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Westbrook Lookup Volunteer - Martin E. Hollick (reference librarian at Harvard University)

I started doing genealogy about 20 years ago, because I was interested in the fact that most of my forebears were buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. I do work alot on computers as a reference librarian at Harvard University I own both Karen Ketover's books and would be glad to be an email link for people with questions for look ups.Although my mother was born in Westbrook, I have no colonial Westbrook ancestry. All my ancestors came there between 1850-1900 from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Scotland, Ireland and New Hampshire. Here's a quick ahnentafel of my mother's ancestry:

1. Sharon Kate Pinkham 1940-

2. Clarence Melvin Pinkham 1912- (still living in Norridgewock, ME)

3. Agnes Elizabeth Pratt (Pinkham) (Caron) 1915-1972, first woman city clerk of Westbrook (actually the first woman official in Westbrook, I believe).

4. Burt Hale Pinkham 1881-1950 Dover, NH to Westbrook

5. Kate Kinmond 1885-1918 Scotland to Westbrook

6. Archibald Thompson Pratt 1888-1964

7. Lila Mae Quigley 1888-1959

8. George Hale Pinkham 1843-1888 of Dover, NH

9. Olive Ann Hurd 1851-1934 of Dover, NH

10. Ernest Fiddler Kinmond 1843-1904 Scotland to Westbrook

11. Catherine Baxter Young 1847-1931 Scotland to Westbrook

12. Joshua Thompson Pratt 1847-1913 Nova Scotia to Westbrook

13. Elizabeth Jane Marie Stack 1856-1926

14. John Quigley 1855-1929 New Brunswick to Westbrook

15. Agnes Jane Smith 1864-1930 New Brunswick to Westbrook

16-9. in New Hampshire

20. John Kinmond of Scotland

21. Marjory Milne Scotland to Westbrook

22-3. in Scotland

24. Samuel Pratt of Nova Scotia

25. Rebecca Denny Thompson 1819-1901 NS to Westbrook

26. Thomas F. Stack 1818-1899 Ireland to Westbrook

27. Abigail Cody 1820-1888 Ireland to Westbrook 28-??? in New Brunswick

So, I'll be glad to help with ideas and provide look ups for Marriages in Westbrook or Cemeteries in Westbrook.