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Arenac County Michigan Cemetery Inscriptions

Index - Pa-Pe

     From "Arenac County Michigan Cemetery Inscriptions", compiled in 1992 by Betty Brokoff Barringer, Carlie Welker Klumpp, Barbara Briggs Foster and JoEllyn Lawson Pedota.   Used with permission.   This copy contributed 2005 for use on this MIGenWeb site.

Name Cemetery Page
PACHOLKE Carl Sterling 471
PACHOLKE Wilhelmine Sterling 471
PACKARD Adelaide Linwood 147
PACKARD Andrew A. Linwood 146
PACKARD Elmer Linwood 148
PACKARD Ernest Sims Whitney 392
PACKARD Ethel R. Linwood 146
PACKARD George A. Linwood 147
PACKARD Jeanine K. Sims Whitney 392
PACKARD Ruth E. Linwood 148
PACKARD S.W. Linwood 147
PACKARD Violet L. Sims Whitney 392
PACKARD Linwood 146
PAFFUMI Mary Clayton Township 124
PAGE Alta L. Woodmere 184
PAGE Carry Clayton Township 106
PAGE Clarence E. Clayton Township 113
PAGE E.T. Clayton Township 106
PAGE Geo Clayton Township 106
PAGE Infant Pine River 72
PAGE James J. Woodmere 184
PAGE Mary L. Clayton Township 113
PAGE Robert Pine River 72
PAGEL Elda Evergreen 49
PAGNIER Alice E. Clayton Township 120
PAGNIER Edward Clayton Township 120
PAGNIER Resurrection 231
PAJEWSKI Lottie Alger 175
PAKOSZ Alexandra Alger 160
PAKOSZ John Alger 160
PALIN Carol Sims Whitney 396
PALIN Herbert Sims Whitney 396
PALIN Inez M. Sims Whitney 396
PALMATEER Annie Alger 164
PALMATEER Isaac J. Alger 164
PALMATEER Pearl Alger 164
PALMER Doris Resurrection 229
PALMER Father Resurrection 229
PALMER Herbert J. Resurrection 229
PALMER Joseph Resurrection 229
PALMER Richard Resurrection 238
PALMER Richard G. Resurrection 238
PALMER Robert Wm Resurrection 238
PALMER Rose M. Resurrection 238
PALMER Resurrection 229
PANASIUK Edith S. Sterling 434
PANASIUK Mark Sterling 434
PANIJAN Lillian Alger 173
PAPOY Helen E. Alger 168
PAPOY Joseph J. Alger 168
PAPOY Peter Resurrection 244
PAPOY Theresa Resurrection 244
PARADISE Burton E. Sims Whitney 387
PARADISE Jack Sims Whitney 387
PARADISE Stazia Ann Sims Whitney 387
PARADISE Sims Whitney 387
PARDEE Carline Sims Whitney 365
PARENT Frank L. Pine River 93
PARENT Matilda Pine River 93
PARKER Botilda M. Evergreen 36
PARKER Eaphriam Woodmere 211
PARKER Frances J. Evergreen 30
PARKER Ivan E. Evergreen 30
PARKER James F. Sims Whitney 369
PARKER Jessie M. Sims Whitney 369
PARKER Louie G. Sterling 474
PARKER Miles Evergreen 30
PARKER Rolland L. Cedar Valley 350
PARKINSON Myrtle A. Sims Whitney 392
PARKS Clinton Pine River 79
PARKS Mildred J. Pine River 79
PARMALEE Earl R. Sterling 441
PARTLOW Joseph R. Clayton Township 106
PARTLOW Minnie Clayton Township 106
PASSINEAU Margaret F. Sterling 445
PASSINEAU Theodore J. Sterling 445
PASTORICK John J. Woodmere 187
PATAKY Alton Alger 160
PATAKY Andrew Alger 160
PATAKY Barbara Alger 160
PATAKY Dale N. Alger 160
PATAKY Eleanor Alger 158
PATAKY Elizabeth Alger 160
PATAKY June A. Clayton Township 124
PATAKY Nicholas Alger 160
PATAKY William Alger 158
PATAKY William R. Clayton Township 124
PATTEN Esther Cedar Valley 355
PATTEN James A. Cedar Valley 355
PATTERSON Dorothy Wildman Sterling 476
PATTERSON Fidelia Cedar Valley 287
PATTERSON Naomi M. Woodmere 179
PATTERSON William Woodmere 179
PATTERSON William G. Linwood 149
PAUL Clarence W. Arenac Township 12
PAUL Ruth A. Arenac Township 12
PAVELKA Bertha Resurrection 276
PAVELKA Frank A. Resurrection 276
PAVELKA Frank A. Resurrection 276
PAVELKA Geneva E. Resurrection 251
PAVELKA James A. Resurrection 251
PAVELKA Joseph M. Resurrection 251
PAVELKA Marveline Resurrection 276
PAVELKA Mary Martis Resurrection 252
PAVELKA Steven Resurrection 276
PAVELKA Thomas Resurrection 252
PAWLACZYK Chester A. Linwood 151
PAWLACZYK Helen Wilk Linwood 151
PAYEA Bert Evergreen 24
PAYEA Elsie Evergreen 24
PAYEA Elsie M. Evergreen 23
PAYEA Eugene B. Evergreen 32
PAYEA James Evergreen 24
PAYEA Joseph F. Evergreen 32
PAYEA Mildred Evergreen 24
PAYEA Rebecca A. Evergreen 32
PAYNE Andrew Woodmere 199
PAYNE Ben Evergreen 21
PAYNE Bonnie J. Evergreen 21
PAYNE Carl E. Evergreen 21
PAYNE Donna L. Cedar Valley 351
PAYNE Edward C. Evergreen 36
PAYNE Ethel V. Resurrection 272
PAYNE Franklin Resurrection 272
PAYNE George W. Evergreen 36
PAYNE Gladys Evergreen 21
PAYNE James M. Pine River 89
PAYNE John Cedar Valley 344
PAYNE John B. Cedar Valley 344
PAYNE Minnie A. Evergreen 36
PAYNE Pat Cedar Valley 344
PAYNE Randy L. Evergreen 21
PAYNE Woodmere 200
PAYNE Evergreen 20
PEARSALL Frank J. St. Edward's 53
PEARSALL Grace M. St. Edward's 53
PEASLEE Anna Pine River 67
PEASLEE George Cedar Valley 284
PEASLEE George S. Cedar Valley 285
PEASLEE George W. Pine River 67
PEASLEE Hannah Cedar Valley 284
PEASLEE Hortanse Resurrection 237
PEASLEE Mother Cedar Valley 284
PEAVY Burton Cedar Valley 293
PEAVY Frances Cedar Valley 293
PEAVY Mary M. Cedar Valley 310
PEAVY William Cedar Valley 310
PECKHAM Martin J. Pine River 79
PEDIT George W. Sterling 423
PEDIT Pheobe, C. Sterling 423
PEDIT Raymond Sterling 423
PEEK Charles F. Pine River 84
PEEK Frank B. St. Edward's 54
PEEK Howard J. St. Edward's 53
PEEK Martha M. St. Edward's 53
PEEK Scott Pine River 84
PEEK Victoria St. Edward's 54
PEETS Alice E. Clayton Township 123
PEETS Andrew B. Clayton Township 112
PEETS Hattie M. Clayton Township 112
PEETS Hiram Clayton Township 113
PEETS James L. Clayton Township 123
PEETS Lester H. Clayton Township 123
PEETS Clayton Township 113
PEISTRACK Eleanor St. Edward's 53
PEISTRACK John F. St. Edward's 52
PEISTRACK John F. St. Edward's 53
PEKRUL Eddist Sterling 451
PEKRUL Emelia Sterling 452
PEKRUL Eva Sterling 451
PEKRUL Fritz Sterling 451
PEKRUL Gustav Sterling 452
PELC Anthony Resurrection 262
PELC Sophia Resurrection 243
PELKA Augusta Sterling 431
PELKA Sterling 431
PELKE Karl Sterling 431
PELKE Tena Sonneberg Sterling 431
PELKY Marcell Resurrection 223
PELKY Resurrection 222
PELTACK Teofil Polish National 405
PELTIER George A. Pine River 88
PELTIER Martha Pine River 88
PENDRED Archie Sims Whitney 374
PENDRED Blanche Sims Whitney 374
PENDRED Charles H. Sims Whitney 374
PENDRED Ethel Sims Whitney 374
PENDRED Harry Sims Whitney 374
PENDRED Louise C. Sims Whitney 374
PENDRED Richard Lyle Sims Whitney 374
PENDRED Ross E. Sims Whitney 380
PENDRED Walter G. Sims Whitney 380
PENDRED Wm. Groom Sims Whitney 378
PENDRED Zella M. Sims Whitney 380
PENDRED Sims Whitney 380
PENMAN Gordon Sims Whitney 389
PENMAN Ida Sims Whitney 389
PENMAN Martha Sims Whitney 389
PENMAN Robert Sims Whitney 389
PENNOCK Arza Alger 159
PENNOCK Clell O. Woodmere 198
PENNOCK Eva Alger 159
PENNOCK Woodmere 198
PENNOCK-ANDRUS Leetta M. Woodmere 198
PEPPEL A.W. Woodmere 198
PEPPEL Ellen Woodmere 200
PEPPEL Herbert Woodmere 200
PEPPEL Johanna Woodmere 198
PEPPEL Lena Wenkel Woodmere 215
PEPPEL Robert J. Woodmere 215
PEPPEL William R. Woodmere 215
PEPPEL Woodmere 198
PERANDER Jason Everet Sims Whitney 390
PERKINS Catherine Sims Whitney 366
PERKINS Charles F. Woodmere 206
PERKINS Clark D. Evergreen 22
PERKINS Emily L. Sims Whitney 366
PERKINS Helen L. St. Edward's 54
PERKINS James I. Sims Whitney 366
PERKINS James J. Sims Whitney 366
PERKINS Julia S. Evergreen 22
PERKINS Laura Elwing Resurrection 253
PERKINS Mary M. Sims Whitney 366
PERKINS Newell J. Evergreen 22
PERKINS Vincent O. St. Edward's 54
PERLBERG Adah M. Woodmere 182
PERLBERG Floyd E. Woodmere 182
PERLBERG Jessie I. Woodmere 182
PERLBERG Julius E. Woodmere 181
PERLBERG Mary K. Woodmere 181
PERO Florence O. Woodmere 193
PERO J.H. Woodmere 193
PERRIN Cecelia B. Cedar Valley 318
PERRIN Ethel Cedar Valley 318
PERRIN Leona Woodmere 189
PERRIN Merillis M. Sims Whitney 365
PERRIN Pearl Woodmere 190
PERRIN Regnor O. Cedar Valley 318
PERRIN Robert Charles Cedar Valley 318
PERRIN Rose A. Cedar Valley 318
PERRIN Wm John Woodmere 190
PERRIN Woodmere 190
PERRY Annabelle M. Resurrection 261
PERRY Charlotte E. Cedar Valley 285
PERRY G. June Cedar Valley 348
PERRY Gerald L. Cedar Valley 348
PERRY Ida Linwood 143
PERRY Lawrence E. Linwood 145
PERRY Lester D. Linwood 145
PERRY Mandy Kay Evergreen 27
PERRY Wm Linwood 143
PERRY Cedar Valley 289
PERVAS Peter Linwood 136
PESKA Beulah Sims Whitney 383
PESKA George H. Sims Whitney 383
PESSINA Gladys I. Sims Whitney 387
PESTRUE Charlotte St. Edward's 54
PESTRUE Elmer M. Woodmere 181
PESTRUE Helen J. Pine River 82
PESTRUE John Pine River 82
PESTRUE Marguarette E. Woodmere 181
PESTRUE Martin St. Edward's 54
PETERS Betty A. Woodmere 204
PETERS Charles Woodmere 202
PETERS Charles E. Clayton Township 107
PETERS Dora G. Resurrection 241
PETERS Ethel Woodmere 202
PETERS Gerald R. Woodmere 205
PETERS Henry Cedar Valley 327
PETERS Homer Resurrection 241
PETERS Iva June Clayton Township 107
PETERS Joseph Resurrection 255
PETERS Marie J. Resurrection 267
PETERS Mary A. Woodmere 205
PETERS Murl D. Woodmere 205
PETERS Rachel Dawn Woodmere 207
PETERS Ray L. Woodmere 202
PETERS Roland A. Clayton Township 107
PETERS Vivian Resurrection 255
PETERSON Charlena Pine River 69
PETERSON Clarence W. Alger 175
PETERSON Clyde Pine River 69
PETERSON George F. Pine River 69
PETERSON Glynn Pine River 69
PETERSON Harvey M. Pine River 69
PETERSON Leona V. Sims Whitney 389
PETERSON Margaret Pine River 69
PETERSON Mary Alger 175
PETERSON O. Louis Sims Whitney 389
PETRI Bernard Linwood 143
PETRI Joe Linwood 143
PETRI Whirley Linwood 143
PETRIMOULX Matilda Resurrection 233
PETROVITZ Andrew J. Cedar Valley 343
PETROVITZ Anna Gober Cedar Valley 343
PETRUCCI Betty Sims Whitney 370
PETRUCCI Sam Sims Whitney 370
PETTIT Anna Jane Cedar Valley 303
PETTIT Francis S. Cedar Valley 303
PETTIT Francis V. Cedar Valley 303
PETTY Daisy L. Linwood 143
PETTY J.R. Linwood 143
PETTY Ross Hill Linwood 142
PETTY Violet Johnson Linwood 142
PEZZI Anthony Sterling 459

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