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Special Projects 

of the Thomas Paine Chapter

Hats Off  To Our Wonderful  

Associate Members

Because our Associate Members have been so very generous with  their support of  the Thomas Paine Chapter we have been able to do the following wonderful special projects.

The Thomas Paine Chapter now gives a scholarship to TWO lakeside students. Without our help it is doubtful if these young people would be able to continue their education. The parents of each student are very supportive but just cannot afford the cost. In order to qualify they must have, and maintain, excellent grades and must come from a needy family.  As the new school year begins our expenses have doubled for these students, but we will continue to provide the scholarships as long as possible. 

These young people are interviewed every month and must maintain at least a 8.0 (out of a possible 10 points) grade point average. If they fall below this they are dropped from the program. 

On behalf of our students  "a special thank you" to all the Thomas Paine Chapter members and to the Thomas Paine Chapter Associate Members. Thanks to your help their future is much brighter.

 We have now added a group called "NEEDLE PUSHERS."... This group has been here in Ajijic  since 1965. They make and give out hundreds of dresses each year to needy children.  For the boys they buy and give them polo shirts. The group also has ladies who like to knit so they  make sweaters, hats and scarves for children. It is such a worthwhile group and depends entirely on donations of money and  fabric. 

starHave Hammers Will Travel is an educational group that teaches young people carpentry and welding. There is still a big need for these skills here at lakeside.


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