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History:Scrapbook page 2

Arenac County Scrapbook - Page 2

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haley_school.gif (1236 bytes) "Haley School" - date unknown
Contributed by Marcia Ticknor
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High School Commencement Speech by Lettie Hollister - 1909
Contributed by Sandra Miller
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text_file.gif (3301 bytes) Explosion Kills Two Men Two Delano Farmers, Robert Smith and Emmett Griffith, Have Fatal Accident with dynamite.  - 1915
Contributed by Penny Bliss
History of the First Presbyterian Church of Maple Ridge
Contributed by Marlene Banks
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Do you have scrapbook items pertaining to Arenac County you'd like to share via this site? 
Newspaper clippings must date from prior to 1927.
Please send your scanned images to county coordinator G Knopp.

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