Waldo County, Maine

Early Marriages--1789-1832


A Record of Publishments and Marriages in the Town of Prospect, 1789 to 1832

Originally contributed by Joseph Williamson, Esq., of Belfast.
Published in The Maine Historical Magazine, volume IX, January, 1894 - January, 1895.
(From pages 1-39)

These records were contained in a small quarto volume 71/2 inches long by 6 inches wide and having 39 and 141 pages.
The existence of the book was unknown or forgotten until a recent search discovered it at the bottom of an old chest.

Prospect was formerly a part of the plantation of Frankfort. It was incorporated as a town February 24, 1794, and then
comprised its present territory and the territory of Stockton Springs and what is now Searsport as far west as Half-way
Creek, which then formed the dividing line between Frankfort and Belfast.


Contents - -

Part I 1789 - 1793
Part II 1794 - 1800
Part III 1801 - 1811
Part IV 1812 - 1818


As transcribed by Jane Ciosek

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