Alpena City Directory 1899-1900      migwlt-2.gif (4527 bytes)


This directory can help you with that sticky time period between 1900 and 1910 where the many of the mass migrations in all different directions happened, as the economy boomed and busted. 

Some of the ads are images and some are transcribed. The names have all been transcribed in order to make it easier for the search engines to pick up information.

*NEW: This directory has a section for "Mc" Surnames, unlike previous editions!*


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adv - advertisement n e cor - northeast corner
agt - agent nr - near
assn - association n s north side
asst - assistant n w cor - northwest corner
av - avenue opp - opposite
bds - boards pres - president
bel - below propr - proprietor
bet - between publr - publisher
bldg - building r - rear
blksmith - blacksmith res - resident
bkkpr - bookkeeper Rev - Reverend
carp - carpenter rd - road
clk - clerk s - south or south of
col'd - colored s e cor - southeast corner
cor - corner sec - secretary
e - east or east of s s - south side
e s - east side supt - superintendent
lab - laborer tchr - teacher
mach - machinist trav - travel
mkr - maker treas - treasurer
mnfg - manufacturing whol - wholesale
mnfr - manufacturer w - west or west of
mngr - manager w s - west side
n - north or north of wid - widow


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