Hi! My name is Concetta Phillipps. I am currently serving as the NENC CC Rep for USGenWeb and would like to be the next National Coordinator of USGenWeb.

I have been involved in USGenWeb since 2004. In that time I have been Coordinator of Alpena County, Michigan, recently become Co-Coordinator of Oakland County, Michigan, and also become involved with Canadian GenWeb.

I have watched the revitalization of USGW over the past few months and want to be at the helm of the organization during this exciting time.


1. To increase communication between the Advisory Board and the General Membership - One of my goals is to have Region Representatives - County and State - contact their members several times a year to update them on what has been happening with the USGW and ask for their comments and feedback. The membership needs to know what the Advisory Board does, and what the Advisory Board can do for them!

2. To have regional representatives provide quarterly reports to the Advisory Board summarizing what has been going on in their region.

3. To have the Advisory Board help better organize the project and increase communication efficiency.  The Advisory Board is in the best position to gather resources such as surveys, web templates, chat info, etc. that can be efficiently distributed throughout the entire organization.

4. To build a stable and unbiased Grievance Committee.  The Grievance Committee has, for far too long, been caught up in drama. Because this committee deals with a very real need for Project Members, it is vital to the organization that a stable and unbiased Grievance Committee be in place to keep the peace and general goodwill of the project.


I have held several leadership roles. I have never shied away from controversy or growth. My Junior Chamber chapter, when I was President, dealt with several controversies including unmanageable members, an age requirement change, and former leadership withholding funds from the current organization. The allegations that I've heard about USGW are not that severe - they are very solvable and I have no doubt that we can survive, go on, grow, and be successful for many years to come. Further, after my Junior Chamber Chapter Presidency, I was chosen to continue onto Regional Leadership, and then State Leadership. In my last leadership role I was part of a team that installed a reformer President who grew the Junior Chamber and made it more successful than ever before.

I have been involved in other causes as well. Camp Heartland in Minnesota, Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society, YMCA, Girl Scouts - I've always held leadership roles and helped the organizations to excel.

I have considered myself to be a genealogist since 1991. My grandmother died that year and the loss sparked a love of my family and its history. I've used the skills I've obtained from practicing for so long to help countless others, figure out a medical background for my family, and perform endless amounts of service projects - starting with my Girl Scout Gold award cemetery inventory, to my recent trips to Oakland County, Michigan to photograph a cemetery that had been previously un-inventoried.

My husband and I are active in the genealogy community and have stirred the interest of many members of my family. See my website for more details.


I want to continue upon the pattern of growth in this organization and inspire a younger generation of genealogists to join our organization. Without the involvement of young people, our organization will wither and die.

I have always thought our biggest selling point is that we have a fantastic mix of people from every generation involved - everyone from young people to parents helping their children value genealogy to retired adults who view genealogy as a fun hobby.

The Advisory Board needs to be made of passionate, excited genealogists wanting to help expand the world of USGW. The National Coordinator is at the head of the table, but the position is best used to join people together to work for the best common goals.


I believe USGW is as big of an asset to the genealogy community as Ancestry, Footnote.com, World Vital Records, or FindYourPast. We are a larger asset than any of the above organizations because we are much more fluid and able to change.


We are and organization comprised of genealogists, for genealogists, and will always have genealogistsí best interests at heart. We are there for the everyday person who can't afford a commercial membership - not money, technology, the largest amount of page views, our names in lights, or eternal glory. We are there for the people all over the world that have had relatives pass through our doors. And most of all, we have carved out a small corner of the Internet world to be there for each other.

I care deeply about the future of this organization. Do you?