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                                            The Thomas Paine Chapter Associate Members 

These wonderful ladies have helped us, through their continued membership and generous donations, to continue our special projects. Ladies without your help we would not be able to achieve our goals so on behalf of the Thomas Paine Chapter members  "muchas gracias," to each and everyone of you.

The associate members listed below have given their consent to be included on this website, and others will be included as we receive permission.


  Associate Member



Ackman, Ramona  Edward Beeson Samuel Sorrell, TX
Arendt, Shirley  Chauncey Graves, VT  


Ball, Elizabeth

James Anderson 

John Edwards, Mexico City

Beadle, Julie Ann George Hillegas  John Sackett , MI
Bloom, Kathryn Samuel Preston ENS N.J.    Mary Penrose Wayne, IN
Burnett, Lynn   John Truax, N.Y.  Mercer County Girls, Seattle, WA
Butler, Robin   George W. Kendall   

Cannon, Virginia  

Augustus Buanham Brunswick Town, NC
Callen Madelon Zachariah Williams Clarion County, PA
Clark, Laurie    
Cole, Joyce    Robert Wright  Star of Destiny, TX
Cooksey, Genevieve S Benjamin Van Cleave, N.C Abraham Baldwin, GA
Comstock, Betty   Robert Hanna Zia Chapter, NM
Creedon, Marilyn Dr. William Carter Jonathan Jennings , IN

Marilyn is an Honorary Member  of Thomas Paine Chapter,  Honorary Vice President General,and Honorary State Regent Indiana


Davis, Deborah  Samuel Pollock , Samuel Weir National  Pike,   PA
Davidson, Catherine Joseph Copeland Samuel King, OK

De La Cruz, Michelle 

James Robson Katuktu, CA
Fiasca, Marian M.  Richard Maddox, PA  Claremont, VA
Fogerson, Gloria Jesse Croom, NC  White Sands, NM
Garrett, Lynn Solomon Yeager   Old Glory, TN
Graham, Zeta Capt. John Cox Gunnison Valley, CO
Griffith, Barbara  James Adair, SC Coyahoga Portage, OH
Hallgreen, Ann Capt. John Daniels, NJ  
Hallman, Linda M. Thamas Scott II, NC John Houstoun, GA
Harter, Claire Lt. Col. Joshua Anderson, PA  Piety Hill, MI
Hilton, Martha V. Jacob Phillipy, PA Margaret Whetten, DC
Jernigan, LaDora  Capt. Edward Beeson, NC Samuel Sorrell, TX
Jones, Janice William Sommerville, PA.  
Laguens, Ann Philip Keister Gunnison Valley, CO
Lowe, Frances    Abraham Vandal  Colonel Joshua Howard, MI
Lentine, Diane    
Madara, Sonnet CPL. Ephraim Root, NH                             Toll Gate Creek, CO
Meeds, Damitra  Philip Barr  

McNeely, Ramona  

Joseph Love Jr.  Major Francis Grice,  TX

McNew, Barbara Jean 

Capt. Benjamin Hart, GA  
Miles, Sherryll   LT. COL. William Wofford    Abraham Baldwin, GA
Monod, Alys Jeanne  Simeon Chubbuck   New Caledonia, Vancover, BC
Moore, Ann Fellows  Isaac Cummings Mt. Lookout, CO
Morton, Henrietta         Andrew Feaster  Star Fort, SC
Parlier, Nancy Carter  Edward Carter  Piedmont Patriots, NC
Polley, Norma Ledbetter James Moss,  VA  Falls of the Rappahannock, VA
Powell, Deborah T. Lt. Col. William Wofford, SC  College Hill, GA
Prizio, Patricia MA Sgt. Gideon Noble Katuktu, Tustin, CA

Redkevitch, Diane M.  

Aaron Rice Fort Peachtree, GA
Reese, Karen William Parsons, Katuktu, CA 

Rios, Cheryl Whit

John Sparks, NC   La Puerda de Oro, San Francisco, CA

Roberts, Davine Moore  

CAPT. John Powell, Sr.  Kan Yuk Sa, FL
Saavedra, Marylu James LT. William White, VA  John Edwards, Mexico City
   Marylu is an Honorary Member  of Thomas Paine Chapter, Treasurer of John Edwards Chapter, and  Honorary Vice President  General
Sceery, Beverly   Benjamin Cotton,   N. H.  Mary Washington, DC  

Schroeder, Mary

James Anderson  John Edwards, Mexico City
Schmidt, Patricia Sherebiah Fay    Katuktu, CA

Shearer, Betty Goss

John Cox,  VA Gunnison Valley, CO
Smith, Janice Godfrey Carriger Dripping Springs, AL
Strober, Lenora Peter Carter Lew Wallace, NM
Taylor, Guion T.  Capt.  Elihu Marshall   Col. William Wallace, PA
Taylor, Nancy  Capt.   Nicholas Bittinger   Rufus Fairbanks, FL  
Thompson, Doris   Jacob Pollard, NC drummer Otway Burns, NC
Toomey, Phyllis  Abraham Kimball    Rainier, WA
Trader, Ginger  John Phillips  Mary Vining, DE
Troup, Joyce  Rudolph Boshart (Bouchard)      Heroes of Kings Mountain, AL
Vaughan, Jean  John Ingrahm  General Sumter, AL

Vaughn, Jennifer Annette

Patrick Porter, VA Sgt, CS, PS Katuktu, CA 
Voll, Sarah Jonathan Potts Jr.  Else Cilley, NH

Wallace, Joan 

Josiah Ryder  and James Nickerson  Battle of Sugartown, NC
Weir, Ann  Ichabod Eastman, NH General Richard Butler, PA
Zimmerman, Martha  John Place, NH Peter Meyer, IL
Zuverink, Vicky Hezekiah Holcomb Sr. Piankeshaw, IN


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