Waldo County, Maine




If you have access to vital records for any Waldo Co. towns and wish to be a lookup volunteer, please contact me.  Tom Elliott   Please see the notes below for query restrictions.

Year Incorporated


Established From

Lookup Volunteer

June 23, 1773 Belfast Original Settlement Betsy Paradis
Jan 28, 1789 Islesboro Long Island Peg Kelly
Marlene Groves
June 25, 1789 Frankfort (1)
Frankfort (2)
part of original Frankfort Plantation David Sylvester *
Feb. 24, 1794 Prospect (1)
Prospect (2)
part of original Frankfort Plantation David Sylvester *
Feb13, 1796 Northport Ducktrap Carol Mushero
June 23, 1802 Lincolnville Ducktrap VACANT
Mar. 22, 1804 Unity Twenty-Five Mile Pond Plantation Judy Perry
Arlene Schaefer
Joan Roming
June 23, 1804 Palermo Great Pond Plantation David Sylvester *
Feb. 18, 1807 Montville Davistown Carol Mushero
Feb 22, 1812 Troy Bridgton Plantation, later Joy, then Montgomery Ralph Hillman
Wanda Patterson
June 11, 1813 Freedom Smithtown Plantation, later Beaver Hill Plantation Tom Elliott
Feb. 5, 1814 Searsmont originally Quantabacook (ADOPT ME!)
Feb. 5, 1814 Belmont   Valerie Giusto
Dec. 10, 1816 Brooks   (ADOPT ME!)
Feb. 12, 1818 Monroe   Theo Stacey
Feb. 19, 1818 Swanville   Pia S. Nichols
June 12, 1818 Jackson   Theo Stacey **
Feb 12, 1819 Knox   Steven D. Bailey
Feb. 15, 1819 Thorndike   Judy Perry
Feb. 4, 1824 Burnham   Kelly Huff
Jan. 31, 1827 Liberty   Lianne Mitchell
Feb. 13, 1845 Searsport from Prospect Carol Mushero
Mar. 17, 1845 Waldo   (ADOPT ME!)
Mar. 3, 1855 Morrill from Belmont Bill Wing
Mar. 13, 1857 Stockton Springs from Prospect Kitty McLaughlin
Mar. 12, 1860 Winterport from Frankfort David Sylvester *

* When requesting information from David Sylvester, please click on link and cut and paste his address to your e-mail program.  Thank you.

**  When requesting information from Theo Stacey, please provide a self addressed stamped envelope to her at 506 Village Rd. Jackson, Me. 04921.

Notes on Look-Up Volunteers:
LOOKUPS FROM:  A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services; with their Names, Ages, and Place of Residence, as Returned by the Marshals of the Several Judicial Districts under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census._ printed 1841 for the 1840 Census.
I have photocopied the records for Maine and Massachusetts (all of them) for my own use, but would be willing to do lookups for anyone on my spare time.  Cameron Nickerson, of the Waldo area Nickerson/Norton/Merithew/Linscott... family (but now out in California)
Contact Cameron Nickerson cjnicke@ibm.net

LOOKUPS FROM: The History of the City of Belfast, Maine: Volume I & II by Joseph Williamson. Contact: David Sylvester

LOOKUPS FROM:  The Length and Breadth of Maine by Stanley Bearce Atwood.  This incredible book lists all of the original names of the towns of Maine and the progression to their current names, i.e. Smithton Plantation - Beaver Hill - Freedom.  Also, included is the flora and fauna for the State of Maine. Contact: David Sylvester

LOOKUPS FROM:  Dollof Family Records compiled by Henrietta Dollof Johnson 1936.  From the Forward: "So far as I know, this is the first and only collection of data concerned with the Dolloff Family, available to the public; It is the result of 40 years of wrangling material from every and all sources .. original State, Town, Church and Private Records."  Among many Maine and other New England towns and beyond, this tome covers the Dolloff family in the Waldo County towns of Belfast, Belmont, Lincolnville, Monroe, Montville, Morrill, Prospect, Searsmont, and Thorndike. Contact: David Sylvester


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