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Arenac County Burials - Sterling Cemetery

Sterling Cemetery - Deep River Township - Missing

Information exists to indicate that the following individuals are buried in Sterling Cemetery, yet they are not found in the cemetery records nor the tombstone inscriptions:

Contributed by G Knopp

Felske, Ewa  September 27, 1869-December 25, 1898  [based on St. John's Lutheran Church records]
Hopke, Julius  December 6, 1843-April 1, 1922  [based on St. John's Lutheran Church records]
Streuer, Christina  [Pehlke]  October 20, 1853-April 12, 1899  [based on St. John's Lutheran Church records]
Felske, Friederich  December 4, 1855-August 12, 1927 [based on Pinconning Journal obituary]

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