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Places:Cemeteries:Arenac Township:Burials page 15

Arenac County Burials - Arenac Township Cemetery

Arenac Township Cemetery - Arenac Township

     From "Arenac County Michigan Cemetery Inscriptions", compiled in 1992 by Betty Brokoff Barringer, Carlie Welker Klumpp, Barbara Briggs Foster and JoEllyn Lawson Pedota.   Used with permission.   This copy contributed 2005 for use on this MIGenWeb site.

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Appendix of information found while reading and researching Arenac County cemeteries. This appendix is for Arenac Township Cemetery for people reported to be buried there but there is no headstone.

Page 15
Name Information
Harding, Morel
Harding, Matilda
Sharp, Baby Mother's name Ione Sharp
Wyatt, Olive
Eby, Mary age 73yrs DOD July 13, 1900
Vannetter, Hannah E. age 71yrs DOD Dec 17, 1901
Serens, Nancy Ann age 78yr DOD March 3, 1901
Osterman, Sophia M. age 3mo DOD Dec 28, 1902
Vannetter, Hazel U.  age 16mo DOD March 10, 1902
East??han, Alfred age ?? DOD April 16, 1903
Mudge, Sarah Francis age 11mo DOD Jan 3, 1906
Tremble, Estes age 11mo DOD June 15, 1907
Moore, James J. age 86yrs DOD March 31, 1908
Glover, Samuel W. age 85yrs DOD Dec 5, 1908
Stover, Charlott age 42yrs DOD June 11, 1909
Stone, Susan A. age 73yrs DOD Aug 26, 1909
Bramard, Frank W. age 61yrs DOD Jan 11, 1910
Barber, Lyle Arthur age 11days DOD April 26, 1910
Greanya, Herman age 14days DOD April 30, 1912
Hoyt, Elva M. age 44yrs DOD Jan 30, 1917
Edmonds, Floyd G. age 2days DOD May 28, 1917
Gibbon, Keziah age 98yrs DOD April 22,1918
Budry, Clifford John age 23days DOD March 4, 1919
Glover, Kenneth E. age 1yr DOD Oct 31, 1922
McSpadin, Amos age 13yrs DOD July 16, 1925
Glover, Wilbur West age 1day DOD July 14, 1926
Stuart, John age 86yrs DOD Nov 20, 1926
Glover, Onez Maxine age 4days DOD June 30, 1927
Serens, Grace Turner age 35yrs DOD Oct 11, 1929
Stevenson, Bernadine May age newborn DOD June 13, 1934
King, baby age newborn DOD Feb 29, 1940
Keipinger, Donald James age newborn DOD Nov 23,1944
Greanya, Pvt John A. age 21yrs DOD Feb 20, 1945
McSpadin, John age ?? DOD Mar 15, 1946
Wyatt, Allan Lee age stillborn DOD Apr 23, 1947
Bugh, Henry Arron age 70yrs DOD Dec 3, 1953
Williams, Vilena May age 52yrs DOD June 16, 1959
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