 29, 1837 Aet. 52 source; cemetery transcription NEGHS
Child of Christopher Dailey and Johanna Thorndike is:
3. i. Jr. John E.3 Dailey, b. 20 May 1821, Camden, Knox, Maine; d. 14 Nov 1873, Camden, Knox Maine.  Reply to: Kris Iovanna
7 Jul 06

LEVANSELLER:  I am looking for information on the Levanseller family that lived in Waldo County area.  I have some information on my Great Grandfather Gilbert Levanseller, born Aug 1849 in Waldo.  He was married to the former Sarah Ellen Chase born 25 Mar 1853 and died 11 Sep 1938. Gilbert's father was John K. Levanseller born abt 1808.   I know that John had three children, Gilbert, Charles and John.  Looking from more information on both Gilbert and his father John, such as birth/death/marriage dates and places.  I would like to find the cemetery were they might be buried.  Reply to: Bruce MacDonald 7 Oct 04

LEVENSELLER:  I am very interested in any info about the Jacob Levenseller.  My great-great grandfather was Hezeliah Levenseller of Lincolnville, Waldo County, Maine.  I believe that his parents were Jacob and Hannah (Barter) Levenseller, also of Lincolnville.  I have no proofs, but by process of elimination of local LevensellersJacob disappears from the Lincolnville are in the early 1800's and I'm wondering if this could be the same Jacob as queried about on the RootsWeb board.  Reply to:  Isabel Morse Maresh  24 Mar 04

LEWIS:  I am researching Andrew Lewis born 1771 married about 1795 to Martha _______, born 1781.  Andrew Lewis died October 26, 1850 in Palermo, Lincoln Co., Maine. Martha died on December 14, 1861 in Palermo, Lincoln Co., Maine.  I need parents of Andrew and Martha and any other data that you may wish to share. These folks are my daughter in laws 4th great grandparents.  I am planning to give my daughter in law and new grandson a family history for Christmas. I will pay duplication and mailing expenses if required. Please let me know.  Reply to:  James Andrade  23 Nov 06

LEWIS: Seek info on Sherebiah Lewis and his wife Lucy/Lucinda Parker. They appear on 1840 census in Monroe.  Sherebiah d. in 1840's. What became of his wife Lucy?  They were living in Cornville until 1830 census. Yet on their daughter Irenia's death certificate it says she was b. in Monroe. We have not found death dates of Sherebiah, Lucy, or birth date of daughter Irenia. Nor have we found the parents of Lucy.  Reply to: Joan 7 Apr 01

LINNEKEN(?)Seeking record of the marriage of William F. Sheldon and Harriet Linneken(?) about 1853 and the death of Harriet about 1860. She was born in Appleton about 1839.  Reply to: Ed Sheldon 9 May 04

LITTLE / FOGG:  I am trying to I find out if my relatives were married in Monroe, Maine.  Their names were Jane Little and Charles W. Fogg. Married on July 25,1897.  Reply to: JANETMA1@aol.com  13 Oct 08

LITTLEFIELD: I've just begun researching the Littlefield surname in Waldo County, especially Stockton Springs (Prospect).   I have Thomas Clark,  b. 1827 and married to a Delia A., b. 1847 their daughter, Malinda J. Clark, b. 1869 was married to an Everett Littlefield, b. 1860.  It's their descendants that I'm interested in and also Everett's parents etc.  I am trying to connect this Littlefield family to Edmund of Wells. Reply to: Nancy 11 Oct 03

LITTLEFIELD: I'm seeking information on George H. and Lucia. Does anyone have access to census data for Wells, ME area throughout the 1800's? I'm trying to determine if one of their children was Elroy Littlefield. Also, trying to make connection to earlier Littlefield generations. Reply to: Roger Boisvert 15 Jun 02

LITTLEFIELD:  I am trying to find a marriage for Stephen C. Littlefield and Caroline M.???????
I have information that leads me to the fact that they were married at Frankfort or vicinity in 1859.
Stephen C. Littlefield, b. Dec 14,1832,  Frankfort, ME
Caroline M. ??, b. Mar 20 1836, Frankfort, ME
I desperately need to fine the maiden name for Caroline M. as she married Stephen C. Littlefield.
She would be my great aunt. 
Reply to: Roger S. Litchfield  18 Oct 02

LINCOLNVILLE CEMETERY RECORDS: I am seeking burial information in Lincolnville cemeteries for;
Gideon Tower, Sr.,  b. Jan 14, 1790,  d. Oct 24, 1864 in Lincolnville
Wife Frances "fanny" Heal b. Lincolnville, Maine

Christopher Dailey  of Lincolnville,.b1790?  Lincolnville, Maine
Wife Johann "Thorndike" Dailey b. 1785

Any information about the locations of burials or any leads on these individuals family would be most appreciated.  Reply to: Kiova   31 Aug 04

LOSO: I'm looking to obtain a copy of an obituary for Faustina Hicks Loso, she died in Belfast, Me. January 9, 1911. Can anyone help me or tell me where I can send for a copy? Reply to: DLOSO 20 Dec 03

LOW:  James Low, born around 1812, based on age of 38 years in the 1850 census. James married around 1833 to Rosilla LittlefieldRosilla born in 1810 (1850 census and 1880 census) James & Rosilla were residing at Frankfort, Maine in the 1840 census, 1850 census, and 1860 census.  James Low died sometime after 1860 and before 1880, since Rosilla was a "widow" in 1880. James & Rosilla (Littlefield) Low definitely had the following children: (1) Webster S. Low, b. 1834 (1850 census);  (2) Jacob Low, b. 10 Feb 1838; d. 10 Aug 1874;  (3) Benjamin W. Low, b. February 1840, d. 1824, buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Winterport, Maine; (4) William H. Low, b. 1842 (1850 census); (5) Frederick J. Low, b. 1845 (1850 census), buried. Oak Hill Cemetery, Winterport, Maine;  (6) Elvira R. Low, b. 1849 (1850 census). married 13 Aug 1876 to Albert L. Leonard; (7) John R. Low, b. February 1857, married Mary Elizabeth Webster.  I have over 5000 Low's descended from John Low of Marshfield, MA, many of whom migrated to Waldo County after the revolution.  I simply have NOT been able to place the above James Low. Any information on James or his descendants would be much appreciated. Reply to: Charles A. "Skip" Lowe 24 July 01

LOW:  Seeking information relevant to the origins of Sewall C. Low.  He was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Winterport, ME with the inscription providing his birth date (8 Dec 1807) and his death date (25 May 1882).Sewall married one Elizabeth C. Littlefield around 1832.  Elizabeth died 14 Mar 14, 1893 at the age of 80 years, 7 months, which means she was likely born in August of 1812.  Her death record giver her parents as John Littlefield and Hannah Rowell, both of Winterport.  I am hoping that Sewall's death record (1882) would provide his parents' names.  I have my suspicions as to his parentage, but would appreciate any information that could confirm or disconfirm my suspicions as to the lineage of Sewall C. Low.  Reply to: Charles A. "Skip" Lowe  21 July 01

- M -

MacDONALD / ALEXANDER / CARVER:  Am searching for info on above individuals.  Laughlin MacDonald served at Fort Pownal 1764-1767 later resident of Bucksport (listed in 1790 census).  Am also looking for details of his marriage to Margaret Alexander.  On son, Roderick, am looking for details of his marriage to Abigail Carver, of Vinalhaven.
Reply toJohn Frye  14 Sep 01

MacDONALD / WEBB: I am interesting in finding the parents of Sarah MacDonald, Born about 1774-77 in the Windham, Cumberland, Maine area. She married Ezekiel Webb who was the son of Eli Webb and Sarah Cloutman of Windham, ME. They had 10 children and Ezekiel was in Monroe, Me 1840 with a wife Lucy___? Ezekiel died in Brooks, ME 1851. Reply to: Amelia Hancock  28 Mar 02

MADDOCKS / PAGE:  Would love to correspond with anyone who has a connection to my great-grandparents, Albert Maddocks and Rose Page. Will share all that I have. Know more about the Pages, than I do about the MaddocksReply to: Leslie Maddocks Hiatt  31 Aug 07

MAKER: Looking for George W. Maker's parents  also looking for his son, Winfield Scott Maker, born 1852 in Knox, ME.  Reply to: Ruth Maker 18 May 03

MANSER/MANSUR: Searching for parents of Mary__________ who married George Manser/Mansur about 1812 in or near Waldo co. They had children Matthew, John, James and Mary and probably Harriet. My line is Mary who married Eli Rogers in Troy, ME 4 Nov 1834.
All moved to Brown Co, IL where the father George died in 1839 and wife Mary remarried. George and Mary bought land in Burnam, ME in 1835 and sold it in 1837. George was the son of James Mansur and Mary Blood in Monroe, ME. Who were Mary's parents and when and where did they marry? Reply to: GRIFF4547@aol.com July 99

MANSON: Seeking information on my grandfather, Frederic Ernest Manson, b. 6 July 1860 in Searsmont. His father was the Rev. Edwin Manson, a Northern Baptist minister. He had brothers Frank, Will, Alfred, and maybe Rex or Roy and a sister Alice. His mother was Viola Pattee Manson. Would like any info on this family. Reply to: Catherine Manson Hastings 11 Dec 99

MARDEN:  I was recently given a photograph of a man who I hope is my 2nd great-grandfather Godfrey Overlock. It is my guess that the picture was taken in the 1850s. On the back it says "E. B. MARDEN, Photographer, Stockton, ME."  The photo is 2 1/2 x 4 inches in size and it is on cardboard.  Does anyone know anything about this photographer? I cannot find E. B. Marden in the census in 1840 (maybe he was not head of household) or 1850.  Reply to:  Isabelle Hallam  14 Jan 05

MARDEN: (updateI am looking for the family of Horace Marden b. Jan 1832, who left Swanville, Waldo Co. Maine to go to California Gold rush by boat via Nicaragua then San Francisco, arriving in 1853.  His father is said to be James Marden and his mother Mary Clemens. Also, I have discovered a James Marden in Stockton with several children who have the same name patterns as Horace's children.  Could this be a connection? Any siblings?  I see on a  topographical map a place called Marden Hill just north of Swanville, does  this have any connection to this family?  I have quite a bit on them in California and Nevada and will be glad to share.   Reply to: Peggy Lee 14 Apr 05

MARRINER/MARINER: Looking for information on Naler and Ruth (Higgins) Marriner/Mariner. They removed from Kennebec to Lincolnville[Canaan] ca. 1790-1800. Daughter Thankfull, b.1782, m. Charles Thomas Dec. 1806, she d. Jan. 17, 1849 age 67 yrs. I am very interested in Thankfull and her offspring. Reply to: Linda Knight 18 Jan 00

MARSHALL: Marshall family info from Islesborough, Maine, Orrington, Maine, and or Providence, Rhode Island. Trying to verify Charles Royal Marshall parents?? Reply to: Sharon Moore  28 Mar 02

MARSHALL: I am searching for info on my great grandfather, Charles Royal Marshall born Jan 17, 1827 Islesborough, Maine. Family states he sailed out of Bangor, Maine and sailed around the Horn twice. Possible that he was a Second Engineer on USS Conestoga during Civil War? According to Brownwater Navy Roster that lists the crew . Also is there a connection to Pendleton family by marriage? Charles came to Canada about 1870 where he purchased property. Would appreciate any confirmation on this info. Reply to: Sharon Moore 25 Dec 99 or mail to:
Sharon Moore
1058 Glidden Ave
Windsor, Ont.
Canada N8S-2P1

MARSHALL: I was wondering if someone had access to cemeteries in Islesborough, Maine. I know not all are catalogued but if the two are in books could someone do look up for any Marshall families. My Charles Royal Marshall was born Jan 17 ,1827 but not found on census later . However he was a mariner and signed up in Providence, Rhode Island for a American Seaman's Protection Certificate in December 22, 1849. (proven by NARA Archives). Haven't found marriage certificate in Detroit, Michigan abt 1875? Suppose to have had relatives in Boston, Mass? Any index for the 2 cemeteries that are listed on this list? Just a looking for connection to any Marshalls listed in History of Islesborough Maine. Reply to: Sharon Moore 19 July 2000

MARTIN: Joseph Plumb Martin, the Revolutionary Soldier, is described in multiple sources as an "artist, poet," and even a hymn writer.  In 1962 the historian George Scheer, who edited the modern edition of Martin's memoir, said he had seen examples of Martin's art work and manuscript hymns when he visited Prospect.  Does anyone know if these documents still survive, either in the hands of the Prospect Church, a historical society, or descendants of Martin?  Reply to: Philip Mead  16 Apr 02

MARTIN: I am trying to locate the grave of Revolutionary War veteran Joseph Plumb (or Plum) Martin. I believe it's in the Sandy Point Cemetary, Stockton Springs/Sandy Point, Maine. Where are those towns located and within the graveyard is the site of  Mr. Martin? Reply to: Mark Persky 24 July 01

MASON:  I am looking for information about Jonas Mason who moved to Unity, Waldo, Maine. A son, Pethuel was supposedly born there in 1809. Any information would be appreciated.  Reply to: Bob Bartlett. 2 Mar 03

MASON: Looking for information on Louisa Mason, who married David Dow, son of Jonathan Dow and Polly "Mary" Black.  Although I don't know what county Louisa and David were from, I believe her to be the daughter of John Mason and Jemima Nickerson of Prospect.  If this is the correct Louisa, she would have been born in 1810 and died in 1883.  Louisa and David had 10 children.  Does anyone know if John Mason and Jemima Nickerson had a daughter named Louisa who married David Dow? Reply to: Jessica 14 Sep 01

MATTHEWS: Can anyone provide any information (or even speculation) about the parents and origins of Daniel Matthews of Searsmont, Maine? He appears on the census in Hancock County in 1800, 1810 and 1820. In assorted databases online he is claimed to have married Mercy Prescott on 23 February 1796, and to have had at least four children: sons Morrill, Bickford and Noah, and daughter Lois. Unsourced references say that he was born in Durham, NH in 1766 and died in Searsmont in 1826. There's no Matthews that I can find on the 1790 census in Hancock Co., except for an Abigail Matthews - perhaps his mother?  Reply to: Nicola 5 Jul 04

McALLISTER: I am looking for great grandfather Alonzo McAllister m. Achsah Nason.  He is buried in Mount Cemetery, Burnham, Maine, but can't find birth or death record.  Clan McAlaister has not found an Alonzo, either. Have checked lots of places including LDS. Reply to: Linda Thomas  21 Jan 06

McAULEY: Looking for information on Alexander McAuley and his wife, Anna McAleer.  Both are from Charlottetown, PEI and came to Belfast, ME about 1920.  Alexander d 19 Jun 1939 in Belfast and Anna died 11 Nov 1960 in Belfast.  Both are buried at the Grove Cemetery.  Does anyone have any information about the McAuley family of Belfast?  Reply to: Mdwlds1@aol.com 28 Feb 02

McAULEY:  I am looking for (male) McAuley who died died in 1917 in Belfast of an accidental prescription drug overdose.  He got into his mother's medicine from a recent gall bladder surgery.  His parents were Alexander and Anna McAuley originally of PEI Canada.  This might be listed in a newspaper.  Reply to: Brandy Williams  28 Feb 06

McDONALD:  I am descended from Mathew and Betsy McDonald, through their son, Andrew Richard McDonald.   I have a great deal on his descendants but have tried to limit this to his immediate family.
I am too far from Maine to do local research and would very much appreciate any information anyone there could share about the McDonalds' ancestry.
Although Mathew McDonald was born in Maine, he first shows up (online) in the 1830 census:

1830 Census, Monroe, Waldo County, Maine, p. 381 (I suspect, comparing Mathew and Betsy's ages and census info, that he was married twice, and this 1830 census reflects the first marriage; the oldest child on the 1860 census, Maria, would not have been born on this census, and wife Betsy would have been 26)
McDonald, Mathew, Males:  0010001000 - one male 10-15, one male 40-50
Females: 03200010, three females 5-10, 2 females 10-15, one female 40-50

He doesn't show up in 1840 or 1850, but I suspect the online census indexes are incomplete.

1860 July 12 Census, Winterport, Waldo County, Maine, p. 54,   Series: M653  Roll: 453   Page: 932  
line 7, HH. 380, Fam. 394
Mathew Mcdonald, 72  1787 Maine, farmer 
Betsy Mcdonald, 56  1803 Massachusetts    
Maria Mcdonald,  21  1838 M E
Harriet Mcdonald,  20  1839 Maine  
Andrew Mcdonald,  18  1841 Maine  
Loren Mcdonald,  15  1844 Maine   
Sarah L. Rich, 30, domestic
Julia A. Rich, 28, domestic

Information on Andrew Richard McDonald:

1841 Sept. 6 Andrew McDonald was born in Monroe, Waldo County, Maine to Mathew and Betsey McDonald.

Military Information
From Andrew's Civil War pension application:
1862 July 23 Enlisted in Union Army, Maine Inf., Co. B, 19th Reg't. Army says he was enrolled at Winter Port, Maine
1865 May 31 Hon. Discharged from Army, Washington, D.C.

Reply to: Andrea Ramsay 4 Jul 04 [Andrea has more information available if anyone can assist her.]

McELHINEY: I am seeking information on Rev. Charles Harold McElhiney, who preached at Demariscotta, ME for a number of years, and whose daughters lived in Belfast, ME until their deaths in 1980 and 1984. I have been told that they are buried in a cemetery in Searsport, ME. Would any of your correspondents have a transcription of their tombstones, or other information about this family? Reply to: Bob Hilchey 17 Sept 99

McFARLAND: I am looking for info on the parentage of Jane McFarland b. c. 1801 in Belfast. She married a Eben Parker c. 1830. Reply to: Rhoda Horne July 99

McGLATHERY: Samuel McGlathery, in 1793, a sea captain from Ireland, set up a ship building yard on the coast of Maine.  He set up the ship building yard to be with his family more time as he was on the high seas and away from home before he started building ships.  I have a large black iron tray that was used to carry the bread along the long tables in the log "chuck" house where the workers ate.  I think he married Nancy ? McGlathery. He was a 4 generations back grandfather to me.  I am trying to get information of his birth date, and parents and children etc. for a family history. Can anyone help me or advise me how to get a family tree of my McGlathery family who lived in Maine from sometime prior to 1750 to the name Elizabeth McGlathery who married Abel Davis in 1823. Reply to: Ruth Vaughan Adams 6 Oct 04

McKEAN:  I am looking for info. on my paternal Great grandparents, Nathaniel Patterson McKean and Mary McGlothin.  He was born in Belfast, Waldo Co., Maine in 1802. Nathaniel's parents were: Capt. Abner Graham McKeen and Sarah (Sally) PattersonSally, born 1779, died in Belfast, 1813.  Abner, born in 1774, place unknown, died in 1820, place unknown. Abner's father was Samuel McKeen, Jr. , and his mother was Janet (Jane) Graham.   What I am most concerned with is Nathaniel Patterson's family , especially his daughter, Mary Catherine McKean, who married Thomas Andrew Pettijohn ( sometimes Pettyjohn or Pettajohn).  I would like to determine where she died and is buried.  She was born in Iowa , abt. 1852. Reply to: ekgs@ev1.net  28 Feb 02

McKEEN: Would be grateful for any information about my g-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth McKeen, born 1861-1865, (Belfast?), Waldo Co, ME, daughter of Charles McKeen and Eliza Sanborn.  The family migrated--apparently during the years after her birth (but could have been earlier)--to Edgar Co, IL.  There she married my g-grandfather, Jedidiah (George??) Burnham, direct descendant of Thomas Burnham, one of three brothers who founded the prominent New England Burnham family after their uncle's ship, The Angel Gabriel, was shipwrecked off Pemaquid Point, ME, during the great hurricane of 1635. According to the tradition I've heard, Mary Elizabeth McKeen came from Scotland with her family--including 3-4 brawny brothers.  (Think we have a photo of them.)  But entry in 1880 Illinois Census gives birthplace of her parents--and her own, as I recall--as Maine.)  So the family must have come from Scotland--or possibly No Ireland--at an earlier date.  I find signs of McKeens in Belfast (or at least Waldo) during the earlier part of 1800s, if not earlier.  And I'm told "the Sanborns" were an "old Yankee" family. Would appreciate any info on either family that might lead me to something--as well as data on my specific forebears. Reply to: Brian 16 Apr 02

McKENNEY: I am tracing my family background and looking for any information on the McKenney family name who resided in Stockton Springs or Searsport. If possible, please mention the link to the page within the response. Reply to: James W. McKenney II 25 Dec 99

McKENZIE: Searching for information on Alexander McKenzie listed in 1850 Federal Census, pg 164, Belfast. He may be the father of Jane, Alexander and LouisJane was born in Portland approx. 1849.  Any information would be appreciated.  Reply to: Judith Watt, State College, PA 7 Apr 01

McKENZIE: I am researching the following family.  The birth record shows:
Ruth Ann McKenzie b- July 15, 1928 Unity Maine # 6 child of Bertwell McKenzie b- Carmel and resided in Bangor as a farmer and Ellen Yonkers b- Albany, NY Housewife. Dr H. L. Trueworthy MD attending. Recorded at the town clerk July 17, 1928.  I have found a Bert and Ellen MacKenzie in the SSDI, but note the name change.  We are looking for any family members- or any information of places / people we should ask for information. Reply to:  Laurie Hendrix 30 Jan 02

McLEAN: Looking for McLeans who came over from Scotland somewhere around 1810 through 1824. Son, Charles Frances McLean born around 1825 left Maine at 11 years old for Georgia. There may have been McLeans in Waldo Co around that time.Any information will be appreciated.  Reply to: Joyce Jay 14 May 01 

McMASTER: Amanda McMaster,  b. 17 Dec1814, possibly Montville, Waldo, ME; d. 11 Mar1910; m. William Lewis Leonard, daughter, Annie Leonard,  b. 14 Apr1856, Knox, Waldo Co.,  ME; d. 15 Apr1936 in Knox, Waldo County., ME; buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Freedom, Waldo County, ME; m. Herbert Wesley Woods of Waldo, ME.  Searching for any info on Amanda McMaster. Reply to: Barbara Ellis  3 Mar 03

MELVIN: I am looking for marriage information on Benjamin Melvin born February 6, 1786 in Gorham, Maine.  Benjamin lived in Unity, Maine and served in the war of 1812 while living there.  He is also listed in the 1820 Unity, Maine census as being head of household with children.  His wife's name was Margaret and her maiden name was possibly Pomeroy  

I would also like to see if you have any marriage information on their son Benjamin F. Melvin to Ann Maria Simpson I have no idea where they got married.  All I know is that they raised a family in Bangor and had my Great Grandfather Edward Robert MelvinReply to: Gary Melvin  8 May 04

MERCHANT/ MONROE: I am researching the Ernest Merchant and Bertha Monroe families. I have found the marriage certificate, (married in Belfast Maine 12 Sept 1914.) It lists the parents as Henry Merchant born in Stonington, Maine and Ada F. Rich as born Mt. Desert, Maine. Is this in Hancock Co? For Bertha it lists Benjamin Monroe of Lincolnville, Maine. Is this Waldo Co? Mother Sarah Buttler of Appleton, Maine. Is this Knox Co? Would appreciate any information on either family Reply to: Helen Reibin 19 July 2000

MERITHEU: I am related to Jeremiah Meritheu, does anyone have any information on him and or family history? Reply to: Helen Wascholl 7 Aug 99

MERITHEW:  I have traced my great grandfather,  Augustus Lyman Merrithew to Searsport ME and that is as far as I have gone. Does anyone have any further information relating this Merrithew to the Sea Captain of the same name? Reply to:  Cheryl Davis  29 Feb 09

MERRITHEW: Am looking for information on Benjamin Merrithew b. Feb. 13, 1786 in Orland, Hancock, Maine. He died Dec. 29, 1885 in Searsport, Waldo, Maine. Would love to know a bit about this fellow! Reply to: Paula Waterman 20 Mar 00

MERITHEW: I am looking for the parents of James Harriman Merithew who was born about 1845. Since both his middle name and his last name are the same as two of the Searsport Captains, I thought you might have some information on him. Reply to: Harry Merrihew 25 Dec 99

MERRITHEW: The source Searsport Sea Captains, published by the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, traces several generations of many of the seagoing families listed below.
Please query with a first and last name, Waldo County location and approximate date of event. I am looking for any leads to the parents and sibling of Rhoda Merrithew.  I'm sorry that I can't put a first name to the above. All I know is the daughter of a  person with that name married the following:
1. John Morey, b. 3 Sept 1779 in Deer Isle. Me. He married Rhoda Merrithew  on 15 Dec 1799 in Vinalhaven, Knox, Maine. He died 26 Sept 1844 in Richmond Grove, IL in Mercer County, IL. He is buried on Buford Dr. in Chippiannock Cemetery, South Rock Island Twp. Rock Island, IL. Rhoda Merrithew is also buried in the same cemetery same gravestone for both. She born 5 December 1779,
died on 14 April 1861. Reply to: Kay Palmer 18 May 03

MERRIAM: Searching for my cousin Elaine Merriam, daughter of Edward Merriam of Waldo Co. and Helen (or Anna Hertha) Kreutz of Jamaica Plain, Boston. Elaine Merriam is believed to have been born in Belfast, Morrill, or China Lake areas between 1941 and 1945. Her father Edward Merriam was the son of Herman Merriam and Abbie Morrill, born 1910 in Morrill. We are not sure if Elaine is still married to Ron Johnson. No contact has been made with Elaine in many years and her family desperately wants to find her. Can anyone help? Any information will be very much appreciated. Reply to: Linda Phippard 18 Jan 00

MERRILL / LUNDSTROM: Liberty, ME - Merrill, J. Vey and Elsa Lundstrom.  I am searching for information on my cousin Elsa Lundstrom Merrill. She and her husband,  J. Vey Merrill had a cottage "Wa Wa Wigwam" on Lake St George in the 1940s.Their cottage was on Lake St. George, somewhere near Sennett Camp and Iky Quizz's Lumber Mill. They had some friends named Kay, Milt, and Patty. There is mention of a family named Hayes (they had cottage next to Vey's). I believe there may have been a child of this marriage. It is also possible that Vey had a sister or some relative named Marilyn Louise MerrillI believe the Merrill family may have originally come from Knox, ME. Elsa died of cancer in 1952. Vey married a lady named Martha and lived in Union, ME.  J. Vey Merrill died in 1987.  Reply to: Alice  14 Sep 01

MESERVEY:  I am searching for any family information on Elisha Hardy Meservey, born about 19 Dec 1833 in Waldo County Maine. Birth year varies over 10 years on US Census tracts. He arrived in Curry County, Oregon about 1855 and married in 22 Jul 1859. Died 23 Dec 1912, Curry County, Oregon.  Reply to: Keith M. Pratt   28 Feb 06

MERSERVIE / MESERVEY: Can anyone tell me how I might find a birth / & death record for a child, who was born between 1902 - 1910, and had died in that same time frame? The child was born to my Uncle George H. Merservie / Meservey & his wife, Edna T. Hollis. George & Edna were married March 16, 1902, both were residences of Troy, Waldo, Maine at the time of marriage.
I have them in the 1910 Census: Maine, Waldo, Troy
Town Enumeration District # 265; Pg 244 A; Sheet 3A; Enumerated on April 20, 1910 by Arnold W. Dodge
Lines 4 & Line 18; Dwelling # 39; Family # 43
Meservie, George H.; Head; male; white; age 30; 1st marriage; married 7 years; born in Maine; both parents born Maine; Speaks English; Farmer; General Farm; Own Account; was not out of work on April 15th; Out of work 0 weeks during census year; can read & write; Own Free; Farm; Farm # 36.
Meservie, Edna; Wife (of line #4); female; white; age 25; 1st marriage; married 7 years; had 1 child; 0 children living; born Maine; both parents born Maine; Speaks English; can read & write.
So I suspect the child was born and died in the vicinity of Troy, Waldo, Maine.
Reply to: Barbara Tourtillott 9 Nov 03

MERSEVE or MERSERVEY:  I am searching for information on John Merserve or Merservey who died 24 Apr 1865 in Monroe.  He was 90 years old.  I am not sure if he lived there in 1860.  He was married to Eunice Myrick Bither the widow of Stephen Bither.  They were married in Albion, Maine on 1 Dec 1816.  I am looking for an obituary or any records that may be available on John Meserve. Reply to: Irving Blabon 28 Jul 03

MESERVEY:  I am looking for information on Mary Ann Meserve/y.  She was born about 1795, place unknown, and died 11 November 1859  in Burnham.  Would like to know where she came from and who her parents  were.   She married Stephen Harding in Unity in  1814. Reply to: Betty Caldwell  20 Nov 05

METCALF: My great, great-grandfather, William Lovett Metcalf, Sr. was born 21 April 1827 in Frankfort.  He ran away to sea when a boy.  When he came back, he couldn't find his parents.  He later came to Industry, Maine and he died 26 April 1906 in Farmington.  I have no idea who his parents were, and wonder if anyone can help. Reply to: Andrea Keirstead 19 Mar 05

MILLER: I am looking for the descendants of George Warren Miller and his first wife Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Brown) Miller.  The four living sons were:

  1. Fred Eugene Miller

  2. Gilbert Warren Miller

  3. George Percy Miller

  4. Harry Josiah Miller

Reply to: Linda Clark 7 Sep 02

MITCHELL: I am looking for any information on the David Mitchell family of Troy.  David Sr. was born about 1785 & married Sarah Thompson.  Their son David Jr. was born 25 Oct 1832 in Troy.  He married Belinda/Melinda R. Anderson 'of Montville' on 16 Mar 1851.  Two children were born to them while in Maine...Viola about 1852 & George H., about 1856.  Reply to: Diane Richey 30 Jan 02

MITCHELL: David & Sarah Thompson Mitchell.  I am looking for information on the names of the children born to this union. David and Sarah had a son named David who was born in Troy, Waldo County, Maine on 25 Oct 1832. On 16 Mar 1851 he married Belinda R. Anderson of Montville, Waldo County, Maine. They had 2 possibly 3 children while in Maine . They moved to MN in  July of 1856. Reply to: Cloetta 4 Dec 02 .

MITCHELL: Looking for information on the James Mitchell, Jr. family born Dec.28,1819 Unity, Maine, who married Sarah Jane Clark (b.1820), he died May 18,1843 ? His children included Isabel Woods Mitchell born Mar.4,1844 Unity, Maine who married Gustavus Blanchard and died June 6,1935 in Bangor, Maine. There is also family in Troy. I am certain he is tied in with John Mitchell. Reply to: Sharon Blanchard Marks 6 Sept 99

MITCHELL:  Am looking for descendants of Jeremiah Mitchell born 22 Jun 1779, somewhere between the Machias area and Unity.  His father, John Mitchell was a participant in the battle of the Margaretta (1775).  Those who took part in the battle seem to have quietly disappeared into the wilderness to escape being hanged for their part in the battle. John next shows up in Unity about 1782.Jeremiah married 16 Sep 1802 Mary "Polly" Simmons, daughter of Lebbeus and Mary (Douglas) Simmons of Troy.  Two other descendants of Jeremiah and Polly and I are trying to put together a history of their descendants and would be delighted to hear from any other descendants. Reply to: Joan Burgess Brown 29 Jan 05 

MITCHELL:  I am seeking the death date of a girl with the last name of Mitchell.  She is buried in Mt. Holly Cemetery, Troy, ME in 1858.  Her father was John Henry Mitchell and her mother was Martha Hopkinson or Mary Hopkins (we have two different stories in the family???).  Both parents were born in ME as well as the child.  I know that is not a lot to go on, but if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.  Reply to: Judi Sumler  20 Aug 06

MITCHELL:  Lucinda Mitchell is my gg grandmother on my mother's side.  She was born 18 Oct 1842 in Waldo Co. ME and married John MacDowell of Miami Co., OH.  They were married 13 Sep 1859 in Mahaska Co. IA.  I would like to know more about either of their parents or more about either of them  Reply to: Lonnie T.  28 Feb 02

MOAR:  Searching for Moar family.  Eliza Moar, born ca. 1804, in Montville, Waldo Co., ME.  Married Henry Bagley on June 6, 1823 in Montville.  He was from Searsmont, ME.  Eliza Moar died in Montville 10-29-1884 at age of 80.  ANY info on surround Moars welcome; I have no idea where to look!  No Moars in 1800 census of Waldo that I could find.  Reply to: Rose Young  7 Apr 01

MOODY:  Any information at all on the life of Amos Moody.  Contrary to popular belief he is not of the Newbury, Mass. Moody clan.  His line gets switched at this point to a Joshua Moody which is convenient but not proved.  He supposedly lived for 100 years in and around Waldo county.  All researchers I know have him as born August 12, 1747 and dying 30 January 1847 in Nobleboro.  He married Elizabeth Chamberlain, in 1798 in Liberty. Other than the marriage record, his birth or death has not been proved by anyone with hard proof and there are lot's of people out here pursuing what I think is a wrong line.  I think Amos's are derived from a Clement Moody from New Hampshire whose family members migrated to Maine independent of the Newbury Moody'sReply to: Pete Martin  4 Dec 06

MOODY: Searching for the parents and ancestry of Chandler Moody, Born: about 1783, probably in New Hampshire, married Susanna Field in Prospect, Maine on May 26, 1808. Probably died 1821 in Newport, Maine leaving five young sons: Edward, b. born 9 Apr 1809; Jacob Ames, b.22 June1810; James Sanborne, b.6 Apr1816; Robert, b.1812, and Benjamin, born, 7 Aug 1821. Chandler had brothers, Robert b. abt 1776, and David, b. abt 1780. Edward and Robert settled in Somerset County. The others in Weston, Maine. Father may have been David Moody. Reply to: Rose Moody Cohoon 17 Oct 99

MOODY: am looking for the parents of David Moody and his wife, Ann Maria Pine Deering Jenkins. David was born about 1805 in Maine and his wife, Ann Maria Pine Deering Jenkins was born about 1810 in Maine. They were married about 1830 or so. They and their children are found in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Censuses in Monroe Town, Waldo County, Maine. The censuses are appended below.
I suspect the middle names of Pine and Deering are family names of Ann's parents or grandparents. There are many Moody, Pine, Deering and Jenkins families in Maine in the early 1800's and late 1700's.

1850 Census, Maine, Waldo County, Town of Monroe, 6 Sep 1850, p. 90 B (Ancestry.com p. 4/39)
Line 15 David Moody 45 Male Farmer Maine
Ann M. " 40 Female Maine
Susan M. " 16 Female Maine
Mary E. " 15 Female Maine
David " , Jr. 13 Male Maine
Dennis " 11 Male Maine
Christopher C. " 8 Male Maine
Ann A. " 4 Female Maine
Otis H. " 1 Male Maine

1860 Census, Maine, Waldo County, Town of Monroe, 15 Jun 1860, p. 13 (Ancestry.com p. 601/994)
Line 13 David Moody 55 Male Farmer Maine
Ann M. " 50 Female Maine
David, Jr. " 23 Male Maine
Dennis " 21 Male Maine
Christopher C. " 18 Male Maine
Augusta A. " 14 Female Maine
Otis H. " 11 Male Maine
Susan Colson 26 Female Widow Maine (Prob dau of David and Ann who married and husband died)
Henry A. Dickey 29 Male Painter Maine
Mary E. " 24 Female Maine(Prob dau of David and Ann, she & hus & child live with parents)
Charles H. " 3 Male Maine
Willard " 1 Male Maine

1870 Census, Maine, Waldo County, Town of Monroe, 20 Jul 1870, p. 215 B (Ancestry.com p. 34/35)
Line 22 Moody, David 65 Farmer Maine
Ann M. 60 Keeping house Maine
Dennis J. 31 Farmer Maine
Ann A. 23 Without occupation Maine
Otis H. 21 Farm laborer Maine

Line 33 Moody, David Jr. 35 Farmer Maine
Fransena 30 Keeping house Maine
Jenny A. 2 At home

Line 11 Dickey, Henry A. 39 Farmer Maine
Mary E. 35 Keeping house Maine
Charles H.13 At home Maine
Willard 11 At home Maine
Myra C. 9 At home Maine
Flora A. 6 At home Maine
Loron W. 3 At home Maine
Manly H. 1 At home Maine

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply to: Chuck Henrikson  3 Mar 03

MOODY:  I am looking for information on John Moody and Amanda Hart, who were the parents of my great grandfather George Waverly Moody.  He was born 8 Dec 1862 in Belmont - but his mother, Amanda was born in Searsmont, ME.  Reply to: Marilyn R Moody   23 Apr 06

MOORE: Looking for parentage information on Betsey Moore, b. Belmont  Maine. She was the daughter of William and married to John Blake on April 19, 1809 in Castine, Maine.  Any information on her would be greatly appreciated.  Reply to: Laura  28 Mar 06

MOORE:  I am researching three generations who lived in Winterport, Maine from at the latest 1818 through at least 1867.   Frank Augustus Moore was born 25 May 1867 in Winterport.  He married Catherine Agnes Slattery (from England), although it is unclear where or when.  His father, Henry Moore, was born  14 Mar 1818 also in Winterport (He was married in Boston in 1865 to Arvilla Goff from Wellington, Maine, but must have moved back before the birth of his son).   The identity of Henry's father is unknown.  There is a William Moore on the 1790 and 1800 Census from Frankfort. Any help would be appreciated.  Reply to: Bill Moore 07  July 04

MOREY:  I cannot find where Ezekiel Morey is buried at. He died in Deer Isle, ME   22 May 1815. He was the son of John Morey and Hannah Packard. Reply to: Beverly Moorehead 23 Apr 06

MOREY: I am seeking info on my husbands relatives. Ezekiel Morey was born in 1732 in Bath, Sagadohoc Co, Me. He came to Deer Isle in 1767 and built the first frame house there. He married May 22, 1815 in Deer Isle to Content Andrus. They had 9 Children. I do not know anything about Ezekiel's mother and father nor do I know when Ezekiel died or where he is buried. He married again in ? to a girl named Patience and they had 5 children. Reply to: Beverly Moorehead 15 Mar 00

MORLEY: Looking for a death record of my 4x great grandfather, Philip Morey (also spelled Mowry). He died sometime between 1850 and 1860 in Northport. He was married to a "Jane". They show up in the 1850 census; Philip was 86 years old in 1850. The 1860 census only shows Jane (still in Northport). Given Philip was 86 in 1850, he probably died in the earlier part of the 1850's. I would like to know who were listed as his parents (Philip was born in Ireland about 1763). Reply to:  L Dancause 2 Feb 05

MORRELL / BRAGG: I would like to hear from anyone with information on the children of Jedediah Morrell and Patience Bragg who lived in Monroe, Waldo Co., Maine until 1825 when they moved to Vasselboro, Maine. Reply to: Nancy Sims   14 Oct 03

MORRILL:  Would like any information on Hiram Baker Morrill, born June 9, 1821 in Monroe, ME and died 1881 in Winterport, Me. He married  Sarah BlaisdellReply to: Nancy Sims   27 Aug 06

MORRIS:  I am researching my husband's g.grandfather, Wm.E.Morris or William Ephraim Morris whom I have been told is listed in the 1860 census for Belfast, Waldo Co., Maine .  I am also trying to establish his birth date which is anywhere from 1854 to 1864. He was supposedly born in Worcester Co., Massachuetts in 1861. Can anyone find a Wm. E. Morris in the 1860 census & what does it say about his family.
The reason that I am having so much trouble, I think, is that there are at least 4 Wm.E. Morris' & I think the one listed in Belfast(?) is the father of the one I am researching right now. The father was married to L. Tibbetts.  They were actually from the Boston, Mass. area (I think). My husband's great grandfather is Wm. E. Morris & was with Custer at Little Big Horn. I have a copy of his obit. & photo of the headstone in New York & his death of 11-26-1933. He was married to Sarah Angela Kench of Brooksville, Hancock County, Maine, she being the daughter of John T. Kench & Abigail Cousins. Sarah was born Oct. 22, 1857.  Sarah & William were married in Manhattan, N.Y. in 1879. I am trying to establish the correct birth date for this William & for his parents......also Wm.E.Morris (1831 ?) & mother, Lavina (Lavinia) Tibbetts (Tibbitts) (Tarbox-first marriage). My husband's GRANDFATHER(also Wm.E.Morris-dob 1880)was married to Edith M. Combes(1889).Reply to: Barbara Morris 30 Jan 05

MORSE:  I am trying to find out where to look for information on these families and where they might be buried. I thought you might be able to send me a link if you know of them. Frank L. Emmons and Helen M. Wentworth had a daughter Mae J. Emmons who later married Albert H Morse or Mosse. They had Edwin Mitchel Morse who was my uncle. Mae  may have died between 1910 and 1918, we're not sure.

1910 United States Federal Census
about Albert H Mosse
Name: Albert H Mosse
[Albert H Morse]
Age in 1910: 34
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1876
Birthplace: Vermont
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Vermont
Mother's Birth Place: Vermont
Spouse's Name: Mae J
Home in 1910: Belfast Ward 1, Waldo, Maine
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Albert H Mosse 34
Mae J Mosse 30
Edwin M Mosse 8
Olive May Mosse 7
Margaret H Mosse 5
Charles E Mosse 2
Helen M Emmons 58
Frank Emmons 59

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
about Albert Henry Morse
Name: Albert Henry Morse
City: Not Stated
County: Waldo
State: Maine
Birth Date: 11 Nov 1874
Race: White
Roll: 1654019
DraftBoard: 0
Age:44 November 11, 1874
white, Native born
32 Congress Belfast, Waldo, Maine
Occupation: Foreman of Pulp Yard Pejepscot Paper Co. Belfast, Waldo,
Nearest Relative: Alma Winnefred Morse same address
Height/Build: med med
Color of Eyes/Hair: blue brown
Signature: View

1920 United States Federal Census
about Albert H Morse
Name: Albert H Morse
Home in 1920: Belfast Ward 1, Waldo, Maine
Age: 46 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1874
Birthplace: Vermont
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's Name: Alma W
Father's Birth Place: Vermont
Mother's Birth Place: Vermont
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Rent
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Image: 589
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Albert H Morse 46 Shipper Phosphate Plant
Alma W Morse 29 Clerk Dry Goods Store
Edwin Morse 18 Navy
Olive Morse 16
Margaret Morse 13
Charles Morse 12
James Morse 4
Lucinda Avery 47 mother in law Widow Housekeeper
Reply to: Marion Hess
26 Mar 08

MORSE: I am researching my husband's surname. His grandfather, George Everett Morse was born in 1915, and was raised by his grandfather, George Washington Morse in Belfast, Brooks or surrounding area. Reply to:  Michelle Morse 24 May 02

MORSE: Fact:  John P. (or O.) Morse married Abby Y(oung) Cottrell (rill) on 23 Oct 1847 in Belfast, Waldo, Maine.   They had Frances b./d. in 1850 and John B. b./d. in 1851.  This is pretty well verified in Belfast books/records and they are all buried under one stone in the Grove Cemetery in Belfast.  They then had Fannie A. (or Abbie F.) b. on 11 Feb1854 in Belfast. (pretty sure on that).
I thought I had followed him to Chelsea, Mass where he died in  1882 but now I see (from History of Belfast book) that this John P. Morse's widow "Bertha" then died in Chelsea in 1897.   This may be a second wife as I can't verify Abbie's death.  Did they leave Belfast?  Why doesn't Belfast have Fannie's birth in their town records?  (I have copies of pages from books sent to me by Belfast). 
I can't find appropriate names on 1850 or 1860 census for this John Morse.   1850 Belfast Census has John Morse with wife Sarah and  4 or 6/12 month old Frances, this census was taken August 5, 1850.   Can anyone give me suggestions on where to go next or what to do?  
Reply to:  Janet  4 Dec 02

MORSE:  I am seeking any information on a John P. Morse married to Abbie Y. Cottrell in Belfast 1847.  I am pretty sure he was born in Belfast or at least spent early childhood there.  His parents may have come from NH.  Reply to: Janet Buchanan 16 Jul 02

MORSE / SARGENT: Looking for burial information for Joseph Morse s/o James Morse and Sarah TempleJoseph was born in 1820 and died approximately May, 1881.  He served in the First Maine, Co F Heavy Artillery  Civil War 

Also seeking information on Joanna Butman Sargent Morse d/o John Sargent and Charity Lowe Sargent and w/o Joseph MorseJoanna was born in 1826 and died after her husband. 

Also seeking information on Joseph and Joanna Morse' son Albert Morse.  He died before 1880 and was married to a woman first name of Polena.  All from Waldo County, Maine.  Reply to:  Sharon Shulin  8 May 04

MORSE/ WEBB:  New to this list and from Melbourne Australia.  My enquiry relates to Martha Ellen Morse who married Henry Webb at Montville in August 1858.  The couple moved to Rockland where Henry died in August 1863. They might have had two children, Clara Ellen and William Riley however Martha later married William J. Brown and had more children. It seems Martha died in Belfast in 1906.  I'm attempting to establish the names of Martha's parents, her father might have been Adam, her mother I don't know, also confirmation of the names of her children with Henry Webb and later with William J Brown - and any other information that might be available relating to this family.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Reply to:  James Twycross 25 Mar 07

MORTON / GILKEY:  I read on the internet that the marriage date for Thomas Morton and Sylvina Gilkey was November 29, 1792 in Maine (probably Hancock County). My Rebecca Morton was born about June 20, 1800 in Maine.
The daughter, Rebecca Morton married George Washington Parks in Northport on Feb 13, 1815. I was wondering if there are any publications out there that would list the Morton families in Northport at that time. I believe that several may have migrated to Ohio.
One more question. In many of my sources, Northport appears to be in Hancock County; however, today it seems to be in Waldo County. Did the borders change? If so, would I need to post this on the Hancock County board? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Reply to: Krystal Kelley 4 Dec 06

MUDGETT: To the best of my knowledge, my great grandfather, Wilson Mudgett, fought in the Civil War as a member of Co. G, 17th Maine Infantry, enlisting on February 21, 1865 as a substitute for a William F. Longfellow.  The enlistment took place in Belfast, Maine.  He mustered out on May 13, 1865 in Portland.  According to his enlistment papers, he was born in Maine.
I've found additional records for Andrew W. Mudgett, J. Wilson Mudgett and William Mudgett, who may be relatives, but I have no proof.
So far, I haven't been able to find much additional information about him, or his family, either before his enlistment or after his discharge.  The only thing I know is that he was probably in Minneapolis on October 21, 1884 (the year my grandmother was born).  Sixteen years later, my grandmother shows up in Fargo, ND, with my great grandmother listed as a widow.  Can anyone share additional information on Wilson Mudgett, i.e. parents, siblings and/or children?  Mark Stephens 28 Feb 06 

MURCH:  I am trying to find the descendants of granite cutters, stone workers and quarry workers from Maine. Also looking for descendants of Thompson Henry Murch, born 1838 in Hampden ME

I am doing a project for some of the historical societies in New England on the Honorable Mr. T. H. Murch and his union. I have a group called NEW ENGLAND QUARRY PRESERVATION SOCIETY.

Thompson was a U.S. House of Representative from Maine from 1879-1883,and the founder of the Granite Cutters International Union, president and secretary and editor of its journal and a remarkable man. The G.C.I.U. had its origins in Clark Island and then its first official international meeting in Rockland on March 10th 1877. The union was a very strong and outstanding union of its time.

I am doing a remembrance and celebration of Murch's life and of the G.C.I.U. on March 10th in Rockland Maine and would like to find any descendants of the granite workers,whom might like to attend in honor of their ancestors. I am taking my project on tour to other museums during the Spring and Summer of 2008, throughout New England.

Everyone is invited to attend the celebration of life of the Granite Workers of Maine and the Honorable Mr. Murch in Rockland. I will have more information as time goes on. I am hoping to be able to use the Rockland library's conference hall and to meet after at Main and Park st, where the Lynn hotel used to be. I believe there is a restaurant there now.

Thank you for any help in this matter, and look forward to seeing you there.
Reply to: Dorothea McKenzie. Tele: 207-727-6354  29 Dec 06

MURPHY:  Pursuant to information provided by the Maine Historical society, a William Murphy registered in the 1830 census as a resident of Hope in Waldo County. A son, also named William, is also named (in a household of eight people). The younger William might be my great-great grandfather who went to New Zealand on the Nantucket whale ship "Mary Mitchell" in 1835, before coming to Australia where he was a pioneer in the State of Victoria. On one of his children's birth certificates, he gave his birth place as Maine, USA and his father's name as William. He was born in 1816-17.
Is there any way of finding out more about this Murphy household, from Hope or Waldo County documents? It is a matter of great interest to two or three of us working on this, our 'William Project'.
I hope you might be able to suggest avenues for further research and thank you in anticipation of your reply.  Reply to: Jeffrey J. Murphy 
2 Jan 08

MURRAY:  I am seeking information on James Delaware Murray, born about 1872 in Frankfort, Me. and his wife Annie Kenney, born 11 Apr 1877, Frankfort, Me. and died 23 Nov 1922.  Also, Deborah Low Murray Mar. 15, 1843, Frankfort, Me. Reply to: Janet Colwell  20 Nov 05

MURRAY: I am looking for any information on the families of James D. Murray ,born Frankfort abt. 1872-75, son of Deborah Murray, also, the family of Annie Emma Kenney, born abt. 1878, Frankfort.  James and Annie  had a daughter Alma born 1892 and she married (1) Elmer F. Baker and (2) George Colwell.in 1908.
I believe that Annie Kenney Murray later married Frank Davis and both were shot in 1922.
Reply to: Janet Colwell 11 Oct 03


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