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Camargo Census of 1750

By Saúl Vela, Ph.D.

Member of The Hispanic Genealogial Society


Many of our ancestors can be found in the censuses of Nuevo Santander founded by José de Escandón in the mid 18th century. These censuses can be found in the Archivo General de la Nación in Mexico City in the branch of the archive called Ramo de Provincias Internas Volume 180. In the previous article of this journal Platt discusses the colonization of Nuevo Santander. This particular census can be found in microfilm No. 1520875, item 3. The microfilm can be obtained throughout the branch library system of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The Camargo Census of 1750 has been published elsewhere. One of the earliest publications and my favorite is found in Florence Johnson Scott, Historical Heritage of the Lower Rio Grande,1966.

The idea of republishing the Camargo Census of 1750 is to print it in its entirety as it was written in 1750 conserving the original Spanish grammer and spelling as it was written by the census takers of those years. Errors were not corrected as the author would consider it a sacrilege to change something that has now become so sacred to those of us that are involved in genealogical research. Included in the original census were the assets that the colonizers had.

Also included is a glossery to help those of us that are not completely fluent in 1750 Spanish nor with rural agrarian terms used in those years. Also included are the families in alphabetical order.

It is interesting to compare this census with the one published in Scott's book. There are some inconsistencies and the author leaves it to the reader to determine which one is "right". If any reader has any comments or questions please feel free to contact the author.


Alphbetical listing of families in 1750 Census
Please note that the census is alphabetized by the husbands surname. Also a separate list of single men is included at the end of the census.