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Arenac County Burials - Sterling Cemetery

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photo courtesy of G Knopp

Sterling Cemetery - Deep River Township


Sterling Cemetery is located in Section 18 of Deep River Township.  To visit Sterling Cemetery:  Travel M-76 north westerly from the Village of Sterling to Melita Road.  Turn north on to Melita Road and travel a very short distance, the cemetery is nestled in a wooded area and is not visible from the road.  Do not miss the older graves which are on the hillside facing M-76.

44.0411N, -84.0300W      Google Map


Graves date from the late 1870's.    Information from multiple sources indicates that graves in the old section on the hill were disturbed many years ago when M-76 was paved.  It has been said that there may be burials on the other side of M-76.  


information on the whereabouts of official burial records is needed

Internet sources of burial information:

Find-a-Grave - Sterling Cemetery

Published burial information:

     From "Arenac County Michigan Cemetery Inscriptions", compiled in 1992 by Betty Brokoff Barringer, Carlie Welker Klumpp, Barbara Briggs Foster and JoEllyn Lawson Pedota.   Used with permission.   This copy contributed 2005 for use on this MIGenWeb site.

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Cemetery Overview

Section Map


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Old Section on the hill:
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