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Arenac County Historical Society - News
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News and Announcements

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Attention Friends of the Arenac County Historical Society / Ye Olde Courthouse

Coming to Bay and Arenac Counties on May 5, 2015

 The Arenac County Historical Society, Ye Olde Courthouse is the only non-profit in Arenac County to qualify to participate in this National Give Local America Event!

Every donation made in the 24 hour period will be eligible for incentive pool funds (current pool of $ 80,000), the more the non-profit raises the more incentive money they receive! Hourly prizes are also awarded to non-profits throughout the day. Think of the impact you can make on the entire community if you Give Local!

Make your donation during this 24 hr. time period, May 5th beginning at 12 A.M.    Donations are all made by going to .   There will be a box on the right where you enter the name of the organization you wish to donate to.  Type in "Arenac County Historical Society" and follow the directions.  Credit and Debit cards are both accepted.   Credit and debit cards are also accepted by calling 989-893-4438.

This is a great opportunity for the ACHS, Courthouse/Masonic Hall to receive matching funds through your donation. This endowment fund is a way to assure the future for our organization.

Download flyer for more information.

Now Available:

"A Point to Remember:  A pictorial history of Point Lookout, Michigan"
Second Edition

*  for mail orders, please add $5.00 for postage and packaging

See our "Bookstore" section for ordering information.

Also available for purchase at the City Hall in Au Gres.

Standish Depot Brick Walkway

Have your name or a memorial name engraved on a brick for the walkway to the bandstand.

There is still time to purchase your brick for the walkway at the Depot.    The walkway will lead to the bandstand which is being constructed on the north end of the grounds in front of the railcar display.  Bricks can be ordered directly from the Arenac Heritage Route Authority, contact the AHRA at:

P.O. BOX 727

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Arenac County Historical Society; 304 East Michigan Avenue; P. O. Box 272; Au Gres, Michigan  48703-0272;  989-876-6399

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