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Arenac County Historical Society - News
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ACHS Newsletters

August 2015 ACHS Newsletter (6.5mb)

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May 2008 ACHS Newsletter (1.8mb)

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News and Announcements

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Thank you!

Thanks to all who made a donation to "GIVE LOCAL BAY" in our name. Forty-six gifts totaling $5,820.00 were made to ACHS, with our group receiving the highest contributed amount! After incentives were added, we received a total of $15,669.61. More details in the August newsletter above.

Our latest publication:

"A Point to Remember:  A pictorial history of Point Lookout, Michigan"
Second Edition

*  for mail orders, please add $5.00 for postage and packaging

Click on "Bookstore" for ordering information.

Also available for purchase at the City Hall in Au Gres.
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Arenac County Historical Society; 304 East Michigan Avenue; P. O. Box 272; Au Gres, Michigan  48703-0272;  989-876-6399

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